Clariont Battle Ensign.
Clariont Battle Ensign
Flown By Militry Bases And Ships.
Basic Starter Campaign For The Beginner GM/Player Group.
Clariont Battle Ensign.
Clariont Battle Ensign
Flown By Militry Bases And Ships.
A basic campaign, just to get you off and running.
Your mission: Protect colony ships, and help secure colony worlds. Do not underestimate this; Rogue T'sentraedi, Invid, and Tiresians are often found on planets targeted for colonization; Additionally, rebellions and raids on these worlds occurs often. Plenty of combat options, plus the political aspects as players are required not only to destroy rebellions, but to DEAL WITH THEM, as not all rebellions are wrong; In fact, usually the rebels themselves are either the legitimate government (replaced by a coup, or the in power party refusing to relinquish power), or the victims of a despotic power. Even still, the rebellion IS illegal, and sometimes the rebels are purely an attempt to grab power by force.
Based on my previous game (a colony world), any Rifts magic/psychic O.C.C. is allowed except Mind Melter (too powerful); Aliens Unlimited races are also allowed, with the modification that the Atorian Empire is effectively no more.
For story purposes, the Fehrans were a lesser power (only a few hundred colony worlds over a few dozen systems) until the Robotech Masters came; The Atorians struck a deal with them, raising themselves to the local power, and de facto rulers of the Fehrans as the Masters' agents.
With the decline of the Masters' Empire, the Atorians re-negotiated the deal to ally with the Invid; A desperate ploy to hold onto power (and, therefore, de facto slavery). The REF would not deal with the Atorians after seeing what they had done to other species around the galaxy (including slavery and murder). The war with the Invid finished, the REF turned their attention to the Atorians, which was a walk over (the Atorians were an SDC power, though a very POWERFUL SDC force- Up against an all-MDC force, they stood little chance of even stemming the flow). Realizing the futility of their plight, many Atorians fled to deeper space to regroup.
Mecha and ships referred to will be made available ASAP, but for the mean time use the stats already presented in the various game books. However, lay off the Spartan and ASC Battloids (a significant upgrade will make Spartans obsolete, and ASC Battloids will be effectively obsolete).
All such mods are pending GM approval.
Welcome Aboard REF 6TH Fleet.
REF 6TH Fleet.
The 6TH Fleet, during the late war with the Invid, served as a "flanking force" to the main fleet, ensuring Invid Clam Ships and Assault Carriers could not swing around and strike the force from behind. 6TH Fleet also deployed to REF colonies Marines for security, and Construction Battalions, for demolition of Invid facilities (especially stilt hives), construction of fortifications and mines/manufacturing facilities, and mopping up pro-Invid collaborators.
Mission: The 6TH Fleet provides escort and protection to United Galaxies Council Colony Ships (most noteworthily the Hollywood-Class Entertainment/Colony and Nomad-Class Construction/Mining/Colony Ships).
The most common threats faced by the fleet are Rogue T'sentraedi, Master-Loyal Tireasian Forces, and Pirates. At any given time, up to 20 colony ships are under the protection of SDF-6's battle fleet of 5 IKAZUCHI'S, 10 GARFISH'S 15 Horizonts, and 21 modified T'sentraedi warships (see Order of Battle).
An occasional threat to settlers is invasion; In 2018, the joint REF/Sentinel Alliance Colony of Lesser Yadot was invaded by Invid-sympathetic Fehran, no surprise as the Atorians rose to power on Tiresesian patronage, then switched sides to Invid supporting with the imminent collapse of the Master's Empire. (See "Battle of Lesser Yadot" under Battle Record and "Atorian Imperialists" under Enemies.)

Battle History:
Greater Alaska: The Colony of Alaska, Planet Wayside, formerly a Tiresian colony, was the home of some 10,000 T'sentraedi Warriors and a sprawling, 50,000 square mile colony (much of it rural). The REF landed with the intent of securing this planet for the production of food for the fleet. The residents, however, however, had other ideas. Over the 06 month battle, the Tiresian and T'sentraedi Forces were defeated, but at a much higher cost than expected. Discontent over the defeat lead to the eventual Alaska Colony Rebellion (though a footnote in the larger rebellion, it was a significant one in terms of an example of success).
Ambush of Virehola: In January of 2218, a rouge Invid attack on the fleet set upon the Garudan Nomad-Class colony ship Virehola. The ship was destroyed, with a loss of all hands and passengers. The Invid Clam ship was destroyed, and with its loss the Invid forces had no way to withdraw; Eventually the entire Invid force was wiped out (MI estimates only 10-20 of the Invid survived by hiding in a nearby asteroid belt). Militry losses were light, but the loss of the 15,000 Garudans aboard Virehola was a loss that still has not been fully recovered from, either numerically or spiritually. (Virehola's sister ship, the Hollywood-Class Garudan ship Mirehola, was unharmed.)
Lesser Yadot (pronounced "Yah-Dough"): 6TH, 8TH, and 9TH Fleets were tasked to relieve the besieged Colony of Yadot. Atorian forces landed with the intent of looting the planet, then escape back into unknown space areas. However, the sudden arrival of SDF-6, SDF-8, and SDF-9 surprised the Atorian fleet, and was unable to escape. 15,000 Atorian POWS were taken; Of them, only 5,000 were Fehrans, and none were the feared Photins.
