The Beorge.
The Beorge.
The Beorge.
The Beorge.
The Beorge.
The Beorge.
The Beorge Insignia.
Founded:Thousands of centuries ago.
Location:Delta Quadrant.
Head of State:None.
Legislature:None, governed by Hive mind.
Language:Beorge language.
"We are the Beorge. Lower your shields and surrender your ships. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile."
-The Beorge.
"They were the Beorge. They would have added our people and technology. They would have enslaved us. Resistance was futile. Then the UGC discovered them- And their secret. Their weakness. And then the REF used it against them in a way that they could never have expected."
-Pro UGC citizens throughout the Atran Galaxy after the defeat of the Beorge at the Battle of Nekrit Expanse.
The Beorge were a pseudo-race of cybernetic beings (cyborgs) from the Delta Quadrant. No truly single individual existed within the Beorge Collective as they were linked into a hive mind. Their ultimate goal was perfection through the forcible assimilation of diverse sentient species, technologies, and knowledge. As a result, they were among the most powerful and feared races in the galaxy.
The physiology of each Beorge drone varied according to the species from which it was assimilated. Drones were typically humanoid, although the Collective demonstrated a willingness to assimilate non-humanoid life forms.
Upon assimilation, a drone ceased to grow body hair and developed an ashen, grayish skin coloration, ignoring original skin pigmentation. Cybernetic implants were either surgically attached to the body or grown internally by nanoprobes injected into the bloodstream. The nature of these implants varied from drone to drone, depending on its intended function, but basic nodes of interlink for communications with the Collective and myo-neural cortical array to control movements, were implemented in every drone. In certain cases, parts of the body such as an eye or an arm were amputated altogether to make room for the cybernetics. The implants of a fully assimilated drone allowed it to function for extended periods without shelter, food, water, or even air. A drone's only requirement was a supply of energy to maintain the implants that in turn maintained its biological functions. This energy was supplied during regeneration cycles within a Beorge alcove. Upon receiving damage, a drone would return to the cove for assessment of the damage. Severely damaged drones were disassembled and scavenged for reusable parts.
Beorge infants were not accepted to the collective until they matured to a certain age. Upon reaching this age, assimilated infants and youths were placed inside maturing chambers.
Beorge drones were equipped with a myriad of technologies integrated into their bodies which enabled them to perform their duties within the Collective, several of which were universal to all drones. A neural transceiver kept them connected to the hive mind. A personal force field protected each drone from most energy-based attacks. As of 2373, each drone possessed a pair of assimilation tubules embedded in one hand for the purpose of instantly injecting individuals with Beorge nanoprobes. A cortical processor allowed a drone to rapidly assimilate visual information. Beorge drones were also equipped with a neural processor, which kept a record of every instruction that particular Beorge receives from the collective hive mind. A Federate officer used this processor to discover that the Beorge were attempting to use the deflector dish of Federate ships as an interplexing beacon to contact the Beorge in 2063.
Drones also contained failsafes designed to deactivate and even vaporize their own bodies, thereby allowing the Collective to eliminate damaged or dead drones without leaving remains to be exploited by outsiders. The captured drone Third of Five also made comments indicating that this vaporization may have been a form of resource re-absorption. One of these failsafes was intended to automatically deactivate drones experiencing strong emotional states, which the Beorge interpreted as a sign of disconnection from the hive mind.
The precise origins of the Beorge are unclear. As of 1484 they were reported as controlling only a handful of systems in the Delta Quadrant, but by 2373 they had assimilated thousands of worlds. In addition to this stronghold in the Delta Quadrant, the Beorge also dispatched vessels throughout the galaxy via transwarp conduits.
A Beorge vessel traveled back in time from 2373 in an unsuccessful attack on Earth in 2063. Drones which survived this defeat were discovered and reactivated by Human scientists in 2153, and transmitted a subspace message to Beorge space before being destroyed by the Enterprise (NX-01).
In 2293 the Federate offered aid to El Aurian refugees fleeing the Beorge. However, each of these incidents contributed almost nothing to the Alpha Quadrant's awareness or understanding of the Beorge Collective.
By the 2350s rumors of an alien race called "The Beorge" had reached the Alpha Quadrant, inspiring exobiologists Magnus and Erin Hansen to set out in search of them. Their research took them all the way to the Delta Quadrant before they were assimilated in 2356. Beorge activity in the Alpha Quadrant went undetected until a series of unexplained attacks along the Romulan Neutral Zone in 2364. The Collective's true nature was finally revealed to the Federate in 2365 when a Q took one of their ships to meet a Beorge cube near the J-25 system.
