United Galaxies Council.
Galactic Information Bureau.
United Galaxies Council
Galactic Information Bureau.
Agency History: Like the Galactic Investigation Services, the Galactic Information Bureau was formed ad hoc of the remnants of earth's various intelligence services, to get them off the streets (where a few had become minor crime lords). Unlike the GIS, though, the GIB's legal
Galactic Information Bureau (GIB).
GIB Badge; There is in fact only ONE badge, held by the Director of the GIB. In theory, every GIB agent has one as well, and they're all copies of the original; However, none are "real" since exact replicas are sold online, by mail, and in the agency's gift store (for deniability).
Agency Overview:
19 August 2082.
Preceding Agencies:
Glavnoye Razvedyvatel'noye Upravleniye
Central Intelligence Agency
National Security Administration
Militry Intelligence, Section 5
Militry Intelligence, Section 6
Defense Intelligence Headquarters
Agência Brasileira de Inteligência
Sentinel Alliance Intelligence Network.
George W. Bush Information Center
Neo Langley, Upper Culvert, Industrial North, XXT-5K.
"And ye shall know truth and truth shall set ye free." (John 8:32).
Technically classified; Openly admitted, 21,575.
Annual Budget:
Classified (15 billion credit as of 2583).
Agency Executives:
Commandant, GIB;
Vice Commandant.
Governing Body:
The Select Committee On Intelligence (UGC).
Constituting Instrument:
Plenipotentiary Council Accord 21, Section 5, Paragraph 43, Part 2 Subpart A Bulletin ii.
Convening Authority (UGC):
Act Of 2250, Section 2.
Parent Agency:
None (independent).
status was never in doubt- It was illegal from the get-go.
Agencies folded into to the Galactic Information Bureau:
The GRU: Russian agency; Glavnoye Razvedyvatel'noye Upravleniye, abbreviated GRU, translated Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.)
The CIA: American agency: Central Intelligence Agency.
The NSA: American agency; National Security Administration. The extensive SIGINT capabilities of this agency proved quite useful, especially considering their quick switch of allegiance from the American Department (in other words, what was left of the United States) to the Plenipotentiary Council.
MI5: British Agency: The Security Service, also known as Militry Intelligence, Section 5 (MI5), was Britain's domestic counter-intelligence and security agency and although mainly concerned with internal security, it did have an overseas role in support of its mission. It's WWII-era address was PO Box 500, London, England, and its headquarters at Thames House on Millbank, London. The GIB now uses Millibank as the mail (electronic and hardcopy) processing center, and strangely has chosen to retake the PO Box 500 address: Any letter addressed "POB 500, London, England, Terra" will arrive there, though in some cases "eventually."
MI6: British Agency; The Secret Intelligence Service, also known as Militry Intelligence, Section 6 (MI6), was the British foreign intelligence agency. The name "MI6" was actually conjured out of thin air, a name of convenience during the Terran First World War, when it had many names.
The DIH: Japanese agency; 情報本部 Jōhōhonbu, or Defense Intelligence Headquarters.
The BND: German agency; Bundesnachrichtendienst. This was the most intact of the various agencies, despite the destruction of their headquarters building in Berlin during the Rain of Death and the replacement facility in Frankfurt at the opening of the Invid Invasion.
The ABIN: Brazilian Intelligence Agency. Agencia Brasileira de Inteligencia. The ABIN was the most functional of the intelligence agencies in Central America, due to the Malcontent Uprisings. It was also the most corrupt, running a massive drug operation via subordinates in Brazil and Columbia. In fact, they OWNED the cocaine lords outright, mostly by strongarm muscle: Any drug lord who DIDN'T pay, died. Bringing this into line was actually part of the reason the Sentinel Alliance chose to unify the agencies- But to do that, they had to actually invade Brazil, a war lasting 3 years.
Many of its earlier agents had been agents of now-defunct intelligence services around the globe that, after Red Sky, turned to crime to make a living. Because of his, the early years of the GIB was riddled with scandals and cover-ups. However, soon enough the station corrected itself, and the Bureau is now the most-feared agency in and around the UGC. They even have "Special Operations Division/Field Intelligence", a quasi-militry force that deploys in 2- and 3-man teams to make contact with "Irregular Forces" (insurgents and guerillas) to enlist their support & arrange aid.
