The Emblem Of The Palpatinian Syhith.
Super Star Destroyer.
The Emblem Of The Syhith.
ECLIPSE-Class Super Star Destroyer.
An ECLIPSE Hangs Ominously In Space
Production Information.
Manufacturer:Palpatinian Order.
Product Line:Star Dreadnaughts.
Model:Super Star Destroyer.
Class:Star Dreadnaught.
Modified By:Individually modified by owner.
Modified Systems:Weapons, defenses, accomodations.
Technical Specifications.
Length:10 miles, 4,614 feet 8.5 inch (17.6km).
Beam:5 mile, 3,947 feet, 9⅜ inch (9.25km).
Clearance:2 miles, 4,859 feet, 11.3 inch (4.7km).
Mass:Billions of tons.
Maximum Acceleration:940 G.
Megalight:40 MGLT.
Atmosphere Speed:1/2 MPH, straight up or down (or out of control).
Engine Units:25 KDY Executor-50.x engines.
Hyperdrive Rating:Class 2;
Backup Class 6.
Hyperdrive Range:Unknown; may even be trans-galactic.
Hyperdrive System:Imperial Engineering Subspace Hyperdrive.
Power Output:Peak: apx 25.73 times 103 W.
Powerplant:Imperial Engineering I-a2b Solar Ionization Reactors (20);
Imperial Engineering I-d7ad3 proton reactors (4).
Shielding:10 Imperial Engineering ISD-72xª deflector shield generator domes.
Sensor Systems:Passive sensor antenna, Active sensor pulse generator, Active sensor transceiver, Stellar navigation sensors, Sensor array controller/interpreter.
Targeting Systems:Mulitiple types.
Navigation System:Standard Navicomputer with R-Series and pilot droid assistance.
Avionics:Imperial Engineering F-s5x flight avionics system.
Main Computer:Imerial Engineering Galo-Serve XXI.
Countermeasures:Stealth, electromagnetic countermeasures package, signal-augmenting sensor jammer, chaff/flare launcher, decoys, Shadow Cloak MkII, and other unknown systems.
Armament:Axial superlaser (1);
Heavy laser cannons (550);
Turbolasers (500);
Ion cannons (75);
Tractor beam projectors (100);
Gravity well projectors (10).
Complement:03 ACCLAMATOR-Class Assault Ships;
06 VICTORY II-Class Star Destroyers;
700 TIE Interceptors;
3,000 AT-PT MX-2;
04 Prefabricated Bases;
01 Scimitar-Class Armed Courier Ship.
Docking Bays:Over 100.
Escape Craft:A few Imperial Engineering Type-12d escape pods (reserved for the Emporer and certain key staff).
Equipment:500 Number of Bacta Tanks;
10 Number of Surgical Suites;
100 Number of Surgical Tables;
10,000 Number of Clone Chambers;
1,000 Number of Convalescent Beds;
200,000 Number of Cryogenic Chambers;
WORLD DEVESTATOR-Class Factory Shuttle (intergrated).
Droids:10 2-1B;
100 FX-6;
100 FX-7;
Varoius Administrative, Astromech, Battle, Espionage, Interrogation/Torture, Maintenance/Service, Pilot/Navigation, Protocol, Scout, and Slicer droids. Exact numbers vary by ship and over time.
Crew:Crew members: 708,470;
Gunners: 4,175.
Minimum Crew:2,500 (inlcudes the 09 ships of the fleet).
Passengers:150,000 (troops).
Cargo Capacity:600,000 metric tons.
Cargo Handling Systems:Cargo tractor beams, standard load lifters.
Consumables:10 years.
Life Support:Imperial Engineering 14-range LSS.
Communication Systems:Halonet transceiver.
Accommodation:Cabins: 3 (the resident Emperor, the Captain, and a spare for a special guest).
2-man staterooms: 4 (XO, Flight Wing Commander, Operations Officer/third in command, Engineering Officer);
4-man staterooms: 100 (junior officers/senior enlisted);
Berthing Areas; 200 (number of racks ranging from 100 to 1,000).
Other Systems:Intergrated WORLD DEVESTATOR-Class Factory Ship.
Availability:Not available.
Roles:Battlestation (when in orbit);
Command Ship;
Battleship (Dreadnaught).
