The Beorge-mot; Rogue Beorge.
ROGUE BEORGE.Founded:Over a century ago.
Location:Delta Quadrant.
Head of State:None.
Legislature:None, governed by Hive mind.
Homeworld:None, governed by Hive mind.
The Beorge-mot Insignia.Language:Beorge language.
Rogue Beorge
One way or another, many Beorge have detached from the Collective. Most of these were forcibly detached, but some were incidentally detached and other by their own sheer will detached themselves from the Collective.
When the Collective detects these tendencies, they usually terminate the drone outrights; Those on the wrong side of the battle lines are usually safe (the Collective would like to terminate the "defective" drone, but if they're behind enemy lines there's not much they can do about it).
There are some within the rogue Beorge who take a militry stance towards the Collective- The Anti-Beorge Collective (ABC) is hard at work on several fronts. First, finding new ways to defeat the Beorge's technology (several advances have been made in this direction based on ABC's research). Second, finding new ways to punch through Beorge programing to reach the individual within. Once the individual comes out, the Drone is free.
"We are the Beorge-mot. We have broken free
of the Collective. Resistance is mandatory."
-The Beorge-mot.
The Beorge are a pseudo-race of cybernetic beings (cyborgs) from the Delta Quadrant. No truly single individual existed within the Beorge Collective as they were linked into a hive mind. Their ultimate goal was perfection through the forcible assimilation of diverse sentient species, technologies, and knowledge. As a result, they were among the most powerful and feared races in the galaxy.
Primary Of Independent Nation
Of Beorge (now the Beorge-mot).
Unlike the origins of Beorge, the Beorge-mot's origins are completely clear. The now extinct Federation captured a live Beorge specimen, Third of Five Primary Adjunct Unimatrix 01, and were holding him to implant a "virus" of sorts- A geo-spatial puzzle that, as it was unraveled, would cause the Beorge's programming to fail and spread like a wildfire throughout the collective, eventually destroying all of it.
However, during the time they held the subject, they managed, somehow, to get through to his inner self- They broke the imperative, much as the songs Minmei sang broke through the Tiresian's programming for the T'sentraedi. They named him, Hugh.
Hugh returned of his own free will to the collective, with his self-awareness intact- And this grew into a much more dangerous virus for the purposes of the Boerge. It was a few months before the first full Cube had shut down in effect, as the individuals re-emerged, unaware of how to tend to their own needs. Their cube was cut off from the larger collective to prevent further spread of the "Individuality Virus."
Into this leadership vacuum came another rouge, an android named Lore, who promised to rebuild the collective. It was he who adopted the "Red Hand" sigil that the Beorge now use.
Lore's dictatorship did not last long, however, and combined with a massive blow taken about a decade later, the Beorge were, for a very long time, effectively finished as a major power player in the Atran Galaxy.
The Beorge-mot set about disassembling themselves and reintegrating into something of a society, separating themselves from the galaxy at large as much as possible, with only minor trading expeditions using their new "Lore-Class" quasi-cube.
The Beorge-mot was made up of at the very least trillions of humanoids, many of them warring species. In order to end the feud, the Beorge-mot limited their reconnection to the collective; They would maintain their individuality, but remain part of the greater whole. It was an imperfect solution to the complicated problem that worked.
Beorge philosophy was governed by a primary directive to add the biological and technological distinctiveness of other species to that of the Beorge. This directive didn't exactly end, but the Hughists (as they were calling themselves at the time) would not forcibly take from other cultures- In fact they help to rebuild some of the cultures their predecessors had destroyed, when they could. In a pointed rebuke of the Beorge, Hughists insisted on "a name," but without a framework to build from would take any words that sounded "name like" to them; As such, many gobbledygook names like House TREE and Farm DIRT could be found. In another rebuke of the collective, the Hughists insisted that the individual must choose their own name; However, the individual would receive a name from their parents until they could speak to choose their own name. It was not long before the Hughists realized that children could not make these decisions for themselves, and as such would have to wait until they were mature enough to do so. Also, in a rather painful acceptance of some of the Beorge culture, new members were given a Beorge-type designator, but with a twist; Each of the "founder" Beorge (Beorge who'd broken their programming, starting with Hugh as 1) were assigned groups, with new members to that group given a number within. As such, Hugh's own children were 1 of 1, 2 of 1, and 3 of 1. Their children were then given the designator to their mothers. 1 of 1, a daughter, mated with another Hughist. Her children were then 1 of 2 of 1, 2 of 1 of 1, and so on.
