UGC Clariont Flag.
ADMIRALTY-Class Patrol Cutter.
UGC Clariont Flag.
The ADMIRALTY-Class Patrol Cutter was developed by the REF's Spaceways Patrol And Enforcement Agency during the command of Max STERLING, it's first Commandant, specifically for law enforcement and
ADMIRALTY-Class Patrol Cutter.
Search and Rescue duties.
During the First Robotech War, Commodore STERLING had wanted to join the Coast Guard, but wartime pragmatism scuttled this. After the universe had settled down a bit, though, he requested permission from the Plenipotentiary Council (the forerunner to the Inter Planetary Alliance, and the political arm of the REF) to form a service within the REF modeled on the US Coast Guard. His request was approved, on the condition it be kept as a "second-line" service- No SDFs, no spacefolds. He was given as many T'sentraedi RIN NADOW LOJM-Class Monitor's as he wanted, a rank of Commodore (Senior Captain), and 06 months to have his "little force" operational. This he did, and to the amazement of some superiors, had a full fleet ready for operations in 04 months. (The only person not surprised by this was Admiral HUNTER, who had "accidentally" lost the better part of a fleet's worth of mat'eri'el in his friends section of the dockyards.)
Originally intended only for LE and SAR duties, the ADMIRALTY-Class has proven more than capable of handling any duties that the Patrol has been tasked, maintaining clear passages (clearing meteorites and other obstructions to transit), servicing aids to navigation (mostly in the form of marker buoys), and even going muzzle-to-muzzle with incurring malconts (more than a few Tiresian and T'sentraedi Malconts have felt the sting of an ADMIRALTY-Class' firepower, and not lived to tell the tale). Every year, these vessels account for millions of tons of shipage successfully reaching its destination unharmed.
The Chairman-Class Executive Transport is the sister class to the ADMIRALTY-Class, designed for comfort, rather than combat. With the exception of armor, armament, and creature comforts, the two classes are identical- The Chairman-Class has FAR greater creature comforts, sacrificing armor and armaments. However, the cost of the two is fairly comparable. A routine rumor surfaces that the Chairman Hayes-Hunter was a modified ADMIRALTY-Class vessel; This is not true, however she was one of the RIN NADOW LOJM-Class Monitors originally given to Commodore STERLING. (He elected not to use her, and she was declared "surplus" at the time.)
Name: RDF ADMIRALTY-Class Patrol Cutter
Model Type: High-Endurance Sector Patrol Ship
Crew: 10,000
Passengers: As many as 100 more.
MDC By Location:
Main Hull-
External Hatches (500)-
Internal Hatches (500)-
150 each
100 each
Fighter Hanger Doors (5)-
Radar/Communications Antenna Arrays (06)-
Thrusters (10)-
1,000 each

2,000 each
20,000 each
Speed and Statistical Data:
Spacefold: Not Available
FTL: Factor 25
Cruising Speed: Mach 20
In Atmosphere: Not Possible; Will crash.
Clearance: 200 feet
Beam: 500 feet
Length: 2,000 feet
Weight: 20 million tons
Cargo: 500 tons
Power Systems:
Primary: Solar Sails Lifespan: Unlimited, but can not achieve FTL; Used for station keeping in system.
Secondary: SARS-2,100 Reflex System Lifespan: 21 years
Tertiary: Emergency Batteries 200,000 Lifespan: 500,000 hours on emergency power status.
Cost and Availability: 100 million credits; Extremely common.
Black Market: From 80,000 to 100 million credits; Occasionally available.

Weapons Systems: Note: "Weapons Systems" refers to normal baseline weapons systems; Before the vessels even come off the skegs, they are usually re-designed with some extra weapons.
1. T'sentraedi Style Heavy Laser (06): Still a highly effective design, it is an REF standard weapon throughout the fleet.
MD: 1D4 times 100 per blast.
Rate of Fire: Twice per melee.
Range: 200,000 miles.
Payload: Unlimited.

2. Automated Missile Battery (02): 02 of these batteries are on each vessel, on dorsal and one ventral.
Missile Type: Any MRM or LRM
Purpose: Anti-Ship Defense.
MD and Range: Varies by type used.
Rate of Fire: Twice per melee.
Payload: Up to 1,000.
3. Defensive Laser Batteries (0): Each vessel has 20 defensive
laser batteries for anti-missile and meteorite defense.
MD: 5D6 per blast.
Rate of Fire: Per gunners attacks per melee plus bonuses (generally 4 or 5 per melee).
Range: 500 feet.
Payload: Unlimited.

4. Ships, Fighters, Power Armor, and Robots: Unique amongst UGC vessels, the
ADMIRALTY-Class Patrol Cutter do NOT carry fighters on-board, but can re-fuel them externally. There's simply no place to put them.
Shuttles- 04
Space, Guardian, and Veritech Fighters- None. Up to 05 can attach to the outside for refueling, however.

  • ESM: Radar Detector. Passively detects other radars being operated.
  • Radar: Combat grade radar. Range 100 miles, can track up to 50 individual targets. 95% reliability (24%
    against unfriendly stealthed vehicles).
  • Blue Force Tracker: Identifies friend from foe. Overlays the information on both the radar and HUD, ensuring that friendly forces are not accidentally targeted.
  • GPS: Standard tracking device. Ties into the Blue Force Tracker.
  • Anti-Jamming System: Reduces Electronics Countermeasure by 25% (decrease skill level appropriately).
  • HUD: Displays maps, radar, targeting information, and any OTHER information the wearer wants directly in front of the user. One is located at each weapons control station, and another makes up the majority of the bridge.
  • FLIR/SLIR: Forward and Side Looking Infrared. Allows pilot to get visuals on targets at night.
  • Virtual Map: Displays a continuously-updating map of local terrain for the bridge. Takes data from and gives data to other friendly units in the area. Effective navigation of 85% as updates come. Good to 500 miles. Specific range can be adjusted in 10,000 mile increments.
  • 1 MC: Internal loudspeaker.
  • Video Camera: Records from the HUD. 5,000 hours of recording available.
  • Full range optic sensory suite: Infrared, ultra violet, Magnification, night sight, color filters, thermal imager.Range: 200 miles for MOST sensors.
  • Survival Pack: A pack of simpler emergency survival supplies: Pup tent, Sleeping bag, Black light, GPS, First aid kit (bandages, gauze, bandage tape, pads, antiseptic/analgesic), Plasma torch (for small repairs and starting fires), Repair kit (with MDC Repair Spray), Sewing kit (a small spool of thread and 5 needles), 7 star flares (250 feet apogee), 2 white parachute flares (1,500 feet apogee), 100 feet of black or brown parachute cord (150 lbs tensile strength), 2-5 days rations, 2 gallons water, water purification kit- good for about 10 gallons.
    Combat Bonuses from ADMIRALTY-Class Combat Elite:
  • 3 additional attacks per melee.
  • One additional Attack Per melee at levels 3, 6, and 9 with any additional bonuses for the pilot.
  • +5 strike
  • +5 dodge