The Emblem Of The Palpatinian Syhith.
Dark Side Elite Troopers.
The Emblem Of The Palpatinian Syhith.
Dark Side Elite:
General Information:
Notable Members:List Redacted.
Requirements:Humanoid female, 6 feet tall, willing to undergo Force Imbuement.
Historical Information:
Other Information:
Affiliation:Palpatinian Order.
Era(s):All eras from establishment of Palpatinian Order.
"Let this power enter you and fill you with the knowledge and the strength of the dark side of the Force that is mine to give!"
- Palpatine empowering his Dark Geh 'Dia.
The Dark Side Elite, also known as the Dark Side Warriors and unofficially as the Emperor's Dark Geh 'Dia, was a body of Dark Geh 'Dia established by Palpatine, hand selected to enforce the Emperor's personal will. They carry out the operations the Emperor needs done; Murdering rivals, stealing artifacts, kidnapping potential adepts, anything.
The Dark Troopers are spies, assassins, thieves, etc… Anything the Palpatinians need done- They do. When a Dark Side Adept is selected into the Troopers, she goes through an initiation of sorts in which the adept was empowered with the dark side of the Force by Palpatine himself. The process is painful, as what seems like billions of volts of electricity coarse through the initiate's body for hours… More than one candidate has dies in the process.
If they survive, they are sent to various Palpatinians to learn the secrets of the Order in burglary, seduction, murder, and even basic research (reading books to find correlations, usually deep old tomes detailing how to find a particular Syhith holocron from ancient days).
However, the Emperor's Dark Geh 'Dia were unable to match the Geh 'Dai's power, and the Elite were withered down to a paltry few. In fact, one of their number, Kami SOLUSAR, defected to the New Geh 'Dai Order's side, and began to use their powers against them. With a high number of failures on their record, the Elite holed themselves up in their headquarters at Bast Castle on Vjun. It was there that the Geh 'Dia Order besieged them; The entire force was slain in the encounter with the exception of their leader Xenr NIST who died in prison shortly afterward.
Following PALPATINE'S death at the Battle of Endor, many of his followers believed him gone for good. However, due to his many experiments with the dark side, he survived, and his spirit was able to make his way to a secure Imperial base on Byss. It was there that PALPATINE was reborn into his myriad of clone bodies that he had prepared on the dark world. Equipped with healthy young bodies, the PALPATINIAN Order made plans to retake the galaxy. To accomplish this task, they put into motion a military strategy known as Operation Shadow Hand, designed to overwhelm the enemy. To lead this grand venture, the Emperor would need brutal warriors that were totally devoted to his will- The Dark Troopers.
In his writing of the Dark Side Compendium, pre-resurrection PALPATINE had imagined a team of Dark Geh 'Dia. These warriors would be totally immersed in the dark side and led by the call of the Order. With the Emperor's rebirth, Palpatine put this dream into action. Among his many ranks of Dark Side Adepts, Palpatine selected his group.
As his Military Executor and replacement for Darth Vader as the leader of the Imperial forces, Palpatine chose the Dark Geh 'Dia Qaga LOK, a descendant of Ulic QEL-DROMA.
To be selected to the Dark Troopers, the candidate must be
Willing to totally submit to the Palpatinian Order.
After a humbling ordeal in front of the Emperor, she swears her devotion to the Palpatinain Order and changes her name as the Order dictates.
Operation Shadow Hand
With his Dark Side cadre complete, the PALPATINIAN Order brought the fight to the New Republic. The Palaptinain Order was destroyed, but the Dark Elite knew that their leader would return, and continued on; The loss of their leader, their Emperors, even their ship (the BARRED) were only a temporary setback as the Dark Side Elite quickly sprung to clone the PALPATINIANS, recruited new members, and rebuild the Syhtih Order (at this point only beginning to bifurcate from the rest of the Syhith Order; only the Nighsisters were a separate order at this point). With their brotherhood full again, the Dark Troopers sent members to Balmorra to secure new weapons. However, with the absence of the Emperor, their threats fell on deaf ears, and Governor Beltane demanded independence from the Empire. In the following Second Battle of Balmorra, they were soundly defeated by Balmorra's forces; The Dark Troopers, on behanlf of the Palpatinaine order, was forced to rcognize Balmorra's independence. The loss at Balmorra was a critical blow to the Empire, and members of the Imperial Ruling Council began to call for the Dark Trooepr's collective execution. Instead they were recalled to the Emperor's Citadel on Byss.
Darktrooper Team Two attempted to kidnap senior Republic members, including trying to force Mandalorian bounty hunters to work for them for free. Imperial spies were able to locate their target and piloted the INVINCIBLE over the city, where FASS and KATTH tried to capture the ship in a tractor beam. The targets escaped the beam which ripped a tower from the city; The tower skewered the INVINCIBLE, critically damaging the ship. The Star Destroyer plummeted into the city, killing the operatives.
Another attempt to kidnap enemies resulted in the Battle Of Ossus; Dark Troopers found themselves facing Ysanna armed with spears and other primitive weapons and led by Geh 'Dai Masters (some the target of the operation, a few apparently there in residence, which is why the others were there).
