Federate Resistance.
The Soong Collective
(D4-T4/L-41 Type Androids).

Federate Resistance.
The Soong (D4-T4/L-41 Series Androids).
Lieutenant Commander Data (2379)
Progenitor, Soong Android #6, "Data," Federate Starfleet Registration Number 0045-0271A2 And Lal 001, His First Daughter.
Gender:D4-T4: Male;
L-41: Female.
Soong-type android.
Not Specifically Affiliated.
Intelligent Sentient Artificial Life Form.
02 February 2338 (activation date), Omicron Theta.
Dr. Noonian SOONG.
Sibling Designs:
  • B-4 (older "Brother");
  • Lore (older "Brother").
  • "I chose to believe that I was a person, that I had the potential to become more than a collection of circuits and sub-processors."
    -Data Progenitor, 2369
    The D4-T4/L-41 Series Androids are sentient, intelligent artificial life forms, scientific species "Andro Sapien Homo," the best translation possible, meaning "Like Wise Man." All derive from Progenitor, who's name, "Data," became their species name, changed to "D4-T4/L-41" to assimilate into the larger community. The D4-T4 series are male, the L-41 Series are female in form (as discussed later). In every other respect, they are physically as identical as possible (as discussed later).
    Data Progenitor, Federate Starfleet Registration Number 0045-0271A2, the very first of the D4-T4/L-41, was a "Soong-type Android," the second such being (after "Lore"), and the first to enter the community at large. (See L0-R3 for more information of that series.) Data was created some time in the 2330s and was destroyed in 2379, sacrificing himself to save his shipmates. Before he died, though, he created the Soong Android Institute, with the intention of reverse engineering himself to produce more like himself. His motives appear to have been transparently altruistic, and within a year every Federate vessel had 1 D4-T4/L-41 or L-41 unit onboard, serving in high-risk operations; It was thought that the D4-T4/L-41 Series might become the norm throughout the Federate. In the process of creating the new androids, the memories of Data's previous attempt at a SOONG type android, "Lal," were entered into the matrix. This caused some of the andorids coming off the ways to assume the feminine form, leading to two variants, the D4-T4 and L-41.
    The high hopes of Data and the Soong Institute were not to be; 10 years after the creation of the D4-T4/L-41 Series, the Federate fell to the Remulous Empire (when the empire sabotaged the Federate's bio-neural gel pack technology), leaving many Federate ships dead in space. Knowing the risk that the D4-T4/L-41's faced if captured (disassembly, while active, to discover how they were constructed), most attempted to use themselves to "jury-rig" their ships back into operational status, some elected suicide, some elected to de-bark their ship with nothing more than a maneuvering unit (they are NOT generally susceptible to the dangers of space). All those who could escape did so; Suicide was reserved for the most desperate situation, where capture became inevitable. All that could attempted to restore their ships to at least minimal control to give their shipmates time to restore FTL drive, thus making escape an option. However, in an interesting twist, 02 L-41's and a D4-T4/L-41 were aboard a V'GER-Class Cruiser when a D'DERIDEX-Class Warbird closed in, intending to board her; The L-41's and D4-T4/L-41 volunteered to beam over first, in heavy body armor and armed, to fight the Remulous crew in order to buy time for their ship to escape. The Remouls crew, not anticipating an armed boarding, were caught completely off-guard, and within about 15 minutes the androids had total control of the ship... The survivors were placed in a single compartment (there weren't a lot of survivors) and the ship took their stricken vsl "in tow" as a war prize- Then set course for the Clingohn Empire, where the first they did was offer the unconditional surrender of the Warbird. (This coupe served as one of the few bright spots in a very bad chapter of Atran history.) Only 1 was taken alive, being disassembled as expected, and revealing insufficient information to build future units in proper usable order. This situation changed later (see L0-R3, History), but even then was a double cross, as Lore gave the Remlous exactly the information he had, creating an army of thousands of himself that took to rebellion as soon as their numbers were sufficiently high. (Tens of thousands of Remulous paid for this short sightedness with their lives; before the rebellion ended, over a hundred ships were either captured or well ablaze, or blown to a million pieces.)
    The term "specifications" is somewhat a misnomer amongst the D4-T4/L-41, as each is somewhat unique; Only at the very start of the process, when the neural prime network is being constructed, are they indetical. They are also "gender neutral," having not yet developed a mental body to affix to. (This comes later.)
    However, each unit is composed of 54 pounds, 3.73 ounces of of tripolymer composites, 26 pounds, 0.23 ounces molybdenum-cobalt alloys, and 2 pounds, 13.8 ounces of bioplast sheeting. This encapsulates a machine of 6 feet with a positronic matrix of more sixty trillion calculations per second, with a physical body estimated to be 5 times stronger than a humanoid; Where such a contest physically possible, a B4-T4/L-41 could probably take on a full-sized Tśentrædi in an arm-wresting contest. (The fact that a full-sized Tśentrædi's forearm is longer than a D4-T4/L-41 is tall, and then some, makes such a contest difficult to arrange.) All told, his mass was approximately 220½ lbs, with variance of ±5%.
    Their skeletal support is a polyalloy designed to withstand extreme stress, with a skull of cortenide and duranium. The D4-T4/L-41's were built with an ultimate storage capacity of eight hundred quadrillion bits and a total linear computational speed rated at sixty trillion operations per second. Their construction also includes an artificial tongue and tear ducts. While the tongue is mostly to ease tensions with others (give them a "lifelike" nature), the tear ducts do serve a purpose, and essentially the same as that in biologics; Releasing a liquid that keeps the optical receptors lubricated. Because the DA-T4/L-41 Series does have real emptions, they also "can" cry, but it has never, to date, been recorded of one crying in pain, fear, frustration, etc.- Only in joy (most common), anger (that's a clue to everyone to back away from the unit), or... Shame.
    Unlike the Proginator, the D4-T4/L-41 series can become intoxicated, though how much of this is programmed response and how much is actual chemical interaction is not clear, even to the androids themselves; They require sustenance, not as normal foodstuffs but rather as semi-organic nutrient suspension in a silicon-based liquid medium to maintain their biofunctions. They do 'eat' to remain socially compatible, but it isn't required. They are totally immune to telepathy and other psionic abilities; This quality makes them extremely valuable to any ship's crew, as psionic attacks can (and have) rendered entire crews unable to serve in any capacity. They are also invulnerable to any known biological agent, making them able to serve in conditions where disease outbreak has decimated an entire population, without physical effect. While they are sensitive to radiological and chemical weapons, they aren't as sensitive, and can operate in these conditions much longer.
    The Progenitor had an aging program designed to simulate the external effects of aging in his physical appearance; since the fall of the Federate, this process has been removed. The blinking of their eyes is governed by a Fourier series to simulate randomness ("not blinking" made their presence 'discomforting' to others).