Year Introduced:4 ABY.
Eras:Rise of the Empire Era;
Rebellion Era;
New Republic Era.
Affiliation:Galactic Empire.
Known Numbers:25 total, 7 current.
ECLIPSE schematics.
ECLIPSE-Class schematics.
An ECLIPSE-Class Super Star Destroyer with Imperial-class Star Destroyer to scale.
An ECLIPSE-Class Super Star Destroyer with IMPERIAL-Class Star Destroyer to scale.
The Tower For An Average Star Destroyer; All are roughly the same, only the scales vary to any appreciable degree (the ECLIPSE-Class tower shield generators are slightly smaller than most others).
"Wonderful name it has- The ECLIPSE. It certainly blocked out my view of the shipyards."
-Tyber ZANN, Empire at War: Forces of Corruption.
The "ECLIPSE-Class Super Star Destroyer", also known as the "ECLIPSE-Class Star Destroyer", was a class of Imperial Super Star Destroyer originally manufactured by Kuat Drive Yards and mainly used around six years after the Battle of Endor. Like the SOVEREIGN-Class, they were regarded as a new generation of Super Star Destroyer.
"The hyperspace tunnel opened, and this black thing came crawling out from between the stars... We thought it was a ghost ship, until it opened fire."
- New Republic information officer Nara DUN (quoted in The New Essential Guide to Vehicles and Vessels created by the Geh 'Dia Praxeum for REF Intelligence.)
ECLIPSE under construction.
The ECLIPSE enters the Pinnacle Moon system, escorted by two IMPERIAL-Class Super Star Destroyers and a third ship.ECLIPSE fires its superlaser, destroying an MC80 Star Cruiser Liberty-type.
An ECLIPSE Enters The Pinnacle Moon System, Escorted By Two IMPERIAL-Class Super Star Destroyers And A Third Ship.An ECLIPSE Fires Her Superlaser, Destroying An MC80 Star Cruiser LIBERTY-Class.An ECLIPSE Under Construction.
Offensive Systems
The class benefited from the most significant weaponry-improvements of over a thousand years of war and hiding. This included gravity well projectors and improved ion cannons. Additionally, these behemoths were armed with hundreds of heavy laser and turbolaser mountings and the axial-mounted Superlaser.
Axial Superlaser (1): The most deadly weapon carried by ECLIPSE-Class ships is a spinally-mounted superlaser at least as powerful as one of the component beams used in a DEATH STAR-Class Battlestation's superlaser. This superlaser is still the pinnacle of Imperial destruction in their fleets, and an ECLIPSE'S superlaser easily has the power to destroy other Super Star Destroyers, as the ANNIHILATOR found out when Tyber ZANN seized the ECLIPSE'S incredible power above Kuat.
Destroying other ships however, doesn't show the extent of the ECLIPSE'S superlaser's power. These weapons were capable of slashing through any planetary shield to crack open a planet's crust and sear entire continental landmasses. The massive superlaser was more widely used to destroy enemy capital ships and space stations during combat.
Heavy Laser Cannons (550): A standard weapon used by most starships.
Turbolasers (500): An immensely scaled up version of the blaster and laser cannons, mounted on rotating turrets and installed in banks.
Ion Cannons (75): A weapon which fires highly ionized particles or highly ionized plasma which seriously interferes with the operation of electronics and computer systems, shorting circuits and disabling them outright and sometimes result in fused joints. Ion cannons are for subduing (rather than destroying) enemy starships, etc.
Tractor Beam Projectors (100): A modified force field used to hold enemy ships in place and drag them into a hangar or hold them in position for boarding.
Gravity Well Projectors (10): An apparatus similar to a tractor beam used to create interdiction fields. They projected artificial gravity wells, simulating the gravity shadow of a planet (or other celestial body) and impeding a ship's motion through hyperspace.
In addition to its firepower, the ECLIPSE'S armor and shields were so powerful that it could ram enemy ships without any risk of taking damage.
Defensive Systems
Shielding: The ECLIPSE-Class are equipped with 10 Imperial Engineering ISD-72xa deflector shield generator domes. It is believed there are more sheilding options.
