Emblem Of The Armies Of The Southern Cross.
Emblem Of The Armies Of The Southern Cross.
The Andaries-Nalug Master Unit.
Emblem Of The Armies Of The Southern Cross.
Emblem Of The Armies Of The Southern Cross.
The Nalug is, really, THE Andaries; While the Core and Frame unit fit inside of the Nalug and the Nalug fits into the Naulon, in reality it was making T'sentraedi Officer Battle Pods (Glaug) something a single man could pilot that was the true reason for the entire
Nalug Master Unit With A Gardu (for scale).
program. The Nalug Master Unit was developed from a heavily modified Glaug; Its' basic design, construction and operation is similar to the original Glaug, however RDF-Era Falcon fighter wings have been added for more lift, the weapons systems have been upgraded with Light Artillery Pod (Gluuhaug) inspired missile launchers, the legs have been heavily reinforced (using scrounged Battloid parts), and the armor has been completely re-vamped using Human-designed, T'sentraedi-inspired materials based on T'sentraedi battle wagon armor.
The legs are no longer controlled by foot pedals, nor are arms and weapons by the physical manipulation of the pilot, reducing pilot fatigue; Now they are controlled by the same control unit that controls the Gardu, namely the easy-to-control Syseta.
The pod performs equally well in all environments (land, air, on- and under-water, and space). Rear thrusters provide propulsion, while smaller thrusters mounted in the legs and body provide maneuverability. The Master Pod can also mate to the Naulon (Shell Pod) to gain trans-atmospheric capabilities. Also, because of the unusual way the Gardu Frame Unit fit into the Naulg's cockpit, the head had to be exposed out through the cockpit canopy; This had the unusual bonus of allowing the head lasers to be unitized in combat. The Glaug can still be fitted to the Glaug Eldare, but the Nalug fills this role (to a reasonable degree of improvement). More critically, the Nalug provides the main platform for the greatest number of weapons; That Gluag's are just slightly more expensive than free helps matters immensely.
Some variants of the Nalug have dual main Particle Beam Cannons, but most variants do not. Many, however, add additional foxed-forward light PBC's (from the T'sentraedi Regult Tactical Battle Pod).
Name: Nalug Master Unit
Model Type: Modified Gulag Officer's Battle Pod
Class: Master Unit
Crew: None; Master Unit.
M.D.C. By Location:
Main Body-
Thrusters (2)-
Wings (2)-
Missile Pods (on wings 2)-
Sensor Eye-
Auto Cannons (2)-
50 each
75 each
50 each
25 each
Weapon Arms (2)-
Weapon Pod Hands (2)-
Large Particle Cannon-
Upper Legs (2)-
Lower Legs (2)-

175 each
175 each
100 each
200 each

Speed and Statistical Data:
Running: 300 mph
Range On Land: No Limit
Flying: Mach 2.5, air or space
Maximum Height: 2,000 feet
Range In The Air: No known limit
Surfaced On The Water: 150 knots
Range On The Surface: No known limit
Underwater: 75 knots
Maximum Depth: 3,000 feet (1.5 nautical miles)
Range Underwater: 30 minutes
Height: 60 feet
Width: 26.2 feet
Length: 57 feet
Weight: 41.2 tons
Cargo: None
Power System: MT 844 Fusion Reactor (also powers the Naulon
Shell Pod). Also draws power from the Gardu's MT 844.
Flight Systems:
Primary: Limited Anti-Gravity
Secondary: Aero-Foils (2)
Cost: Unknown
Availability: Unknown
Black Market Cost: Unknown
Black Market Availability: Unknown
Weapons Systems:
1. Large Particle Beam Cannon: Mounted on the top of the Master Unit, the large particle beam cannon is it's a primary weapon. However, it has limited movement; Can traverse only 30 degrees declinate, 60 degrees inclinate, but the rotation has been increased to a full 360 degrees degrees.
Purpose: Anti-Armor
M.D.: 5D10+25 per blast
Rate of Fire: Twice per melee max.
Range: 10,000 feet
Payload: Unlimited

2. 2 Auto Cannons: Mounted in the lower nose on either side and slightly below of the sensor eye. Can traverse and inclinate/declinate only 60 degrees. Note: This is NOT the original auto cannons installed on the Robotech Master's design, but new, A.S.C.-engineered ones.
Purpose: Anti-Personnel/Armor
M.D.: 1D6 short burst, 2D6 long burst, or 4D6 for a full melee burst.
Rate of Fire: Per pilots attacks per melee.
Range: 4,000 feet
Payload: 480 rounds (both guns draw off of one ammo bin). 6 rounds are expended in a short burst, 12 rounds are expended in a short burst, and 24 rounds in a full melee burst.

3. 2 Weapon Arms: Each arm has two weapons pods, rather than hands.

4. 6 S.R.M.'s: The original Gulag's missile launchers were kept, as much because it was easier to leave them in as the firepower they added.
Purpose: Anti-Aircraft
M.D. and Range: Varies by type used; Generally about 2 miles.
Missile Type: Short range.
Rate of Fire: Volleys of 1 or 2 per pilots attacks per melee.
Payload: Six total.