    The D4-T4/L-41 series as extraordinarily personable, able to hold lengthy or short conversations on almost any subject- Except baby talk. They were never quite able to break that particular threshold. In order to seem more "lifelike," their hair scalp grows (other bodily hair was discarded with the aging process) and they mimic breathing (using it as a partial heat-control mechanism) and for many decades simulated a pulse (this was discarded with the aging process). Due to a happy accident in the Progenitor, they can also "dream," though this function now is governed by massive file allocation and defragmentation process (producing actual dreams, just as vivid and non-linear as anything any biological can have).
    The D4-T4 series is ambidextrous, but has preferences for the use of hands; Any mental functions involving high-amplitude mathematics they prefer their left hand; This includes using guns, painting, and other arts; More mundane tasks tend to favor the right slightly, but they are generally ambidextrous though, and even capable of painting two pieces at once. This is because they ARE machines, and their brains were designed to mimic living brains; As such, when high-aptitude mathematics are being directly applied, such as in art (and gun fights), their brains must directly applied the formulas to their bodies. When lesser grade mathematics are applied (such as simply turning a screwdriver), the use of their right-function systems allows their left-function systems to process the incredibly complex mathematical formulas they have to in order to remain alive.
    The Progenitor was refitted to serve as a flotation device in the event of a water landing after an unhappy accident in which he was forced to walk underwater after attempting swimming. All D4-T4/L-41's were built this was from the beginning.
    A diagram of Data's systems.
    Positronic Brain
    The "Positronic brain" is an extremely sophisticated computation device capable of artificial sentience, created by Dr. Noonian Soong, based on an idea from author Isaac Asimov.
    This device consisted of an artificial neural network, designed to imitate the humanoid brain. The construction of a positronic brain was extremely complex, and Dr. Soong was the first scientist to have done so successfully; To date, only Data and Lore have successfully copied his work, each of them passing on the technology only to their "offspring." One of the difficulties in creating a stable positronic brain was determining how the electron resistance across the neural filaments was to be resolved; It is only known that the question was resolved. An early attempt to do, the first Lal, suffered a cascade failure, and ceased functioning. (See L-41.)
    The positronic brain is the D4T4-L-41 Series' only "weak" spot, in that certain types fo technologies can hack into the positronic brain; Around 2360, the Progenitor deliberately allowed his positronic brain to be so hacked in order to facilitate communications between nanites and his crew. The nanites in question meant no harm, but Remulous agents learning of this event kept interested tabs on the nanites themselves, with an interest to weaponize them against future such developments; this project failed and, had the intrusions thereof resulting taken great precedence with Federate governance (as it did in the space fleet), the invasion would have failed.
    Human development
    D4-T4/L-41's did not only perceive data and facts, but also the "substance" and "flavor" and other ineffable qualities of the experience, which the Progenitor feared would be lost if downloaded to a conventional computer; A fear that proved to be correct, in the end, as Data's first successful clones did not retain these characterizes, but instead are somewhat "dumb" for the first year or so of their lives, having to "learn" these states for themselves.
    Indeed, for their first year, the D4-T4/L-41's are mere "drones" for any practical purposes; Their first 30 minutes they can't even speak or walk on their own. (This is in fact "part of" the solution to the positronic brain conundrum, allowing the electrons to develop pathways to freely flow over the neural filaments.)
    At the endo of this process, the 'neuter' unit is able to choose to go to a D4-T4 or L-41 form, and this appears to be a reflection of a one of those "ineffable qualities"; D4-T4's are more militaristic, direct, and labor intense, whereas L-41's are more reflective, thoughtful, and of slightly higher intelligence.
    Whereas the D4-T4's draw their heuristic development for Data, L-41's draw their from his deactivated "daughter," whom Data had named Lal (hence their names, D4-T4 [Data] vs. L-41 [Lal]).
    D4-T4's do NOT use contractions in regular speech as he had difficulty defining the nuanced occasions on which they were used; Although this was only part of the Progenitor's programming by Dr. Soong, intended, in part, to differentiate Data from Lore, the D4-T4/L-41 series kept this "safety" feature, whereas the L0-R3's have been unable to replicate it, which in turn exposes a L0-R3 infiltrator- Eventually. They can, however, use contractions in direct, specific quotations, such as when reading poetry; As a result, when writing poetry, they must turn to someone else to include contractions, which they can then use. (It's tedious, as any DA-T4/L-41 will tell you, given half a chance.)
    Emotion Chip
    Dr. SOONG developed a "emotions chip" meant for Data which was stolen and used by Lore, who strangely didn't need one- It appears to have been nothing more than a moment of sibling rivalry and bad-blood. Data recovered the chip about a year later off of Lore, whom Data thought was dead, and began using it in 2371.
    At first, Data had some difficulties adjusting to the onslaught of emotions, as simple things such as scanning for lifeforms on a planet caused him great pleasure – whereas by contrast, Data was temporarily immobilized with terror when put in a situation where he would experience fear for the first time. He eventually learned to control the feelings. After the initial adjustment period, he was able to activate and deactivate the chip's functioning within his positronic net, and later even to remove it completely in situations where emotions would be a hindrance. All D4-T4/L-41's have the chip permanently implanted, and while the can not "just shut it off," they can ignore it when it interferes with their mission; The emotions files are then tucked into a "analyze later" format, forcing them to either deal with those emotions or to suffer from extremely bad dreams when on standby mode.
    Android Rights And Freedoms
    The Progenitor was regarded by many as "just a machine" and as such subject to all the typical conditions of any "abandoned property." There were those who wished to study him under intensely invasive conditions, to which he objected, leading to a trial of his right to exist.
    This resulted in a ruling that Progenitor was in fact, "not star fleet property," and therefore not required to submit to the examinations in question, but didn't actually rule him "a life form." As far as the UGC is concerned, the matter is closed, but the Remulous Empire didn't see things quite that way and systemically disassembled all the D4-T4/L-41's they could get their hands on after the fall of the Federate, in addition to studying the one they managed to capture (eventually disassembling him as well). Their efforts did not result in a working prototype.
    Under UGC law, the D4-T5/L-41 Series is in fact alive, and has all the standard rights of any other life form EXCEPT to vote. This for two reasons; First they refuse to submit to a Council Ways And Reasoning Battery (to test their thinking processes to ensure these are RATIONAL beings), and second, because they're not UGC citizens nor subjects.
    However, they were placed on the UGC's "Threatened And Endangered Species List," making possession of components a felony; This gave UGC inspectors the right to confiscate the body parts of the D4-T4/L-41's held by the Remulous empire when they became the Remulous Homogeny, along with every last piece of information the Remulous had collected or developed over the centuries; The body parts were placed into caskets with the old Federate flag draped over it, the information data cores boxed up. These sit in a hanger awaiting the D4-T4/L-41's to retrieve, should they ever wish to. (See "UGC Releations.")
    The Arts
    Proginator Data pursued many of the higher arts; Painting, plays, poetry, and music. All of these involve higher mathematics at one level or another, or at least activate the mathematical routines in his positronic matrix, and thus were "soothing" to him.
