The Uruk Hai Shield (the closest thing they have to a flag).
Uruk-hai RCC:
The Uruk Hai Shield (the closest thing they have to a flag).
The Uruk-hai are a species that is an abomination before nature; An abomination which only the T'sentraedi can TRULY appreciate, and only the Terrans can accept. They are the cloned and genetically modified bodies of the Orcs.
Like their Orcish cousins, the Uruk-hia are soldiers, pure and simple. In battle, they fought using scimitars, poisoned daggers, arrows, and broad-headed swords. Their armor was chain mail and steel-plate with dangerous jagged helmets. The Uruk-Hai first appeared during the Third Galactic Dark Age, during the Ring War, when they conquered Ithilien and simply destroyed Osgiliath. They were created by the Sarumanian Faction as shock troopers and cannon fodder, of the Orcish Race which an even EARLIER empire had created from the Elvish Races (seen Orcs). The Saruman Faction was not completely pleased with the Sauronian Orc soldiers, so they bred a new Orc creatures and called them the Uruk-hai, meaning "half-orcs."
Satisfied in their creation, the Saruman Faction did not breed these creatures, but rather simply cloned them. Like the T'sentraedi, Uruk-hai had no childhood, but are are "born" in full strength and intelligence (although limited).
They were created to be larger and stronger than the Orcs and to withstand the light of the sun better. The Saruman Faction used great armies of Uruk-Hais to destroy the Ring Fellowship and gain control of one ring, but because they were a little bit stupid, managed SOMEHOW to capture the wrong ring. However, they are FEIRCE warriors, and one of the Uruk-Hai clans killed the ENTIRE Boromir Command at the Battle at Galen Parth. it is fortunate that the Saruman Faction was finally defeated at the Battle Of Black Gate, the entryway to the Mordorian Empire, after the Uruk-hai 18ᵀᴴ Army, dispatched to destroy the Théodens of Rohan were overwhelmed and, generally, defeated at the Battle of Helm's Deep and the 21ᵟᵀ Army, sent to conquer Osgiliath and Minastirith, which were defended under the questionably competent command of General Stewart (though his subordinate, Captain Foromir, was fortunately QUITE competent). (The 25ᵀᴴ Army was defeated and nearly annihilated trying to hold Black Gate).
The Uruk-hai's teeth are fanged, and their skin BADLY sunburned. They are a little taller than Terrans, black-skinned and black-blooded. They are larger, stronger and fiercer in battle than Terrans, as their only objective is to kill. When in battle, the Uruk-hai sometimes wear black armor and carry straight swords and poisoned arrows, and spears. They are also used to mark their faces and bodies by the White Hand of Saruman Faction. The Uruk-Hai made up a large part of Saruman Faction's army, together with the Dunlendings and other enemies of Rohan, and also served as the elite troops of the Mordorian Empire. They are smarter, stronger and larger than Orcs and could travel during the day without being weakened. Certainly, other creatures in Saruman Faction's armies appear to have been hybrids.
Hit Points:
PE+3D6 plus 2D6 per LOE
10 plus those gained from OCC and physical skills
Horror Factor:
10; However, Uruk-hai aren't really UGLY, except in the mouth.
Any, but mostly selfish or evil; Aberrant is most common.
Two without combat training, or those gained from hand to hand combat and/or boxing.
Mental Block Auto-Defense (they are a little dense), but that's IT.
Night vision 200 feet (36.6 meters). Incredible endurance; beyond the PE listed above, they can run, WITHOUT STOPPING, for a month, and do not need sleep at all for UP TO SIX MONTH at a time. +10% on tracking, non-electronics based military skills (such as Armorer and Siege Weapons), and the Skill "Identify Plants and Fruit". They can also use energy weapons, but can not FIX them (too complex).
None per se.
7 feet+4D6 inches/
200 to 3000 lbs.
Capital City: None; There are no cities, now, on Isengard, though the generally acknowledged High Chieftains own Cave and Tunnel Systems are steered clear of by anyone wanting to stay alive for long.
Any menial or low-skilled, including infantry, where they excel.
The Uruk-Hai Clan Lord Salakier Addressing The UGC Council During Their Application Of Nations. His speech was reported by some to have been VERY passionate; Many councilors and senators alike remarked how eloquently spoken he really was, and all were surprised at it. It should be noted that Salakier was a Pikesman when he first joined the Uruk-Hai Army. (Photo cpyrt 2030, One Ring News Wire.)