5. 2 M.R.M. launchers: Inspired by the Light Artillery Pod S.R.M. launchers, these units are purpose-built SPECIFICALLY for the Nalug Master Unit. They have been mounted on the top side of the wings, allowing them to be used while hooked into the Naulon Pod.
Purpose: Anti-Armor
M.D. and Range: Varies by type used.
Missile Type: Medium Range.
Rate of Fire: Volleys of 1, 2, 3, 4, or all 6 per launcher per pilots attacks per melee.
Payload: 6 M.R.M.'s per launcher.

6. Particle Beam Cannon: The main weapon of the Regult, these rapid firing PBC's expend massive amounts of energy in a single blast to deliver a powerful punch. Fixed forward.
Purpose: Anti-Armor
M.D.: 1D12 times 10 per cannon per blast
Rate of Fire: Single or dual blasts (counts as one attack) oer pilots number of attacks.
Range: 4,000 feet
Payload: Unlimited.

7. Wing Pods: Up to 4 wing pods of any type can be carried.

Can also utilize the head lasers from the Gardu Frame Unit (if there are any).

Particle Beam Cannon:
Purpose: Anti-Armor
M.D.: 4D10 per blast
Rate of Fire: Per attacks per melee.
Range: 4,000 feet
Payload: Unlimited

Small Impact Cannon:
Purpose: Assault
M.D.: 1D8 short burst or 2D8 long burst.
Rate of Fire: Per pilot's attacks per melee.
Range: 4,000 feet
Payload: 240 rounds per arm; Fires 6 rounds in a short burst or 12 in a long burst.
  • Radar: Combat grade radar. Range 100 miles, can track up to 2,500 individual targets. 90% reliability (5% against unfriendly stealthed vehicles).
  • FLIR/SLIR: Forward and Side Looking Infrared. Allows pilot to get visuals on targets at night.
  • Loudspeaker: Amplifies voice 1 to 100 times. 100' in normal crowds.
  • Mine Detector (in feet): Gives effective 85% Detect Mine/Trap OR increases skill by 10% for pilots that have that skill (whichever is more). Works on density composition, so non-metallic objects can't hide, and displays a visual assessment and danger probability (based on a mathematical formula) for the pilot on request.
  • Magnetic Feet: Electro magnets in the pads of the feet allow the unit to adhere to the hulls of Warships and the exteriors of SOME buildings. Note: Despite the fact that Invid hives are NOT made of metal, there is usually sufficient metals in them that they can be scaled this way.
  • AMC/FD (2): Anti-Missile Chaff/Flare Dispensers. Actually launches a glob of burning magnesium/aluminum alloy to confuse both radar AND heat sensory systems. Fires off 04 chaff/flares each time it is activated. The system is known to work on all radar, infrared, and other sensory systems, but it does not work on Invid Protoculture sensors as well (-50%). Reduce effects by 20% against smart missiles (add +20% to rolls for smart missiles.)
    01-50 Enemy missile or missile volley detonates in chaff cloud- Missiles are all destroyed.
    51-75 Enemy missile or missile volley loses track of real target and veers away in wrong direction (may lock onto another target).
    76-00 No effect, missile is still on target.
    Also note that the chaff cloud will also blind nearby heat sensors (and optically based sensors at night) for 1 melee. They will suffer the following penalties: Reduce melee attacks/actions, and combat bonuses by half.
    Duration: 1D4 melee rounds.
    Payload: 60 chaff/flares. Each time the system is engaged, the system fires off 04 chaff/flares.
  • Full range optic sensory suite: Infrared, ultra violet, Magnification, night sight, color filters, thermal imager. Range is about 200 miles for MOST sensors.
  • Towed Decoy Pods: Located on the rear upper torso between the thrusters, each is a specially designed radar lure that creates a radar image to mimic the machine. If decoys are not destroyed, they can be recovered and repaired. This system has been successfully deployed against SEVERAL alien radar-type sensors (including one that works off of sound).
    M.D.C.: 5
    Effects: The decoy has a 98% chance of fooling ordinary non militry radars and non smart guided missiles, and a 90% chance of fooling military grade radars and advanced smart missiles.
    Range: Towed to 328 feet (100 meters) from the Mecha or released to go wherever it wants. Can fly independently for about 30 minutes.
    Range Can fly independently for about 30 minutes. Can be released to fly wherever it wants to.
    Rate of Fire: Twice per melee.
    Payload: 16 Decoys each pod (4 pods; 64 total).
  • Smoke Emitters: Emits enough smoke to cover an area about 200 cubic feet in calm weather; Special chemicals block IR sensors and radar signals (scatters them so the enemy can't get a good fix), however does not totally interfere with enemy sensors (enemy is -2 strike).
  • XTNDR RADAR/Radio Antenna Extender: A simple, 2 cubic foot helium balloon lofts a 10 lb. pod 100' into the air. Hanging from this payload is a fiber-optic cable that relays the data collected from the XTNDR Pod to the Vehicle/Mecha/Vessels computers. Note that using this system under heavy foliage will allow the radar, etc to work there, at no penalties, but it will not break the canopy either.
    M.D.C. By Location:
    Pod: 50
    Fiber Optic Cable: 10
    Effect: Extends range of any sensors 10 times (or defeats other penalties in a 5 mile area).

    Combat Bonuses from Nalug Master Unit Combat Elite:
  • 3 attacks per melee (plus those of the pilot).
  • One additional Attack Per melee at levels 3, 6, 9, 12, and 15 with any additional bonuses for the pilot.
  • +3 Strike.
  • +3 Parry.
  • +4 Dodge.
  • +2 Roll.