In late 2366 a Beorge cube invaded Federate space and assimilated a senior Federate officer, whose tactical information contributed, along with the Beorge's own vastly superior power, to Starfleet's disastrously one-sided battle with the cube, called the Battle of Wolf 359. A fleet of 40 starships assembled to combat the cube, and 39 of those ships were completely destroyed, with the cube emerging unscathed. The Federate recovered their officer and used his connection to the hive-mind to disable the cube before it could attack Earth.
During the 2370s, the Beorge were beset by several major setbacks in the Delta Quadrant, all witnessed by the crew of the USS Voyager.
The Beorge-Species 8472 War decimated the Collective from 2373-2374. Voyager's liberation of Seven of Nine allowed Unimatrix Zero to create an active resistance movement in 2377.
In 2378, a crippling blow was delivered to the Beorge when Voyager discovered one of their transwarp hubs and destroyed it, killing the Beorge Queen (again) and devastating the Unicomplex in the process. During this battle, the Beorge were infected with a neurolytic pathogen, which was carried by a Federate Admiral and designed to disrupt the Hive mind, to bring chaos to order. It was this pathogen that killed the Beorge Queen, and allowed Voyager to destroy the transwarp hub.
After this, there is little information on the state of the collective. However, since the Beorge controlled thousands of star systems and worlds, the destruction of the unicomplex did not destroy the entire collective, or the queen for that matter, since they’re still around. It is also unknown if the neurolytic pathogen was an isolated phenomenon to the Unicomplex, or if it spread throughout the entire Collective, or how much damage it was able to deliver, but it’s clear the damage was EXTENSIVE.
The Beorge Collective was made up of at the very least trillions of humanoids referred to as drones. Through the use of their cybernetic implants, the Beorge interacted by sharing one another's thoughts in a hive mind. Upon assimilation, these trillions of "voices" would overwhelm the drone, stifling individual thought and resistance to the Collective's will. To some drones these voices could eventually become a source of comfort, and their absence a source of pain.
Beorge philosophy was governed by a primary directive to add the biological and technological distinctiveness of other species to that of the Beorge. In this manner the Collective sought to achieve its definition of perfection; all other pursuits were deemed irrelevant. Accordingly, Beorge drones did not engage in any activities except their duties and regeneration.
It is unclear whether these principles were simply the consensus of the majority of Beorge drones, or if they were "hard-wired" into the technology that links the hive-mind together.
Having no regard for individuality, Beorge drones were identified with designations rather than names. A drone's designation typically described its position within a group, e.g. "Third of Five." To more specifically identify a drone, its function could be appended to this designation, e.g. "Seven of Nine, Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix 01." In the same manner, the Beorge refer to alien species by number rather than by name.
If a drone was sufficiently injured or otherwise in distress, other drones would offer assistance. However, if a drone was deemed irreparable by the hive-mind, the Beorge would deactivate it and redistribute any salvageable components throughout the Collective.
The Beorge did not procreate; they added to the Collective's population only by assimilation. Assimilated infants and juveniles would be placed in maturation chambers until adulthood.
The Beorge typically operated in an atmosphere with a constant temperature of 39.1 degrees C (102.38 degrees F), 92% relative humidity, an atmospheric pressure of approximately 102 kPa, and trace amounts of tetryon particles. These conditions were presumably conducive to the operation of their cybernetics.
Beorge drones ignored alien species until they demonstrated the potential to be a threat or a suitable candidate for assimilation. When addressing a small number of individuals, drones would simply attempt to assimilate them without comment. Before assimilating a larger population, such as a starship or an entire culture, the Beorge would collectively transmit a standard announcement of their purpose and the futility of resistance. Species the Beorge found unremarkable would be deemed unworthy of assimilation. As of 2374 the Beorge considered the Kazon beneath their notice, and by 2376 they only took interest in the Brunali if they detected sufficiently relevant technology. On the rare occasions that the Beorge were willing to open a dialog with individuals, they chose a single drone to speak for the Collective.
When another Federate officer successfully negotiated a truce with the Beorge and refused to discuss the terms via a neural transceiver, the Collective agreed to communicate via Seven of Nine.
The Beorge Queen also spoke for the Collective, acting not as a mere liaison but as a physical manifestation of the hive mind. The exact nature of her role is unclear.
The Beorge possessed a near-reverence for particle 010, which they considered to be an expression of perfection. The Collective's fascination with assimilating this molecule has been compared to a religion.