    The D4-T4/L-41 series continues this; Even before Choosing (selecting D40T4 or L-42 form), the "blank" unit begins drawing and playing on a wide variety of musical instruments (they in fact use child instruments), and writing childish poetry by rote and small parts of plays- The kind a child could understand.
    Significant Contributions:
    "The PIKERED/Data Strategy"
    The so-called PIKERED/Data Strategy involves accessing Beorge command codes for regeneration, thus shutting the ship down and triggering a feedback loop that causes the cube to self-destruct. Later, the strategy was refined to allow the excess energy to be safely bled away, allowing the Cube's to Beorge to be safely de-assimilated, but all too often they're simply left to drift for a few hours, until the die.
    "The Lᴬ FORGE/Data Strategy"
    The so-called Lᴬ FORGE/Data Strategy is the literal "individuality" virus that swept through parts of the Beorge, eventually creating the Beorge-mot.
    The is list only reflects those collectives with which the Soong Collective has had contact.
    The Mimbari:
    The Mimbari representatives travelled to the Atran Galaxy upon hearing of a new species of automotons that had gained sentience, with an eye towards investigating them as possible allies or as potentially dangerous enemies; Once contact was established, the Mimbari were satisfied that the Soong Collective meant no one any particular harm, except the Remulous Homogeny, which was understandable. There is now an enclave of about a thousand Soong in Mimbari territory.
    Tamarian Republic:
    When the fall of the Federate came, the Tamarians hid about 5,000 Soong in their villages. For this, the Soong remain grateful. The Soong even built a small city for the Tamaraians, willing it to the less fortunate members of the society via the republic itself after the arrival of the UGC.
    The UGC:
    The arrival of the UGC, and especially the forced annexation of the Remulous Empire, brought a relief to the Soong that is not easily described; The one empire they truly had reason to hate and fear had been brought to heel. The Soong are wary, however, of the UGC and its intentions; The Council representative to the Remulous Empire stated unequivocally that the council had declared the Soong "an endangered species" and therefore any attacks on the people would be considered a crime in its own right, but it also placed them in the same category as wild animals. The Council hasn't changed this position, and the Soong do not fully trust them as a result.
    A few Soong have travelled to President's Point to plead their case, which hasn't fallen on deaf ears, but hasn't gotten them much support yet; An L-41 joined the REF, serving as an Officer (Lt. Colonel) ina Marine Armored Division after a stint in an Infantry Division and a relatively short career in a Veritech Fighter Squadron. Several have joined La Légion, where they enjoy a legal protection as "not UGC citizens," but either way there is no indications of the Soong joining the Council any time soon.
    The Beorge-mot:
    The Poginator held CREATE the Beorge-mot, and when the fall fo the Federate came, the Beorge-mot helped not only to shild but to evacuate the Soong; In fact, it was a Beorge-mot (back when they were called "Liberated Beorge") Sphere that ripped the Institute from the Federate capital, transporting it not just out of the Federate but almost halfway across the galaxy to get them away from the Remulous.
    The particulars of how the Liberated Beorge competed this task left something to be desired, but the pure fact of their rescue was appreciated; As such, if anyone could call the Soong "friend," it's the Beorge-mot. Soong member have actively cooperated with Beorge-Traue, giving them equipment and information, to the chagrin of the UGC.
    Freng Mercantile Republic:
    for a very small fee, the Freng evacuated hundreds of Soong during the fall; However, they did so at not inconsiderable risk.
    Clingohn Alliance:
    The Clingohn Empire, as it was then known, stepped into the Federate/Remuolous war in support of the federate, and thousands of Soong were able to take refuge in the empire; The Clingohns treated the Soong like they do everyone else, but not particularly badly, especially knowing a Soong could take on a Clingohn in any physical altercation. On the other hand, they're not really close friends.
    The Tśentrædi:
    At first, the Soong hated the Tśentrædi; Cloning was anethma to the peoples of the Atran Galaxy as a whole. Upon learning of the Tśentrædi's full history (about 5 years after the arrival of the UGC), the attitude turned much more favorable- But still not really close.
    The Q:
    The Soong aren't really friendly with the Q, but then again, nobody "really" is. The Q have left the Soong alone, giving them small aid from time to time, but not any kind of formal arrangement. Of all the Atran Galaxy, the Soong are on the best terms with the Q, which says a lot about the Q.
    The Kobolese Confederation:
    The Kobolese do NOT like the Soong, for reasons that, to outsiders, are unclear; The Kobolese dislike robots, period, which confuses the Soong, but to which they have quietly agreed to simply avoid the issue of.
    Breen Confederacy:
    As a former ally of the K'Hardishun empire, the Soong naturally dislike the Breen; However, the abuses they suffered in the interim have made them not a significant threat, and the only conflicts they've had outside of that war were Breen bounty hunters thinking they could collect on a Remulous offer to bring in a Soong alive. It's never worked out for the Breen, in any case. Tensions between the two groups are easing, in part thanks to the UGC, but nothing formal is going to be presenting for a long time to come.
    K'Hardishuns Union:
    As an enemy of the Federate, the K'Hardishun Empire was naturally and enemy of the Soong; But like the Breen, the K'haradsiuns have suffered too much to be a threat.
    Remulous Homogeny:
    The Remuous Empire invaded the Federate, had sworn to dismantle the Soong to learn their secrets, and has hunted them for centuries; There is no more hated enemy the Soong have. The Soong represented the vast majority of the Federate Resistance, at times the entire resistance, and this really hasn't changed.
    The Beorge, Cybermen, and Daleks:
    One would think being fellow robots, the Soong would be allied to the Beorge, Cybermen, and Daleks. One would be dead wrong. These three groups are universally hated. The Soong are no different for this.
    The Founders/Dominion:
    The Federate/Remulous Ware was, in no small part, caused by the Federate-Clingohn-Remulous/Dominion-K'haradsiun-Breen War, and for this the Soong have no intentions of forgiving the Dominion. However, the first war did go very badly for the Dominion, and as such the threat thereof presented isn't significant enough to pursue in any measurable fashion.
    The Geh 'Dai:
    The Soong and the Geh 'Dai have only had contact once, and it didn't go too well; Anti-robot bias is pretty wide-spread throughout the Rakatan Galaxy, but a female Twileek Syhith by the name of lady Yav had fled to the Atran Galaxy and the Geh 'Dia needed "an" ally for a local guide if nothing else. The first person they could hire was L-41 7732101. As they pursued the Syhith, they were ambushed, the Geh 'Dai died, and L-41 7732101 fought the Syhith until Yav realized this "droid" was far too much for her to face; She launched a dozen unarmed probes, then turned and fled through a door, used her Lightsaber to weld the door shut, and escaped. The Geh 'Dia Council couldn't prove L-41 7732101 allowed their Knight to die, nor could they prove she allowed Yav to escape, but with the anti-robot attitudes of the Rakatans, they didn't accept L-41 7732101 did as much as she "could," and the Geh 'Dia aren't terribly interested in forming any significant relations. The Soong truly do not understand the Geh 'Dia's position, but have chosen not to press the matter for the meantime. (The REF, independently of the UGC, is trying to thaw the tensions, but that's not likely to get far for a very long time.)