Order Of Battle:
UGS LEE (GARFISH-Class CSF-4438144)
pronounced "lab-ay")
pronounced "plassing")
pronounced "flasser")

Horizont Shuttles:
In radio communications, they are called by their tail designator (example: HOTEL-45603212). Typically, the full number is only used during the initial call, then the first name is used after that (example, AMANDA). The fleet's flagship name is part of the Horizont's name while attached, and they are named alphabetically in order of tail number while assigned to the flagship. For example, Horizont 45603212 was designated HOTEL-45603212; Being the first built (and thus having the lowest tail number), her name starts with the letter "A" (thus her name is AMANDA); Being attached to SDF-6 GARUDA, her official name is AMANDA GARUDA.

Modified T'sentraedi Warships:
The UGC has litterally MILLIONS of T'sentraedi warships of various types still in service from the Terran/Invid War era. Though they are being taken out of service, there's simply too damned many of them to get them out of service any time soon. There's a backlog of 2.75 BILLION T'sentraedi ships still awaiting scrapping- Just of those too badly damaged and/or in such poor states of disrepair they simply can't be used.
The RIN NADOW LOJM-Class was on it's way out of the T'sentraedi Forces when the war with Terra began; Because of this, there already was fewer Monitors than there were other types of ships. However, because the RIN NADOW LOJM'S were considered tertiary platforms, there were only a couple thousand in Sol Sector, and even these were in the far distal part of the system when the Rain Of Death broke out. Consequently, this class suffered the lowest percentage of losses in the Terran Conflict (far less than 1% were destroyed; of these, about 80% were rebuilt before long).
The TOU REDIR-Class was the T'sentraedi Forces primary weapons platform; As a result, it suffered the heaviest losses, both numerically and in precentage; At nearly 95% lost in the Rain alone, no other class of ship was so nearly wiped out. However, the TOU REDIR, being simply SO numerous, could absorb the losses and STILL remain the king of the hill; Several BILLION of these vsl's are still around and in service with the REF and local RDF's. They also can be found in private hands as cargo, passenger vsls, and even private homes and space stations. This is the ONLY class of militry-grade warships requiring only basic ship ownership licencing.
The THUVERL SALAN-Class is one of the more common ships in the REF; In fact, micronian versions are in production with the REF. However, the THUVERL SALAN is not as common as other vsls in the UGC by any definition of the word.
The QUILTRA QUELEUAL-Class was one of the rarest of T'sentraedi Forces vsls before the Rain Of Death; However, due to a relativly LOW loss rate (about 35%), they actually came out pretty well in the end. Now they are generally used as fleet support ships and liters for smaller landing craft (such as the YOUNGER-Class and Horizonts).
The QUEADOL MAGDOMILLA-Class suffered badly in the Rain Of Death and later conflcts, especially during the Terran/Invid War (in the hands of malconts). Consquently, this highly effective platform is actually the RAREST of T'sentraedi ships. They generally are upgraded with UGC-standard armor and stealthing materials and technologies and used as reconnaissance and long-range scouting ships; Being as heavily armed and armored as they are, they can easily take care of themselves if anyone jumps them (the GALACTICA-Class research vsls are actually micronized versions of the QUEADOL MAGDOMILLA, with a few minor cosmetic hull changes).
The NUPETIET-VERNITZS-Class was rarest of T'sentraedi warships before the Rain, and suffered VERY badly in that event; 80-85% losses between the Rain (mostly with the loss of Lord Boldoza's FULBTZS-BERRENTZS) and in the Terran/Invid War. However, several thousand of these vsls are still around. This is the ONLY class of T'sentraedi strictly prohibited to private ownership (though some have been rebuilt as small colonies of about 25 cities in their own right).
A few FULBTZS-BERRENTZS-Class space stations still exist, but these are being de-commissioned as quickly as possible, as a UGC DOD cost/benefit analysis found that every hour they remain in existence costs 2.25 million credits, and only provides about 1 million credits of use; Even the two that are currently unmanned and powered down are costing several billion credits every year just holding them at the Jove-7 Anchorage while awaiting final decommissioning (being cut into about 1.5 million chunks that can fit into a smelter). There are NONE of these vsls in 6TH Fleet.
UGS RAZUMNYY (Russian, "Clever," RIN NADOW LOJM-Class Monitor MRNL/M-8999485).
UGS FIRE BOMBER (TOU REDIR-Class Salan Scout MTR/SS-697856399977).
UGS MIRIA GRAFTON (TOU REDIR-Class Salan Scout MTR/SS-710839975598).
UGS BELLE'S WOODS (TOU REDIR-Class Salan Scout MTR/SS-717957304879).
UGS TRANJINIIC (TOU REDIR-Class Salan Scout MTR/SS-779475693874).
UGS POPPY ROSSIANA (TOU REDIR-Class Salan Scout MTR/SS-780948980875).
UGS KATY PERRY (TOU REDIR-Class Salan Scout MTR/SS-781095867300).