Hull: An unknown cerro-metalic alloy (a ceramic-metal product of some sort) is used to armor the hull, which is a redundancy in the thinking of the Coruscant Galaxy; Hull plating is generally treated as a barrier to vacuum, not a defensive feature in and of itself. It is believed that the alloy was created specifically for its stealth qualities, and that the damage resistant qualities were secondary. Exactly how the alloy is crated is a secret. Exactly what it is capable of is a secret. In fact, what it generally is made of is a secret, though it's created by turning certain metals into ceramics. This is not exactly an unknown process, as certain superconductors are created in this fashion. However, this is a wholly new concept.
Hull Armor: "Quantum-Crystalline Armor", also known as "layered molecular armor" and more informally known as "quantum armor" was designed to withstand incredible forces. It was made possible by stacking a few layers of atoms as densely as the laws of physics could permit, and laminating them above another thin film that was as strong, but phase shifted. It was originally developed for use on the SUN CRUSHER by the scientists of the Maw Installation. The armor's strength would allow the SUN CRUSHER to survive the force of a supernova, which the weapon was designed to trigger. It is highly unusual that a ship is armored per se, however the investment to include an underlayment of this incredible material shows just how seriously the PALPITINES take the threat to the ship; it is estimated that the hull, in and of itself, and withstand up to 3 shots from another ECLIPSE-Class just on the hull armor alone.
Electronic Systems
In terms of sensor, targeting, and navigation system, avionics, and main computer far too much is unknown. The systems designators are known, as are the previous histories, but the current abilities are not.
Sensor Systems: Passive sensor antenna, active sensor pulse generator, active sensor transceiver, stellar navigation sensors, and sensor array controller/interpreter. Pretty standard fare for a warship so far as it goes, but the exact capabilities are far from known.
Targeting Systems: Multiple types specific to the weapon system itself.
Navigation System: Standard Navicomputer with R-Series and pilot droid assistance. Though these systems are well understood, how they are integrated is not understood. However, they are capable of over 500 jumps, according to the rare Palpatinian statement on the matter.
Avionics: Imperial Engineering F-s5x flight avionics system. This was developed from a Senier Fleet Systems flight avionic systems. Not much more is known about it.
Main Computer: Imperial Engineering Galo-Serve XXI. Generally capable of running the whole ship from one terminal, if the Emperor in residence so desires.
Countermeasures: As to countermeasures, the ships are fully stealthed and have the ussual range of decoys, but all other systems are unknown. electromagnetic countermeasures package, signal-augmenting sensor jammer, chaff/flare launcher, decoys, Shadow Cloak MkII, and other unknown systems.
A Shadow Cloak MkII.
Shadow Cloak MkII: A mechanism capable of rendering a starship or an object invisible to both sensors and the naked eye. While sensor jammers could leave a starship invisible to sensors, cloaking devices generated cloaking fields that completely absorbed all incoming sensor scans while shielding the host ship's emissions and reflected energy, thus rendering the starship invisible to both sensors and the naked eye. The cloaking device's main drawback is the "double-blind" nature of the cloaking shield, which also blocked the host ship's scanners and communication systems; Crews on cloaked ships are unable to peer beyond the cloak's shroud, and the vessel is effectively isolated from the rest of the galaxy. The MkII does not suffer this drawback. There are way to detect the ships, including Crystal Gravitational Trap (CGT) which tracks the gravitational fluctuations created by a large mass in space, and the Force.
Other Systems:
Each ECLIPSE-Class has a cargo capacity of 600,000 metric tons, utilizing standard load lifters. These supplies can keep the ships running at peak capacity for about 10 years. The ship's life support systems are somewhat limited, due the emperors' attitude towards their clone armies. However the limited systems are more than enough to make the ships habitable (comfortable in "certain sections"). As is galactically universal, a standard Halonet communication system allows the ships to talk to each other (and the galaxy at large, should the emperors so choose).
Accommodation: Very limited. There are 03 Cabins, the private residence of the Emperor, the Captain, and a spare for a special guest. This should not necessarily be confused with "desirable appointments," especially in reference to the Emperor's Cabin; The 30 one- and two-man staterooms within are actually just luxury prisons used to hold highly valuable prisoners and hostages. The Executive Officer (XO), Commander Air Group (CAG, or flight wing commander), Operations Officer (Ops, or third in command), and Engineering Officer (EO, or de facto engineroom commander) have one-man staterooms, each with a private head. Junior officers/senior enlisted are assigned to 4-man staterooms: 100 (without private heads); The entire rest of the crew are assigned to barracks-style berthing areas (200 total), with a number of racks ranging from 100 to 1,000. This means up to 1,000 men have to live in one space, stacked 4 or 5 high, sharing heads and messing. Not exactly the best life, a reflection of the Emperor's attitude towards clones.
