The Dreveil Collective.
The Dreveil Collective.
The Dreveil Collective.
As T'sentraedi warships crashed to earth, many individual T'sentreadi survived; Three of these were female crewed ships from different fleets that crashed near Armidale. 90% of the crews fully survived the crash. As a long-term survival measure, the Meltraedi micronized. The crew knew they could not survive on Terra long without the goodwill of the locals, and having been slaves their entire lives up to this point most choose to accept slavery on their new world. The Meltraedi quickly discovered sexual relations, both with Terran men (of which there was locally a desperate surplus) and each other as they discovered what their new Masters wanted.
The Meltraedi found themselves strangely amiable to their new life; In fact, they sought out low-level abuse, and would from time to time seek out new bondage related information. In short, they liked their new lives. They particularly liked the discovery they could create new life, i.e. babies, and choose to do whatever it took to emulate this behavior.
Out of thin air they chose the name Dreveil, pronounced "Dray-Veil," with the highest ranking member who survived of the group chosen as the acting leader. Over the course of the first 5 or so years, the Meltraedi choose a new leader, VERHA Chand, who took the extreme (by T'sentreadi standards) to set out across Terra to learn as much about sex as possible. When she returned to Armidale, she'd read the Kama Sutra, appeared in a few pornographic films, and had even obtained a permanent steel collar that she could not remove. With her greater understanding, she became the best choice to lead the fledgling "sex slave army" by training the rest on how to fill their new life goals.
Sadly, the T'sentreadi age at one ten thousandth the rate their Human Masters age, and thus outlive them by centuries. With that the collective found new and novel ways to accept new Masters after the death of an old Master; They sold themselves to a committee of 5 members elected from the ranks of their collective for 10 years periods. The collective would then "rent" them for the equivalent of 1 credit per lifetime plus expenses.
This quasi-cult is not at all what it seems at first blush; These Meltraedi find their greatest joy in making babies and raising their children, and prefer to leave their Masters to make any decisions possible. The relative freedom of NOT being responsible for major decisions allows them to focus on their own lives; The guarantee of food, housing, and other necessities of life makes this arrangement one that no member of the collective has walked away from even though many of their sons and daughters have. Researchers (what few there have been) believe that upon crashing, the ship's engraming gear reset to the earliest days of the T'sentreadi, when females existed as assistants and comforters to male miners on Fantoma. Why such a drastic system reset should occur is unclear, since the codes to make this possible should have been wiped from the computer's data core long ago. The collective has proven strangely adept at business, with massive investments in the stock market that have allowed them to buy out a city on Orcus, which is where every member of the collective goes when her Master dies to be "reassigned."
VERHA Chand, founder of the Dreveil Collective.
The Dreveil Collective.
The Dreveil Collective.
The Dreveil Collective.
Leader Title: Currently it's Headmistress, though in the past it's been Teacher, Principle, Ladyship, and Presenter.
Membership Type: Female T'sentreadi (Meltraedi), though non-Meltraedi have become associated with the group for short periods of time.
Goals: finding men who are capable of taking care of them so they can breed. These two goals are considered entirely married to one another, and can not be separated. A lesser goal is to learn to bee the ultimate mate to their men, and core conservative values; The ultimate 'trad wife.'
Size and Orientation: International Guild (650)
A: Sponsorship:
B: Dress:
C: Equipment:
D: Weaponry:
  • Cult: Quasi-cult. The Collective imposes a great degree of control over their members, but not absolute control, and has no control over their members once assigned.
  • Simple (5); Extremely simple in fact. Every member receives a steel collar (a Dreveil Model 01a) until she is "sold" at which point she receives her Master's Collar. The Drevails run a reasonably successful business in women's clothing aimed at catching a Masters eye (so that he will buy it for her), with sales rising and falling over time.
  • Cheap Equipment (2); The Drevails give every member a basic PDA and some other critical work related gear (safety glasses, facemask, gloves, multi tool, and a basic pouch to carry it in). The total value of such a kit is just barely over 100 credits, which is compensated for by a Master.
  • Simple (5); That the Draveil are slaves to their Masters does not mean they are weak or timid. These are T'SENTRAEDI women, and can kill without too much thought. Each is given a Recat (an 8 inch trench knife) and a sidearm (currently the Gallant H-90 is still most popular, though that will change in time), in addition to Mel-Ger light body armor.