Hughists did NOT rebuke cybernetics, however. They didn't even discourage them- But they didn't embrace them as the Collective had. They were to be added as needed, nothing more nothing less.
Assimilation of non-Beorge to the Hughists was outrightly forbidden- Only those who had been forcibly assimilated could be accepted as Hughists, and that was eternally final. The Hughist even had a saying; "The greatest day will be the day the last of our kind dies out, and the inner beings are all that are left" (the "inner beings" meaning those that had never been assimilated). Every Hughist longed for that day, and in fact it became a precept of the Hughist religion that continues to this day (though it's certainly not the whole of their religion).
Interconnection via the vinculum meant that all members of the Hughist had some say in the decision making process; However, a strong Meritocracy formed quickly, and some members of a given ship found themselves with a stronger voice within the ship.
The Beorge-mot inherited all of the technologies of the Beorge, and shared very little of it willingly. As discussed in the Section on the Beorge, it was a combination of technologies assimilated from other cultures and developed within the Collective.
Unlike Beorge vessels, Hughist vsls were somewhat centralized, with a distinct bridge, berthing, and engineering sections. However, berthing and other collective spaces were interspersed throughout the ship, and all maintained an exceeding Spartan nature; While the Alcoves of the Beorge were replaced by racks and messdecks, the ships were by no means comfortable- Indeed, the racks were basic shelves, without blankets nor pillows, as these had not been retained in Beorge databases. It took interventions from those few brave souls that willingly joined the Hughists to re-introduce these concepts. Beorge ships were made from Tritanium alloy like their predecessors and of regenerating from damage. Each Beorge spacecraft was equipped with a vinculum to interconnect its crew, but this was NOT connected to a central plexus that linked the ship to the Collective, nor were they were fitted with transwarp coils. The self-destruct system was retained, however to prevent outsiders from studying Beorge technology.
whereas the principal philosophy of the Beorge Collective is a drive towards achieving a state of "perfection" for themselves and, in their view, all life, the Hughists accepted imperfection as a necessary part of the process OF life, and therefore discourage even such talk. Like the Beorge, Hughists possessed a near-reverence for particle 010, which they considered to be an expression of perfection. This remains a part fo their religious precepts, although must more narrowly.
Born Into Imperfection
The Beorge would begin augmenting their infants' at birth; The Hughist would not allow this in any way, shape, or form. No child was allowed to even touch augmentation until they are old enough to say the word correctly. When they are old enough to be considered an adult, they could ask to join the body; At that point they could begin augmentation. Maturation chambers of the Beorge were not only banned, they were cut apart and smashed up in a celebration lasting 14 days where every member of the first Hughists were encouraged to vent as much rage as they could find in themselves- As a result, the devices, which had weighed several tons beforehand, weighted in, what was left of them at least, as short by a few tons. Some of the material had presumably either been vaporized or hit so hard that pieces went flying and have yet to be found. The blueprints were purged from the Hughists memory banks and a subroutine blocking any future development of the chambers was developed. As far as the Hughists were concerned, the maturation chambers themselves were "evil" and never to be discussed again.
The Beorge's highly advanced physical and mental enhancements were retained, but the controlling mechanisms were, to every degree practical, removed and destroyed. The retained technologies included personal adaptive defensive force fields, body armor, ocular implants, prosthetic limbs, enhanced artificial internal tissues, assimilation tubules, and brain computation-enhancing neural processors. Of the controls retained, neural interfaces had to be retained, but they were deliberately reduced in power to keep the song in check. Hughists came to view it much like their understanding of the Betazed psychic noise, wherein every Betazed can "hear" other Betazeds. As a result they do work in unison and in constant contact with the Collective, but are now "encumbered" by emotion and autonomy.
The Hughists have a very limited ability to independently improve themselves and could understand that which they did not directly assimilate due to the new found freedom of mind, an ability the Beorge do not. Again, there would be NO assimilation. Any newcomers would be accepted, as long as their interrogation was not deemed "damaging" to the Hughists; As a result, some Kazon were allowed to join the collective. However, they were NOT given nor allowed to have neural interfaces, which caused a significant drop in interest after only a year (only about 1./000 Kazon would join, and these thousand or so would not carry on their genetic profiles- they never bred).