Docking Bays: There are over 100 various types of docking bays, ranging from dedicated fighter bays to shuttles bays to "inspection" bays (where captured ships are brought onboard, if they're not destroyed outright). There are also 5 bays dedicated to the integrated factory equipment.
Escape Craft: Only a few, all of them reserved for the Emperor and certain key staff.
Equipment: The ECLIPSE-Class reportedly have 10 surgical suites, 100 surgical tables, 1,000 convalescent beds, and 200,000 combination cloning/cryogenic chambers/bacta tanks. While this may sound like a lot, it's really quite small, and reveals a harsh truth; Clone are expedable. Although injured clones can be treated, they generally aren't if their recovery isn't assured. However, the PALPATINES also found a way to transfer the memories of a clone from one body to the next; This recycles the memories of the clones, effectively allowing them to live forever.
"...A small, almost trivial, piece of technology."
- Grand Admiral Mitth'raw'nuruodo (Thrawn), speaking of the Spaarti Clone Chambers.
"The Emperor had a private storehouse. It was beneath a mountain on a world he called Wayland. It was where he kept all of his private mementos and souvenirs and odd bits of technology he thought might be useful someday."
-Mara JADE.
A Spaarti Clone Chamber Onboard An ECLIPSE-Class Battlestation.
A Modified Spaarti Clone Chamber Onboard An ECLIPSE-Class Battlestation.
Modified Spaarti Cloning Cylinders are used for the creation of personal clone armies by the ECLIPSE-Class Battlestations; Spaarti cylinders are the fastest known form of cloning. The clones' personalities are formed by a process known as "flash memory," which involved writing the memories of another person to a fresh clone's brain. Normally, Spaarti clones grown in less than a full year have the dangerous side effect of clone madness; However, the original Mitth'raw'nuruodo (Thrawn) discovered that using ysalamiri to cut off the clone's connection to the Force, enabling the creation of the clone in 15 standard days at the least, 20 standard days at the middle, or 21 standard days at the most. The Clone Army Commanders of the ECLIPSE-Class (formerly the KATARN-Series, now the Moff FEHLAAUR'AITEL'LORO-Seires and Moff Leonia TAVIRA-Seies) typically take 3 months developing the clones for safety, though ysalamiri are used anyways (despite the effects on the Emperors).
They were built by Spaarti Creations, on the planet Cartao. They seem to have their origins in Khommite cloning technology, which had for a millennium been developed to a level far surpassing that of the rest of the galaxy.
Cloning cylinders were thought to have been destroyed during the Battle of Cartao, but many units survived. The Galactic Republic used Spaarti clones to complement the Kaminoan clone army. At the near end of the Clone Wars, all but a few were unaware that Supreme Chancellor Palpatine had secretly commissioned a second clone army, which differed from the Kamino-bred Fett clones in two primary ways: they were grown to maturity in roughly one year as opposed to ten years, and they were created on Centax-2 instead of Kamino. Omega Squad noticed this, adding to their suspicions about Chancelor Palpatine's intentions. The clone troopers of the 14th Infantry Brigade were among the first generation of Spaarti-grown Fett clones and vanguard of what was to come in Palpatine's New Order.
While the Spaarti Fett clones numbered in the billions, and were thus possibly far more numerous than the depleted numbers of their Kaminoan-bred Fett brethren, the Spaarti clones were given only Flash-training on the basics of being a soldier, such as how to march, maintain and fire a rifle, pilot a robot/fighter, etc. When first sent into action, the clones of the 14th did not bother to take cover from enemy fire, and their weapons accuracy was surprisingly pitiful, as noted by commandos of Omega Squad. Also, they were completely unaware of all things Mandalorian, thus indicating that the Mandalore culture was never introduced to the Spaarti clones.