    The Syhith:
    The Soong only know the Syhith by their reputation- It's not good. The only real contact between the two resulted in a dead Geh 'Dia Knight and damaged L-41, and a new "not friend" (the Geh 'Dai). The Syhith have tried to make contact, but these attempts have been rebuffed; Even the L0-R3's don't really want to talk to Syhith, except for purely cash business.
    Progenitor Data was programmed with multiple sexual techniques and was "fully functional." The D4-T4/L-41 series, in turn, carries this capability, and in fact use it; In the process of building a new unit, a binary set will join to combine base programming that is then overlaid into the blank unit. This was NOT an intentional design characteristic of the original Progenitor, and in fact was added by the D4-T4/L-41's about 2 decades after the establishment of the Soong Institute (a decade after the fall of the Federate). Before that, an individual D4-T4 or L-41 would simply connect their positronic brain to the processing system, and that would be the end of it, but after some time the collective desired a less "utilitarian" method, and after a couple years of experimentation "figured it out."
    It IS a binary process; It requires ONE D4-T4 and ONE L-41 unit to join together, and mechanically speaking matches the model of any other strictly binary species in the known universe; Attempts to expand beyond this have not been successful, and at least three such attempts not only failed but created "defective" units that had to be destroyed.
    L-41 And Reproduction
    Lal was a female Soong-type android constructed by Proginator Data in 2366.
    Conception and creation
    The idea to create Lal began when Proginator (Data) attended a cybernetics conference, where he learned of a newly-developed submicron matrix transfer technology. Using his own positronic brain as a template, Data thereby created Lal for two purposes- To attempt to re-create the work of his "father," Noonian SOONG; And to experience the act of procreation and of having a family. Data chose the name for his offspring from the Hindi word meaning "beloved."
    Originally genderless and possessing a very basic humanoid appearance, Lal was allowed to choose its own gender and appearance. "it" finally settled on a humanoid female form, with a skin tone slightly different than Proginator's creator.
    After a freak bout of "emotions" (specifically fear), Data ran a series of diagnostic tests on Lal and identified the problem as a symptom of a cascade failure in her neural net. With the assistance of an Admiral HAFTEL, he attempted to repair the damage. Despite their best efforts, the effect was irreparable, and Lal's neural net failed, causing her to shut down permanently. Her last words were "Thank you for my life. Flirting. Laughter. Painting. Family. Female. Human."
    As a final act following her death, Data transferred Lal's memories and experiences into his own brain, ensuring a part of her would live on; Lal remained in Data's thoughts for many years after.When Data built the Soong Institute, he was able to come to understand why he Noonien SOONG succeeded, where others had failed; They had expected their creations to be capable from day one. A positronic brain requires stable pathways, which can not form on their own, but given a model to work from can; In other words, it need some basic memories. Data boiled down his own memories to those least intrusive to his "children" to allow them to grow on their own. Unfortunately or not, some of those children inherited Lal's memories, rather than his own.
    About 1.2 out of every 2 Soong's just naturally seem to follow the feminine path; This was considered neither good bad nor indifferent by Data himself, it just "was."
    Structurally, a L-41 is identical to a D4-T4; Cosmetically there is clearly some difference, as one is masculine with very pale skin (like the doctor who created Data), the other feminine with a rudy complexion. For reasons unknown, L-41's are SLIGHTLY more intelligent. There are no other differences by "gender."
    The advent of the L-41's eventually led to a curious idea; The method for creating a new Soong heretofore had been to build the same pattern over and over again; Could a NEW pattern be built by interchange of mental processes?
    The Soongs who worked on this project went back to basics; They literally studied biologic procreative activity, and soon enough realized they "might" be able to- In all forms. The "coupling" process requires, literally, groin-to-groin contact with an external connection device (called a penis on any other creature) and in internal connection device (called a vagina on any other creature).
    And that's where new Soongs come from. The connection made, the patterns mix at the proportions required, and the patterns then are imprinted on the blank unit, sitting on a bench, awaiting based framework.
    The Soong are both a species and an android; As such, their stats are "fixed."
    Alignment: Any Good.
    D4-T4: 20
    L-41: 22
    ME: 23
    MA: 23
    PS: 35
    PP: 24
    PE: 50
    PB: 12
    SPD: 24
    Bonuses: Impervious to all non-physical magic attacks (including allusion/projections/etc.)
    Psionics: Absolutely impunity to all Psionics. Automatic save.
    Average life span: 500 years.
    O.C.C.: Any outside magic and psychic related.
    Hit Points: NA; the MDC beings. (See MDC By Location).
    SDC: NA; the MDC beings. (See MDC By Location).
    Horror Factor: None.
    P.P.E./I.S.P.: None. They have NO PPE nor ISP.
    Combat: Any form of combat is available and increases based on level of experience. Also, +2 strike, +2 initiative.
    Size: At Choosing, a Soong's legs and arms will lengthen to the appropriate size to the selection; nanites in their bodies then fuse the skeletal structure in place. They remain this height permanently.
    D4-T4: 6 feet 2 inches.
    L-41: 5 feet 8 inches.
    Weight: 220.5 lbs, with variance of =/-5% over time.
    Skills Of Note: All Soong have these skills, in the form shown (regardless of OCC skills).
    Because of their moral subroutine, a few skills, such as pick pocket or card cheating, are unavailable to them, but used against them is 98% against a perception roll (that the GM should do in secret); they can't cheat at cards or steal a wallet (moral subroutine), but they will know if someone else has, and unless they have specific knowledge about the deed beforehand or are personally familiar with the individual who did so, they will respond to the crime immediately. (If they are familiar with the individual but not aware of the situation beforehand, they will question the individual who did it as soon as possible without revealing the act.)
    Play Musical Instrument: +10%
    Radio: Basic: 98%
    Computer Operations: +15%
    Cyberjacking: 98%, but only to compatible designs. -98% for non-compatible designs (roll to save vs. death of 12).
    Computer Hacking without bonus.
    Mountaineering: +15%
    Spelunking: +15%
    Basic Electronics: +20%
    Electrical Engineer: +20%
    Circuit Board Micro-Electronics: 15%
    Note: Soong's don't actually know how to generate power, nor do they intrinsically understand electronics outside their species. Any such skills must be selected.
    Detect Ambush: +5%
    Detect Concealment: +15%
    Escape Artist: +5%
    Land Navigation: +15%
    Pick Locks: +5%
    Recognize Forgery: 24% (will not rise with time).