Available For PC:
Even though the Uruk-hai do tend to be viewed as sadistic beings, this is not true: They fully believe that what they are did was right at the time. It is bad enough that the Universe dealt them a bad hand, they don't REALLY want to make it WORSE.
On occasion a member of the race or even a small to medium group of them will start destroying SOMETHING, mostly out of racial frustration and rage; On occasion this has led to conflict between them and other groups (such as their ONLY defenders, ironically the Terrans and T'sentraedi).
The other reason that Uruk-hai are often seen as evil is due to their naturally vicious attitude, which often attract various evil and destructive people looking for cannon-fodder for one operation or another. As time has gone on, more and more groups of Uruk-hai have come under the control of one group or another; The Atorian Malconts, Ebsis, the Mafia, and others have hired out whole Clans for their foot soldiers.
Some Uruk-hai that have lived alongside other races have managed, with patience (and often with large, heavy, and VERY HARD implements applied with great force to places where it will do no permanent damage, such as their heads) to control their rage; This has proven especially effective on the penal farms where Clan DAstin was shackled to farm equipment for TWO WHOLE GENERATION, until GIS Investigators shut the farm down and arrested the owners on violation of 25 different anti-slavery laws. An occasional Uruk-hai in society will discard the anti-EVERYONE biases as well as being unworkable. They are the ones who usually turn to some form of religion, trying to convert their brethren to "the new way."
Uruk-hai most often live underground in caves, caverns, old tunnels, and even huge underground cities they have created. Firse Flyjts are excellent engineers, and the two species often collaborate on the building of such wonders, though the Firse Fljyts make it clear that Uruk-hais are not allowed into "their" part of the city (regardless who else is).
For clothing, Uruk-hais normally wear leather and LOTS of steel, usually plate if they can afford it. They also love cloaks.
Under the various masters, Uruk-hai society was rather harsh, with only the strongest surviving (all others were eaten). Under the far less oppressive UGC overseership, the Uruk-hai have been able to stop eating their own, and even developed farming (of slib, an under-ground growing wheat-like plant with a VERY thick, hard trunk, ideal for burning as fuel) and ranching (of snogaz, a kind of snake, that's as eager to eat their masters as the master are to eat them).
However, old habits die VERY HARD indeed, and it is no surprise that assassination is considered a CRITICAL skill in their society; It is in fact a recognized and honorable tool by which to prove ones fitness to advance, even to Lordship over a village. Uruk-hai normally organize into clans with the strongest male being the Lord of his Clan, which includes every Uruk-hai within that city. In such a anarchistic society as the Uris, the position of Lord is a viciously contested one, and more than anyone else the Clan Lord is constantly tested for his power. NONE are the Clan Lords that have died of old age; Equally, none have build such a reputation that no one dares to challenge them anymore.
Due to thier adaption to underground environment, they have trouble with sunlight (hurts their eyes) and prefer to stay in dark environments, though the can easily enough overcome their problems with sunlight by wearing eye protection and cloaks to shroud their bodies from direct sunlight.
A Female Uruk-Hai.
Unlike Orcs, the Uruk-hai have shown a true desire to develop into good members of the UGC, though the road to rehabilitating an entire species twisted and broken TWICE has proven quite challenging to them; Nevertheless, they TRY very hard.
Due to the way they were engineered, Uruk-hai's are -2 to strike, parry, and dodge as well as in sun light without eye protection against the light (includes sun glasses). Their averages life span is 500 years.
Social Status:
Not many species tolerate the Uruk (in fact thousands of systems such as the Geh 'Dia and High Nenomause Commonwealth ban the Uruk-Hai unless marching with a non-Uruk army, restricted to ship or barracks except in combat operations - some like the Landsraad League and Nietzscheans ban them entirely), but the Clingohn Alliance, Breen Confederacy, Wayist And Tiamist Magog, and Rogue Beorge welcome the Uruk-Hai with open arms (though at said arms length in the case off the Tiamists), and the Knaeck tolerate their presence; The Freng Mercantile Republic do business with the Uruk-Hai, but guardedly, as the two species have had unpleasant exchanges in the past ("Learn a habit, it's not a good idea to rip off a Uruk. He'll eat you. Alive."). The Brotherhood Of Steel and Le Legion also embraced the Uruk-Hai, but as recruits- And cannon fodder. (Fortunately, the Uruk-Hai want that; they've even tried to get into Special Battalions without a conviction, to no luck.)