Ultimately, the clones of the 14th Infantry were a sign of a new breed of clones to come: the clone stormtrooper. While the amount of clone stormtroopers, from all genetic sources and not just the Fett template, was far greater than the GAR, clone soldiers bred for the Galactic Empire generally exhibited poor marksmanship and lacking in tactics: strategy basically involved charging towards the enemy, weapons blasting until all targets were neutralized - regardless of clone casualties. They were even known to refuse to follow orders and fire on their own allies because of the clone madness. As a result, the Empire eventually abandoned the technology and pursued the process of recruiting troopers in more traditional ways.
When a given clone is no longer immediately needed, they can be placed in stasis until they are necessary again, or recycled in a quick and painless death (it actually puts them in cryogenic sleep, then kills them). Once they are needed again, they are re-grown
Emperor Palpatine also kept several private stores of these devices, which he used both to clone dark versions of powerful Jedi and to clone new vessels for his dark essence. Grand Admiral Thrawn discovered thousands of cylinders in the Emperor's secret storehouse in Mount Tantiss on Wayland and used them to create an army of clones to man his Dreadnaught fleet. Grappa the Hutt also used Spaarti cylinders as part of his plan with Black Sun to replace members of the Imperial Interim Ruling Council with clones.
Most ominously, an integrated WORLD DEVESTAOR-Class Factory Shuttle's equipment is built into each ship. Generally the Emperor's use the equipment to absorb medium and large asteroids and uninhabited planets. However, the existence of the factory equipment is a terror weapon in and of itself.
Each ECLIPSE-Class vessel carries 06 VICTORY II-Class Star Destroyers and 03 ACCLAMATOR-Class Assault Ships (with their full complements) carried in her internal ship bay and released like bomblets, 700 TIE Interceptors divided into 58 squadrons; For ground assault, they carried 150,000 Imperial soldiers, 3,000 AT-PT MX-2s, and five prefabricated bases. The hangars were located at the sides of the vessel, with the fore and aft launch bays closely spaced underneath this area, towards the middle of the ship. Originally they carried 96 TIE bombers, but these were replaced with TIE/in's when the ACCLAMATOR-Class Assault Ships were converted to orbital bombardment variants (even though they still have their troop-transport capabilities).
Each ship of the class was crewed by over 700,000 personnel, and ECLIPSE II also carried a complement of Shadow Droid starfighters. Troop quarters were located on the lower frontal section of the vessel, in front of the hangar areas.
Propulsion Systems
The ECLIPSE-Class is more mobile than the DEATH STAR-Class Battlestation, being equipped with both an enhanced hyperdrive and fast sublight engines.
Bridge tower
The bridge tower contained the main communications array and sensor array, located on the port side and starboard side, respectively. In addition to containing the main command station for the ship on the lower portion of the tower, it also housed the deflector shield command center, on the top area.
The ECLIPSE began construction early in the Galactic Civil War, around 0 ABY. While the lead ship was being built, the original ECLIPSE-Class prototype vessel was converted to become the battlestation TARKIN. The TARKIN was destroyed by a Rebel sab
An Unspecified ECLIPSE-Class fires Her Superlaser (target unknown).Concept Art Of An ECLIPSE-Class.
An Unspecified ECLIPSE-Class Fires Her Superlaser (target unknown).Concept Art Of An ECLIPSE-Class.The Stern Of An ECLIPSE-Class Super Star Destroyer.
otage team in 3 ABY.
By 4 ABY, the ECLIPSE had its superlaser main weapon installed and in functional condition. The crimelord Tyber Zann wanted to access records on the ship, so he attacked Kuat and took control of the ship, and used to it to damage an Imperial and rebel fleet. Afterwards, Zann had no further use for the vessel, and left it adrift.
Later on, this ship was completed and became the reborn Emperor Palpatine's flagship, with its sister ship ECLIPSE II assuming the same role after the original's destruction.
Approximately 10.88 mile long on the keel, these jet-black battleships were among the largest Super Star Destroyers ever built, and among the most heavily armed warships of all time. In terms of scale, they were the successors to dreadnaughts like EYE oF PALPATINE and the Kuati Star Dreadnaughts that preceded the New Republic era.
ECLIPSE took almost as long to construct as either of the Empire's Death Star battlemoons, and for most of her career, she served as an orbital battlestation at Byss.