Beorge technology was a combination of technologies assimilated from other cultures and technology developed within the Collective in order to overcome obstacles to its goals. When confronted by a problem it could not solve with its existing resources, the entire Collective would work in concert to consider all possible solutions and implement the one determined to be the most efficient. By applying the unique skills of each drone to a task, the hive mind could engineer new technologies at a pace that would astound an individual.
Beorge vessels were highly decentralized, with no distinct bridge, living quarters, or engineering section. Each ship was collectively operated by its complement of drones, under the general direction of the hive mind. Owing to the Collective's disregard for aesthetic considerations, the architecture of Beorge ships took the form of basic shapes such as cubes and spheres and they were made from Tritanium alloy. Beorge ships were capable of regenerating from damage.
Each Beorge spacecraft was equipped with a vinculum to interconnect its crew, which was in turn connected to a central plexus that linked the ship to the Collective. In addition to warp drive, vessels were fitted with transwarp coils that could achieve even greater speed by opening transwarp conduits. When critically damaged or otherwise compromised, a Beorge ship would self-destruct to prevent outsiders from studying Beorge technology. However, USS Voyager encountered several damaged Beorge vessels, notably including the cube carrying Icheb, Mezoti, Azan and Rebi, and a sphere carrying a transwarp coil, which Voyager stole.
The principal Philosophy of the Beorge Collective is a drive towards achieving a state of "perfection" for themselves and, in their view, all life. The Beorge achieve their "perfection" in several ways, all of which assimilated the individual into the greater hive mind of the collective.
Born Into Perfection
Their most common method is augmenting their infants' organic bodies at birth, outfitting them with synthetic systems and organs. They place such "neo-natal drones" in maturation chambers for accelerated growth for an approximate average of 17 days, though sometimes this lasts a mere few days or up to several months. Upon maturation, these Beorge have highly advanced technological abilities that are purposed for roughly two broad categories: Physical and mental enhancements, and controlling mechanisms to minimize individuality and maximize uniformity. The former group included such powerful tools as personal adaptive defensive force fields, body armor, ocular implants, prosthetic limbs, enhanced artificial internal tissues, assimilation tubules, and brain computation-enhancing neural processors. The latter group of "controls" consisted of devices such as neural interfaces, which connected them to the hive mind of the Collective, and cortical nodes. Together, these two styles of components (along with a few others) render all Beorge devoid of individual volition and caused them to work in unison and in constant contact with the Collective, unencumbered by emotion or autonomy. The cortical node also serves to ensure that any nascent emotions or emergent individuality would be minimized and, if necessary, terminate the "malfunctioning" Beorge, ensuring complete unanimity and obedience to the will of the Collective.
Their other method was the forcible and usually violent assimilation of other lifeforms and technologies to enhance the biological and technological distinctiveness of the Collective. This was necessary for the Beorge to innovate, adapt, and incorporate both the beneficial physiological and technological achievements of the assimilated species and was their principal method of expansion; they were otherwise unable to independently improve themselves and could neither understand nor mimic that which they did not assimilate. (This limitation was responsible for their inability to devise any countermeasures against Species 8472.) They would then distribute such new benefits and knowledge throughout the Collective via a network of a collective consciousness. Thus, by combining the advantages of myriad species, they sought to bring themselves and the rest of life closer to an integrated, homogeneous, "perfected" state. A not-inconsequential side effect of this was the elimination of the individuality and autonomy of its members ("drones") and thus a fierce resistance to the Beorge by all other species. Assimilation occurred on both a small, individual scale but often comprised the assimilation of entire species and/or worlds.
While in general the Beorge would try to assimilate most species, they were in fact highly discriminating with respect to which species they would assimilate: those deemed unfit for enhancing the Beorge Collective were either ignored or, if they posed a threat, destroyed. Seven of Nine told Neelix that the Kazon were "unworthy" of assimilation and would only detract from the Beorge's quest for perceived perfection.
When summarizing their worldview and its effects in a general terminology, the entity Q described the Beorge as "the ultimate users," and their chosen targets for assimilation as things "they can consume."
Death Is Irrelevant
To the Beorge, the concept of death was an irrelevant idea in their philosophy. Instead of elaborate rituals or burials, when a drone was damaged beyond repair, it was simply discarded. All of its experiences and memories continued to live on inside the collective consciousness. This was considered a form of immortality by the Beorge.
Assimilation Of Other Species
The Beorge viewed the significant practical benefits conferred by assimilation as both desirable for themselves and the victim species; they seemed to genuinely fail to comprehend what they saw as the narrow-minded resistance shown toward assimilation and its attendant loss of individuality of the other species. Freedom, self-determination, and individual rights were viewed as archaic concepts necessary only to less advanced, authority-driven cultures, as noted by Locutus.