Current Legal Status:
The Uruk-Hai applied for inclusion to the United Worlds Alliance after the REF thoroughly destroyed their armed forces during the Atorian Campaign; This application was rejected due to the Uruk-Hia's centuries of previous "repulsive" history.
The Uruk-Hai however continued to plug along, addressing some of their worst social issues (ill discipline, cannibalism, etc.), and in 2381 their application was "conditionally accepted"; In part due to a request by Le Legion to approve the Uruk-Hai (to increase recruitment pool), in part due to the T'sentraedi pressuring the Council to ignore the cannibalism issue (mostly to gloss over their own past), the UGC approved the Uruk-Hia provided they joined Le Legion or some other affiliated militry order for observation. Billions of Uruk joined within hours of the decision, and most have remained with their affiliated militaries since.
The Uruk do not ask, and do not desire, franchise. They ask for militry service only; With fewer and fewer wars TO fight, the UGC is feeling some concern of what will happen if the Uruk-Hai get too restive in their peace.
The Uruk-Hai were not bred, they were cloned. In a factory deep in Isengard, a factory churns out clones at a rate equal to the death of Uruk-Hai, thus maintaining population levels.
In 2319, a rogue member of the Kobolese Chamber Of The Most High Elders delivered and installed a Download system into the Uruk-Hai's factory mainframe, meaning dead Uruks will recycle forever. The Uruk-Hai aren't aware of this yet, and when they discover it they won't inform the UGC with any interest; This may lead to a legal crisis in the future (the technology is STRICTLY illegal, even the T'sentraedi aren't allowed this tech- in fact, only the Most High elders are even allowed to know OF it, and most of the still don't).
The UGC has worked for centuries now to give the Uruk-Hai natural procreations, and finally developed a working female form- That is, a form capable of reproduction. They have entered Uruk society in the same manner as males, though breeding in small numbers has begun.
Uruk-hai Scimitar:
Uruk-hai Armor:
Uruk-hai Shield:
Uruk-hai Pike:
Forged in the mines of Orthanc, this anti-cavalry broadsword is flat bladed with a grip that does not taper, no hand guard, and with the perpendicular spike on the opposite side as the cutting edge. The blades are extremely hard, but are not corrosion or rust treated. Curiously, the Uruk-Hai used a form to make them, making them qualify as mass produced. They remain a virtual symbol of the Uruk-Hai to this day.
Overall Length: 31.25"
Blade Length: 24.75"
Blade Thickness: .25"
Blade Material: High carbon steel with a battle worn finish.
Hand Grip: Laminated wood, genuine leather-wrap, rat-tail tang construction.
Plaque: 13.125"×12.375"×.75" wood, patterned after an Uruk-Hai helmet and adorned with the White Hand of Saruman Faction.
Uruk-Hai armor is grey and is made up of large lames and has a groin guard attached to chainmail that covers the torso, half the arm and a small fraction of the legs. They also wear arm armor but they have bare legs. For footwear they have puttees and sandals that are covered by foot and leg armor. Like the scimitar, the armor was mass produced using steel melted in a foundry and cast in open molds, in a very narrow range of sizes. Though competently crafted, the quality is relatively crude compared to the more finely honed weapons of the other Ring Worlds; This lack of quality did not hinder effectiveness.
The shield is still decorated with the White Hand; The reference is long forgotten.
MDC: 30 (armor and shield).
Penalty: -10% prowl.
Weight: 158 lbs for the armor and 30 lbs for the shield.
AR: 12.
The Uruk-Hai pike was cleverly designed with a highly unusual forked tip; the longer tip can penetrate right through, but the shorter tip can as well, allowing the pike to be used like a can opener, or to lever a rider off his horse.
Overall Length: 20 feet.
Blade Length: 24 inches
Blade Thickness: 1"
Blade Material: High carbon steel.
Hand Grip: Machine turned wood, leather wrapped at grip points.
It is worth noting that Pikemen are the entry-level soldiery of the Uruk-Hai, but they're also considered the backbone of the Uruk armies. Many Pikemen stood bravely to fight the Atorians, the Robotech Master, the Invid, and the REF, and their bravery is sung about to this day; The REF even honors them with a statue.