  • E: Communications:
    F: Security:
    G: Stronghold(s):
    H: Intelligence:
  • Letter Service (10); Emails and text messaging services allow members to contact the collective and each other fairly freely.
  • Lax (5); People who have no business at Drevaiel city are asked to leave (and forced to if absolutely necessary), but the collective in fact have gone out into the universe and cloned their efforts.
  • Castle (50); The Committee is ensconced in a fortified neighborhood in Dreveil City while they are in office.
  • Surrounding City (60); Around the castle in Dreveil City.
  • Gossips (2);
  • Underworld Contacts (5); The Drevail have full access to common media sources and use this when needed, and due to their early business of scavenging missiles still have many friends in the underworld, but generally have no need for intelligence services.
  • I: General Alignment:
    J: Criminal Activity:
    K: Reputation:
    L: Salary:
  • Unprincipled (6) AND Scrupulous (8; 14 total). The lifestyle of a Drevail is not quite the same as anyone else, requiring the member to be both generally selfish and entirely by-the-book at the same time. Fortunately this conflict is resolved in that their 'selfish' actions are the book they follow.
  • Smugglers (15); drevails still recover T'sentraedi weapons on a semi-constant basis and sell them on the black market quite a bit. One of their largest client groups are Atorian Malcontents, a contact they use extensively to recruit new Associate Students from Atorian ranks.
  • Known (10); And well-regrded in so far as what they do, which is making slave wives. Their actions have also drawn UGC attention, as the Council hopes to make them the model for all slavery throughout the Galactique. However this has drawn critics as well.
  • None (5) All members pay to be to be there in the form of service. Masters officially pay 1 credit for a lifetime, though "donations to continue the services are always appreciated" with a minimum of 5,000 credits being arranged.
  • Friendship- Government (20); The UGC itself is their friendly government, which has attempted (to varying degrees of success) to utilize them as a model of other slavery adjacent groups across the galaxies.
  • Monopoly (90); The Drevails have a de facto monopoly on their industry, since eventually everyone comes to them to learn how it is that slavers are brazenly operating in the UGC, even going so far as to have a website and several patents and copywritten documents.
  • Minor Competition (+10); Every organization the Drevails help to establish become de facto minor competition, though the Drevails don't see it as such since only a Meltraedi can become a Drevail.
  • Enemy Guild (+15); anti-slavery groups consistently cause the Draveils headaches and even have committed minor acts of violence.
  • Enemy Church (+25); Over a thousand major churches across hundreds of religions have denounced the Dravaeils with terminology ranging from unkind to open calls to violence. The Terran Mormon Church built a city 15 miles from Drevaiel City as a permanent encampment to harass the Drevaiels until the TDF established Camp Toure (a Veritich fighter base) to maintain the peace in the area.
  • Drevail City;
  • C/V Drevail
  • The Dreveils are the constant targets of gossip and innuendo, when they're not being outright vilified as a criminal organization. The simple fact is these Meltraedi have willingly sold themselves into slavery, and they do not want this to change, while anti-slave groups from through the galaxies target the collective as a weak link in the legal framework under which slavery is allowed through the UGC; Break this link and it's thought the entire system will collapse.
    To this end, the Collective's critics have pushed for dozens of investigations, none of which has brought much results. The deepest investigation to date was the 2382 DRENNEL Committee investigation, during which a Dreveil Graduate was called to testify about accusations of torture and rape in the collective; Under oath she stated "It's not abuse if I enjoyed it, if I asked for it, if I recommended way of improving it, and nothing this committee does will force me to lie and say otherwise."
    It has not gone unnoticed that non-Meltraedi Drevail trainees, referred to as "Associate Students," have included a lot of Atorians, some known to be Malcontents. The Dreveils justify this claiming that their contacts in the Atorian community gives them the opportunity to draw some Atorians out and back into the Global community. The Dreveils have admitted to giving these women new identities and have to date refused to report these contacts, even under penalty of prison.
    Whereas under the Tiresian Empire the T'sentraedi were hopelessly sexually suppressed, the Dreveils are hopelessly sexually expressed; This has led to accusations of engaging in 'immoral behaviors' that, while strictly speaking are true and not illegal under the UGC, nor under Terran Authority law. Simply put Dreveils are taught literally everything that could possibly be known about sex in any fashion in order to make them better mates to their Masters.