Later, the Beorge Queen variously described former Beorge drone Seven of Nine's newfound individuality as both a strength and "weakness", though the former was from Seven's unique ability to bring a greater understanding of individuality to the Beorge to aid their quest to assimilate humanity. The Queen also attempted to explain the Beorge Collective in innocuous terms to a child by describing it as a place where everyone was "friends."
While working towards perfecting themselves through assimilation, the Beorge rejected certain species they perceived would detract from their goal. In other cases, the Beorge specifically targeted a species considered especially qualified to assist in achieving it. As mentioned above, the Kazon of the Delta Quadrant were an example of the former, as later testified by a former Beorge: "Their biological and technological distinctiveness was unremarkable; They were unworthy of assimilation."
As an example of the latter, the Beorge repeatedly went to great lengths- Including two frontal assaults and even time-travel to assimilate Humanity, even though the Beorge Queen described their physiology as "unremarkable" and deficient. Nonetheless, the Beorge Queen recruited Seven to develop a pathogen that would surreptitiously and slowly assimilate Humanity, as those previous direct attempts had failed.
Quasi-Religious/Spiritual Aspect
The Beorge considered Particle 010, known as the "Omega molecule" to Starfleet, to be an expression of perfection (in effect, a technological "holy grail") and were willing to pay any price to assimilate it. An Omega molecule is a highly unstable molecule believed to be the most powerful substance known to exist. With sufficient amounts of boronite the molecule can be synthesized. Presumably, an Omega molecule would be so energetic that a small string would be able to power a whole civilization. However, proper containment methods do not exist to prevent the violent destabilization of the molecule, which destroys subspace and renders warp travel impossible.
Morality And Ethics
The Beorge were essentially amoral, neither wishing to inflict undue pain upon others nor hesitating to do so when necessary. According to one philosopher the Beorge were no more guilty than a "force of nature," and comparing them to a hurricane. When discussing their alliance with the Beorge in their war with Species 8472, Chakotay made a similar reference to the amoral nature of the Beorge by reciting the story of the scorpion and the fox. He likened the Beorge's inability to embrace traditional morals, such as trust, as a mere morally-neutral artifact of their nature.
When the UGC discovered small bands of disconnected, "rogue" Beorge, they found that these bands acted with both emotions and a sense of (im)morality, further indicating by way of contrast the Beorge's usual amoral, dispassionate behavior. It was compared to rogue T'sentraedi that had been stranded incommunicado to their Tiresian Masters, with of course the difference of implanted mechanical devices to work around. Some bands "worked around" the problem by removing as much of the implants as possible. These bands tended to engage in sexual acts of any sort possible between "genetically compatible species"- Including homosexuality.
Unlike most other belligerent species, the Beorge do not invest themselves emotionally in their conflicts: In all their conquests, they display a straightforward, dispassionate goal of assimilating other species to add to their own perfection. In fact, they ignore "enemy" ships and individuals unless they perceived them to be either a threat or useful for assimilation. The Beorge also do not seek revenge or desire to settle vendettas against others.
This dispassion, while in some ways preferable to an enemy who wishes to extract revenge, torture, or pain upon its enemies, nonetheless add to most humanoids' perception of the Beorge as emotionless, mechanistic species and add an unsettling quality to them: Though the Beorge do not go out of their way to inflict harm or barbarity, it is not possible to appeal to them for compassion, reason, or other typical, humanoid characteristics. An example of this was their lack of interest in the possibility of destroying the Kazon species and seize their (unsatisfactory but still numerous) assets and population.
When the UGC arrived, the Beorge were seriously on the move- They'd taken several systems belonging to all of the major power brokers of the galaxy, and were preparing for a final series of pushes to take some of the smaller empires in preparation for taking the major ones.
Digging through the few public historic records, the REF's 4ᵀᴴ Fleet found that many generations before one of the now extinct empires had in fact defeated a Beorge cube; The crew of a ship implanted a command that causes the cube to activate its regenerative cycle and power down. A boarding party dispatched from the ship discover that the cube was experiencing power feedback- Either a deliberate self-destruct sequence to prevent Data from gaining further access, or an accidental result from regenerating when unnecessary. As the party returned to their ship the power feedback destroys the cube, saving that empire (for a time) from the Beorge.
The UGC knew they needed a very dramatic victory to convince the various empires of the Atran Galaxy to even enter into d'etente. Defeat of a Cube ship would definitely have the needed effect; By studying what little of the Beorge's technology could be recovered, it was discovered that the feedback was in fact intentional, though why was another question.
