Breen Confederacy.
Breen Confederacy.
Breen Confederacy.
Breen Confederacy.
Emblem Of The Breen Confederacy.
Location:Alpha Quadrant.
Affiliation:UGC (formerly Dominion, 2375-2399).
Major Species:Breen.
The Breen Confederacy is the official government of the Breen species, located in the S'Juv finger of the Z Jhall Arm of the Atran Galaxy. In late 2375, the Breen Confederacy entered the Dominion War, allowing itself to be annexed by the Dominion as the K'Hardishuns Union had been two years prior. According to the terms of the annexation, the Breen Confederacy received several planets from the K'Hardishuns Union as compensation for joining the war. The Breen would also be given control of the Remulous Star Empire in the post-war galaxy. The Founders also promised the Breen control of teh Federate's capital (though otehrs were also given this assurance). The union was negotiated between the Changelings and Thot Gor, a prominent official in the Confederacy; The Breen may have also been influenced to join the Dominion from a Changeling impersonator in the Confederacy's government.
The Confederacy proved very influential in its first weeks of fighting, thanks to their previously unknown energy dampening weapon, in addition to their conventional forces. The weapon proved decisive in the Second Battle of Chin'toka, allowing the Dominion to retake the system after inflicting huge losses on the Allies. This, of course, served as proverbial "salt in the wound," as it followed a surprise attack on the Federate capital. Evenetually the Allies were able to capture an example of the Breen weapon and develop a countermeasure. The Breen continued to fight on the side of the Dominion until the end of the war, demonstrating a willingness to die for the cause comparable to that of the Jem'Hadar.
The Breen issue disruptor-style sidearms as standard for military personnel.
Breen Confederacy.
Breen Confederacy.
Breen Species.
Thot Gor, Representative Of The Breen Confederacy (2375).
A Breen Uniform Circa 2372.
The Breen are a reclusive, powerful, and warlike humanoid race, native to the planet Breen in the Alpha Quadrant.
History And Politics
Shrouded in mystery, the Breen were one of the most underestimated races inhabiting the Alpha Quadrant.
Historically, the Klingons were among the first to discover the consequences of underestimating the Breen. During the Klingon Second Empire, Chancellor Mow'ga ordered an entire fleet of Klingon warships to invade and conquer the Breen homeworld. The fleet never returned and was never heard from again.
Even by the 24th Century, much was still unknown about the Breen and their otherwise politically nonaligned government, known as the Breen Confederacy. The Federation, however, had limited knowledge of the Breen and was aware of Breen outposts located near a black cluster in 2368. In 2370, the Breen participated in a palio held at Deep Space 3, during which the Fereng attempted to bribe the Breen pilot into throwing the race. In 2373, the Breen settlements on Portas V near the Demilitarized Zone dealt with the Maquis, supplying them with cold-storage units. It was noted by Ezri Dax in 2375, when captured by the Breen on a planet in the Goralis system, that they were a long way from Breen space.
Other species like the Fereng had developed closer ties with the Breen by the late 24th Century, as both species conducted trade negotiations in 2373. By that same year, the K'Hardishuns Union maintained an embassy on the Breen homeworld.
Breen privateers during the 24th Century would often conduct indiscriminate raids against other Alpha Quadrant species. This includes the Breen attack and capture of the K'Hardishuns transport Ravinok in 2366. The survivors of that attack were used for slave labor in the Breen operated dilithium mines on Dozaria. In 2368, Starfleet feared the Breen might have attacked the science vessel Vico. Breen privateers also raided the Bajoran colony of Free Haven in 2372 but were driven away.
Alliance with the Dominion
In 2375, the Breen moved from a policy of low-level hostilities toward other major powers to one of open warfare when they allied themselves with the Dominion. They were then allowed access to the Dominion militry database. According to the terms of the alliance, the Breen Confederacy received several planets in the K'Hardishuns Union as compensation for joining the war.