Death Is Irrelevant
In a pointed rebuke to the Beorge, the Hughist developed the most elaborate death rituals seen ever, mostly by studying every death rituals they could find and integrating as many as they could without creating confiscatory rituals nor endangering the health and safety of the members (some species for example ate their dead and this was unsafe, other burned the bodies while some composted the bodies; this created a conflict of rituals that the Hughists actually resolved). An individual funerary rite last 15 days.
Assimilation Of Other Species
The Hughists, having regained their freedom from the collective, valued this more than life- They would happily die to keep free from the collective, and in fact carried small bombs in their bellies to use a s a suicide weapon- But only against the Beorge. The Hughists made sure everyone heard about the bombs, too, to ensure no one tried to find out the hard was if it was true or a bluff. (It was, in fact real then, and still is- It's a 2 megaton nuclear weapon, and it's activated by mental controls and once activated, can not be deactivated- a failsafe system prevents it's in intended use. Literally, fear and anger at the Beorge activated it, and panic "can" deactivate it, but it hasn't been tired. Hate and fear drives it.)
A Beorge Queen attempted to explain the Beorge Collective in innocuous terms to a child by describing it as a place where everyone was "friends." The Hughist out rightly rejected this philosophy, call it a sham. They hate the collective, but those forced into it can not easily adapt to a world without it. Those that can are allowed to disconnect, even to have those implants removed forever.
Quasi-Religious/Spiritual Aspect
The Beorge considered Particle 010 to be an expression of perfection (in effect, a technological "holy grail") and were willing to pay any price to assimilate it. An Omega molecule is a highly unstable molecule believed to be the most powerful substance known to exist. With sufficient amounts of boronite the molecule can be synthesized. Presumably, an Omega molecule would be so energetic that a small string would be able to power a whole civilization. However, proper containment methods do not exist to prevent the violent destabilization of the molecule, which destroys subspace and renders warp travel impossible.
Comparing the two cultures side by side, the Hughists, who now called themselves the Independent Nation Of Beorge, proved more adaptable; Wheras the Beorge Collective had failed to harness 010 in any functional fashion, the INB had conceived of a hypothetical system that could do so. The problem was that their containment vessel would have to be roughly the size of a star system- Meaning it would destroy whatever civilization it was meant to power. (A subsequent development was the realization that they could produce a much smaller vessel, roughly the size of an asteroid, for use as a wepon- a lne of development that was NOT pursued.)
The Beorge-mot have no singular deity figure, but they do understand the concept and accept that the fact that "it's" existnace is unproven is not proof of non-existance; This is as far as their emotional capacity allows them to go in terms of "true" faith, but most Chaplins would testify, as the Diire di Tomuch put it, "they have more faith than I ever did.*
Morality And Ethics
The Beorge-mot are essentially moral; They specifically wish not to inflict pain upon others. However, they are not hesitant to do so when necessary, mainly in their own self-defense. In reference to the Beorge, things become far more tense- The use of the aforementioned "010" bomb was actually discussed, and only closed when Consensus agreed that the use of such a devastating weapon would intimidate other stellar nations into possible attacks against the INB, intentions notwithstanding.
The INB hates the Beorge, but until MUCH more recently there was very little they could do about it- Every so often an Independent could board a Beorge Cube and infect it with the Individuality Virus, but little more than that. More recently, the Beorge-Traue have risen, and they are NOT playing games. They intend to destroy all Beorge, one way or the other.
When the UGC discovered other (usually smaller) bands of disconnected, "rogue" Beorge, they found that these bands acted with both emotions and a sense of (im)morality, further indicating by way of contrast the Beorge's usual amoral, dispassionate behavior. It was compared to rogue T'sentraedi that had been stranded incommunicado to their Tiresian Masters, with of course the difference of implanted mechanical devices to work around. Some bands "worked around" the problem by removing as much of the implants as possible. These bands tended to engage in sexual acts of any sort possible between "genetically compatible species"- Including homosexuality.
Like the Beorge, the INB do not invest themselves emotionally in their conflicts: In all their confrontations, the INB displayed a straightforward, dispassionate goal of ending the confrontation as quickly and bloodlessly as possible and do not seek revenge or desire to settle vendettas. Even reasonable preemptive strikes are out of the question- They want to be left in peace and leave others in peace in kind.