The Galactic Information Bureau came up with a simple plan- Trick the Cubes into thinking that approaching REF Warships were, in fact, Beorge ships come to assimilate them as part of a larger expedition. They capitulated immediately. They then gave a simple command to the Beorge to shift to standby mode.
The Cubes did exactly as they were told. Over the next few years, the various drones were removed (very carefully) from the collectives by "transferring" them to "forward operational areas" which in fact were REF ships that then removed their implants and separated them from the Collective- In short, freeing them. The survivors of the process were settled on various worlds to rebuild their lives. Those that died (a high number, but a surprising low percentage) were buried in the fashion appropriate to their beliefs, station, and rank from before their assimilation.
The REF's defeat of the Beorge went very far towards opening the political doors that eventually led to the willing annexation of most of the Atran Galaxy empires; Anything to protect them against the scourge of the Beorge was seen as a good thing in and of itself. That the UGC seemed to embrace the values of the now long-gone Federate did nothing to hurt matters (the Clingohn Empire was planning a union with the Federate when the war with the Remulous Empire destroyed them).
Foreign Relations
Non existent. None at all. No rational group WOULD speak to them anyways, at any rate.
Various attempts to make "some" contact with them have occurred, but these have always went very poorly; In 2412, the Daleks attempts to make an alliance; The thousand plus Darlek sent on the mission were recycled (but at least they actually died, rather than be sent off to the Darlek graveyards).
The next year a force of 12 Cybermen tried to make contact as well. There wasn't enough left of them to even recycle.
There have been willing assimilants; At least one full crew of Atorians were discovered in 2403, with no sign of any attempt at self defense. At around this time, there were rumors of Atorians looking to potentially join the Beorge, and it is surmised this was that crew. That same year, a Syhith Lord forcibly boarded a Cube and offered the Beorge an alliance; It is thought this was the only attempt that didn't culminate in assimilation (at least for most of the team). The offer was rejected, but the Beorge took note of the event, realizing the Syhith must be very powerful indeed to be able to force their way onto a Cube and then extricate themselves; Much more so, for the relatively small body count (only a dozen or so Beorge, about 2,000 clones, with about a dozen making it out again).
The Beorge's relations with the UGC are the worst; The UGC declared them a pestilence, this being a new category created exclusively for the Beorge that mandates any station observing them to take whatever action is possible under the circumstances.
The Cybermen and Darlek position isn't surprising ("Inferior units. Their termination was required."), but the position of the rest of the Atrans and certainly the UGC perplexes the Beorge greatly.
The Beorge would be willing to make an alliance with the Cylons, if they knew about them, but the Cylons would take a very different view, with Centurions blowing themselves up and Raiders making Kamikaze runs if it came to that.
Rogue Beorge.
Rogue Beorge
One way or another, many Beorge have detached from the Collective. Most of these were forcibly detached, but some were incidentally detached and other by their own sheer will detached themselves from the Collective.
When the Collective detects these tendencies, they usually terminate the drone outrights; Those on the wrong side of the battlelines are usually safe (the Collective would like to terminate the effective drone, but if they're behind enemy lines there's not much they can do about it).
There are some within the rogue Beorge who take a militry stance towards the Collective- The Beorge-mot (rogue Beorge) is hard at work on several fronts. First, finding new ways to defeat the Beorge's technology (several advances have been made in this direction based on Beorge-mot's research). Second, finding new ways to punch through Beorge programing to reach the individual within. Once the individual comes out, the Drone is free.
Symbol/Crest/Banner/Colors: The Beorge use a red "hand" emblem. The Red Hand was actually the emblem of the L0-R3, but the Beorge adopted it themselves for identification purposes; They really don't understand the use of flags, emblems, etc. too well, but they have copied it.
Owner: None- N/A.
Commanding Officer: None- N/A.
Executive Officer: None- N/A.
Tactics: Isolate a world by blockade, clear away any active resistance, then assimilate any industry, resources, or people they find.
Size and Orientation:
Large Mercenary Army (500). This was, at one time, the singularly largest army of any sort in the known galaxy, with over a half million Cube ships. A mighty force, indeed, and therefore their fall all the more startling for its speed. Even in its current seriously diminished state, a single Beorge Sphere would be a serious threat to all but the strongest defense forces.
A: Sponsorship:
B: Outfits:
C: Equipment:
D: Vehicles:
  • Secret (forgotten, even to the Beorge themselves). It is thought by some researchers the Beorge 'could' have once been some form of "terror weapon" developed by one empire or another, but that this empire was forced to use it, and then it turned against their masters. That no empire has been discovered to have been responsible for the Beorge lends much credence to this theory.