UGS TED BOMBER (TOU REDIR-Class Salan Scout MTR/SS-823958606843).
UGS SENTINEL (THUVERL SALAN-Class Destroyer MTS/D-101042).

Clan T'sentraedi: Still out there and active, T'sentraedi the galaxies wide KNOW the Master's Empire is no more, and even the Invid Empire has collapsed. Nevertheless, they refuse to surrender.
Some of these groups have adapted some Terran-style attitudes, and understand repair, construction- And procreation. These groups, referred to as Clans, are the most significant threat currently, as they are able to rebuild in utter secrecy. Having no known home worlds, they raid Colony worlds to steal metal, food, and other necessities. However, they rarely take any finished products, and never take slaves or any prisoners of any sort; They also appear to be avoiding needless violence. Militry Intelligence believe this is a sign of limits to the Clans abilities, as they can not afford to waste their resources needlessly hurting innocents, and have no facilities to handle slaves. Outsiders, however, have been admitted into some groups. Micronization is common in most Clans, and a few clans are all-micronized. (At least a few Clans allow no micronization except as necessary to combat operations.)
Masterites: Unsurrendered Tiresians are occasionally found around the galaxies. Militrily, in terms of numbers and total firepower, they are lesser threats; However, the limited knowledge, and collective mentality of the Masterites, makes them all the more threat to the galaxy. Outsiders are NEVER admitted, and Masterites are known to raid colonies, taking raw materials, finished products, and slaves. It is interesting to MI that they have NEVER taken raw food (only finished ready to ship foods), indicating their abilities to maintain produce is limited, if not non-existent.
Invidia (Rogue Invid and their colabs): After the final Invid Armisist in 2189, the Invid Regis and Regent agreed not to arm again. Some Stage 5 Invid have refused this Treaty, and taken Stage 6 Invids and raced into space. These factions are the most dangerous of threats currently, as they seek simply to kill all non-Invid they lay upon. These factions will attack militry forces only to stave them off long enough to maximize the kill time; 6TH Fleet has lost 1 colony ship, Virehola, to a rouge Invid attack in 2218 (with a loss of all hands and passengers- See "Virehola" under Battle History").
Disciples of Lang: Not an enemy in and of themselves, the Disciples of Lang are Robotechnophiles who like to tinker with Mecha and warship designs. They've made their idea public, and some of these designs have made it into rebel and pirate hands. Legally, the DOL have done nothing wrong to date, and no action can be taken against them.
Pirates: Piracy is on the upswing again, as civilian vessels and rehabilitated T'sentraedi Warships are used to prey on commercial civilian vessels. Typically the piracy fleets do not attack civilian fleets under militry protection; However, militry forces, most notably the Spacy and Patrol forces, are tasked with destroying pirate havens when discovered. Note: U.G.C. Policy holds that no prisoners can be taken, no warning given, no quarter offered. As a result, warships tasked to destroy pirate havens are instructed to set all radios to scrambler-only, to prevent the pirate forces from using pleas of sparing children (a common ploy) from staying Spacy forces. (This has been policy since the SDF-18's destruction when this ploy was used to confuse the Fleet Commander, Rear Admiral NARIN, allowed the pirate fleet to sally out to surrender; the fleet sallied out and opened fire on SDF-18 at that point.)
Rebels: Occasional rebellions spring up on colonies. Typically these are small scale insurrection, and the local Civil Defense Forces can handle it. Occasionally, either for militry support or, more commonly, political reasons, militry forces are requested to augment the civil defense, typically serving as security at high-profile, high-value targets (such as factories) and for supply movements (cargo convoys).
Ators: A constant nuisance, Atorian Imperialist terrorists strike out occasionally, usually civilian colony ships and, more often, cargo ships. Unlike Rogue Invid, Atorian Imperialists strike with the intent to collect slaves, which are often "sold" to the U.G.C. To date, the U.G.C. has always repatriated the hostages "on the level," then hunted down the Imperialists afterwards. This strategy has led to a 50% success rate, though many Atorian prisoners have been taken. (Males taken in these raids are treated as equals under U.G.C. law, though civil rights groups contend they should themselves be treated as hostages.)
OCC's, R/PS's, Etc.
Available Robotech OCC: Any from any era.
Available Rifts OCC's: Any, except Mind Melter O.C.C.
Available Mecha: Any RDF, REF, ASC, T'sentraedi Mecha, from any ear (including unauthorized ones, usually found on the internet).
Additional available platforms:
Moddies: Anything created by the players
Rifts R/PA's:
SAMAS: Either the old-style Coalition (Rifts) or the Japanese style (Rifts: Japan)
CS Enforcer Robot (Rifts)
Dyna-Max Power Armored Robot (Rifts: Source book 1)
Any Tank or A.P.C.
Silver Hawk Power Armor (Phase World Source book)
Glitter Boy Power Armors: The Mark IV and V (Mutants In Orbit)
R/PA hand held weapons: Any. Robot-Sized Vibro-Swords (MIO) ARE available.
Human- Sized Hand Weapons: Any; The Tiresian Assault Rifle is a highly popular choice, especially amongst settlers.
