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Andy's Awards Page.
My various awards. I'm better than you- Get over it. I am.
Which Jedi Am I?
You are most like Luke SKYWALKER. Charismatic, loyal, diplomatic and brave. You helped the alliance defeat your father Darth Vader and the empire, offering your hated father guidance back to the light. Once defeated, you forgave him without a second thought. You train in the lightsaber form Shien/Djem So which channels your opponents offense, and your defense, into attacks against them. You believe in aggressive defense. A pillar of light in a dark time, you helped to re-establish the republic and rebuild the Jedi Order.
Luke Skywalker 86%
Darth Revan 82% (who?)
Qui-Gon Jinn 79%
Yoda 71%
Obi-Wan Kenobi (Pre Death of Qui-Gon Jinn) 71%
Darth Vader 71% (so you know I'm not "all" good)
Obi-Wan Kenobi (Post Death of Qui-Gon Jinn) 68%
Anakin Skywalker 64%
Mace Windu 54%
Bastila Shan 50% (again, who?)
Count Dooku/Darth Tyranus 43%
Darth Maul 36%
Darth Sidious 14%
Exar Kun 14% (┬┐he was a Sith?)
On the subject of lightsabers I got 2 very different answers; One test says I'm a Sentinel (yellow lightsabers), the other says I'm a Redeemed Sith (purple).
Both are for more or less the same reason; I'm willing to do what needs to be done to win the war. I didn't give a fuck back then, so I give FEWER fucks now.
me: I am a Sentinel; My Lightsaber is Yellow. I am very skilled in tracking and my goal is to hunt down and destroy all traces of Bogan in the Galaxies. Us yellow Lightsabers keep a very low profile and often go undercover, to the point some Ashla followers don't even believe We EXIST...
Also me:
I hang out in strip clubs getting lap dances while drinking beer, hiding in plain sight with an open carry Lightsaber (and a concealed blaster).
A purple lightsaber is used by those who where once Siths but have since become Jedi. Those that use these lightsabers tend to be open minded and guided more on their emotions than any other sense.
Which Skin Job Survivor Am I?
I came out virtually unscathed. You want you to be with me when the skinjobs rise.
I came out virtually unscathed. You want you to be with me when the skinjobs rise.
The Zombie Survival Test
says that I would be An UberZombie Slayer
What does it mean?
I came out virtually unscathed. You want you to be with me when the skinjobs rise.
Some people salute me as a "Master of Zombies." I only see myself as a workaday professional. I just don't understand all the fuss.
And because I was asked (about a hundred times), here are the answers to the test: The first one is the answers I gave that got me that score, the second is the answer I WANTED to give (you know, THE RIGHT ANSWER).
Question: 1) Have you ever seen a zombie movie or played a zombie video game?
Test Answer: Yes. I like zombie movies and games.
The REAL Answer: Doesn't matter. You figure it out pretty fast.
Or you die.
Question: 2) You live in...
Test Answer: A Small Town, 1000 people or less. It's going to be a lot easier, since you probably have a rural area around the town.
The REAL Answer: Doesn't matter. Anyway you cut it you have to hunker down for the first 48 hours anyways.
Question: 3) How long do you think you can run without stopping?
Test Answer: 1 hour or more
The REAL Answer: The question SHOULD be "How long CAN you walk without stopping?" The longer you can walk without stopping, the better off you are. You'll only have to run for 5-6 minutes at a time.
Question: 4) How close are you to the nearest armory or gun shop?
Test Answer: 1 mile or less. Locked and loaded before you can say goulash...5 times...backwards.
The REAL Answer: My nearest gun store is about a mile away- But I keep guns in the house, loaded. Say "Goulash" one time- Before your get to 'A' I've put two rounds in you.
Question: 5) What type of vehicle would you use for transportation?
Test Answer: 4 by 4 Pickup Truck. All-terrain capabilities and room for hauling supplies and people.
The REAL Answer: Still 4 times 4. Best option: A full-bodied hard top SUV (like the Subrban).
Question: 6) How experienced are you with firearms in general?
Test Answer: Very Experienced. I was pretty much born with a gun in my hand.
The REAL Answer: Same or similar. But the reality is guns only get you over the first 48; After that, building your defenses MUST be paramount or you will not be able to sustain your survival long.
Question: 7) Would you trust your friends to watch your back with a loaded weapon?
Test Answer: Most of them.
The REAL Answer: Same. We all got at leas ONE frined who shouldn't even be allowed to say the word "gun" for fear they'll shoot themselves, but if your friends are all so fucked up or you're so paranoid you can't (WON'T) trust most of them, you have issues. And you won't make it.
Question: 8) If you had a choice of only one melee weapon, what would it be?
Test Answer: Baseball Bat. All the better to squish some zombie heads with, my dear.
The REAL Answer: Same. Aim for the jaw then the knees. Then they can't bite you and can't chase you (and other skin jobs might just eat them, rather than you).
Question: 9) If you saw a group of people being attacked in the street by 3-4 zombies, what would you do?
Test Answer: Kill the zombies, arm the people you just saved, and take them with you.
The REAL Answer: Same. Run the skin jobs over with your truck. Save the bullets.
Question: 10) Let's talk weaponry. What do you think would be most economic and effective for killing off, say, 20 zombies?
Test Answer: Assault Rifle/Machine Gun. Point in the general direction and mow 'em down.
The REAL Answer: The truck. After that, semi-auto belt-fed, then semi-auto detachable box fed longarms. Then pistols. Then baseball bats.
Question: 11) Think about some of the best times you've had with your closest friend. Now if he/she was bitten by a zombie, and you knew that they were infected, how would you react?
Test Answer: I would kill my best friend as soon as I knew they were bitten, without even saying goodbye.
The REAL Answer: You have to do it- You don't HAVE to like it. I recommend tying them up, waiting until they turn, then hitting them in the back of the head with a mallet (it worked for the Serbs).
Question: 12) You and your party are driving around and happen upon an abandoned convenient store. You are scouring through the inside of the store. What do you take for food?
Test Answer: Canned Goods. They will keep longer and provide more nutrition.
The REAL Answer: All the above. Just use them in the most appropriate fashion.
Question:13) Same as above. You find the store, you are looking through it. But what do you take for beverages?
The Test Answer: Bottled Water. Good for you, and doesn't spoil very easily.
The REAL Answer: All the above. Don't drink the alcohol straight; Cut it down to 1-in-10 with water (ie 10 cups water to 1 cup booze).
Question: 14) Okay, you've armed yourself, gotten supplies, and killed some of the living undead. Where do you go now?
The Test Answer: Rural Area. You would be bothered with few zombies. You could live off of the land and just wait it out.
The REAL Answer: A combination of all the above; Head for the hills, venturing into the cities to find supplies until you can take the fight to them. Then kill them all.
Question: 15) You found this test by...
The Test Answer: Websearch
The REAL Answer: doesn't matter; You found it that's all he cares.
Question: 16) Will you visit my website after taking this quiz?
The Test Answer: Yes
The REAL Answer: Doesn't matter. I did. Wasn't horribly impressed (though there is a "Christian Metal" section. It's really up to you.
Zombie Survivor, Pt 2.
Which Red Dawn Character Am I?
In a Zombie Scenario Survivor, I am...
Armed and Dangerous!
I scored 96%!