  • Each Beorge IS a cyborg, though their inventory may be significantly customized to the duties that they are assigned. These customizations range from purely industrial, technical, militry or etc. to an overall balanced configuration, allowing them to perform any duty to some efficiency, but they are still generally the same at the basic level. Most have their dominate hand free for detail work.
  • Unlimited Equipment (50). Despite their setbacks, any given Cube or Sphere has the ability to build just about anything they need, provided they know how to do it. Such information is routinely passed throughout the collective during routine updates- Updates the GIS has intercepted and used themselves (thereby learning of new defenses the Beorge have attempted to create).

  • Basic Transportation (3); Cubes and Spheres. The Beorge has little in the way of other craft, though they do on occasion re-capitalized captured enemy equipment. The most ever seen was the use of a Remulous Homogeny Warbird, this being an interim measure to return the crew back home for repairs (they destroyed the power core and the cloaking system but the self-destruct system had already been targeted).
  • E: Weapons:
    F: Communications:
    G: Internal Security:
    H: Permanent Bases:
  • Maximum Firepower (60). Any given Beorge can call for any given degree of firepower in the Beorge inventory and receive it. Their technology is, for the most part, on par with the UGC except in range (in power to target they exceed the spacy by an order), and far exceeds the Atran galaxies other states.
  • Deluxe Communications Network (25). Communications between Cubes, Spheres, and individual Beorge is utterly secure; Notwithstanding that the GIB cracked it (others had before, but the Beorge kept upgrading the systems; that alone wasn't enough this time).
  • None (0). In fact, enemies of the Beorge have been reported walking around ON BOARD Beorge ships doing whatever they want until they do something to threaten the ship. The REF has done this as well, though usually after the "sleep protocol" has been initiated.
  • None (0). There have, on occasion, been temporary Beorge groundside facilities, but these are few, far between, and not significant. The Beorge are truly a cosmocracy ("space faring power," from kosmos, meaning universe, and cracy, power) empire of the first order, more so than even the UGC.
  • I: Intelligence Resources:
    J: Special Budget:
    K: General Alignment:
    L: Criminal Activity:
  • Scout Detachment (5);
  • Special Military Operatives (10).
    The Beorge also maintain listening posts and signals intercept stations as far afield as they can get; They actually knew of the UGC before the UGC had arrived in the Atran galaxy, and, had they shared this information with others, probably could have blunted the REF's first expedition (but that would have led the subsequent expeditions).

  • None (0). The Beorge take whatever they want or need, and that's it. As such, they do not need 'money' in the common use of the term. They will, however, share resources between each other when needed (a fact which the REF and GIB have exploited with the "sleep protocol"). They have on many occasion cooperated each other though, especially when faced with a particularly stubborn or powerful enemy; 8 Cubes were sent to assimilate an REF task force; The REF lost 12 ships but sent all 8 Beorge ships to Hell for it.
  • Anarchist (2). More precisely, to call them "anarchist" would be generous, but they aren't seeking to actively harm others- Just to take over everything. It has been argued that the Beorge way would be better for all, if all embraced the Beorge way. While there may be truth to this, those who have been rescued (or escaped) the collective have, with VERY RARE exceptions, declared their open hatred for the Collective and a choice to die first. A few have lived up to this vow.
  • Expert Assassin (15);
  • Special Forces (20);
  • Safecracker/Locksmith (25).
    Expert Assassins and Special Forces teams are used for specific softening up operations as necessary. Safecrackers are used to open various locking mechanisms to learn secrets about a planet the Collective has just assimilated. A common method is to cut the safe open, but methodically opening it is less likely to damage contents.
  • M: Reputation/Credentials:
    N: Salary:
  • Hunted (0), and very actively at that. The REF, GIB, GSA, PTA, and ASPCA all have the same standing orders: Upon discovery of any Beorge related activity, first report your position, their position, last apparent heading, numbers, and apparent intentions, then engage to the ability possible (the theory being even if you hurt them "a little bit" you could slow them enough for a full battlefleet to respond), equal to their ability to respond.
  • None (0). Each Beorge receives their needs from the collective directly, and therefore do not need 'money' as the rest of the universe understands it.
    Each Beorge receives a regeneration node, medical treatment, implants, all the bare necessities for life function maintenance, but to call this "slavery" would be an insult to slaves; There are those who'd know.

  • All Beorge are exactly the same; Only one per Cube is given any degree of free will, this subservient to the collective, in order to communicate with those outside the collective.