Shortly after joining with the Dominion, the Breen attacked Starfleet Headquarters on Earth. A short time later they assisted Dominion forces in breaking the lines at Chin'toka. Under orders from the Female Changeling, the Breen allowed escape pods to carry the Federation survivors to safety. This major battle, known as the Second Battle of Chin'toka, was won by the Dominion thanks to a unique Breen device, a kind of energy dampening weapon which could completely drain all the main power systems of a starship. Both of these defeats dealt a huge blow to the Allies' morale. The only ship immune to the Breen weapon was a Klingon Bird-of-Prey, which serendipitously survived thanks to a repair the chief engineer had made to the ship's tritium intermix in the warp core (see below)
Although the Klingon fleet was able to make the needed adjustments against the weapon, the Federation and the Romulans were still unable to defend against the Breen. When the Federation finally did create a defense against the energy dampening weapon, they forced the Dominion fleet to retreat. The Breen official Thot Pran expressed an extreme distaste for surrender, and required the reassurance of the Female Changeling that, instead of surrendering, they were in fact regrouping and attempting to redouble their shipbuilding and replenishment efforts.
With the necessary countermeasures against the Breen's energy dampening weapon obtained, the Federation Alliance was able to go on the offensive once again, choosing to invade K'Hardish Prime itself. In hopes of raising the Breen's will to fight, the Female Changeling offered them control of Earth and Romulus if they succeeded in winning the battle. However, she then told Weyoun this was a political promise, merely designed as motivation. In the interest of maintaining the alliance, the Breen were positioned ahead of the Jem'Hadar. During the Battle of K'Hardish, the Breen were still able to inflict major casualties on the allies, even without the use of their energy dampening weapon. Up to a third of the allies' entire fleet was destroyed during the battle, including the Romulan flagship. The Breen continued to fight for the Dominion until the end of the war, demonstrating a willingness to die for the cause which matched that of the Jem'Hadar. However, when the K'Hardishuns forces switched sides mid-battle, the Dominion and Breen were forced to withdraw to K'Hardish Prime. After Odo convinced the Female Changeling to surrender, the Dominion War ended. As allies of the Dominion, the Breen leaders were present during the signing of the Treaty of Bajor.
Breen physiology is among the most exotic for humanoid lifeforms, which may be due, in part, to their homeworld's climate. The Breen have no blood or other liquid circulatory system. The Breen brain is structured into four lobes; this protects them from the probing of some empathic species, such as the Betazoids, who are unable to detect the thoughts or emotions of the Breen. No outsider had ever seen what a Breen looked like under their refrigeration suits and lived. Even after joining the Dominion, their appearance was unknown to their new allies, who couldn't help but wonder what they look like. Breen appear physically more resilient than most humanoids; When even a Clingohn struck a Breen in the late 24th Century, the Breen proceeded to incapacitate him with a neural truncheon, seemingly oblivious to the assault.
The Breen constantly wear refrigeration suits in order to maintain a cold temperature like that on their homeworld. The K'Hardishunss, as a physically warm-natured species that maintained an embassy on the planet, described it as extremely cold and "cold as a Breen winter" is an expression to mean "very cold."
Society And Culture
The Breen commonly produce offspring at a very early age, at about the equivalence in physical growth of Human third grade children. The Breen entertain their offspring with nursery rhymes. Breen nursery rhymes can be made up of a heterophonic, five-line verse with an alternating tetrameter and pentameter structure. These are nonsensical phrases strung together because they rhyme (at least to the Breen). Some Breen music, which can accompany these nursery rhymes, is written on a Lyxian scale.
Treatment Of Prisoners
The Breen are known to use slave labor, and at least some of these slaves are captured in raids on other species. When the Breen were using Bajoran slaves to mine dilithium ore, there were always at least eight guards within the mines.
The Breen are very prudent when dealing with prisoners. When capturing prisoners, the Breen typically stun them from long range with their disruptors, rather than approaching them and risking close combat. Prisoners are fed diet of algae paste.
Aboard starships, the Breen typically send in three guards at a time when they wish to remove a single prisoner from a cell that is being shared with other prisoners. To extract information from captives, the Breen use cortical implants, despite the severe pain and damage it causes to the recipient.
To Human ears the Breen lanuguage sounds like garbled electronic sounds. Universal translators need to be adjusted in order to properly translate the syntax.
