United Galaxies Council.
United Galaxies Council.
Factions Within the UGC.
United Galaxies Council.
United Galaxies Council.
Within the territories the United Galaxies Council calls "home" there are literally millions of factions; Not nearly all of them can be listed here.
Every society that joins the UGC contributes something, both as treasure (usually as raw mineral and other trade goods) and as technologies; In each section, those that have donated technologies accepted into regular UGC service (in other words, the Council has agreed to fund the continued construction of) will link to their respective entries. Others not accepted into regular service are still listed, but are not additionally listed (for example, the Geh 'Dia ACCLAMATOR-Class Assault Ship has not been accepted into regular UGC, and therefore is listed only under Gah 'Dai Heavy Industries (GHI), not usder UGC Ships). Independent Factions, private corporations, and mercenaries (sanctioned and independent) are not under any such obligation, and obviously anti-UGC factions and criminal organizations would be "disciplined" to offer such information.
Pro UGC Factions.
Disloyal Factions.
Anti-UGC Factions.
Private Corporations.
Mercanries (cont).
Sanctioned Mercenries.
Independent Mercenries.
Independant Factions.
Criminal Organizations.
United Galaxies Council.
The United Galaxies Council.
Pro UGC Factions.
United Galaxies Council.
The United Galaxies Council.
'Officially' at least the Pro-UGC factions are happy to be part of the empire. Note that not "every" member of the family is entirely happy, but these are the factions less or highly unlikely to rebel against UGC rule.
Terra, Fantoma, And Tirol
The Terran/T'sentraedi Alliance is the fundamental foundation of the UGC. These two species are forever joined at the hip. The survivors of the Opteran/Tiresians wars hitched their wagon to the Terran/T'sentraedi horse immediately upon the SDF-003's arrival there.
The Invid.
The Invid were never "truly" evil- The Robotech Elders (and their Masters lackeys) made them that way. Now, they are HIGHLY valued members of the UGC.
The Geh 'Dia.
The largest faction to join the UGC to date, the Geh 'Dia effectively controlled the Rakatan Galaxy when the UGC Annexed it.
The Kobolese Confederation.
Joined the UGC a long time ago. Most significantly they brought the Galactica- and BATTLESTAR-Class with them.
The Knaeck; A Doggies Story.
When you play God, you deserve to get what you ask for.
The Brotherhood Of Steel.
The Earth was in Chaos; Then the Army's deserters stepped forward to take control.
High Nenomause Commonwealth.
An empire severely on the wane when the UGC annexed the territory.
The Landsraad League.
A collection of about a dozen systems, each ruled by a noble family (called the "Houses"), which are ruled in turn by the "God-Emperors" of House ATREIDES from the Desert Planet Arrakis.
Sub Factions: The Spacing Guild and the Gesserit Bene.
Freng Mercantile Republic.
Formerly an empire built on swindling everyone out of everything they had; Now reputable traders to the entire UGC- Because the UGC is watching them. CLOSELY.
Clingohn Alliance.
A warrior-species like the T'sentraedi, but about Terran sized, who initially resisted UGC. (Many T'sentraedi have adopted the Clingohn philosophy).
Sentinel Factions.
The various member-species of the Sentinel Alliance.
The Nietzscheans
A separatist movement of Genetic Supremists that finally capitulated to UGC under pressure from the Magog.
Wayist And Tiamist Magog
Wayists are separatists within the Magog who have sworn off their species imperative;
Tiamist are extremist Wayists, the result of the rape of a Wayist.
Beorge-mot; Rogue Beorge
Many generations ago, a single Beorge gained his "independence" from the collective. His 'empire' grew slowly, until contact with the UGC gave them a decided advantage.
The Na'vi Of Pandora
Cunning warriors, the Na'vi forcibly ejected Terran settlers on Pandora a generation and a half ago; However, an external threat forced them to reconsider their opposition- Under terms.
