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General Amada DAALA, REF Aero-Space Forces.
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General Amada DAALA, REF Aero-Space Forces.
General Amanda DAALA'S life is a love story that would have made Max and Miyria gag.
When the REF defeated the Atorian Empire, they collected all orphaned girls and male slaves under 18 and detained them in camps to 'protect' them, but mainly to re-educate them; They wanted the Fehran children to un-learn generations of bigotry, sexism, and slavery in ONE generation- It was a generally successful effort.
One male slave, who had been 3 at the close of the war, was DAALA Greent. He was interred at Orphanage Camp #14. Here he was raised, being taught all the basics of life. In her memoirs, Gen. DAALA claimed her father first noticed Sergeant Tar Y'HAOUK at 12. To him, she'd become a Goddess already.
Sergeant Y'HAOUK was a recent T'sentraedi convert to the UWA; Her equivalent rank in the REF would have been Captain (O-3), but was bidding her time while she proved her loyalty (usually a formality at this point in the REF), and had been assigned randomly to the camp.
At 13, Greent risked potential repercussions (loss of privileges, mostly) by sending the Sergeant a love letter. He said that he loved her, that she was his Goddess, and would serve her forever. Per camp policy, Sergeant Y'HAOUK handed the letter over to her own supervisor, Staff Sergeant Amanda HILL.
Staff Sergeant HILL called them both into her office and explained it to them- He was not to contact the guards anymore, and she was to leave the 'students' alone. Period.
But Greent was not easily dissuaded. He noticed Y'HAOUK more often at his various events, especially his athletic events (soccer and swimming) and where he might get hurt (parties were especially bad for this).
Finally he tested the theory; He signed up for a swim meet, but then backed out claiming a scheduling conflict. He snuck over to the event and peeked in (pretending to be visiting a fellow swimmer). Y'HAOUK wasn't there.
He tried again- This time, he entered a soccer "goalie breaker" event (the idea being you try to get more goals in than the goalie could keep out). The day of the event, he feigned an illness and reported instead to the infirmary.
He requested 'all' paperwork related to the event, under the guise of ensuring the event had been run fairly (he'd gotten the rumor started that the guards had influenced the referees in a fixed gambling deal). She was there, North Gate- Right where she could have watched the field. Now he was sure, but he needed to be absolutely sure.
This time, he wasn't risking censure- He was risking serious consequences. He'd already been warned to leave Y'HAOUK alone, a second letter might result in transfer to another camp or even incarceration.
In his second letter, he re-iterated his devotion to her, and "prayed" that if he had any chance of "worshipping at Your Alter", to give him a sign- To leave a particularly annoying gate security light, usually only turned on if there was a security alert (such as an escape attempt planned) that would shine on his eyes all night long.
The gate light stayed on for three days.
On the fourth day, Greent and three others were called into the Camp Commandant's Office. They were warned that their escape plans were known, and that if they attempted to leave they would be transferred to Camp 21, where only serious disciplinary problems (criminals in the making) were sent.
Shortly after, Greent entered the Junior Officer Training Corps, kids preparing to enter the militry. Three months (two meetings) latter Y'HAOUK entered the program as a weapons training instructor and "thump dummy" (a training partner dressed up in protective padding to practice hand-to-hand combat). Every so often, the gate lights would be left on, but slightly down- A message to him that she was thinking of him.
By this point, Greent was 14 and a half. 3 and a half years latter, he was graduating from the High School Program, and was considering enlisting in the REF very carefully. Though he couldn't see her, she was there- Afterwards, he would learn she'd actually cried (with joy) when they met on the 'open floor' (the first time camp security personnel were allowed to treat the Students as human beings). This was the first time he'd ever seen her in civilian attire- And discovered his 'Goddess' could be elevated even further.
Their announcement a week later of an intention to marry caused a great deal of 'issues', however, and she was sent for a psychiatric evaluation; Was she a pedophile? Fortunately for her, it was determined that he was actually emotionally more mature than her, by almost twice as much; Whereas she had passed on OCS when offered to be near him, he'd done everything in his power to keep on the straight and narrow to be near her. They were also mentally on par.
Their marriage ended his militry dreams, and her carreer. She was psychologically discharged, he was not allowed to enter OCS (he was allowed to enter the Enlisted ranks, with the 'potential' to be allowed to enter OCS later on- however he was denied each time).
They never regretted it; A month after their wedding, Tar took her first pregnancy test. While this one came out negative, they kept trying- And eventually Amanda, Brian, Christine, Daniel and Daniela, and Eric came into being.
All of the DAALA Children entered the militry; Eric entered the enlisted ranks, but died on FBX 21555320. Daniela entered the Officer Corps, and also died on FBX. Christine entered OCS, but was Medically Discharged. Brain entered the Patrol and rose to the rank of Warrant Officer as a Machinery Technician. Daniel entered the Enlisted Corps in the Army and retired many years later as an infantryman.
But Amanda went far and fast. Though undermined by limited combat experience and never a pilot, she nevertheless rose to the rank of General due to her uncanny ability with delegation of duties and ability to understand character; She knew exactly who to put where and when. She never needed to issue orders straining subordinates in their duties.
Amanda's written orders were simply to take command of the interment garrison on Fehra; However, her spoken orders were to break the planet in a way that had not yet been seen. While Admiral BEVELSK'S administration had been a very heavy boot on the neck of the Fehrans, they had nevertheless gotten used to the pain. REF High Command wanted her to raise that pain level to the point where a minor rebellion broke out.
General DAALA'S record spoke for itself; She'd been censured several times for making comments about 'unrepentant T'sentraedi' and 'unrepentant Fehrans' (code for Atorian and T'sentraedi malcontents), generally along the lines that she'd torture any she got her hands on (and specifically what she'd do to them).
The rebellion started 6 years after she assumed command in the southern regions. Food riots caused by a rise in the work/ration ratio resulted in an insurrection forming, and after the fighting ended, the investigation revealed DAALA'S "blame" in the affair. She was Courts-Martialed and transferred to a supra-max prison.
General DAALA'S brutal regime justified the placement of a civilian administrator, which was the intent all along. Hse was never actually sent to the prison, less a two-week period (for the photo op). She was in truth transferred to the Tirol Colony 12, where militry retirees were sent, with a new identity and a full Lieutenant General's retirement.
General DAALA married a Tiresian and had two children, a daughter Tar and a son Freif (for her husband's father).
Almost a decade after her death (70 years after her tenure on Fehra) the full facts of her duties on Fehra came out in a Freedom Of Information Act release- Which revealed only that "a superor" had "privately" suggested she take such a brutal tactic with the Atorians.