    The only controversy with any real ability to pursue is the prohibition on assigning a member to a female client; The Collective will not do so. The Collective's members are driven by a need to make babies, and assignment to a female client precludes this. Several anti-Dreveil groups founded by radical feminists have formed over the years to protest this policy, but haven't gotten very far. The furthest any have gotten was a 72 hour sit-in protest in Drevail City's Western Mall (where clients observe Graduates), which finally ended when Graduates, against Dreveil Security's orders, got fed up and started beating the protestors.
    Drevaiel City:
    C/V Drevail
    Dreveil City, Orus, Sol. South Western view.
    The Orbit Of Orus. Orcus (blue) compared to Pluto (red) and Neptune (grey), April 2006 positions.
    Dreveil City, Orcus, Sol (population around 500,000 at any given time) is the headquarters of the collective. 99% of the members live here if not assigned to a Master, and 99% of their training goes on here. Around 75% of the city's population are not Collective members, but rather prospective clients, vendors and other suppliers, etc. A starling 5% are Galactic Investigation Services Agents. An equally and inversely startling number of residents are Dreveil members; Only between 20,000 and 35,000 at any given time. A paltry 1% are potential clients, and these tend to be very short term transients (typically a month or less). Around 50% of the rest are various merchants looking to cash in on the Collective's reputation.
    The cargo vessel Drevail is a heavily modified SALAN SCOUT. Recovered only a couple of years after the rain of death, she was essentially stripped of any offensive capability (all missile launchers and heavy lasers were stripped, with around 10% of the missile launchers replaced with sand casters and other anti-missile defenses), her armor, powerplant, and thrust systems significantly upgraded, and shielding installed for protective capabilities, and then converted to a cargo vessel; However, this is mostly a ruse, since the ship is mostly used to search out for other Meltraedi in stasis that can be recovered to become new Dreveil, and for missiles and energy weapons that can be salvaged and sold on the black market.
    C/V Drevail is used as a training and good will platform for the Drevail collective, with new members spending a decade on board learning various trades that will serve them in their commitment to their new Masters (mostly domestic duties and biology), and as outreach to other groups that wish to emulate the Collective; A would be founder of a new collective will come aboard Drevail and train to become one of the Collective while learning the business side of the Collective. Once they 'graduate' from the program, they are sent off back into the real world to build their collective.
    Drevail Armor:
    Mel-Ger Body Armor:
    Drevail, as slaves, are not expected to enter into combat. However these ARE Meltraedi warrior; If some common mugger or even uncommon assassin threatens their Master, they can not control their instinct to jump into action to protect him to the best of their abilities.
    With this in mind, all the "fashionable" dress and other clothes offered by the Dreveil are secretly embedded with protective materials. A typical Dreveail dress only provide 20 MDC, but when it's critically needed it's critically needed.
    The armor is designed to blend in quite effectively to the outfit, and as such does limit protection quite a bit; There are large areas that are not covered at all. All Dreveil offered clothing have these materials embedded in them, meaning even a bikini or corset provides some protection.
    The Dreveil use a set of light body armor in the event they know they will be fighting; The armor provides 40 MDC and -5 prowl. This armor is mostly ceremonial now, and in fact most leave theirs behind after graduation; They have no interest in going to war, and if war comes to them they are expected to evacuate as best as possible (this is in their engraming), so the utility of their armor is at best questionable. It's heavy, loud, usually smells bad due to the metal plates, and is difficult to take care of (has to be cleaned and shined at least twice a week), and simply put isn't worth the trouble. The Collective does nothing about members who refuse to take their armor with them, and many clients have expressed disdain for it.
    The Dreveil Collective.
    The Dreveil Collective;
    "Outside Contracting."
    The Dreveil Collective.
    There is nothing in the Dreveil Collective's rules specifically banning so-called 'outside contrcting,' that is work outside the confines of the member's Master's home. Some Masters allow it, some ban it, others require it, most keep part of the Dreveil's pay (as theyr technically required to under the Dreveil contract). Under Dreveil Lease contract, they may not keep more than half, with half of the rest being Collective money and the remaining half being the member's to keep. More than one Master has unofficially given their slave the money back under a pretext of buying her various gifts (which under Dreveil contract are hers alone to keep), and some have made an end-run around the question by naming their slave the Executor of their estate- Thus giving her the right to access his resources even after he dies (after disbursements to his children). Most Dreveil give most of the excess funds back to the Collective, since making babies is their whole agenda, but some have kept partial rewards afterwards.