The SOD/FI Emblem; That they EXIST and are active on
FBX 21555320 is about all that's known about SOD/FI.
Much about the Bureau is secret, including what they are doing, where, and how, although it was long acknowledged that SOD/FI continues to operate on FBX 21555320.
In an illegal and usually unauthorized program called "Outpost 21," GIB personnel have not only traveled BEYOND the UGC's legal boundaries (inside those boundaries are actually off-limits for the most part to the GIB), but in fact to whole GALAXIES the UGC hasn't even begun to explore yet; Consequently, the GIB generally has charts and marker buoys FAR beyond anywhere the UGC has any reason to be yet. It was in fact a GIB vsl that discovered the machine-world XXT-5K, where the technology to develop the VGU-5, VGU-6, and VGU-7 was discovered (along with other new Veritechnology).
General Information
Name: Galactic Information Bureau
Director: Galactic Information Bureau Commandant
Assistant Director: Galactic Information Bureau Vice Commandant
Mission: Intelligence gathering on foreign powers, malcontents, terrorists, and etc, and assisting foreign allies upon request.
Size and Orientation: Mega-organization (500)
A: Outfits:
B: Equipment:
C: Weapons:
D: Bionics and Robotics:
Unlimited Clothing (50); They literally have a desk in a department that only makes clothes for their agents abroad (that "desk" being a factory and warehouse that takes up 12 acres on XXT-5K).Unlimited Equipment (50); If they don't have it, they can get it. sometimes it requires the acquiescence of the council, but they can get it.The Arsenal (30); What they don't have themselves they can get, usually from the REF.Robotic Arsenal (35); The GIB has a hospital on XXT-5K dedicated strictly to this. They are secretly the major shareholder to MindWerks and GrigerTech, as well as a dozen other companies across the UGC with technology they need.
E: Vehicles:
F: Communications:
G: Offices, Hideouts and Distribution:
H: Militry Power:
Unlimited and Super Vehicles (60); What they don't have they can get, what they can't get they can modify. A warehouse complex on XXT-5K houses thousands of vehicles being modified day and night for this purpose.Unlimited Communications (60); Their internal communications network is impressinve, but most often they piggy back on commercial comms systems; Agents speak in coded messages with handlers, allies, etc. and nobody is ever the wiser.Urban (5); If it's a city of over 500,000 people there's a GIB agent somewhere. They even own a planet.Major Strike Force (50); In addition to the REF the GIB can call upun the services of dozens of private militries, with skill sets ranging from targeted assassinations to major invasion. At least three of these, the Fessors, Tierienan Services, and Tophary, were originally formed as GIB assets, and they have contracted to dozens of others over the centuries.
I: Super Powered Agents:
J: Sponsorship:
K: Special Budget:
L: Administrative Control:
Super Strike Force (40); This is mainly the GIB's private, in house police force, used to make sure agents don't go off the reservation.Government (0); An amalgamation of dozens of previous intelligence agencies, the GIB is owned entirely by the UGC.Mega Bucks (50); The GIB is fully funded by the GIB; However, due to the nature of the GIB's work, a lot of money has come in, and this "rainy day fund" is pretty substantial. They could at least in theory fund a civil war if they wanted to.Above the Law (50); Literally everything they do is illegal, so the GIB doesn't exactly have a lot of use for UGC law. However, an agent who endangers the UGC or the agency will find themselves dead by nightfall. They call it retirement.
M: Internal Security:
N: External Infiltration:
O: Intelligence Resources:
P: Agency Credentials:
Paranoid (30); That's not to say they've never been infiltrated or penetrated, but the GIB keeps a VERY close eye on their own people- Closer, even, than they do on the UGC's enemies.Blanket Infiltration (35); Few and far between are the empires or organizations the GIB hasn't infiltrated to one degree or another. 20 years before the UGC officially contacted the Kobolese, they already had an asset in the Lords Of Kobol's inner circle. They even have agents on Palaptinian Syhith ships (though not as many as one might hope).Unlimited Connections (50); Again, they have people everywhere.Known (3); And legitimately feared. Empires have fallen just on the GIB's machinations, and the UGC's various enemies know just how ruthless the GIB can be. Even the Gener Splicers are afraid of the day a GIB agent might just show up on their doorstep.
