The Cizion
Sigil Of The T'sentraedi.
T'sentraedi Malcontents.
The Cizion
Sigil Of The T'sentraedi.
Of all the Malcontent groups, T'sentraedi malconts are the least dangerous. Though violent, and prone to use excessive firepower in combat, they typically show the greatest degree of restraint with
A Common T'sentraedi Flag; This Was Actually Created By The RDF For T'sentraedi Loyalists Circa 2011/2012.
civilians, and NEVER take slaves.
There are basically two types of T'sentraedi Malconts; T'sentraedi Supremists (racist) and simple Malconts. Simple Malconts allow outsiders to join their ranks, but NEVER take slaves. T'sentraedi Supremists, on the other hand, hate ALL non-T'sentraedi, and NEVER allow outsiders in, often including so-called "New Bloods" (children of various T'sentraedi/Non-T'sentraedi parents; Dana PIRANO-STERLING was the first 'new blood' to be recorded). The later type are relatively rare, as their numbers dwindle. The former, on the other hand, are growing, and at least a few groups that started as T'sentraedi Malcontents no longer include ANY Old Blood (genetically pure) T'sentraedi.
Both types include both squatters (illegal settlers) and pirates. Unlike MOST pirate groups, T'sentraedi Pirates are more than willing to take on Robotech Forces, making raids against even system capitals. They also send "Advanced Parties" to scout out the target system, like Fehran and Tiresian Malconts (though it is a tactic the Atorians and Robotech Masters barrowed from the T'sentraedi).
T'sentraedi Malconts: The Mecha of the non-racist groups run the gamut of ANY type of Mecha. They prefer Guardians and non-transformable Power Armors (such as the Campaigner), but will take anything they can get their hands on.
T'sentraedi Supremists: T'sentraedi Supremists will ONLY allow themselves to use T'sentraedi Mecha, although they seem to prefer more recent designs; The old-fashion Regult Tactical Battle Pod is RARELY found, and even they are always upgraded (to varying degrees). The old Gulag is found fairly often, in an upgraded version, but the most common is the REF-era Regult (designated the TB. Z-1). Again, even this is upgraded, though they exact same Mecha is fielded by both the REF and RDF's.
T'sentraedi Malconts use almost exclusively T'sentraedi warship designs, with the Salan Scout and Thuveral Salan the most common design, and the Thuveral Salan is the most popular of all designs; However, no self-respecting fleet lacks a Nuptiet-Vernits, and DLS are also highly popular.
Almost without exception, all T'sentraedi Malcont ships are modified for mixed full-sized/Micronized crews, and even the most obsessively Masterite or Supremist groups treat micronized members are treated exactly the same as full-sized crew.
T'sentraedi Malcont Raids
T'sentraedi raids concentrate on food, Mecha parts (rarely are full Mecha taken), ships and ship parts (almost all T'sentraedi warships are obtained this way), and small, easily sold commercial goods. Luxury items, such as furniture, TVS, etc. are also popular, though less so.
Most T'sentraedi Malcontents stick to themselves, striking out mostly when provoked.
Numerically, T'sentraedi Malcontents are outnumbered by every group EXCEPT the Tiresian Malcontents; There are actually some Human Supremist groups that outnumber them as a whole. It is estimated there are less than 1,000 T'sentraedi Supremists, and about 25,000± other T'sentraedi malconts; Compare this to 10 million members in Humanis Policlub-affiliated PEN1.
T'sentraedi Supremists:
Masterite T'sentraedi actually believe that the Tiresian Malcontents are their masters- That the Robotech "Masters" where living gods.
These are the T'sentraedi most likely to use old-style equipment, with minimal (and typically temporary) alterations, unless otherwise directed by the Tiresians they are currently allied to.
These are both the T'sentraedi you're least likely to have the least (they act on the orders of their Tirseian handlers, or at least in the interests of them) and most trouble with (most likely to kill civilians, but still won't take slaves).
T'sentraedi Supremists believe in the "betterness" of the T'sentraedi; The technology, philosophy, etc. Most accept "Pureblood" T'sentraedi (children of T'sentraedi parentage), though some extremists (most of them male) even believe in ONLY clone T'sentraedi. The degree of extremism dictates whether they will use non-T'sentraedi equipment, or at least non-old style equipment.

T'sentraedi Separatists aren't particularly dangerous, they simply want to be "apart" from the rest of the universe. They generally do not like non-T'sentraedi, and will avoid "human" tech, but will usually use the TBP-Z1, 2, 3, and 4. They also accept "new blood" T'sentraedi. They almost always have some Stingers, and in fact some use these exclusively.

T'sentraedi Survivalists are very much like Separatists, in that they want to be left alone, but will settle down "somewhere" and are unlikely to harm anyone that doesn't try to harm them. They will generally accept some "human" tech, especially power armor, Veritechs (especially the Orguss, TIGERSHARK-Class, and Super Alpha), Stingers, and shuttles. They also have repudiated the historic ban on "mixing of the sexes" and in fact have generally turned their back outright on cloning as a "Tiresian perversion" (those who have had contact with them sense that it is used in the sexual sense of the term- even though they themselves engage in every sexual act at least once "just to try it out" before deciding if they'll try it again. This includes homosexuality, and applies to BOTH sexes.)
"Clan T'sentraedi":
Of particular note is "Clan Ghost Bear." The Ghost Bears were a battalion of T'sentraedi who'd struck off CLAN GHOST BEAR DRYDOCK.on their own in the early 23rd Century.
They apparently did very well for themselves, having departed with 5 small ships, but then for reasons not entirely clear (even to themselves) elected to return- With a fleet of over 1,000 major warships.
Their terms of surrender were extremely lenient; They were integrated back in UGC society, those who wished to return to militry service were allowed to join Le L'egion, but otherwise their entire population of over 10 million members settled on Rincrast, Atran, mostly becoming farmers. The UGC's handling of "the Ghost Bear Affair" has since become a model that has led to the return of dozens of factions, T'sentraedi and otherwise.
The so-called "Clan T'sentraedi' are relatively major groups who view themselves as no longer beholden to any faction in any form. They are like Separatists and Survivalists in this respect, but are not T'sentraedi supremist by any measure; Quite the opposite. They've been actively recruiting non T'sentraedi, with special attention to Atorians and what few Goa'uld forces escaped the various wars. (It should be noted, "Goa'uld" refers to the symbiote within a host; as such, they could take a T'sentraedi or Atorian host "if" they survive to Clan T'sentraedi forces to find help.) They embrace "anti-culture" and "T'sen-mot" technologies, and most have fully abandoned the Robtoech Masters-designed T'sentraedi Mecha; What few million units remain are being converted as quickly as circumstances allow, making Stinger and Andaries highly popular.