Science And Technoloy
Given that most known humanoid species live on class M planets with an average temperature far above the temperature of Breen, the Breen had to develop refrigeration suits in order to co-exist with others. The Breen were known for their knowledge of sophisticated cold-storage units, summed up in the adage "If anyone knows how to keep things cold, it's the Breen."
During the 2360s, the Breen were known for their development of organic technology, which they employed in the construction of their spacecraft; Some of their vessels were fitted with a defact cloaking device of being semi-oraganic; Radar and other standard sensors of the era weren't equiped to detect living object is the hard vaccuum of space. Breen warships utilize energy dampening weapons.
The Breen made use of memory probing technology in the form of cortical implants and neural truncheons for subduing prisoners.
TARA-Class Raider.
Breen TARA-Class Raider, Ventral Starboard Bow Aspect.
Length:1,377 feet, 11.5 inch.
Beam:1,197 feet 6 inch.
As Part Of The Dominion Fleet At Chintoka.Height:318 feet 3 inches.
Maximum Speed:Warp 9.6.
Cruising Speed:Warp 6.
Breen TARA-Class Raider, Ventral Starboard Bow Aspect.Armaments:
  • 2 Mk 75 photon torpedo launchers;
  • 2 Type X Disruptors;
  • Energy dampening weapon.
  • Shields;
  • Cloaking Device;
  • Stochastic Field Emitters.
  • Auxiliary Craft:14 Breen fighters.
    Affiliation:Breen Confederacy.
    A Breen TARA-Class Raider At Warp.Active:24th century to Annexation.
    TARA-Class Raider.
    The Breen TARA-Class privateer ships was a vessel used by the Breen Confederacy in the late-24th century.
    In 2366, two Breen warships attacked the K'Hardishuns transport Ravinok forcing it to crash land on the planet Dozaria. Its survivors were forced to work in a nearby Breen dilithium mine. In late 2375, the Breen became allies of the Dominion, where they committed a large fleet of warships to join the war effort.
    The Federate first encountered the ships in combat during the Second Battle of Chin'toka. The K'Hardishuns and Dominion ships held back while the Breen engaged Allied forces. The ships had been equipped with energy dissipators that disabled the Allied ships' engines, weapons, and shields. The weapon was instrumental in defeating the Allied fleet and forcing the Alliance from the Chin'toka system, losing the only enemy territory that they held in K'Hardishuns space. Fortunately, the Klingon Bird-of-Prey IKS KI'TANG was not affected, leading to a defense being discovered.
    Even without the energy dampening weapon, the Breen warships proved to be formidable. One such ship destroyed Legate Damar's ship during the Battle of K'Hardish, outmaneuvering all Federate ships, displaying exemplary maneuverability. Besides the energy dissipator, Breen warships mainly attack with torpedo weapons fired from at least three forward launchers at the pikes of the ship. Several Breen warships were destroyed during the Dominion's retreat when the K'Hardishunss joined the Allies
    The Breen refer to their ships as the GOR TAAN (there word ofr starship); One was known to be the TYKK, CHEL GRETT, GOR PORTAS, and RAV LAEST; They are individually named for their commander.
    Armaments And Defenses.
    The TARA-Class are armed with twin Mk 75 photon torpedo launchers, twin Type X Disruptors, and "energy dampening weapon," a cloaking device, and stochastic field emitters shored shields. Up to 14 auxiliary craft can also be included, normally Breen fighters.
    "Energy Dampening Weapon."
    Actually, not much is really known about the energy dampening system; The weapon works by draining the energy of targeted ships, disabling their engines, weapons, and shields, thus making them easy targets for conventional weapons. The Breen are not sharing this technology, which is good in some respects; It would make piracy dangerously easy.
    Unknown to the Breen, however, the UGC long ago developed this same weapons technology, and found the same fatal flaw; Certain mixes of alloys dissipate the energy (it is, itself, a form of energy) too rapidly for it to be effective- It effectively "grounds out" the ship.
    A Thot is a high-ranking military officer in the Breen Confederacy, who also has political power. They are 'roughly' equivalent to a Commodore (a senior ship's Captain), in that they command several ships, but may not hold the equivalent rank of "Captain" (Colonel in the ASF, Army, and Marine).