I made it out, alive and well supplied. I even kept most of my party alive too. I knew what to look for, what to
take, and when to just run. I even feel an overwhelming urge to go back. When I do, I'll do great.

I know- "I'm the best, You can say it."

And how will YOU do? Confirned Survivor? Barely Made it? Zombie bait? Or will be joining me on the "Armed and Dangerous" bus?

I am...
Robert 'The Executioner' MORRIS.
Robert "The Executioner" MORRIS... I am loyal and brave (to a fault) but I'm also a psychotic killing-machine. You say I to seek professional help NOW but we both know all I need is MORE AMMO.

Like I said- "I only got a few issues."

And which Red Dawn Character Are YOU?
Which Survivor Of Impending Nuclear Apocalypse Am I?
I am...

That Kid You Hated In School... More irritating than even that kid who you took a dislike to at school, I'll live on as one of the many reasons you'll never want to go back to being a child. My annoying laugh, that needling competitiveness with everything you do, the desire to be better, meaner, first, first, first, first, first... Remember when you tried to tape my ass shut, hang me from a tree swinging from my gonads, chanting "I am the monkey king"? (Remember? I got loose and tried to shank you? REMEMBER ME NOW, MOTHERFUCKER?) Even a full scale nuclear apocalypse couldn't kill me.

You know, it's true... I really WAS that kid you hated in school. And fuck you too.

And which Survivor of the Impending Nuclear Apocalypse Are You?