Like the Beorge it is impossible to appeal to the INB for compassion, reason, or other typical, humanoid characteristics on an individual level. Once a conflict has begun, it must be seen all the way to the end. However, on a large scale such appeals do tend to make headway, as the Kazon discovered when they precipitated the INB's only declared war after a series of raids killed around 1,000 Independents over the course of 6 months; The Kazon faction in question were on the verge of being eliminated, when they begged to be spared as a body. The INB acquiesced, on the condition the Kazon never enter INB space again. They haven't.
When the UGC arrived, the Beorge were seriously on the move- They'd taken several systems belonging to all of the major power brokers of the galaxy, and were preparing for a final series of pushes to take some of the smaller empires in preparation for taking the major ones.
Hearing of the new power player in the Atran Galaxy, the INB sent a representative to them to sue for peace- Before the UGC had even heard of them. A transliteration from Remular to Clingohosh to T'sentraedi led Ambassador Trien TUNOCH to mistakenly believe these were refuges from the Beorge (a group he HAD heard quite a bit about), rather than "freed" Beorge, and he signed a peace treaty with them within a day that left open the possibility the Beorge could apply for membership in the UGC itself- This possibility was a forgone conclusion by the IBN, with a chorus of voices (over 10 million) making membership to the UGC a condition to signing the treaty, and with only 5 voices making it never a possibility. Most interesting in this, the Primary of the IBN joined the largest faction (that made joining the Galactics a condition of signing the treaty), despite the fact that she'd loose much of her power in the process.
The Council for its part was NOT AMUSED to have been duped into signing a treaty with what they understood to be a faction of an enemy empire, albeit a "rogue" one, and made Ambassador TUNOCH pay for his mistake by serving as their interim representative before the UGC... Knowing that he'd retire long before the "the Beorge" would be able to select a new representative of their own.
The IBN therefore surprised everyone by quickly (within weeks) selecting their Primary to become their permanent Representative, forcing her to be both head of state and representative abroad. When she stepped before the UGC and gave her speech offering her state to the empire, many heads turned and understood this was NOT the Beorge they'd been told to fear so much- Bu she also made it clear, the Beorge they'd been told to fear so much was quite real, and far more powerful and dangerous than had been described.
It was in fact the Primary, and her extensive interviews with the GIB, who led the UGC down the path to discover the "assimilation" trick, as well as helping the Spacy to develop the devastating Mimbari plan. It was at this time the IBN changed their name to the Beorge-mot, taking the T'sentraedi word for "un-T'sentraedi behavior - a violation of the T'sentraedi Imperative - a serious insult" without fully understanding the underlying connotations of the "-mot" suffix. The T'sentraedi find it amusing, to say the least, that the Independent Beorge take this deathly slur as a high honor.
A Beorge-Mot Female Who Emigrated
To The Atran Galaxy;
A clear influence can be seen
in her personally developed form.
Relations With Other States
Relations with other Atran Galaxy states are strained to say the least; All the other states have difficulty separating the Beorge-mot from the Beorge Collective. Only the Clingohn Alliance seems to "embrace" them, and even so, at arms length (of course, Clingohns embrace one another at arms length as well, so it's not saying nearly as much as it "might" have). Only the Freng particularly 'like' them, in so far as they like MONEY (which the Beorge-mot has in fair supply, in the form of goods for trade).
The Independent Nation Of Beorge had a good working relationship with the Soong Collective, but this was strained by the fall of the Federate. This relationship is now improving once again.
Outside of the Atran galaxy, the Beorge-mot have "decent" relations with other UGC members, and are even allowed to walk freely amongst the Landsraad League and most of the other technophobic societies; The Cylons even allow them onto their ships, though not onto Cathedral. Most other groups see the Beorge-mot as the victims of a horrific crime, and at worst tolerate them.
The Collective would like to terminate the Beorge-mot, but there's not much they can do about it; The feelings are largely mutual, though some have gone far beyond that.
Many Beorge-Mot have emigrated throughout the UGC and adapted to their new regional culture. Most Beorge-Mot that emigrate to the restored Federate replace the majority of their cybernetics with as much natural parts as possible, but those beyond that region take other approaches; In the Atran Galaxy, non-functional astromech droid motifs have become surprisingly popular as the now-individual expresses their personal choices, using the colors to identify their new life (for example, green is often adopted by those who've chosen to become farmers).