Available Ships: Any Robotech Human or T'sentraedi Warship (T'sentraedi Warships are automatically altered to Micronian Standard). SDF-1 style transformable warships DO exist, but not in 6TH Fleet (SDF-6 is a BREETIA TUL-Class SDF, which is a three-mile long version of the SDF-3). Tiresian Assault Shuttle are also available. Rifts: Mutants In Orbit ships are available, including as upgrades to REF warships (Human or T'sentraedi design). Any Consortium Armed Forces Warships are available EXCEPT the Protector-Class. Special: The Protector-Class is available as a colony-world defense space station, and one or two are part of any colony's defenses; They will deploy to protect their colony ONLY.
AU Special info:
    Alien Empires; Most of the alien empires exist is in some form, with the exception of the Atorian Empire.
    Atorian Empire: The Atorian Empire was placed under the REF's boot and it's throat crushed; Fehrans living around the galaxy are treated much the same way T'sentraedi On Earth were treated during and after the Malcontent Uprisings; Second class citizens, when they are treated as anything more than drifters and troublemakers. No none does business with them when they can avoid it, and everyone who does double counts their change. Conventional wisdom holds that Fehrans are incapable of honest dealing, and even when the deal rips the Fehran off, the other party will privately believe they got gypped.
    Atorian-Allied Races: Most of the Atorian allied races survived the war largely intact; However, at the end of the war, the "dangerous" races (such as the Photins) were ordered to return to their homeworlds, never to leave except under UGC order.
    Federation of Allied Races: The REF fought the FAR as well. The FAR actually collapsed after 1 year, 3 times as long as the Atorians took, as the REF sought to maximize the FAR's joining of the REF. While the FAR did agree to join the Interplanetary Alliance (the REF's political body), they have never been happy with this. They have, however, come to accept the situation. (Think Puerto Rico.)
    Niamese Coalition: Joined the REF when they focused on the Atorian Empire, providing useful information on Atorian militry forces, and in conjunction with the REF Special Forces conducted raids against Atorian militry targets. The NC has been part of the U.G.C. ever since.
    Tagoniglomerate (TGE): TGE is a private corporation. As such, their actions in policing throughout the galaxies is only related to their business interests. Their more experienced members are often hired out either as security analysts, security forces, or as private investigators, and occasionally as bounty hunters. Their groups has not, to date, committed any high-level crimes, though a few have been arrested for small-scale ones.
    Thissera-Micean Cooperative (TMC): Now a private, for profit, security and private investigator service. Unlike TGE, however, TMC maintains good working relations with the U.G.C., keeping the Galactic Investigative Agency (the U.G.C.'s version of the FBI) advised of their actions at all times. Their agents typically go after "big fish" targets, and have their own Destroids, Power Armors, and Guardian Fighters to go after such targets. They also have sold their services as mercenaries on colony worlds during times of rebellion to the local government. This has actually placed them at odds with the REF on occasion, as the local governments, on occasion, has proven to be illegitimate. They have also been hired by GIA to provide additional support and intelligence.
    Cyber-Knights: Cyber-Knights are deputized members of the GIA. They often ride shotgun with REF militry forces to arrest rebels and other criminals once the threat is neutralized. Generally, when a Cyber Knight shows up a system, local law enforcement contacts them right away; Some systems require the CK's to co-operate with local law enforcement, allowing them to effect the arrest, though NONE to date have refused to assist a CK, even without a warrant.
Chapter 1: Fleet Transit.
Objective: Escort the civilian fleet from DXT-71 to FXT-14
Interference: Pirate groups, Invidia, Rogue T'sentraedi.
Act 1: Ambush at Veira:
An Invidian task force has set up an ambush near DXT-82 (on the transit line from DXT-71 to the local sector fold-point); They will attempt to attack one of the Macross-Class Colony Ships in a diversionary force, drawing REF assets to engage them; When they've drawn in as much as they think they can (preferably including a warship), they will launch a second attack at the exact opposite area (attacking a target of opportunity, but will concentrate on a seemingly under defended vsl, especially one with a high-civilian population).
The PC's unit was kept in reserve; When the main attack is launched, they will be thrown into the breach (the Invidia forces should outnumber them by between 10 and 15 to 1). They ARE outnumbered, BUT they only have to hold the line for 6 MELEES; Even though it's thousands of miles of distance, it will only take about 1.5 minutes to detail the GARUDA to PERSONALLY intervene in the sneak-attack. If they can hold that line (continue fighting with a LESS THAN 50% losses) for the 90 seconds, the Invidia forces will be unable to prosecute their attack; Ever attack per melee they the lose the advantage for will result in 1D4 times 10 civilian casualties.
Act 2: Pirate Raid:
A relatively minor pirate group (any malcont group is available) has picked the Renoult, a scamp (homebuilt freighter), for pirating. Renoult has NO weapons other than point-defense anti-missile/asteroid defenses.
Pirate Forces:
A rebuilt RIN NADOW LOJM with about 100 Guardian Fighters of various types. They ARE NOT skilled pilots (most were crop dusters before hooking up with the pirates). After suffering about 35% losses, they will withdraw. The players will have to take on 4 times their own numbers, but when the pirates have suffered as many lost Mecha as the PC's total numbers, they'll turn tail and run as fast as possible.