Q: Salary:
Excellent (30); GIB agents are risking a lot more than just their lives to do their duty, and foreign assets are risking far more still. For this, they expect to be very well compensated.
XXT-5K; Behind her is one of her satellites nicknamed Cyb'tron or just Tron. Cyb'tron is suspected to be a natural satellite,
but this isn't proven yet. In the foreground is a privately rebuilt NUPETIET-VERNITZS-Class Flagship.
Closeup View Of XXT-5K's Largest Satellite Cyb'tron ("Tron").
Tron was the scene of the worst violence
Field Supervisors:
  • Station Chiefs: Commander at any given outpost (usually either an embassy or what appears to be a large corporation; About 98% of the companies employees have no idea what's really going on).
  • Field Officers: Field Officers deal with the various spies and traitors the GIB has enlisted; Little, if anything, happens that the GIB doesn't know "something" about.
  • Field Agent/Special Operations Division: The GIB's own, private, army. They assist enemy empire rebels and insurgents in their own fight.
    Other Key Staff (R&D specialists, secretaries, etc):
  • Translation Specialists: Translators who speak and read another language, monitoring both stolen secret documents and other material, and monitor enemy empire news agencies; One of their biggest coups was to figure out that Seveiron was building a Grand Cannon type project, when a "Help Wanted" add in the capital cities newspaper requested anyone with experience in TIG/MIG welding for a sewer project; Three days before, they had analyzed another shipping order to that "sewer project," which requested 300 sheets of a metal not useable for sewage (it would have corroded in only a few months).
  • Interview/Interrogation Specialists: Drawing information out of defectors and senior enemy personnel captured or kidnapped. You can't hide much from these people.
  • Information Interception: These people do nothing but listen in on private conversations day and night, recording it all. Most of its garbage, though even the seemingly most useless bit CAN be valuable; For example, a Fehran malcont leader was discovered when she got into some phone sex with a slave on an unsecured line. The sexual preferences, it was realized, matched that of a wanted Ator Commandant (the use of Jalmal, a Fehran foodstuff similar to peanut butter, as an appliqué).
  • Intelligence Analysts: These people take all the data collected by the other personnel and try to make a "picture" out of the little bits and pieces; For example, knowing that the aforementioned Ator Commandant had a peculiar food fetish, then knowing the Fehran Priestess of Inorie had the same fetish; Knowing that a construction process in the jungle was using low-density aluminum, and that a phone number for the project had appeared in a help wanted ad for welders on a sewage project; Etc. Of all the GIB personnel, it is usually the analysts who are presented to the public to speak about GIB activities; They also lie a lot.
  • Research and Development Section: Develop new technologies and techniques to spy on the enemy. Almost all are convicted criminals, serving their sentences out by developing materials for the GIB.
  • Infiltration Unit: Spies on spies, Infiltration Unit attempts to infiltrate the GIB to see if they can steal UGC secrets. Sometimes they're successful, sometimes not. When not stealing from the UGC, their attention is turned to infiltrating enemy empires and malcontents.
  • Assets:
    Like any other agency in the UGC, the GIB has a wide selection of hardware restricted to their use.
    The upheavals and chaos that was the Global Civil War and First Robotech War caused many sensitive projects to "get out"; All of these aero-space craft were, at one time, classified "Black Project"; They simply didn't exist. You didn't talk about them, because they didn't exist. They were non-existent.
    Even now, many aspects of these craft are STILL secret, although all of them have been publicly acknowledged, even doing airshows; The X-29 has even been sold to mercenaries that the REF has had good working relationships with, and the U-2 can be purchased by civilian agencies with legitimate necessity for it (mostly the GSA, though that is a militry agency).
    The chaos of the GCW and First Robotech War caused the planes to be lost and forgotten for almost 100 years; When the State Of Texas attempted to succeed from the US, the sites where these planes had been operating out of had to be hastily evacuated; The planes were moved to an airfield in Canada, warehoused there and forgotten. Those responsible for the projects were killed during the war; The planes just sat there with other artifacts for which the history will NEVER be fully known. They were re-discovered one day when an REF Field Scientist 10th level and Captain, Johnny TORREO, was informed there were strange planes at a warehouse. He arrived, inspected the materials, and realized what it was he'd found.