Symbol/Crest/Banner/Colors: The Beorge-mot use a grey "hand" emblem.
Owner: None- N/A.
Commanding Officer: None- N/A.
Executive Officer: None- N/A.
Tactics: Isolate a world by blockade, clear away any active resistance, then assimilate any industry, resources, or people they find.
Size and Orientation: Large Mercenary Army (500). This was, at one time, the singularly largest army of any sort in the known galaxy, with over a half million Cube ships. A mighty force, indeed, and therefore their fall all the more startling for its speed. Even in its current seriously diminished state, a single Beorge Sphere would be a serious threat to all but the strongest defense forces.
A: Sponsorship:
B: Outfits:
C: Equipment:
D: Vehicles:
  • None. The Beorge-mot are self-sponsored. They do, however, have the benefaction of the UGC, with all the firepower the Council can bring to bear in their assistance.
  • Utility Outfits (5). Like the Beorge, each Beorge-mot IS a cyborg, though their inventory may be significantly customized to the duties that they are assigned. These customizations range from purely industrial, technical, militry or etc. to an overall balanced configuration, allowing them to perform any duty to some efficiency.
  • Unlimited Equipment (50); Whereas the Beorge are building despite their setbacks, the Beorge-mot are building BECAUSE of their "setbacks" (loss of autonomy with their alliance to the UGC). Any given Beorge-mot station has the ability to build just about anything they need.
  • Deluxe Fleet of Vehicles (20); The Beorge-mot has many vehicles other than just ships, including ground combat vehicles.
  • E: Weapons:
    F: Communications:
    G: Internal Security:
    H: Permanent Bases:
  • Maximum Firepower (60). Any given Beorge-mot can call for any given degree of firepower in inventory.
  • Superior Communications (40). Communications between Cubes, Spheres, and individual Beorge-mot is utterly secure. Only the GIB can crack it, unless the Beorge-mot grant access.
  • Tight (10). Anti-Beorge terrorism and strikes from various factions (such as the Kazon) have, from time to time, targeted the Beorge-mot.
  • Fortified Headquarters (20); Unlike the Beorge, the Beorge-mot have a permenant "capital" on the planet Dishtare, in a continent on the southern hemisphere. Dishtare is a former Federation world now controlled by the Clingohn Alliance that is owned overall by the native species; The Joovieal have allowed the Beorge-mot to reside there for many generations, and show little if any inclination to eject the Beorge-mot, but don't 'really' want anything to do with them either.
  • I: Intelligence Resources:
    J: Intelligence Resources:
    K: Special Budget:
    L: General Alignment:
  • "Blanket Infiltration (35)" (Secret/Government Agencies, N&SS); Their allegiance to the UGC gives them access to all the secrets that may effect them that the UGC has. Additionally, they actually have spies, both witting and unwitting, in several states of the UGC (at least in the Atran Galaxy) especially amongst the Beorge. They found a way to tap into the Beorge's central plexus that allows them to listen in on Unimatrix's own words. They have also from time to time kidnapped various Beorge for disconnection from the Collective, assassinated members of the Collective, etc. (most of the latter have been carried out by the Beorge-Traue illegally.);
  • Scout Detachments (5); They routinely dispatch Lore-Class ships to scout various systems for signs of "any matter in which the Beorge-mot can be assistance.";
  • Special Military Operatives (10); Some of these are authorized operations. Some are not.
  • Superior Connections (30); Their alliance to the UGC gives them unprecedented access around the galaxy. Even the Geh 'Dia will offer them information if it's applicable.
  • Large Loans (25). The Boerge-mot can always get money from the UGC and sometimes from other Atran Galaxy members. However, these are in fact loans That must be repaid in some fashion (usually as goods in trade).
  • Unprincipled and Scrupulous (6).
  • M: Administrative Control:
    N: Military Power:
    O: Super Powered Agents:
    The Beorge-mot.
    The Beorge-mot.
  • Loose Laws (5).
  • Major Strike Force (50); They are in fact building up to take on Unimatrix directly, forcibly freeing all Beorge forever.
  • None (0).
  • P: Criminal Activity:
    Q: Reputation/Credentials:
    R: Salary:
  • Con Man (500); The Attorney's Guild as they're called are constantly looking for ways to get money, resources, etc. out fo the rest of the Atran Galaxy's members.