Chapter 2: Planet AR2261-Alpha.
Objective: Establish, secure a foot hold colony.
Planet: High gravity, no atmosphere.
Interference: T'sentraedi Clan Derisha has set up shop here. Adm. DERISHA is a 10th Level T'sentraedi Officer who once served the RDF and REF, and in fact has 2 children of her own (one by a Human father, the other by a Perytonian man).
1 Command Ship
2 Dock Landing Ships
4 Thuveral Salan-Class Destroyers
6 Salan-Class Pickets
All are full condition, with mixed Male/Female crews.
Headquarters: A wrecked NUPETIET-VERNITZS-Class Flagship. It's located on AR-2261-Alpha proper, 045ยบ (halfway between the equator and north pole). Unable to ever move again, it is never the less otherwise fully operable, and all weapons systems formerly located on the dorsal side have been moved to an encircling area around the ship. Adm. DERISHA has no overwhelming desire to hurt the REF nor the settlers, but will NOT, under any circumstances, allow them to settle the planet. The rest of the system is open to the settlers, she won't care about that. But not her planet.
TBP-Z1: 15,000
OBP-Z2: 5,000
CRP-Z3: 1,000
Alpha Fighters: 500
Beta Fighters: 100
VHTs: 100
Spacer 2 Space Fighters: 100 (see Spacer 2 space fighter)
Cyclone Power Armors: 1,000
CVR-3 Battle Armors: 0; There's enough for the Cyclones, but no spares. Derisha prefers the Tiresian body armor.
Tiresian Boiroid Terminator Battle Armor: 50,000
Tiresian Assault Rifles: 150-200,000
Gallant H-90: 150-200,000
Old Style T'sentraedi Mechas: 0.
Political Solutions: None. The REF needs the planet to establish the system as part of the U.G.C. T'sentraedi who lay down tier arms and surrender will NOT be punished (Clan Derisha is "guilty" only of squatting).
1) Mine Field: Modified QF-3,000 Ghost Fighters: Will aggressively attack REF and colonist ships until they get within 10 miles, when the internal nuclear bomb will detonate. Note: When the fighter is at 10% of MDC, it will initiate a terminal run, becoming a nuclear missile‼ Range: Effectively unlimited. However, it requires 30 hours to transit from the mine field to the main fleet body, giving the fleet PLENTY of time to attempt to destroy the missile. If the remaining 10 MDC is destroyed, the physics package (the nuclear bomb itself) can not detonate. Total Number of mines in the field: 20,000.
Note: The Mine will NOT detonate within 100 miles of the main mine field area: If the PC's can keep the fighters contained to that area, they can destroy the field without endangering the main fleet. The PC's must destroy 10 times their own numbers to win; Any fighters that escape will go after the fleet, starting with the SDF-6. The SDF-6 will be able to destroy 1D4 times 10 of these missiles; After that, 1D4 times 10 will be damaged, causing 1/2 damage; The rest will fully find their mark, doing full damage (remember that SDFs do have Point Defense Barrier and Full-Force Barrier Fields and full radiation shielding).
2) Battle Fleet: Adm DERISHA will next deploy her battle fleet. The PC's will have to attack one of these ships. Destroying 20 times their own number of Mecha will qualify as "winning" the first part of the battle. The second part will be boarding the warship itself; They have to get aboard and fight their way to the bridge and engine room. Doing 1,000 MDC to the bridge systems and engines will render these areas useless. Remember that there are 2 engines to destroy. The players will have to kill or neutralize 250 T'sentraedi warriors; 5 times their own numbers will be in Battle Pods or other Mecha (1 in three an Officer Battle Pod, 1 in 30 and Alpha, 1 in 150 a VHT; The Beta will be used in open space battles only, and Cyclopes will be used in open space and land battles only). 3/4 of the remainder will be Cyclone-equipped, the remainder only in battle armor. P/C's can sneak around the ship if they know the terrain well enough, but remember that ALL the T'sen will also be micronized, and this tactic will be of limited effect.
3) The land war: The players will be assigned to assist in the landing on AR-2261-Alpha. They will be facing off against the following forces:
1D6 times 20 Battle Armored Troopers
4D6 times 10 Cycloners
1D4 Cyclopes
1D4 times 10 VHT's
2D4 times 4 Alpha Fighters
1D4 times 50 Z-1's
1/3 that number of Z-2's
All enemy pilots will also have Bioroid Terminator Armor and be armed with Tiresian Assault Rifles and H-90's, and once their Mecha is destroyed they will fight as infantry.
4) Relief! This scenario should be used either if the PC's have done especially well, or especially badly, during their previous battles; If they need experience, give them this to help build that up. If they fucked around and pissed you off, then hit them with this as punishment (make them handle the actual extrication as the punishment). If they did especially well, give them this as a reward shoot-em-up scenario (halve the number of battle pods).