She was destroyed along with the reborn Emperor in 10 ABY, during an Imperial attack on Pinnacle Moon in the Da Soocha system, when Luke Skywalker and his sister, Princess Leia Organa Solo, managed to disrupt the Emperor's control of a titanic Force Storm, a massive conflagration of dark side energy that the Emperor had summoned in order to wipe out the massed New Republic fleet.
After this catastrophe, the ECLIPSE II replaced the original. It was slightly different than its predecessor, with different thrusters. Above the planet Onderon, Lando Calrissian and Wedge Antilles led a small boarding party against the mighty battleship, and R2-D2 was able to override ECLIPSE II'S computer banks. The astromech droid then sent ECLIPSE II hurtling through hyperspace on a collision course with the superweapon Galaxy Gun. ECLIPSE II rammed the Galaxy Gun, destroying both. One last projectile was pulled by Byss's gravity and impacted the planet, the resulting explosion annihilating Byss.
Ship's Operations
The ships typically stay out of sight, apparently going inert for years at a time. The majority of the crew goes into stasis, with as little as 1% of the Clonetroopers and 10% of the ships crew (the subordinate IMPERIAL II-Class may have as little as 1% of ship's crew, and no clonetroopers, during these periods). About a year before a campaign begins, the clonetroopers and crew start being awoken and, if necessary (which is usually the case) cloned, with batches being cranked out as fast as possible without risking clone madness.
Current Status
After the Annexation, the Geh 'Dia provided the REF Intelligence as much information as the could on the ECLIPSE-Class Super Star Destroyers; This was frightfully little.
The ships were originally built in the days before even the Great Dark Age by the Syhith Empire as floating fortresses in space; A cheaper and hardier alternative to the expensive and vulnerable DEATH STAR-Class Battlestation. What was known (at that time) was that they had a very powerful main cannon (the superlaser), many fighters, and many, many troops.
Critical Analysis
Of the entire Coruscant Galaxy, the ECLIPSE-Class is the only thing that actually scares REF Intelligence; They are a self-contained world, with factories to churn out the machines of war and cloning chambers to churn out the men of war. The fact that PALPATINES are all extension of one another means they are constantly in contact with one another; One must destroy all of the ECLIPSE-Class Super Star Destroyers, or risk the survival of the PALPATINES (even then, the escape shuttles must also be destroyed). A daunting task- and one that risks upsetting the balance of power between Ashla (the 'light side') and Bogan (the 'dark side'). Even the Geh 'Dia Order would rather a large-scale Syhith victory, than upset that balance (a solution the Syhith Order would like very much).
The UGC isn't 'really' afraid of the firepower of an ECLIPSE-Class, however; Their power to target can in fact destroy a planet, and their range is much, much greater than an SDF/UDF's Reflex Cannon, with about the same cyclic rate, but that's of small consequence. It's one ship on... A million maybe? A painful battel, perhaps... But one the REF could win.
Also, the scarcity of the ships, and the oddly restricted application of them, makes them less a threat and more a major nuisance, as every single report of an ECLIPSE has to be followed up on, even if it turns out to be a red herring. Though the UGC, Geh 'Dia, and others would love to get their hands on one of these, until then it will remain a series of enigmas.
"The Yard"
There are 03 ECLIPSE-Class Battlestations at "the yard," mostly collecting dust. One is fit to fight, if so needed; The other two are in no such condition. Key components were removed from both and transferred to the third.
ECLIPSE ALPHA was recovered as a wreck, and needed a year's worth of repairs just to make her capable of supporting life. She will never fight again. She "appears" to have been gifted from the Palpatinian Order to a Dark Aprrentice, when she suffered a catastrophic attack.
ECLIPSE BRAVO was recovered largely intact, but her entire crew dead of a massive viral outbreak. She sat in the yard for 10 years, awaiting her first inspection.
ECLIPSE UNITED GALAXIES is a reconstruction, based on the best evidence collected from ALPHA and BRAVO. Her nickname, Rust, belies the fact that she is in fact fit to fight, with FTL drives kept in standby mode at all times.
Neither the Palpatinians nor the Geh 'Dai are aware of these ships, and they are NOT going to be told. Rust serves as Rakatan Anchoarge's administrative and training facility, since she has all the newest Rakatan toys.