  • Cyber-Doc (100);
  • Smugglers and Sellers of Contraband (15); They will ship anything anywhere they can get to for anyone with few if any questions asked.
  • Special Forces (20); Mostly in the form of Beorge-Traue.
  • Safecracker/Locksmith (25); Also mostly Beorge-Traue.
  • Expert Assassin (15); Also mostly Beorge-Traue.
  • Expert Assassins and Special Forces teams are used for specific softening up and kidnapping operations as necessary.
  • Known (5), and not always liked. Many planets have suffered the depredations of the Beorge over the centuries, and they all hold grudges. The Beorge-mot and even the Beorge-Traue often become the targets of those ancient grudges.
  • Good Salary (10). Each Beorge receives their needs from the collective directly, and therefore do not need 'money' as the rest of the universe understands it, but receive a significant stipend commiserate to the labors engaged in.
  • * For the Diire di Tomuch to put it this bluntly is saying a lot indeed; She is expected to be the FIRST to die for Paldine, if it should come to that, and more than one has- Incluidng Tomuch DWOW, who made that fateful stement, as Tomuch DWOW would be killed in an attempt to be assimilated by the Beorge seven years later.
    The SEIRUS Incident: UGS SEIRUS had received orders to intercept the Beroge-mot "mining ship" Hull 95818-96007 as she left the shipyards, preferably taking her pierside, as the GIS and GIB had intelligence indicating she intended to engage in an illicit anti-Beorge operation (she was "going a-pirate"). Upon arrival, they found Hull 95818-96007 as she was pulling away from the dockyards, ordered her to heave to, and were immediately fired upon, killing about 30 crewmembers and doing several millions€ worth of damage to the SEIRUS.
    Rogue Beorge-mot.
    LORE-Class Ship.
    Rogue Beorge-mot.
    The primary vessel of the Beorge-mot, the LORE-Class ships are a general purpose ship. Heavily enough armed to serve as a heavy frigate, but with enough open internal capacity to justify use as a cargo ship, they can land on a prepared strip (not on rough strips), and carry a small landing craft.
    The LORE-Class was originally developed by the rogue android L0-R3 (the VERY original), the counter of D4-T4, as he took control of the nascent Beorge-mot. However, since then the design has fallen into regular Beorge control.
    Known Beorge-Traue are not permitted to have any Lore-Class ships, since they are criminals by definition (even by Beorge-mot law). The non-UGC group with the most interest in the ships are the Beorge, to study the ships and attempt to develop countermeasures- The only countermeasure they've collectively come up with was building their own ships, which is not a practical option.
    Government: Beorge-mot.
    Ship Type: General-Purpose.
    Class: Lore-Class.
    Crew (not including Stealth Frigate):
    MDC By Location:
    Speed and Statistical Data:
    Speed (sublight): 0.16 speed of light (25,600 miles per second).
    Speed (Auxiliary Drives): Mach 3.
    Space Fold Range: Unlimited (1 light year every 6 minutes).
    Planet bound: Designed to land in a planetary ocean when necessary but not designed to maneuver in an atmosphere. Lore-Class vessels are NOT designed to land on the ground. If they do so the landing will inflict 3D6 times 1000 MD damage to the main body of the spacecraft (any ships docked to her will also suffer total destruction unless it detaches prior to crashing) unless proper preparation is made in advance (a spacefield).
    Maximum Range: Unlimited (estimated 30 year life span).
    Length (main body, excluding boom): 6,560 ft (2,000 m).
    Height (main body): 4,100 ft (1,250 m).Length (rear boom/drydock): 18,700 ft (5,700 m).
    Weight: Approximately 210,000,000 tons (empty).
    Power System: ORTEC/General Galaxy Main Reactor.
    Fold System: ORTEC/Shinnakasu/General Galaxy Advanced Fold System Cluster.
    Sublight Drive: ORTEC/Centinel Impulse Drive Cluster.
    Gravity Control System: Internal.
    Auxiliary Engines: Shinnakasu/Shinsei Industries/Agar Nuclear Pulse Rocket Motor Clusters.
    Cost and Availability: 100 BILLION to build; Takes up to 5 YEARS to complete one.
    Black Market Cost and Availability: Name your price, but be warned- The primary buyers are the Beorge.