    A full space station was built specifically for the rebuilding of these craft; Capt TORREO was given emergency command, then permanent command of the project. (He was promoted to Admiral 5 years later, and refused resignation until his death at 101.) Lackland Station, so named because it is tethered to Lackland Aero-Space Base (still the Sol Defense Force's Aero-Space Force Basic Enlisted militry Training Center) still operated these craft- And even MORE secretive aero-space craft. (The SACPAK only recently was declassified.) Lackland Station is nicknamed "Blackland" due to the top-secret (BLACK) projects.
    The EXISTANCE of these craft are acknowledged, but not always FULLY so; For example, the BATTLESTAR-Class Spyship's existence has long been acknowledged, but the nature of their missions has NEVER been discussed; The LRV-707 Shadow Veritech Car has always been presented as just that- An armored CAR. It's transformable capabilities and weapons systems have NEVER been publicly discussed, and never will be. (Just because movies have been made showing the EXACT same system doesn't mean the GIB necessarily has them- The movies show a LOT of things in film the GIB really doesn't have.)
    Numbers vary, and are not listed.
    BATTLESTAR-Class Spyship
    U-2 Dragonlady Spy Plane
    SR-71 Blackbird Spy Plane
    XB-71 Aurora (SR-71 Blackbird Bomber variant)
    X-29 Bird Of Prey (AKA "SwitchBlade")
    TR-2A Black Manta (B-2 Spirit E/C variant)
    LRV-707 Shadow Veritech Car

    Current Headquarters: TWIN HEADQUARTERS:
    Lackland Station, Terra, Sol.
    XXT-5K, aka "The Machine-World". (XXT-5K is currently right on the fringe of UGC sphere of influence.)
    The GIB uses twin headquarters for redundancy; Neither facility is ever more than 24 hours out of date to it's counterpart. The Director and Department Heads stay at Lackland Station (to be accessible to the council when needed), the Assistant Director and Assistant Department Heads stay at XXT-5K.
    Dirty Deeds, Done Dirt Cheap.
    Unfortunately for the GIB, everything they do is by definition illegal- So they have to be REALLY GOOD at being criminals. And yes they're good. Real good.
    F-3 Neuralyzer.
    REKAL Cart.
    F-3 Neuralyzer.
    The exact history of this tool is unknown, but the Terran MI-6 brought them from Earth. The device erases memories during a set time frame based on the settings on the device; Short term memories (anything less than 48 hours) can be erased completely, while longer term memories are much harder to effect, and will linger on (mostly in the form of dreams or "intrusive memories," whether good or bad).
    The use of this device is not without problems; Firstly is political issues, the few members of the Council who know of the device without having worked with or for the GIB oppose it's use under any circumstances- Until they need it used themselves, that is. Then all of sudden they're all for it.
    More importantly though the device creates small amounts of brain damage in the process of use; Indeed, that's exactly how it works. Repeated exposure can cause significant brain damage, especially if used repeatedly in short periods of time.
    Once the device has been used, the subject can be susceptible to suggestion or outright memory training, being told whatever happened in the 'lost' time, and for them it becomes real enough that they would pass the most intensive investigation- Some have even passed mind probes, though the mind probes used to date (both technological and psychic) usually show something amiss (which has led investigators to conclude false memories, though they haven't found how it happened yet).
    A REKAL Cart is actually a massive (5 ton) MRI based machine used to insert memories. Typically this is used on agents about to go into the field to give them supra-passable backgrounds, since they believe whatever they're saying themselves. It has been used on occasion on unwilling subjects, but these typically end in what's known as a "schizoid embolism" where a foreign memory enters the mind and then causes a blockage in the brain's ability to process reality. Typically the rest is a catatonic subject (around 5% die), but if timely intervention can be achieved the subject can be led back out of the permanent dream. There has never been a reported case of a schizoid embolism involving a willing subject, but there has never been an attempt at using the machine on a willing and conscience subject (and never will be).
    A successfully implanted REKAL memory is fully integrated to the subject; It is a real memory for all intents and purposes.