3RD Infantry is in trouble: They're surrounded by an overwhelming number of T'sentraedi Mecha, and need to be extricated FAST! The players will have to fight their way through the Clan's lines, to the 3RD; From there, 6TH Fleet assault shuttles will take over, shuttling the troops out. The players do NOT have to stand and fight the enemy forces; They will be overwhelmed themselves if they do. The enemy forces they'll have to fight through should equal their own numbers in Z-1's and -2's, and half again that number in troopers (about ⅓ Cycloners). This battle is "won" if they get 3RD out. That simple.
5) Construction: The planet is scheduled to be bombarded with comets to give it a proto-atmosphere; Once this is in place, temporary SDC shelters will be thrown up to house REF and colonial Construction personnel while a permanent Fortress is built (will take about 06 months). During this time, Clan Derisha forces will attack the site. Never more than 1D4 times 10 in numbers, seeking to destroy the SDC shelters (which will delay construction, as the construction personnel MUST have these facilities to store tools, materials, and for living space). The players must AGGRESSIVELY attack the Clanners; The Clanners will focus on the REF troopers until one or two can get through, when they will attack the shelters. As long as the REFer's are aggressively prosecuting the campaign, the Clanners will not be powerful enough to get through.
6) Big Game Hunt! The PC's will be assigned to prosecute an attack against the Clanners; A major Clanner base about 100 miles from the construction site, where MI believes the majority of Clanner Mecha are being repaired.
Defender forces:
1D4 times 100 Z-1's
2D4 times 10 Z-2's
An equal number of VHT's and Alphas
1D4 Z-3's
2D4 times 500 Troopers (about 2/3 Cycloners)
The PC's will NOT be required to destroy all of them; Only about 5 times their own numbers. Other units will also involved in the attack.
After this, the P/C's will be released from further actions on this planet, returned to their regular duties in the fleet, and ship out. The SDF-6 and the rest of the fleet will have already shipped out to the next settlement planet, so the PC's will be send to another system to await the fleet (about 2 weeks). The usual pattern is one planet side rotation every 5th colonization.
Chapter 3: Ambush!!
A Masterite group has ambushed the fleet in deep space. The Masterites have 1 Mothership and a dozen or so other ships (including captured UGC ships). Their intentions are to take civilians for "retasking" (brainwashing) and to take food and ammunition (a slight change from the norm).
Objective: Simply defeat the Masterites.
1 Mothership
2 PLANET MASTER-Class Assault Shuttles
1 YOUNGER-Class Assualt Destroid/Shuttle
3 ARMOR-Class Cruisers
4 RIN NADOW LOJMClass Monitors
2 TOU REDIR-Class Salan Scouts
Several dozen Master's Assault Shuttles.
Many Bioroids of all the major types; About 2,000 in all.
23 Police Destroids
2 HAS-1 Hover Destroids
About 400 other Destroids of various sorts.
28 Guardians of various sorts; They're all actually more like rebuilds, using parts off of several to rebuild any given one. Pretty much useless if captured.
Political Solutions: None.
Obstacles: Only combat. The Masterites WILL use nuclear missiles against civilian targets if the Mothership's capture threatens.
Chapter 4: Siege of Sorien.
Situation: 6TH Fleet was received an urgent request for assistance from the local Privy Council of Sorien, a mostly agricultural and mining system in the outlier sector of Sixth District (6TH Fleet's AOR). An Ator malcont group is attempting an all-out offensive to take control of the system- Not a usual hit-and-run raid, but an actual land-holding action. They believe they can hold the system for about 3 months, more than long enough to completely drain the system of most of its valuables.
In preparation for their attack, they had inserted a virus into the Hyperspace Link System to disable it; This would prevent the locals for calling for assistance until it would be far too late. This type of attack, while rare (especially for Ators), has been successfully carried out before.
Unfortunately, just as the assault began to swing into high gear, a tramp freighter, the Unreliable (a Thuverl Salan rebuild job) lived up to her name once again- She had been scheduled to come in over a month before, and was assumed to be lost in space. Arriving late, and unaware of the attack, the Unreliable realized the attack for what it was, and FTL'd away as fast as she could. It was the ironically appropriately named Unreliable who raised the alarm- Failing, for once, to live up to the name.
The Ators actually have the largest part of their plan well underway- A few thousand RDF'ers and other refugees are the only free forces still at large, and they aren't serious enough a threat to warrant attention. The RDF warships are under Ator control (in fact, several have already been spirited away to parts unknown), and a very large quantity of Mecha and parts are long gone. Civilians have already been segregated from militry, police, and security personnel- Those with combat skills (including almost all police) are killed outright- Ators know a dangerous animal when they have it caged. A lot of those taken have tried to lie about their jobs (police officers claiming to be "mere" parking cops, infantry men claiming to be electricians, etc.), but this tactic has proven to be far less than effective. Security guards are generally killed immediately.
The PC's job will be to take part in breaking the siege.
Planets: The main planet is Sorien, but there are also several off-world colonies.
Interference: Ator malconts.
2 SLAVE MASTER-Class Ships
5 MALCONTENT-Class Cruisers
8 PLANET MASTER-Class Assault Shuttles and 5 YOUNGER-Class Assault Destroid/Shuttles have been pressed into service.
Headquarters The Ator faction leader has taken up residence in the city hall building in a small city on the coast. This placed her closer to the major internment camps without being close enough to actually see the camps, and has a beautiful view of the ocean. The city, Jerine, is the center of militry, police, and security personnel interment so she can PERSONALLY oversee their deaths.
