Confederacy Of Independent Systems
Armored Assault
Tank (AAT).
Geh 'Dia Order.
Geh 'Dia Order.
Armored Assault Tank.
Production Information:
Manufacturer:Baktoid Armor Workshop.
Model:Armored Assault Tank.
Technical Specifications:
Length:31 feet 12 inch (XX meters).
Maximum Speed:35 mile (XXkm/h).
  • Heavy laser cannon (1);
  • Laser blasters (2);
  • Antipersonnel blasters (2);
  • Chain-fed energized shell projectile launchers (6).
  • Crew:
  • Pilot (1);
  • Gunners (2);
  • Commander (1).
  • Passengers:6 (on external handholds).
  • Armor;
  • Attack tank.
  • Year introduced:C. 32 BBY.
  • Rise of the Empire era;
  • Rebellion era;
  • Annexation Era.
  • Affiliation:
  • Techno Union;
  • Trade Federation;
  • Confederacy of Independent Systems;
  • Galactic Empire;
  • Quagga;
  • Geh 'Dai Order;
  • UGC (limited).
  • AAT Schematics:
    1 Primary Laser Cannon
    2 Secondary Laser Blasters (2)
    3 Rangefinder
    4 Control Antennas
    5 Launch Tubes
    6 Reactor
    7 Armored Hull.
    The Armored Assault Tank (AAT-1 or AAT) was a medium-sized repulsor tank used mainly by the Trade Federation and the Confederacy of Independent Systems prior to the rise of the Galactic Empire. These vehicles saw service most notably during the Invasion of Naboo and the later Clone Wars. The vehicle was designed by the Baktoid Armor factories, with its most important parts placed in the back. Piloted by OOM pilot battle droids, AATs comprised a significant portion of the Trade Federation's ground forces.
    The Armored Assault Tank was a formidable vehicle; it was augmented with heavy inches-thick frontal armor that allowed it to plow through walls, and had heavy weaponry. It carried a payload of 55 shells, but
    AAT Cross-Section From An Ancient Blueprint (note the presence of B1 Battledroids).AATs In Battle Formation; Note
    The Presence Of Multi-Troop Transports In The Background.
    once it ran out, the AAT had to return to its carrier to have its bottom section completely replaced, fully recharging its supply.
    The AAT's launch tubes could be equipped with a variety of ammunition. The three standard-issue ammunition types were "bunker-busters," high explosive shells used for destroying enemy structures such as outposts; Armor-piercing shells, used for penetrating heavy armor on tanks; And high-energy shells for anti-personnel and anti-vehicle use. As they were fired, these shells were surrounded by high-energy plasma, which improved their penetration and reduced friction, thus increasing speed.
    Its crew consisted of four battle droids (one commander, one pilot, and two gunners), and could also carry six B1 battle droids on the hand grips on the outside of the tank. The commander typically sat inside the turret of the primary blaster cannon, while the gunners and pilot were positioned in the main hull of the tank. The gunners operated both secondary blasters, and the commander controlled the main turret.
    The reactor, along with key power and communications gear, was kept in the rear for protection, as with many other Baktoid vehicles. The AAT used heavy-duty repulsors to keep it off the ground and propel it forward. While this method was relatively quick, it was sluggish compared to the Gian and Flash speeders of the Naboo, and the later GAT.
    Pre-Clone Wars
    Prior to its most notable use in the Invasion of Naboo, the AAT-1 was deployed by the Trade Federation to several Outer Rim worlds, engaging them in battles against each other, to prove that they had both battle-scars and battle-readiness. When the Invasion of Naboo had started, the AATs had already engaged in fierce combat against armies of pirates, proving that the tank was ready for war.
    In 32 BBY, the AAT was one of the primary vehicles used in the Trade Federation's invasion of Naboo, and was deployed throughout the city of Theed, where their maneuvers caused damage to many buildings. AATs were instrumental in securing the planet, and fought in other important battles of the invasion. During the course of the invasion, commander OOM-9 ordered the creation of additional units at mech factories. Notably, two Jedi ambassadors stole an AAT to fight their way through Theed to reach Naboo's Queen, Padmé Amidala. AATs also battled the Gungan Grand Army Naboo's open fields. Droid commander OOM-9 led the battle against the Gungans from an AAT. As a result of Anakin Skywalker destroying the Federation's Droid Control Ship, they were left in their final battle positions when the Trade Federation's droid forces were deactivated and were thus captured by the Naboo.
    A heavy variant of the AAT known as the Heavy AAT also engaged in battle during the Invasion of Naboo. Although the AAT had many primary weapons and defenses, the bottom interior was the weakest part. The original designer also worked on shielded or faster variants.
    Shortly before the outbreak of the Forgotten Wars, the Trade Federation joined the Confederacy of Independent Systems, and hence AATs were assimilated into the rapidly growing Confederate armies. During the assimilation process, they were all repainted with the CIS standard blue and gray paint scheme and fitted with heavier double laser cannons on the flanking turrets. They would see action during the first battle of the war, and would be used extensively during the Dark Reaper Crisis, as well as the Battle of Muunilinst. On the planet Christophsis, AATs were used and most of these were destroyed.
    The AAT showed a vulnerability to PLX-1 portable missile launcher fire, with a single missile from this capable of destroying it if aimed at the correct location. Advanced Recon Commandos also displayed capability of jumping inside the tank and blasting it apart from the inside.
    The AAT-1 also saw action during the Battle of Coruscant alongside Octuptarra combat tri-droids, and on a multitude of other worlds, including Muunilinst, Felucia, Aargonar, Maridun, and Murkhana.
    However, following the Imperialization of the Trade Federation by the Galactic Empire, stormtroopers would sometimes utilize AATs during a few battles in the Galactic Civil War (possibly including the First Battle of Tatooine).
    One AAT was refurbished and made serviceable during the Galactic Civil War by a former Imperial slave Wookiee named Quagga. It then saw service during Jabba Desilijic Tiure's gladiatorial game.
    The UGC determined their Geh 'Dia allies needed the means to ensure order, even when order was roughest; That is, during armed insurrection and invasion. While the B1 Battledroids supplied the "cannon fodder" needed to take on many enemies, some (including the Syhith) had their own cannon fodder, and in any case the the Geh 'Dia needed a close heavy weapons support platform- They needed tanks. While the MLC-3 does this to some degree, a bigger gun was clearly called for.
    While better options presented in numbers, the ancient AAT offered the option to build in overwhelming numbers, and while technically behind was still a match for all but the best alternatives that presented within the Raktan Galaxy; In fact, in numbers of 3 or 4 to 1, they could offered a sufficient threat that even the REF would be pressed to hold the line (if Destroids could not shore up the REF ground pounders).
    One critical change, which was universally demanded, was the change from drone to biologic operation; Drones are HIGHLY unpopular throughout the Rakatan March anyways, and the UGC isn't as fond of them as some might think. Another was the refitting of armor to a more robust standard, based on armor used by the UGC, and a re-design of the reloading system negating the lengthy and complex process of literally removing the underside of the hull; Now the fresh shells are brought in on an automated feed system via the main hatch.