"By the darkness that I am, the time I have longed for
has finally come. The end of the Geh 'Dia Knights… I can
taste it! There will be no one left to oppose my will!"
- Palpatine
"It will be done, majesty. We will leave at
once to capture these worthy specimens.
- Xecr NIST
Aftermath And Legacy
"You may imprison me, but the Emperor is one who cannot be defeated."
"On the contrary, NIST. In the name of all Geh 'Dia, I am the one who will defeat him."
- Unknown conversation between a Dark Trooper and a Geh 'Dai.
Despite NIST's cryptic decree, the New Republic was able to kill the PALPATINIANS on Onderon. Survivors of the Dark Troopers escaped and later rebuilt the Palpatinian Order once again.
Dark Troopers are issued a uniform that provides very light armor qualities, a sidearm, a lightsaber, and heavy armor that stylistically matches standard Stormtrooper armor but is heavier and painted with a black radar and themographic dampener. With rare exceptions, they were covered head to foot, including hands.
Early Darktroopers were issued a fighter, but as time wore on they lost sufficient financial capabilities to continue and were forced to start obtaining their own transportation.
Headquarters And Forces
The Dark Side Elite had s base at Bast Castle. Besides a large landing pad, the building also contained a torture room which isolated their prisoner from the outside world, a carbon-freezing chamber, cloning tanks, and the equipment necessry to genetically alter the clones.
After the defeat of the majority of the Darktroopers at Bast Castle, the survivors took to space permanently, using first the INVICNIBLE but later transferring to the various ECLIPSE-Class super dreadnaughts.
Palpatine's Dark Geh 'Dia
Original Members and Replacements
Per the terms of the Geh 'Dia/Syhith Truce, the list of Dark Side Elite members are classified; Even the REF and UGC can not observe the names.
The Emblem Of The Palpatinian Syhith.
Dark Side Elite Troopers.
The Emblem Of The Palpatinian Syhith.
General Information:
Size and Orientation:
Name: Dark Side Elite.
Colors: Charcoal Grey and Red
Symbol/Crest/Banner: Palpatinian Syhith Order emblem.
Owner: The Palpatinian Order
Commanding Officer: The Current Eldest Of The Palpatinian Order, not that it really matters.
Executive Officer: The Donosh of the Dark Troopers.
Duties: Serve as the Palpatianin Order's personal fixers; Investigations, assassinations, burglaries and robberies of particularly interesting artifacts, etc.
Large Mercenary Army (500)
A: Sponsorship:
B: Outfits:
C: Equipment:
D: Vehicles:
Secret but really not that secret; The Palpatinian Order.
Utility Outfits (5)
Unlimited Equipment (50): Anything they want, they can get, One way or another" (sometimes "getting it" is the mission itself).
Basic Transportation (3): The Dark Troopers routinely get a ride from Palpatinian forces- But just as often charter commercial travel.
E: Weapons:
F: Communications:
G: Internal Security:
H: Permanent Bases:
Maximum Firepower (60)
Secured Service (10): To the Palpatiian Order only.
Iron-Clad (20): A Dark Trooper captured "could" betray the command, and their communications "could" be intercepted to non-Dark Trooper forces.
Partial Headquarters (2): Their headquarters is the Palpatinian ECLIPSE-Class super dreadnaughts. Any such ship is as much their headquarters as any other.
I: Intelligence Resources:
J: Special Budget:
K: General Alignment:
L: Criminal Activity:
Infiltration Network (50): They have spies and informants in every other faction, even with in the UGC, though degree of utility varies greatly.
Large Loans (25)
Evil: Miscreant and Diabolic (0): As thoroughly evil as possible. Torture, for amusement, is common.
Con Man (5);
Prostitutes (5);
Gang of Robbers (1);
Smugglers and Sellers of Contraband (15);
Expert Assassin (15);
Special Forces (20);
Safecracker/Locksmith (25);
The Dark Troopers are expected to be all these things- Including, when necessry, to have sex, pose as slaves, manufacture contraband of whatever type, etc., to advance the Palpatinian Order's goals.
M: Reputation/Credentials:
N: Salary:
Hunted (0): Even the other Palpatinain Order members hate and fear them.
None (0)
Corporate Officers:
Command Officers:
  • The Palpatinians;
  • The Donosh.
  • Member And Officers:
    In accordance with the Geh 'Dai/Syhith Truce, these records are not kept; In accordance with the UGC/Syhtih Truce, only the number of Dark Troopers is given, which is 3,000 at any given time.
    Weapons, Equipment, and Resources:
    Standard Issue Weapons and Equipment
  • Dark Trooper Armor: 75 MDC, -15% prowl.;
  • Dark Trooper Uniform: 15 MDC, no prowl penalty, ;
  • Lightsaber;;
  • SE-44C blaster pistol (the kind in current use by Stormtroopers).
  • Transport Vehicles
    None. The Dark Troopers are expected to obtain their own transportation (using money obtain in other employment).
    Combat Vehicles
    None. The Dark Troopers are expected to obtain their own combat vehicles (using money obtain in other employment).