Mecha: Several THOUSAND Atorian robots. The Ators haven't had a chance to put the UGC Mecha back in service for the most part, but the Police Destroids, being one they routinely utilize without much change ARE in service (about 200 of these in all have been quickly repainted in Ator red and black).
Political Solutions: None. The Ators know if they're taken alive, they'll die on a UGC Prisonship- Their own, if the UGC gets that.
1) Mine field: Modified Nuclear MRM's: The MRM's were simply dropped in place with a remotely controlled disarm device (for later collection and reuse, if possible). Will aggressively attack REF ships, detonating their nuclear warheads at about 100 miles. Range: Effectively unlimited. However, it requires 30 hours to transit from the mine field to the main fleet body, giving the fleet PLENTY of time to attempt to destroy the missile. Total Number of mines in the field: 20,000,000.
Note: The Mine will NOT detonate within 100 miles of the main mine field area: If the PC's can destroy them (even simply disabling their motors) in that area, they can destroy the field without endangering the fleet. The PC's must destroy 10 times their own numbers to win; Any fighters that escape will go after the fleet, starting with the SDF-6. The SDF-6 will be able to destroy 1D4 times 10 of these missiles; After that, 1D4 times 10 will be damaged, causing 1/2 damage; The rest will fully find their mark, doing full damage (remember that SDFs do have Point Defense Barrier and Full-Force Barrier Fields and full radiation shielding).
2) Battle Fleet: The Ator's will deploy their entire battle fleet. The PC's will have to attack one of these ships. Destroying 20 times their own number of Mecha will qualify as "winning" the first part of the battle. The second part will then have to attack, but not DESTROY, the warship itself; There's a very real possibility the ship has detainees aboard, and the UGC wants them back alive and as little harmed as possible. They may even have to board her and fight their way to the bridge and/or engine room. However, destroying these spaces will endanger the hostages, so don't shoot. The spaces should have between 2 and 5 times the PC's own numbers.
3) Prison Break! Fleet Command understands the danger faced by the hostages held in Jerine, and have bypassed every other city to liberate this town. Even the escape of the over-all Ator force is considered "acceptable" to get the people of the town alive and safe.
The Ator forces around Jerine will NOT hold the line- But if surrounded, they will ABSOLUTELY fight to the death. The PC's should be thrown at an Ator force that's roughly their equal in power, with the "belief" that other units are holding other sectors.
During the battle, read this to the PC's:
"Mayday mayday, this is 22ND Infantry, we're getting overrun here! Somebody help us out!!" A quick check over the radio system will reveal that 22ND is up against 5 Ator robots- Yup, 22ND is seriously deep shit. It's now the PC's call- They're the closest help to 22ND. Do they try and hold the line and await the cavalry, or get the hell out of there? The Ator outbreak unit should equal the force the PC's are already facing, so the PC's may not feel they can hold the line.
If they order 22ND to pull back, the PC's should see positive results in 1D4 melees, as the Ators seem to be pulling back, and 22ND reports more Ators throughout the area taking only random shots at 22ND and 53RD Armored's position (22ND is 53RD's infantry support). If they order 22ND to hold their positions and split off to support them, they should see results in 1D4 melees as the Ators attempt to make the breakout in that section of the line.
The Ators will only fight to make their breakout, they're more interested in escape and evasion- They had expected the REF to try liberating a civilian camp first, and had been focusing on evacuating THOSE areas instead. The decision to take Jerine caught them completely off-guard. All they need is a roughly 1/4 mile wide clear area to bug out.
Of course, the PC's can force the battle all the way to the end- At which point the Ators will turn the robot weapons on the hostages, trying to kill as many of them as fast as possible in the last few melees.
4) Occupation: The PC's are detailed to sweep through several towns of Ators- For the most part they're making a fighting retreat out of the area, though in a few places they make solid, hard core stands, mostly when they have nowhere to run (villages in hill clefts, for example). The Ators won't massacre any more civilians, but will NOT surrender willingly- If the option presents itself, they will commit suicide and, better still, try and take a few robbies with them.
5) Big Game Hunt! The PC's will be assigned to prosecute an offensive against the Ators; MI has traced the Ators to their OWN base of operations, another seemingly abandoned system. A rebuilt REF/Atorian Empire War era space station brought into the system years ago. Though the majority of Ators and Sisters (Ator colabs, all women) have been withdrawn, there are still a lot of them there. The plan was to leave a policing force to control the slaves until the space station could be moved out of there- Unfortunately, the station wasn't moved in time (in point of fact, there was no plan to move the station, it was sacrificed to salvage the majority of Ator assets, including a few million slaves). The station's defense forces should roughly equal that of the PC's SHIP, but not the entire fleet. Remember, there's slaves on the station, and the UGC will be very unhappy if they die as a result of REF "bungling." The PC's will have to destroy 10 times their own numbers. Other units will also involved in the attack.
Chapter 5: Rebellion on Anchion.