    The Dreveil Collective.
    Dirty Deeds...
    Done Dirt Cheap.
    The Dreveil Collective.
    All is not necessarily rainbows and unicorns with the collective; Several times members have been caught scouring the T'sentraedi fleet wreckage looking for other Meltraedi, which the Collective claim is their right, and theirs alone (it's not but it's a battle the TTA and UGC aren't happy to fight this battle at the moment). They have never been CAUGHT tampering with engraming, but it's widely believed they are in fact doing so (and they are). In the process of searching the wreckage for survivors, they also recovered significant amounts of ordinance, especially short and medium range missiles, which they sell on the black market, netting huge amounts of money-The real source of their business success.
    They've also engaged in illegally cloning Meltraedi. The Tiresian era engrams are replaced by Collective developed engrams, making the new clones the perfect slave wives to the new Masters; The new engraming also makes them extremely competent body guards and could make them ideal assassins.
    It's been alleged that Dreveil's have been assigned to certain men as cover for assassinations, and while not true is entirely plausible- So much so that the Committee has addressed the issue to prevent such a scenario. This is also part of the new engraming protocols the Collective have established; How effective this protocol may be is open to debate (and will remain so for a very long time to come), though to date there has never been an engraming failure. As an added precaution, the Collective added engraming that commands a member to protect her Master if a threat to him arises, or to their children if there are any, making them the ultimate bodyguards- So much so that some Masters have asked the engramming to be eased or removed entirely.
    While the Committee has worked to prevent their Graduates from becoming assassins, during the ZLM and ZMS crisis many Dreveils fought the uprising, and often in clever and creative ways. One infiltrated the ZMS (without assignment) and activated a routine positioning report system in their ship's main computer, allowing the REF to track the ship without so much as lifting a finger (in fact, they discovered the reports a month after they started coming in, because nobody realized the system was enabled). Several others infiltrated the ZMS and carried out hyper specific assassinations (which the engraming wasn't designed to address), while others simply opened all the doors and hatches on their ship, killing anyone not in a suit and sucking everyone not strapped down into space. The various Dreveils who carried these actions out managed to return to their real lives afterwards, though the Galactic Information Bureau knows about several and have quietly approached the Committee about it.
    Accusations of abuse against Dreveil members is common. Around 75% are proven true. Whippings, beating, occasional waterboarding and submersion in freezing water, sleep deprivation, public degradation (marching them through Western Mall stripped to their shoes and leash) and many other abuses happen, in some cases quite openly. The problem with these accusations is the students want it. Few specifically enjoy the abuse, but all participate in the activities in order to make them better able to overcome anything that might happen once assigned, and 90% later request more of the same.
    Dreveil Rebels; The Sisterhood.
    The Collective's members are driven by a need to make babies, and sexual realtions with another female precludes this, Collective's engramming discourages this, and post induction training forbids it unless a member's Master commands it; However, an extensive underground of Dreveil members PRACTICE it.
    Lesbian sexual relations are discussed during training, and little wonder; The Collective accepts that some Masters will demand it (and many have in fact leased multiple members stating exactly this intention outright), and several of the Associate Students come from societies where it is explicitly expected. As such Dreveil members must at least understand the basics. A 6 hour lecture on the matter is all they receive, of which 2 hours (the first and last) are spent reminding the members how homosexual relations by definition can not make babies and thus are anathema to the Collective's purpose.
    Nevertheless, Dreveil students will in 99% of cases "privately study" with other members shortly after these lectures. Most don't study more than a few times until after assignment to a Master who commands it. After this, about half will continue even after their Master dies as circumstances allow. This is strictly speaking a major violation of the Collective's law, and punishment is quite harsh (200 lashes to be carried out by a Senior member of the Collective, with no respite of any sort other than another Senior member taking over if the first becomes exhausted). Despite this, the practice continues; The Collective, under pressure from the GIB, has discussed easing the prohibition but has tabled these discussions each time.
    A Dreveil Graduate; Her leather collar shows she's been assigned.