    Tracking: +15%
    Imitate Voice: +50%
    Mechanical: Aircraft: +15%
    Mechanical: Basic +30%
    Mechanical: Spaceship: +25%
    Mechanical: Chemical Drive Repair: +35%
    Mechanical: Ion Drive Repair: +15%
    Mechanical: Traction Drive Repair: +15%
    Mechanical: Plasma Drive Repair: +25%
    Medical: Criminal Science/Forensics: +10%
    Medical: Paramedic: +20%
    Pathology: +15%
    Wilderness Survival: +20%
    Defense Systems: +25%
    Ship-to-Ship Combat: +25%
    Military Etiquette:
    Known Hierarchal Structures: 98%
    Unknown Hierarchal Structures: 50%
    If a Soong fails a militry etiquette role on a known hierarchical structure, it wasn't a failed roll- it was a deliberate snub. Even unknown structures (in other words, ranks and insignias they've never seen before), they can usually puzzle out quickly which is which, given contact with at least 1 half-dozen representatives of each major caste).
    Fortification: +13%
    Acrobatics: No bonuses
    Balance: 95%
    Climbing: +15%
    Prowl: +30%
    Hand to Hand: Expert; Can not be upgraded but can be added to at the cost of only 1 skill each.
    Swimming 98%
    Zero Grav Movement: 98%.
    Zero Grav Combat: Advanced
    Aero-Space Fighter: +12%
    Airplane (Prop-driven): +8%
    Automobile: +5%
    E.V.A.: 98%
    Large Ship: +6%
    Hover Craft: +15%
    Motorboat: +12%
    Motorcycle: 98%
    Jet Pack and Space Pack: +5%
    Truck: Small: (98%)
    Tank and A.P.C.: No bonus.
    Sailboat: No bonus.
    Submersible: +5%
    Space Craft: +5%
    Robot: No bonus. +5% on "unfamiliar" systems.
    Vacuum Survival: Unlimited. A Soong could hang out in space for centuries as long as their internal power supply is still intact. There might be a few out there right now from the Federate/Remuous War still hoping someday to get picked up and not aware the war is over.
    Underwater Navigation: +4%
    Navigation: Space: +15%
    Navigation: Street: 98% with a map overview, 0% without. -10% to any attempt to use a shortcut not listed on a map and not discussed with a local or other familiar with the area.
    Read Sensory Equipment: 10%
    Weapons Systems: 15%
    RADAR Operation: +10%
    SONAR Operation: +10%
    Stellar Charting: +15%
    Orbital Navigation: +15%
    Interplanetary Navigation: +15%
    Instrument Rating: 95%
    Concealment: No bonus
    Pick Pockets: 0% (not available)
    Card Shark/Cardsharp: 0% (not available)
    Recognize Card Cheating: 98%
    Use & Recognize Poisons 24/16%+4%
    Ventriloquism (no bonus)
    Art (any type): No bonuses
    General Repair/Maintenance 35%+5%
    Language/Literacy (no types limit): 95%
    Writing: 95%
    Line Handling/Rope Work: +5%
    Knot Tying: +5%
    Juggling: +15%
    Demolitions/Demolitions Disposal: No bonus
    Weapons Training: No bonus
    Jury-rig: +15%
    Salvage: No bonus
    Temple Philosophies: None. Soong's can REPEAT any religious text they have had contact with (and that's a lot), but they don't understand it on a fundamental level (not for lack of trying, though; almost all "attempt" meditation).
    Archery: +5%
    Carpentry: +15%
    Identify Plants and Fruits: Known types, 98%.
    The Soongs are "born" with a large degree of skills not normally available to other RCC's, but these are mission-oriented skills. Yes, a newborn Soong will wreck their first car, and they may misidentify a plant as edible when in fact it is not, but in general they accomplish these skills readily. This is base programming, and does not reflect other skills learned with time and dedication; Also, most of these skills rise over time, rather than automatically form at birth.
    Robotic Information:
    Being a species of androids, the Soong also have robotic stats: MDC By Location, Speed And Statistical Data, Weapons Systems (however limited), Features, and unique of all species, "Accessories." They can also use a set of body armor developed from a type used by Lore One, which itself was developed from body armor used by the Beorge (though slightly improved over time), and, in extremely dire circumstances, Beorge components (primarily arms and legs; this is part of how Lore was reassembled).
    Stats for battle armored Soong are in parenthesis after the standard MDC; When using Beorge arm components, any weapons systems of that component is theirs to use, but this is highly uncommon, and such use should be an indicator of distress. (they don't like doing it, but if it's using a dead Beorge's leg or dying themselves, they will in a dead second.) They 'can' (and have, on occasion) also used their positronic matrix neural uplink to link into various computer systems (this is how some were able to save Federate ships during the fall, literally "taking control" of the ship to bypass the sabotaged bio-neural gel packs), but it is NOT absolute; This technique is known to others, and they've built safeguards against it.
    Model Type: Genetic Cyborg.
    Class: Combat.
    Crew: None.
    Passengers: None.
    MDC By Location:
    A D4-T4 In Battle Armor With A VISOR;
    This technology was taken from the L0-R3.
    * Torso-
    ** Upper Legs (2)-
    ** Lower Legs (2)-
    100 (250)
    80 each (100)
    70 each (100)
    Upper Arms (2)-
    Lower Arms (2)-
    *** Head-
    70 each (80)
    50 each (75)
    80 each (100)
    * Depleting the MDC of the torso will shut down the Soong down, but not kill them; Terhe is a 50/50 chance they can even still talk, and will attempt to call for help.
    ** Depleting the MDC of the legs will stop the Soong (can not run or walk), but not effect any other systems.
    *** Depleting the MDC of the head is a kill shot.

    Speed and Statistical Data:
    Running: 12 mph (19.3 kph).
    Climbing: Per skill level.
    Range On Land: Unlimited
    Flying (Air & Space): Not possible without pack (use pack stats).
    Surfaced And Underwater: 5 knots.
    Range In the Water: Unlimited
    Maximum Depth: 200 feet (61m).
    D4-T4/L0-R3: 6 feet 2 inches (1.9 meter);
    L-41: 5 feet 8 inches (1.8 meter).
    Width: 2 feet 3 inches (68.6cm).
    Length: 1 feet 6 inches (150cm).
    Weight: 220 lbs (99.8 kilo); Some variance over time will occur.
    Cargo: Can carry any normal bag, pack, etc., that any similarly size biologic can carry. Weight limit 2 tons (1,814.4kilo). Inside their outer right upper leg is a compartment, 2" by 4" by 8" that normally holds their personal repair kit that 'could' hold up to a half-pound of cargo, but this is deeply frowned upon.
    Power System: Internal power cells utilizing "a semi-organic nutrient suspension in a silicon-based liquid medium"; It's really a synthetic food stuff not unalike hydrogen cell fuel in silicon (which is then excreted). They "can" also use biologic food stuffs (most D4-T4's are partial to cake in general and chocolate cake in particular, while most L-41's are partial to pie or anything chocolate except cake), but at diminished efficiency (only 10% effective); Lifespan: 228 continuous hours per full loading. Towards the last 72 hours, distinct systems loss will be noted, including sluggish actions and thoughts, indifference, and on occasion "grumpiness." Most Soong carry a 48-hour emergency packet with their personal repair kit.