The mining and manufacturing colony of Anchion is in rebellion. As is so often the case, there are a LOT of reasons, none of which matter now. The colonists have gained control of several cities, hold police officers and militry personnel who did NOT join the rebellion under lock and key; However, they have not harmed them any more than necessary to restrain and detain them. Keeping to the customs of rebellion, they have treated those being held as well as they can (a fact verified by the Regional Overseer- The ghosts of FBX 21555320 still haunt the UGC, even 150 years later).
As is so often the case, some police and militry personal joined with the rebels, and took with them their Mecha and some key sites, especially Anchion State Aerospace Port; Though not a militry facility, the control of the aerospace port gives the rebels control of non-militry access to and from the planet.
Objective: Supplement the local government against a rebellion.
Planet: Anchion
Interference: Rebels, partisans, occasional mine fields and snipers.
GOVERNMENT FORCES: Over 50 various landships of every class, two space stations (a modified RIN NADOW LOJMClass Monitor and a modified QUILTRA QUELEUAL-Class Dock Landing Ship), and 4 HAYES-Class Carriers (capable of reaching orbit, but not MEANT to). Also, about 1/2 million various Destroids (mostly Tid-Bitz). The remaining loyal militry forces number of soldiers in the RDF number roughly 10 million.
REBEL FORCES: The Aerospace Port and it's attendant space station (a modified TOU REDIR-Class Salan Scout), plus another space station (a modified RIN NADOW LOJM-Class Monitor), 1/4 million various Destroids and robots, and about 2 million soldiers (both Rebel Army and defector RDF'ers). The Rebels also have about a dozen vsls of various types, including one HAYES-Class Carrier, 2 HUNTER-Class Battlers, and others. They have one Defiant-Class Shuttle and a few FRANDLAR TILUVO-Class Re-Entrypod re-fitted for micronian pilots.
Mecha: Every sort of Mecha and robots are available to both sides in extensive quantities.
GOVERNMENT FORCES: The Overseer's forces still hold Mt. Granick and most of the surrounding militry bases for several thousand miles; In fact, they fully control the colonies' central continent. The aerospace port, as is the usual custom, was built anti-podal to the capital, which is within 100 miles of Mt. Granick.
REBEL FORCES: The rebels are using Mt Muroew, a service city for the aerospace port, as their headquarters.
Mecha: Every sort of Mecha and robots are available to both sides in extensive quantities.
Political Solutions: Though political solutions are available to the powers that be (and will be reached), the PC's don't need to worry about that. Their job will be to prosecute a militry solution.
Defense: The main colony's southernmost city is under attack. The assault force can consist of any type of Mecha (including moddies and non-standards) the GM wishes, but should equal the PC's group in numbers. They will withdraw when they suffer roughly 90% causalities. As rebel Mecha robots are damaged, they will withdraw (they equal the PC's in general common sense).
Patrol: The planet has 5 main continents; The main colony is on the continent of Anchion; The southern continent of Wermeir is up for grabs. A few factories, but EXTENSIVE fuel deposits (most hydrogen in raw forms, such as oil and coal), and timber (critical for construction, even of militry facilities). There's also a cement factory. Both sides want to gain control of the region for their use (it's also strategic to BOTH the main contestant's center of power).
While on patrol over the region, the PC's will be engaging rebel forces intermittently. If available, use Robotech RDF Training Manual random roll tables- If not, the GM can generate encounters based on PC's abilities (re-roll on non-applicable random elements, such as "Police Armory", etc.). However, the PC's should find villages and town, with opinions going both ways. Some villages will be hard-core rebel sympathizers, others hard-core governmental supporters, some divided. The PC's may even have to break up a riot or other insurrection during their patrol. Occasional "Fuck you" rounds may fly around their heads though even in the most pro-government towns, while in the most anti-government they will find a few people willing to at least treat them decently- or at least take their money for food, drinks, etc. (in honest trading). The PC's should seize and transport any rebel supplies discovered, but try to avoid needless bloodshed. Also, rebel forces encountered in the region, whenever possible, should be engaged OUTSIDE of towns (though the rebels may set up ambushes inside town, including command-detonated land mines).
Patrol phase should be repeated on Seffis and Kerion continents (with varying degrees of success). Each continent should only take a month or two (of game time, two to three individual runs).
Offense: The colonial government needs to re-gain control of the aerospace port. Though the militry has been bringing in some supplies, and the colony had a large stockpile of food, medicine, etc., they still can't hold out forever. They need to get the port open again for their own sake.
Obstacles: Mine fields, Mecha, rebel RPA's, snipers, the whole fucking shmear. The PC's need to take the village of Wannowe; Ringed by a 15 mile random mine field, the village ALSO has roughly 100 heavy Mecha and another 20-30 Guardians of varying types, plus about 250-odd infantry (about 1/4 of them power armors). The types of battle armor and weapons will vary (some weapons may even be SD).
Endgame: With the spaceport back in government hands, but a LOT of rebel sympathies, the government and rebel factions work out a political solution (more local control, labor laws revisited, all the usual crap these problems start with). The only REAL change, in the end, will be about 20,000 RDF'ers out of work (dishonorably discharged) who may try to join the REF (some might get a slot, most wont) or hook up with a merc company (this is where a LOT of mercs come from).