The System Lords.
The System Lords.
Al'kesh-Class Multi-Purpose Ship.
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The System Lords.
The System Lords.
Al'kesh-Class Multi-Purpose Ship.
Production Information:
Length:115 feet.
Height:49 feet.
Engine Units:
  • Sublight engines;
  • Hyperdrive.
  • Fuel:Naquadah alloy.
    Hyperdrive System:Interstellar.
  • Shields;
  • Cloaking device.
  • Armament:
  • 2 Staff cannons;
  • Plasma charges.
  • Crew:12 people.
    Minimum Crew:2 people.
    Passengers:50 troops.
  • Goa'uld Empire;
  • Free Jaffa Nation;
  • Lucian Alliance;
  • Tok'ra;
  • The Trust;
  • Tau'ri (breifly).
  • Al'Kesh-Class Plan Views.
    "A Goa'uld mid-range bomber."
    - Teal'c
    The Al'kesh-Class Multi-Purpose Ship was originally designed as a powerful Goa'uld medium-range bomber and troop carrier used to attack fortified positions on planetary surfaces, serving a support role during invasions by System Lords. It is larger than the Tel'tak-Class Shuttle and
    A Shielded Al'kesh.A Fleet Of Al'kesh.
    Caius' Tel'tak Surrounded By Two Phantom Al'keshs.
    Udajeet, yet much smaller than the HA'TAK-Class Battleship. Following the defeat of the Goa'uld, the Al'kesh-Class has also been used by cultures that were formerly under Goa'uld domination, such as the Free Jaffa and the Lucian Alliance.
    The Al'kesh-Class, like most Goa'uld ships, is pyramid-shaped in design. Two large wings extend from the base, which curve into the cockpit at the head of the vessel. The Al'kesh is capable of sublight travel by means of four engine nacelles on the rear of the craft, as well as a hyperdrive for interstellar travel. The engine controls use the typical Goa'uld crystals. The bridge of the Al'kesh has a control station and two pilot chairs, one with a spherical control interface.
    The Al'kesh is equipped with two Staff cannons mounted on a pivoting turret on the ventral side. It can also drop plasma charges from the same side, which are powerful enough to penetrate and collapse Tok'ra tunnels. Its weapons are superior to that of a Udajeet, and it is shielded, falling behind only in maneuverability. The effectiveness of the shields is debatable however, since even a couple of shoulder fired missiles are capable of destroying them. Much more impressive is that they possess a cloaking device. It is commonly used to take out ground defenses, occasionally supported by Udajeets serving as a fighter screen.
    The cargo bay is sufficient to store several tons when configured strictly to cargo. The ships are capable of transporting loads via a suspended sling over the surface of a planet, and some have been adapted to tow vessels in space. Most however have been converted to full-time cargo ships in their own right, with the bomb bay doors removed and in some cases the main guns removed as well.
    The main user of the Al'Kesh-Class is the Lucian Alliance; In fact, they claim the design as their own, and that anyone caught using them has stolen property that they have a right to recover by whatever means necessary. This claim in their minds justifies boarding an Al'Kesh anywhere and seizing her; The UGC (Tau'ri) flatly denies this claim, awarding it to the Goa'uld System Lords, since the class predates the formation of the alliance by several decades at least. To double down on the denial, the UGC has claimed the design THEIR own, since the last of the System Lords made a standing truce (almost a surrender) over a decade ago, and thus all assets of the System Lords are the property of the UGC. The Council then took a very practical view of the matter, declaring that anyone who possessed an Al'Kesh at the time and registered her with the Council (via the Patrol) could retain possession of the ship, and that any boardings or attempted boardings of a registered Al'Kesh would be treated as piracy.
    The Lucian's claim of a right to recover property by reasonable force is true, and the Council accepted that; But, in the Council's ruling, the rejection of the alliance's claim to the ships made the boardings illegal anyways, adding to it the claim of rightful ownership made such attempts a crime against the UGC, allowing the Spacy and Patrol to act accordingly; The Lucians haven't forgotten this "theft," and neither has the UGC.