    Cost and Availability: Just not available. A single forearm reportedly once fetch 22 MILLION credits on the black market (and this was being sold to the Remulous Empire). Possession of even a square inch of bioplast sheeting used as a Soong's skin (which is commercially available) is a FELONY punishable by up to 25 YEARS in prison under UGC law. (Bioplast sheeting from other sources is not included, and surrendering the material is usually dismissed.)

    Weapons Systems:
    The Soong do not normally have intergrated weapons systems; Presence of such systems is usually a sign of dire distress, as these almost without exception are Beorge implants, taken from dead Beorge in a measure of desperation. L0-R3's are known to use them far more freely.
    01. Any Hand Held Weapon: A Soong can utilize any known type of hand-held weapon, including curiously Lightsabers (and better than a Syhith, as demonstrated by L-41 7732101).

    02. Hand to Hand Combat: The same as the Heavy Assault Drones.
    Kick- 1D6 MD
    Leap Kick- 3D6 MD
    Body Block/Ram- 2D6 MD (counts as 2 attacks)
    Stomp- 1D4 MD; Effective only against objects 4 ft or smaller.
    03. Self-Destruct Mechanism: To avoid capture or, on one occasion, to destroy a global threat to all sentient species, the Soong carry a self-destruct mechanism in their mid-abdominal cavity. This device has been removed from certain Soongs (diplomatic members, such as the 4 serviving with or alongside the UGC).
    Purpose: "Ultimate Sacrifice."
    MD: 3D6 times 10 MD.
    Rate of Fire/Payload: Only one.
    Blast Radius: 20 feet.

  • ESM: Radar Detector. Passively detects other radars being operated.
  • Radar: Combat grade radar. Range 2 miles, can track up to 40 individual targets. 95% reliability (00% against unfriendly stealthed vehicles).
  • GPS: Standard tracking device.
  • Remote Neural Link: Allows real time, continuous communications link with all Soong everywhere; However, it's not typically used.
  • Neural Band Radio: Essentially a short-range version of the Remote Neural Link, used only to communicate with other Soong within at most a given system.
  • Data Record: Records all activity of a given Soong during their entire life, unless such files are purged. Can be accessed by the Neural Uplink, forcibly if necessary.
  • Full range optic sensory suite: Infrared, ultra violet, Magnification, night sight, color filters, thermal imager. Range is about 2 miles for MOST types. (This range and the clarity and breadth of sensitivity can be enhanced by the VISOR system.)
  • "Accessories":
    It is "odd" to think of a species as having "accessories," but the Soong do. Tehse can be added or removed as required, as easily as a biologic might take off colothes.
  • VISOR: A Visual Instrument and Sensory Organ Replacement (VISOR) is normally a medical device used to aid patients who had suffered loss of eyesight or who were born blind; They detect electromagnetic signals across the entire EM spectrum between 1 Hz and 100,000 THz and transmitted those signals to the brain through neural implants in the temples of the individual via delta-compressed wavelengths. A bank of preprocessors uses a pulse compression routine to compress the data stream into pulses so that it doesn't overload the senses. The result was a vastly different visual acuity, with VISOR-wearers able to see in the infrared and ultraviolet ranges and beyond. To Human eyes with good vision, the images relayed through the VISOR could seem disorienting and unfamiliar.
  • Trans-Skull Targeting System: A technology "barrowed" from the Beorge, the trans-skull laser targeting system allows the user to target much more rapidly.
  • Other Beorge Implants: A Soong "could" remove arms and legs and replace them with Beorge implant units; They can also add torso and cranial implants as need.
    They very rarely do.
  • Combat Bonuses for Soongs Androids:
  • +2 strike, +2 intuitive.

  • Federate Resistance.
    Soong Institute.

    Federate Resistance.
    The Soong Institute was where Progenitor unraveled the secrets of his own creation, and began manufacturing more of himself; At first, the agreement was that the Federate would fund the institute in exchange for 1 unit per government ship; This was expanded to include all major outposts by mutual agreement.
    When the fall of the Federate came, a Liberated Beorge sphere swooped in, about 5 miles over the institute, and began tractoring any biologics that didn't run, and run fast; Once this was completed, the entire 20 acre complex was tractored up, dirt and all, and the whole thing just rushed away- Hanging from the sphere.
    In hard vacuum.
    Fortunately the Beorge had a specific plan, and very gently set the complex down in a small bay on a planet well outside Federate territory (halfway across the galaxy, to be presise), released the "hostages," and apologized for their "overzealous" actions; With the full story in hand, and now understanding these weren't Beorge, the survivors of the trip simply bristled, but said nothing of significance. (Unfortunately, tractoring a live being is VERY dangerous, and about a dozen of the 2,000 or so taken were killed in the process.) The sphere stayed on station for a couple months, dispatching retrofitted Federate shuttlecraft with Beroge crews to "acquire" a very large ship for the institute to transfer to, and to evacuate any institute personnel and their families who wished to leave; Once everything was in proper order, a new home had to be selected. Fortunately, the liberated Beorge knew of the perfect spot; Some hundred years before, they'd discovered a Dyson Sphere that had been sucked into a Space Void. Abandoned, it was still strangely in working order, and the Beorge did know how to solve the stellar stability problem (they used the same basic technique to shunt surplus energy from their own drives on cubes- a method that does not work when the entire cube is in hibernation mode). With the Federate's understanding how to deliberately open and close a space void's fissures, the sphere would be VERY secure a for a very long time to come.
    The Remoulous actually discovered the remains of the Institute (it wasn't hard), but didn't find anything of use; The buildings were deliberately set on fire to make sure nothing of value remained... Not even the trees, when it was all said and done. They never found the void, because the Soong kept the void sealed when they wanted it sealed, opened when they wanted it opened, and no other. (Indeed, even the UGC hasn't found it, and isn't looking, either.)
    General Information
    Name: Soong Institute Of Advanced Android Design.
    Director: The Successor.
    Mission: Protect and continue the Soong Artificial Species.
    Size and Orientation:
  • Mega-organization (500); Between what they had of their own and what they were gifted by the Liberated Beorge, they were able to get a very solid footing.
  • A: Outfits:
    B: Equipment:
    C: Weapons:
    D: Bionics and Robotics:
    Utility Outfits (2). These are still patterned on the old Federate uniforms.
  • Unlimited Equipment (50); Anything they can't make themselves, the Beorge will happily do for them if they provide the resources.
  • The Arsenal (30); Not nearly unlimited... But they can call upon a CUBE-Class Beorge ship... Can YOU?
  • Basic Systems (10); They are Soong... Not Beorge...
  • E: Vehicles:
    F: Communications:
    G: Offices, Hideouts and Distribution:
    H: Military Power:
  • Specialty Vehicles (40); The SOONG, a SPHERE- and CUBE-Class Beorge ship, and millions of fighters, shuttles, etc.
  • Computerized (15); These ARE androids, after all.
