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Structure of the United Galaxies Council.
The structure of the UGC; History, Government, Economy, Territories and Member States, Practices, and Policies.
UGC Agencies.
The UGC is truly a "System of Systems" composed of the Civil Agencies, the Armed Forces, and Mercenary Forces.
Hardware Of The UGC.
In order of importance, the UGC has Starships/Shuttles, Infantry Weapons And Power Armor, Aero-Spacecraft, Tanks, Landships, and Veritechs, Rail Launchers, Mecha Accessories, and Space Stations.
By far and beyond, the Starship, and specifically Space Fold capable Starships, are the most important; Travel between galaxies IS why the UGC exists, and while several empires have Space Fold technology only the UGC has and understand trans-galactic space fold technology; The Ori had and understood it, but they're long gone now and their inheritors don't understand it.
Lt Col Andering REDDSON'S Essays
16 pages and over 100 essays describing the UGC; Ranks Schedules for REF/RDF members, Personal Equipment, Uniforms, Tools, Technology, And Gaming Rules, Veritech Tactics, a full page dedicated to the Atorian War (to give prospective on how the UGC usually fights a war), and even a page on the dangers of space travel. (You should really read Ranks Schedules, Personal Equipment, Vertiech Tactics, and if you intended to calculate the effects of ship, Space dangers. The rest you can ignore at no detriment, though no profit either).

Factions Within the UGC.
They range for the Pro UGC Factions, who 'officially' are happy to be part of the empire, to the Disloyal Factions who are not and would secede if they could, to the Anti-UGC Factions who are still fighting against UGC domination. Also included are some of the Private Corporations that are the engine of the UGC's true empire (including the Mercanaries, Sanctioned and Independent, who provide much of the militry and paramilitry services of the UGC's various factions), and Criminal Organizations that threaten it from within. A short list of Independent (unallied) Factions are also given.
Starter Campgain.
This basic campaign was originally created for a do-it-yourselfer GM; It follows REF 6TH Fleet, with sections for History, Order Of Battle, and actual campaign events applicable to the PC; Civilian Fleet Escort, Establish A Colony, an Ambush of the fleet, Breaking A Siege, and Suppressing A Rebellion. With very little time, any GM can modify this campaign to fit their situation. If/When I ever get a copy, I would actually like to build a Dead Reign campaign built along more generic lines.
New Species Page.
Some of the various new species of the UGC; Dragons, Dwarves, Fljyts, Orcs, Uruk-hai, and Werewolves.
BY: The one, the ONLY- L! D! McFEAR! A collection of currently 8 random item tables meant MOSTLY for RIFTS: Earth.
Blank Agencies Worksheets.
Making life, just a little bit easier- One stupid form at a time. The various types of groups have been broken down into different forms.
The California Free Republic.
Please also see Andering Reddson's Rifts Earth site.

Out Of Charater Section.
D.O.G.S.; Defenders Of GLOVALSKI Squadron.
Henry J. GLOVALSKI Militia
H.J.G.M.; Henry J. GLOVALSKI Militia
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Starships; A Primer.
An extensive essay on the construction and employment of real-world starships. Though speculative, it is based on real-world science.
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