    The closest thing to "independence" a Beorge can achieve is a Cube Queen, who does maintain her quasi-independence; She's even allowed to have some degree of emotion (probably the objective of the Atorians that joined the Beorge).
    Your average drone continues with their life in absolute obedience to the collective, without independent thought; Those who have been rescued from the collective have stated they did not think for themselves, "the song" thought for them. They only acted based on their pre-assimilation knowledge, such as doctor. If they had no particular skills, they didn't even think that much.
    The Beorge.
    The Beorge.
    Beorge Drone.
    The Beorge.
    The Beorge.
    The average Beorge drone stands around 7 feet tall overall, though this is because of the galactic standard. Outfitted with implants, they serve the Cube that assimilated them until such time as the Unimatix of which they are part reassigns them, typically due to the hull's age or severe battle damage (it does happen, but until the Galactics enter the equation was extraordinarily rare.
    A drone's designation is Numeral of Crew, Adjunct (first, second, or third) of Unmatix number, based on chain of command; The fourth in command of a 2,000 drone cube (a relatively small crew) from Second Adjunct of Unimatix 37 would be Four of Two Thousand, Secondary Adjunct Unimatrix 37. Their place within a crew was the normal reference, however, thus our hypothetical drone is 4 of 2,000.
    An Average Beorge.
    The Beorge.
    The Beorge.
    CUBE-Class Battlestation.
    The Beorge.
    The Beorge.
    The first recorded contact with a Beorge cube took place in 2365, when a Federate ship encountered a single cube in System J-25. (The "Federate" no longer exists, as it was destroyed by the Remulous Hemogeny.)
    Beorge CUBE-Class Battlestation.
    Beorge CUBE-Class Battlestation.
    Affiliation:Borg Collective.
    Active:24ᵗʰ century.
    Crew Complement:Up to 25,000.
    Speed:Transwarp capable.
  • Beam and projectile weaponry;
  • Cutting beams;
  • Magnetometric guided charges;
  • Shield neutralizers;
  • Tractor beams.
  • Defenses:
  • Regenerative deflector shields;
  • Subspace field;
  • Electromagnetic field;
  • Regeneration;
  • Force field.
  • However, civilian researchers had apparently tracked a Beorge cube a decade earlier in 2353.
    In the past, every encounter with even a single cube resulted in heavy losses. 39 out of 40 ships were lost at the Battle of Wolf 359 in 2366, and dozens more in the incursion of 2373. Normally a single Beorge cube was capable of eliminating all the elements of civilization from an entire planet.
    Thousands of cubes were estimated to exist in Beorge space in the Delta Quadrant; The largest grouping of cubes directly observed was fifteen in late 2373. When describing the assimilation of his world, Arturis said that hundreds of cubes surrounded his homeworld before its destruction. The nebula concealing the transwarp hub contained at least 47 Beorge vessels until the hub was destroyed in 2394.
    Technical Data
    The Beorge cubes encountered at System J-25 and Wolf 359 were extremely large in size, measuring 36billion3 feet in volume, with each side measuring more than 1.9 miles. It has been estimated that a cube could remain operative even if 78% was destroyed.
    Propulsion Systems
    Beorge cubes were capable of both warp and transwarp velocities by their network of transwarp corridors and hubs. When a Beorge cube enters a transwarp conduit it projects a structural integrity field ahead of the Cube to compensate for the extreme gravimetric shear. To compensate for the extreme temporal stress while traveling through these corridors, and remain in temporal sync, a chroniton field was also projected through specially designed conduits.
    Tactical Systems
    The main tactic employed by Cubes when engaging another vessel was to seize it with a tractor beam and render its defenses useless by draining its shields. Thus, the cube could perform any type of action, ranging from destruction to assimilation, on the defenseless ship.
    Following the failure of enemy shields, the cube usually engaged a cutting beam to slice sections of the ship for assimilation. In a combat situation the Beorge sometimes further used the tractor beam itself to destroy the target vessel.
    The cutting beam could also be used as a weapon to destroy vessels showing resistance. During the Battle of Wolf 359 several ships were annihilated by cutting beams after their shields had been drained by the tractor beam.
    Another tactic used to disable vessels fleeing a cube was to fire a type of shield neutralizer missiles which were capable of disabling a ships shields. A hit from the weapon at an unshielded target could disable its warp drive.
    The cubes could also use dispersal fields to disrupt the sensor and transporter function of enemy vessels.
    In addition, a Beorge cube's weaponry also included other destructive beam and projectile weapons. During the 2366-2367 incursion, a cube obliterated three ships of the Federate Defense Perimeter with projectiles. Similar projectiles were used to destroy other starships during the Battle of Sector 001. The concentrated fire of three beam weapons was able to reduce ablative generator-deployed armor hull integrity up to 40%.
