United Galaxies Council.
United Galaxies Council.
The Office Of The Council.
United Galaxies Council.
United Galaxies Council.
Agency History: The Office Of The Council is responsible for the management of the facilities of the UGC. They have been derisively referred to as "The Plumbers, Groundskeepers, and Janitors Guild" because their duties do so heavily center around physical
XXT-5Ki, A Moon of XXT-5K.
maintenance of UGC buildings.
General Information
Name: Office Of The Council
Director: Homeland Secretary
Assistant Director: Deputy Homeland Secretary (or "Deputy Secretary").
Duties: Oversee the facilities (land and space) of the UGC, especially buildings under its ownership or care.
Size and Orientation: Super Agency (200)
A: Outfits: None (0); The closest thing to "outfits" the agency provides is a dress code.
B: Equipment: Cheap Gear (2); Even computers, etc are based on lowest bid.
C: Weapons: Armed Agents (5); There are (very rare) occasions they deploy armed agents, but typically if there's violence expected they send someone else to do that business for them.
D: Bionics and Robotics: Basic Systems (10); The agency might pay for cybernetic replacements for injuries suffered on-the-job, but tries to get out of it whenever possible.
E: Vehicles: Fleet Vehicles (10)
F: Communications: Secured Service (10); They can also tap into other service's comms systems to some degree.
G: Offices, Hideouts and Distribution: Regional (25); At least one small office can be found in every system the UGC controls.
H: Military Power: Security Guards (5); However, most of these are unarmed contract guards, rather than agency-employed guards.
I: Super Powered Agents: None (20); In theory, they shouldn't need any such thing.
J: Sponsorship: Government (0)
K: Special Budget: Small Potatoes (15)
L: Administrative Control: Rigid Laws (0).
M: Internal Security: Lax (5); Even their 'secret' activity is known, in so far as the general direction of the agency is known; For example, while the agency is keeping a secret about exactly what and how they intended to address a given piece of property, everyone of any interest in the matter will know they intend to buy it, sell it, declare it a refuge, etc.
N: External Infiltration: None (0); Legally they can't.
O: Intelligence Resources: Cheap Resources (2); They get the news, other agencies can pass information they might find useful, etc, but that's about it.
P: Agency Credentials: Recognized (30) and not always well-liked.
Q: Salary: Good (30).

Assets: The Office Of The Council has its headquarters on XXT-5Ki (commonly called "Ski"), giving it an EXTREMELY close relationship with the Galactic Information Bureau; Too close for some. They also have full-time access to any information generated by the Galactica-Class vessels and the Galactic Survey Agency.