Breen Confederacy
The Breen aligned themselves with the Dominion in an ill-advised coalition; At the close of the conflict, they lost a great deal of territory. By allying themselves with the UGC they hoped to recover this lost territory.
The Mimbari
A great empire in their own right, the Mimbari lived by a prophesy of a greater empire coming to them, bringing security and peace.
Tamarian Republic (aka the Children of Tamara)
Peacefully annexed by the UGC with assistance of the Ferengi. Adopted T'sentraedi language, but within their own circles continue to speak in the metaphoric-based language of their ancestors.
United Galaxies Council.
The United Galaxies Council.
Disloyal Factions.
United Galaxies Council.
The United Galaxies Council.
Not every faction allied to the UGC is happy to be in the family; Several, in fact, are suspected of being infiltrators, plotting to bring the Council down from within (much as Ascension Supremacy did on FBX 21555320.
Remulous Homogeny.
A spacefaring empire absorbed into the UGC, they made the disastrous mistake of actually trying to declare war on the UGC.
Mandalorian Army
The Mandalorians joined the UGC only as a hedge against Geh 'Dia gaining an upper hand; Given an opportunity, they would strike back against their "friends."
K'Hardishuns Union
Resisted the UGC. Many factions rebelled against the Union and joined the UGC. The fall of Cardassia Prime left a multitude of warring factions (civil war) that the UGC is still trying to break up (after more than 200 years).
The Fehran.
The eternal self-serving collaborators picked the wrong side when they choose to stand up to the Plenipotentiary Council and Sentinel Alliance; Upon capitualtion the name "Atorian" was strippped away.
Anti-UGC Factions.
Faction actively engaged in war with the UGC, to one degree or another.
The First Enemy; Atorian Malcontents.
A fleet of Atorians escaped during the war, unlike their sisters "back home," these Fehrans have refused to capitulate. Most are slavers or pirates, but some have evolved beyond that.
The Invidia and their Invidista Allies.
Not "all" Invid are so HIGHLY valued as members of the UGC- Or even by the Invid themselves. The Invidia are the Invid's own malcontents- Rebels who have turned against not only the UGC and the REF, but even killing fellow Invid! Along side them are Humans, T'sentraedi, Paraxians, and etc., the "Invidista."
T'sentraedi Malcontents.
T'sentraedi Malcontents are ubra-violence personified, but they aren't slavers; Just raider and murders. (Even at that, not all are anything; There are more factions than there are groups.)
The Ultra- secretive Tiresian Malcontent.
The ultra-secretive Tiresian Malcontents generally come from the survivors of the Second Robotech War; Their TRUE motives, numbers, and even technologies can never be fully known. It is believed they are the power behind the powers.
The Goa'uld
An extremely egomaniacal species of nominally sentient parasitic beings that take over hosts; Goa'uld means "god" in their own language.
The Wraith
A hive-based species that harvest the 'life-force' beings for nourishment. Thought to be extinct, some hive have been discovered.
The Beorge
A pseudo-species of cybernetic beings, or cyborgs; They are all interlinked via their cybernetic implants into a hive-mind, so no individual existed.
The Syhith
A collection of orders of Force-sensitives who utilized Bogan, founded by exiled Dark Geh 'Dia from the Galactic Republic.
The Cybermen
Another pseudo-species of cybernetically augmented humanoids.
The Cybermen are particularly enemies of the Gallifreyians, however the UGC is a new enemy that they seek also to conquer.
The Daleks
A species of genetically engineered, cybernetically enhanced creatures originally from the planet Skaro.
Like the Cybermen, Daleks are enemies of the Gallifreyians and, by extension, the UGC.
The Founders/Dominion
A group of Changelings, responsible for both the creation of the Dominion; They attempted to overthrow the UGC by replacing certain key figures within the council, unleashing their clone army and bureaucracy.
Ascension Supremacy
A quasi-religious order of FBX 21555320 that led the anti-UGC civil war.
The Drug Lords Of FBX 21555320
The drug lords of FBX 21555320 still control most of the planet, but are terribly divided against each other.
