Clingohn Alliance.
Par'tok-Class Freighter.
Clingohn Alliance.
Par'tok-Class Freighter.
Abeam View.
Isometric View.Vessels Of The Class In Convoy.
Affiliation:Clingohn Alliance.
Active:Since at least the 20th century.
Length:1,640 feet 5 inches (nearly one third of a mile).
The "Par'tok-Class Freighter" was large transport vessel used by the Clingohn Alliance designed to carry cargo. As typical to the Clingohn Alliance, crew conditions are spartan- So much so, the Merchant Marine tried to regulate them out of service as "unfit for service." This effort in the end failed, but the Clingohn Alliance won't be building any new ones any time soon, either.
The Par'tok-Class "can" land, but they generally do not, due to the complexities and, more importantly, the time necessary to do so. Typically, cargo is loaded into the Lander Modules (the vaguely ziggurat shaped "blisters" around the hull), which are then ejected. The planet below then launches another Lander module into orbit so the ship can continue on her way (in fact the modules are usually en route to the ship before she's even inserted into orbit, minimizing the down time). En route to the next port, the ship's crew will off load the modules (if necessary) and re-load them for their next landing; This module will then be the last one to be launched, ensuring all the modules get used evenly, minimizing wear and tear on them.
The Par'tok-Class IS armed, though relatively lightly, to fend off raiders. To counter the threat of warships, they will typically run off at maximum possible, speed. More than one Par'tok captain has actually maneuvered close to a local handy star to break pursuit.
In the earliest phases of the UGC aneexxation, a cabal of Clingohns opposed to annexation acquired a fleet of these ships (about 200) and attempted to arm them to warship standards: They made a stand at Krios Prime, but were soundly defeated; All 200 of their own ships were damaged or destroyed, with only one UGC warship, UGC NESVATEE, slightly damaged. Treatment of the Clingohn survivors of the battle had a strong effect on the larger Empire, as the survivros were treated humanely AND allowed to keep their honor; "There was really not much they could do. They fought well and honorably, but our weapons had them completely out matched." (In fact, they were returned to Qo'noS, without parole, as soon as the last were able to travel.)
"Par'tok" is a corruption of the insults "P'Tok" ("spineless child") or "Pahtak" (lowly slave").
Name: Par'tok-Class
Model Type: Cargo vsls.
Crew: 100.
Passengers: About 250
MDC By Location:
Note: The HUGE amounts of MDC these vessels have don't really mean all that much, in reality; They're still easily enough fractured to allow pirates and other raider to get what they want.
Speed and Statistical Data:
Spacefold: Not Equipped.
FTL: Factor 10.
Cruising Speed: 0.5 Mach.
In Atmosphere: 50 mph.
Clearance: 200 feet.
Beam: 200 feet.
Length: 1,640 feet 5 inches (nearly a third of a mile).
Weight: 1 million tons.
Cargo: 50 million tons.