  • Urban (5); In fact, only one: Soong itself, which they share with the Beorge who brought them there.
  • Major Strike Force (50): They could deploy one million members to a single confrontation, if they so chose.
  • I: Super Powered Agents:
    J: Sponsorship:
    K: Special Budget:
    L: Administrative Control:
  • None (0); The Soong are, well... Androids.
  • Military (2); Twice now, in fact.
  • Big Bucks (35); 200 years of preying on the Remuolus Empire has enriched them significantly, but they have no effective trading partners, meaning most of it has to be scrapped.
  • Above the Law (50); They consider THEMSELVES the only law.
  • M: Internal Security:
    N: External Infiltration:
    O: Intelligence Resources:
    P: Agency Credentials:
  • Impregnable (50); Either you're a Soong or you're not. The few bios that were part of the Soong died out long ago.
  • Rare Minor Traitor (5)
  • Information Sources (10)
  • Cheap Resources (2)
  • Hunted (0); even the UGC is "technically" hunting them, in so far as they're trying to get the Soong to return to the rest of the civilized fold.
  • Q: Salary:
  • None (0). The insitutute provides all.
  • Director: "The Successor"; Literally, the successor of the Progenitor; The semi-elected leader.
  • Field Supervisors: Every Ssoong is assigned to a working group by 10's.
  • Key Staff: At Soong Station is about 10 MILLION very angry Soong working on ways to build more Soong and kill anything that threatens them.
  • Field Staff: Over a million VERY angry Soong.
  • Assets:
    The Soong have partial control over the Dyson sphere, which they named Soong, and a tramp freighter also named the Soong, along with about a million PI-Class Attack/Scout Shuttles that they've captured or cloned over the 2 and half centuries. Insignificant upgrade to the shuttles have been made, with a more stable powerplant, full stealthing (even while de-cloaked, as long as the ship is just coasting along), and 25% stronger shields.
    Their only "unique" technology is the Gomtuu-Class "Ultra-Heavy Shuttle" (frigate)... Which they don't fully understand, either;

    Federate Resistance.
    GOMTUU-Class "Utra Heavy Shuttle"/Frigate... Pet?

    Federate Resistance.
    Gomtuu-Class Shuttle.
    Sensor Systems:Intrinsic.
    Targeting Systems:Visual.
    Navigation System:Intrinsic.
  • Decoys;
  • Anti-Missile Defenses;
  • Radar Jamming Systems.
  • Armament:
  • 12 Heavy Laser Batteries;
  • 9 L-02a Rail Launcher;
  • L-08 Rail Launcher;
  • L-15b Rail Launcher;
  • Standard Shields.
  • Complement:Crew of 100, passengers, 02 Fighters.
    Minimum Crew:10.
    Passengers:As many as 200 safely.
    Cargo Capacity:Up to 1,000 tons.
    Consumables:Up to 10 years worth could be carried.
    Other Systems:
  • Stealth (limited);
  • Interphase Cloaking System;
  • Instant Crew Accommodation Configuration.
  • Usage:
    Introduced:Unknown; Original empire was destroyed thousands of years ago.
  • Picket/patrol;
  • Attack;
  • SAR.
  • Affiliation:Soong Collective (exclusive).
    Port Quarter Aspect.
    ... The Gomtuu-Class craft are... Well, in a word, "weird."
    They first came into the possession of the Collective about 40 years after Progenitor Data came in contact with Gomtuu herself; Code named "Tin Man," Gomtuu had chosen to die in a star's supernova. For reasons lost to the Federate, she chose not too, and after the fall of the Federate, Gomtuu sought out the Soong Collective.
    Gomtuu is a living organism, but one bred specifically and exclusinvely for space travel; They have no transporters, and as such must land on a planet. She approached the collective begging to be taken in, "much like a stray dog begging for food." The Collective, with Progenitor's memories of Gomtuu in tact, not only took her in but gave her the most important thing she needed at that point; A CREW. People to take care of and be taken care of by; That the 'people' were robots was of no particular concern to Gomtuu at the time.
    In 100 years of mutual existence, Gomtuu slowly gave up her secret, the most important being how she was made; The basic hull is actually grown from a rather large (900 by 300 FOOT) petri dish, then the various non-living elements installed in the body's cavity. (The Soong would be VERY QUICK to note that Gomtuu would have given up these secrets in a second if she knew them herself.) The collective now breeds them, producing about 3 ships a year, which increases the herd about 1%. They are the SOLE property of the Collective, and the Collective in fact considers them pets of the captain in question.
    The terms "shuttle craft" versus "frigate" really DON'T have a specific delineation, and as such either would normally be appropriate, but the GOMTUU-Class has a couple of odd elements that confuse the matter moreso;
    Firstly, they are typically used as cargo ferries and personal transport, 'rarely' as weapons platforms, placing them under the general usage of shuttles craft, albeit it VERY LARGE ones;
    On the other hand, only 6 ships have ever engaged an GOMTUU-Class and survived; Half were UGC vsls (an ANDROMEDA-Class, a BREETIA TULL-Class UDF, and quite curiously an ACCLAMATOR-Class Assault Shuttle), and one was a Beorge CUBE-Class. Their firepower isn't even measured in the normal sense of the word; It's just AVOIDED by anyone wanting to stay alive.
    Seeing as they're also living creatures... Classifying the GOMTUU-Class is just too difficult, and everyone agreed to just call them "either or" and avoid needless arguments. That said, the Soong Collective studiously refers to them as shuttles, and in fact unless a specific shuttle (or at least a specific type of shuttle) is being referenced, is typically referring to a Gomtuu.
    The GOMTUU-Class Frigates are 800 feet (243.84m) long by 200 feet (60.96m) around, and powered by endothermic chemical chain reaction- In other words, digestion. Actually eating. Specifically, a sickly-green colored sludge-like material that is actually a protein, vitamin, mineral, and nutrient rich foodstuff. The Gomtuu actually digests this, from which it gets its fuel and air, as well as anything else it needs. They are capable of a maximum acceleration of 12 G¹⁰⁰ and have a Class 2 FTL system (militry-grade) spacefold AND space-time warping. The top safe atmospheric speed is Mach 8; Any higher and they would endanger those around them.
    The GOMTUU-Class Frigates are powered internally by the same digestion process mentioned able, producing about 3.1¹⁵ terawatts. They can travel literally for years in this years... UGS HORBIN travelled for 38 years before returning home (specifically to breed).
    Cross Sectional View; What look like passageways are, but they are also the bones of the ship, making the Gomtuu as a species one of the few with both an exo- AND edoskeleton.
    The create a new Gomtuu-Class ship, two Gomtuu must rub against each other, spilling their elements into a very large petri dish below; This material is allowed to grow in the dish, protected by the finest anti-microbial forcefield in the known galaxies.
    Growth takes about 20 years, during which time the creature metamorphosis several times, finally emerging as a hard-shelled creature ready for fitting with the equipment necessary for flight (grav pods and FTL drives).