    Weapons Systems:
    • ESM: Radar Detector. Passively detects other radars being operated.
    • Radar: Combat grade radar. Range 100 miles, can track up to 50 individual targets. 95% reliability (24% against unfriendly stealthed vehicles).
    • Blue Force Tracker: Identifies friend from foe. Overlays the information on both the radar and HUD, ensuring that friendly forces are not accidentally targeted.
    • GPS: Standard tracking device. Ties into the Blue Force Tracker.
    • Anti-Jamming System: Reduces Electronics Countermeasure by 25% (decrease skill level appropriately).
    • HUD: Displays maps, radar, targeting information, and any OTHER information the wearer wants directly in front of the user. One is located at each weapons control station, and another makes up the majority of the bridge.
    • FLIR/SLIR: Forward and Side Looking Infrared. Allows pilot to get visuals on targets at night.
    • 1 MC: Internal loudspeaker.
    • Virtual Map: Displays a continuously-updating map of local terrain for the bridge. Takes data from and gives data to other friendly units in the area. Effective navigation of 85% as updates come. Good to 500 miles. Specific range can be adjusted in 10,000 mile increments.
    • Video Camera: Records from the HUD. 5,000 hours of recording available.
    • Full range optic sensory suite: Infrared, ultra violet, Magnification, night sight, color filters, thermal imager.Range: 200 miles for MOST sensors.
    • Survival Pack: A pack of simpler emergency survival supplies: Pup tent, sleeping bag, black light, GPS, first aid kit (bandages, gauze, bandage tape, pads, antiseptic/analgesic), plasma torch (for small repairs and starting fires), repair kit (with MDC Repair Spray), sewing kit (a small spool of thread and 5 needles), 7 star flares (250 feet apogee), 2 white parachute flares (1,500 feet apogee), 100 feet of black or brown parachute cord (150 lbs tensile strength), 2-5 days rations, 2 gallons water, water purification kit- good for about 10 gallons.
      Average Combat Profile For A Standard Lore-Class General Purpose Ship:
    • 3 movement actions (dodges) per melee.
    • 3 defensive actions (parries, typically with Point Defense Shields) per melee.
    • 2 aggressive actions (attacks) per melee.
    • +5 Strike with laser batteries.
    • +8 Parry with shield.
    The Beorge-Traue.
    Hate is an ugly word.
    It's also not nearly strong enough to describe relations between the Beorge and the Beorge-mot, which are excellent compared to the relations with the Beorge-Traue. While the Beorge have chosen not to pursue the matter with the Beorge-mot for the most part, a new faction within the Beorge-mot, the Beorge-Traue, has taken a jihadist attitude towards the Beorge- With or without the UGC's permission, with or without the blessings of the Primary of the Beorge-mot, they seek out the Beorge and attack them wherever and whenever they can. Though it's only happened a few times, they have in fact fired upon the Spacy in an attempt to come to grips with the Beorge, and with the intent to kill Spacy crewmembers. When they say they're not playing around, they damned well mean it- Do not get between them and the Beorge.
    The Patrol and Spacy, for their part, knows these excursions, colloquially referred to as 'rat patrol,' 'varmint hunting parties,' and 'going a-pirate,' are QUITE illegal but have elected, especially after the SEIRUS Incident, to allow the ships to leave, detaining them upon return (they prevent departure whenever possible while the ships are still landed or docked, but once they're underway, the Patrol and Spacy lets them go).
    Because the Beorge-Traue operates as individuals within the Beorge-mot, it has no statistics of it's own currently (use stats above).
    The Beorge-Traue's spiritual founder was Seven of Nine, Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix 01, also called Annika HANSEN. Seven passed before Beorge-mot's founding, but her writings and teachings on the subject were the first thoughts given to the rise of Beorge-Traue (though others before and since have written and spoken about the subject).
    The Beorge-Traue have a reasonably good relationship with the Soong Collective, having assisted each other at various times; However, the two groups are very much separate identities, and will remain so by mutual agreement. They can play nice together, but nobody's looking forward to getting married.
    The Beorge-Traue's Spiritual Founder, Seven of Nine, Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix 01 (who changed her name back to Annika HANSEN). She is wanted for questioning by the Beorge-mot, the UGC, the Federate, the Soong Collective, the Freng, Le L'egion AND the Rakatan Senate.