    Of special importance is the shields; The Beorge use a specialized technology not fully understood by the UGC "Regenerative Deflector Shields." Regenerative deflector shields"
    Beorge Sphere Emerges From A Cube.
    constantly remodulate their shield frequencies to best resist enemy fire- This is easily defeated by using lasers that constantly change their frequency ("Variable Frequency Lasers") or other weapons systems (it seems the Beorge regenerative deflector shields at very least are hyper-vulnerable to particle beams in certain frequency/density ratios, especially the 12mm/20 tons per second). A very high output, to be sure, but effective.
    Support Vehicles
    Ships up to the size of a Beorge sphere were able to be docked inside a Beorge cube for assimilation, supplies or escape purposes.
    At least one Beorge cube, and possibly others of its class, contained a Beorge sphere. The only known recorded purpose of a sphere disengaged from a Beorge cube was for escape. The sphere was for over a generation the only documented support vehicle a Beorge cube possessed.
    Interior Design
    Beorge cubes were typically manned by "thousands of drones," and could vary in capacity anywhere from 5,000 to 64,000 to 129,000 drones.
    Beorge cubes were highly decentralized in structure. No specific bridge, living quarters or engineering section was observed. All vital systems were spread throughout the ship, which, along with the presence of a regenerative outer hull, made it highly resistant to damage and system failures.
    Information and Collective communication were routed through power waveguide conduits and distribution nodes. Its exterior design consisted of perpendicular and diagonal grids, struts, and weaponry, allowing a characteristic green light to emanate from within.
    Some vessels are equipped with Maturation chambers where infants were raised in an advanced growth system.
    The internal pressure aboard a Beorge cube was 42 PSI above what would be normal on a any other starship, average humidity 92%, and the temperature 39.1 degrees C. The atmosphere contained traces of tetryon particles. The infrastructure was made of tritanium, an alloy known for its extreme hardness.
    The Cube ship is indeed an impressive construct, but certainly not without its weaknesses. Firstly, the hive-mind system makes them particularly vulnerable to hacking; In fact, the ability to hack into the Beorge's entire network has been the key to defeat of the Collective, and is the primary means by which the UGC is steadily breaking the Collective.
    First, a UGC ship transmits a message to the Cube indicating that it is a fellow Cube ship, directly dispatched by a Unicomplex for "assessment" of the Cube- In other words, to determine if they are to continue to operate as-is, or to be brought back and recycled, redistributed, and otherwise disbanded. Attempts to contact Unicomplex for confirmation are intercepted and false signals confirming the orders are sent.
    Since the Beorge operate on a hive-mind, they accept the ship without further argument, which is brought on board. The UGC ship then transmits a command ordering the Cube to power down and all drones to move to standby mode- To "go to sleep."
    Over the course of the next few weeks to months (depending on the Cube's size), the crew are "transferred" to other commands. They are actually just transferred to the UGC ship, where they are kept asleep until they can be transferred to a specialized command where they can be detached from the collective and re-integrated into society.
    With the ship crewless, the Galactic Information Bureau sends a specialized crew on board to move the Cube to a location of their choosing, letting it 'think' it's not moving- Tricking it into thinking it's going where it's supposed to be going. It continues to send regular reports to it's Unimatrix indicating position, operational conditions (where it's going, what it's doing upon arrival there, etc), crew status ("transferred"), material status ("all systems normal"), etc.
    The cube is then taken to "the yard," a top-secret GIB facility where special research projects are kept.
    There are other ways to defeat the Beorge, of course- Simple firepower (even Beorge shields can NOT stand up to multiple strikes from Reflex cannons, and variable lasers cut through their regenerative shields almost as if they were never even there after not very damned long). However, these are messy, and incredibly difficult to clean up afterwards.
    Ship Type: Beorge Battlestation/Battleship/Factory Ship.
    Manufacturer: The Beorge.
    Crew:Up to 250,000. Larger crews are possible, but extraordinarily rare, and typically for special assignments.
    MDC By Location:
    Main Hull-20 MILLION.Regenerative Deflector Shields-400 Million.
    All other targets are far too small, relative to the rest of the ship, to be bothered with. Only destroying the shields AND hull will have any significant impact.

    Speed And Statistical Data:
    The Beorge.
    The Beorge.
    Beorge Sphere-Class Ship.
    The Beorge.
    The Beorge.
    Not a lot is actually known about the Sphere-Class ships.