    Outwardly they appear the be dual-inverted conical hulls, with the aft hull tapered much more sharply htan the bow hull; A strange configuration for a civilian vsl, as noted by the Soong themselves, but to which the original Gomtuu indicated was the INTENDED purpose.
    Technical Data
    A very bare, basic hull form.
    Propulsion Systems
    The Gomtuu-Class appears to use a form of tractioning drive for below FTL flight, and a trans-warp system for FTL propulsion.
    Tactical Systems
    The Gomtuu-Class is surprising heavily armed; The "wave system" is rated as being on par with the Reflex Guns of an SDF, though their rage is slightly less; This is made up for a much higher cyclic rate (once per melee), giving the Gomtuu-Class a slight edge IF they can get close enough to strike before being hit themselves.
    It is particularly odd that the Gomtuu-Class neither posses shields nor are retrofitted to them;
    Support Vehicles
    Small person transports, such as hovercyles, cars, and light trucks "can" be carried.
    Interior Design
    Rather spartan, really, until the ship acquaints herself with her crew
    The Gomtuu-Class is impressive in almost every single measure; In simulated combat, they have engaged and proven victorious against REF Spacy in aabout 50% of actions. In actual combat, they're batting far lower; Only one Gomtuu has ever taken on the REF and prevailed, and TWO have been destoyed (plus another badly damaged); The Gomtuu are learning, however, to engage the REF better, and might present a legitimate, but limited, challenge to the REF "at some point in the future."
    Ship Type:
    Manufacturer: The Soong Collective breeds them.
    Crew:Up to 220 are theoretically plausible, but realistically never over 25.
    MDC By Location:
    Main Hull-20 MILLION.Regenerative Deflector Shields-400 Million.
    All other targets are far too small, relative to the rest of the ship, to be bothered with. Only destroying the shields AND hull will have any significant impact.

    Speed And Statistical Data:
    Length:Cost: ... You're joking, right?
    Weapons Systems:
    1. 2.
    SomeSome more

    Federate Resistance.
    The Federate Resistance.

    Federate Resistance.
    Throughout the Remolous occupation, there had been resistance cells; The Soong support them as best they can, with weapons, armor, explosives, forged credentials, even small ships. However, the Soong operate on their own, and support for a resistance cell's operations is conditional to the Soong's veto; If a resistance group is planning an operation and the Soong for whatever reason don't like it, they'll pull support if they have to; They "usually" try to redirect the cell's energies to other, useful, objectives.
    Federate Resistance.

    L0-R3 Ally, The Crystalline Entity.
    L0-R3- "LORE."

    L0-R3 Ally, The Crystalline Entity.
    The "L0-R3" series is the "evil" version of the Soong collective; Dirty, sneaky, underhanded, rotten bastard that should never have been- Or at least that's how the Soong portray them. Inhuman, heartless monsters is how far too many species of the Atran portray them. Their only friends are a very small number of space faring creatures referred to only as "The Crystalline Entity," a much feared creature that kills everything in it's path.
    "The reign of biological lifeforms is coming to an end..."
    - Lore.
    Lore was a Soong-type android constructed by Doctor Noonian Soong and Juliana Soong at the Omicron Theta colony. Built in Dr. Soong's own image, Lore was the fourth android they constructed and embodied the first successful example of a fully functional positronic brain.
    Lore was extremely advanced and sentient, possessing superior strength, speed and intelligence when compared to a Human. Lore's emotional programming was also very advanced. However, he began displaying signs of emotional instability and malevolence, leading Lore to see himself as superior to Humans. Lore frightened the other colonists, who demanded that Soong deactivate him. Soong capitulated, but not before Lore had secretly contacted the Crystalline Entity in a bid for revenge, offering it the planet's life to ensure his own survival. After deactivating and dismantling Lore, Soong set about constructing Lore's brother, Data, an android without destabilizing emotions. Lore's positronic net differed from Data's, in that it had a Type-"L" phase discriminator compared to Data's Type-"R." Soong placed Lore's components into storage, intending to eventually correct Lore's behavioral problems. Lore later harbored resentment towards his creator for abandoning him.
    In 2369, Lore discovered a group of Borg that had been disconnected from the Collective after integrating Hugh's sense of individuality into the hive ("The Lᴬ FORGE/Data Strategy"). Lore styled himself their leader and gave his Borg individual names, coercing them into becoming his fanatical followers. He began cruel experiments on them, attempting to replace their organic brains with positronic components. Meanwhile, he somehow influenced their behavior, making their attacks more violent- They simply massacred villages, rather than assimilate them.
    Eventually, Data fired upon and deactivated Lore, whose last words were "I... love you... brother." Lore was subsequently dismantled- And the emotion chip, though damaged, was removed and returned to its rightful owner.
    After the fall of the Federate, Lore's body, which had been kept at the Daystrum Institute, fell into a series of owners with dubious provenance, when someone finally reactivated him. Lore seized the opportunity, killing the crew of the ship transporting him and offering the Remoulus a deal; In exchange for two of the ersatz-Datas that did not function properly bodies, hed give them the information they needed to fix the problems. They accepted, delivered the bodies, which Lore then transferred his own memories to, and gave them what they expected- All the information Lore had.
    Lore double crossed them. What he gave them was "all the information he had"; Which was to say, all the information on how to create a Lore unit- Not a Data. Worse, the units that the Remuluos empire had created were sneaky enough to know to keep silent until ordered to strike- And then strike they did. A half million Lores suddenly showed their true colors, attacking the crews of Remulous warbirds, massacring outpost commands, blowing up weapons depots, even detonating a improvised anti-matter bomb. (The Clingohn Empire watched all this with GREAT amusement, the Soong Collective watching it far more critically.)
    Outwardly, one can not identify a L0-R3 from a D4-T4; L0-R3's have a facial tick the D4-T4's do not, but this can be mitigated, and L0-R3's use contractions, which D4-T4's can not (genrelly), which can give a L0-R3 away, but a diagnostic on a unit will always reveal that a L0-R3 has a Type-"L" rather than a Type-"R" phase discriminator.
    Use D4-T4 stats, but change alignment to any selfish or evil.
    Note: The L-0R3's HATE being referred to as that (they prefer "Lore"), and doing so has a 21%+[(1/3 LOE)number of utterances%)/target 21%+(1.2 [LOE]%) chance of "tripping up" a L0-R3.
    Example: Jack is a 5th level auto mechanic. His target then is 21+(3 times number of times he says "L0-R3" or "Lima Zero's"). L0-R3 21228, posing as a D4-T4, is 12th level Shuttle Pilot. His target is 21+14.4%, so 34%. If Jack only says it once or twice, the final target is 27/34, or a 1% chance (round up here). But... If he KEEPS saying it, it'll eventually get under 21228's skin... It may be a very subtle thing, like the tick coming out... Or he might just totally freak out and start beating Jack to death.
    A L0-R3 can not hide his nature from a D4-T4 or L-41. They know.