The Lucian Alliance
A shady and powerful consortium of smugglers and mercenaries; Their fleet is limited compared to the REF, but quite formidable compared to most any single RDF. A kind of interstellar "space mafia," the Lucian Alliance focuses on smuggling and renting their services as mercenries.
United Galaxies Council.
The United Galaxies Council.
Private Corporations.
United Galaxies Council.
The United Galaxies Council.
Private industry is the engine of the UGC's economy, and anything the Council can do to keep the engine running, it does.
The Ghostbusters
A professional paranormal investigations and eliminations agency.
The Scooby Gang
A reserved association of paranormal investigators and, on occasion, assassins.
Global Dynamics, operating under the guise of the small mining colony Eureka, is a highly advanced research think tank responsible for the development of major technological breakthroughs.
Galactic Paranormal Investigations, Inc.
In 1998, the HALLIWELL Sisters discovered they had- "Unusual abilities." Since their passing, their own children have continued to use and develop these powers.
Unseen University And Hogwarts
The premier thaumatological schools of the UGC.
Unfortunately, both schools (located on Peryton) were modeled on "thaumatological schools" on Terra- That don't exist. One is an amusement part, the other is a fan-constructed cosplay village. Neither school actually existed, making for some very uncomfortable questions... That Terrans just don't answer.
Darkplace Hospital
... Darkplace Hospital is cursed. It was built on a graveyard, in a moor, outside of Romford, East London, which is apparently built over the very Gates Of Hell. More precisely, it's thought the Devil tricked humanity into building a hospital there to keep people out of Hell because he was tired of salesmen and Jehovah Witnesses knocking twice a day. Building a hospital was just an unfortunate coincidence.
Tyrell Corporation
A tech company primarily concerned with the production of androids, their motto is "More Human Than Human."
Clariont Battle Ensign.
Clariont Battle Ensign.
There are two types of mercenries; Sanctioned and Independent.
"Sanctioned" mercenries are owned by a government body, be it a city or empire, who are given orders to support "allied forces/nations/partners."
So-called "Independent" mercenries are simply bodies of armed men.
The difference is more than merely semantic; A sanctioned mercenry army can be held accountable (put in prison) by their native nation-state, while Independent mercenry armies can only be sued for misconduct, which, if they disband immediately after the conflict, is pointless, at least outside of standing UGC space. Within the UGC's current sphere of influence, they "can" be tried for various crimes committed, but these are rarely successful, since the ones who are reporting the crime are usually the mercenries themselves. More than once, illegal mercenaries have disband after the conflict ended, the members travelled to another sector of the UGC, then re-formed under a different member, but still the same outfit- right down to the tool kits and lucky charms (and emblems, letterheads, etc.)
The employment of a mercenry outfit is the responsibility of the employer; If they do something illegal, the employer is responsible to address it (via the Galactic Investigation Services if necessary).
Independent mercenry armies also fill the private security sector role, and these agencies are usually better behaved than their direct action counterparts; However, "usually" isn't "always," and the quality of their line personnel leaves something to be desired in any case.
Clariont Battle Ensign.
Sanctioned Mercenries.
Clariont Battle Ensign.
The Brotherhood Of Steel
Own by the "mining colony" of Eureka.
La L'egion Etrange're
Owned by the UGC.
Pontifical Swiss Custodes (Swiss Guard)
The Swiss Custodes specialize in the protection of FAITH, regardless who's; They protect chapels and religious sites and their attendees galaxies-wide, serving primarily as a symbolic guard, but not one to be trifled with- They have the authority, indeed the DUTY, to use whatever force is necessary to protect their charges, and that includes lethal force.
Owned by the Vatican.
Special Battalions
Militry Convicts who've chosen suicide in battle over death in prison.
Owned by the UGC.
Clariont Battle Ensign.
Independent Mercenries.
Clariont Battle Ensign.
Independent Mercenries do not report to any governmental body; Some however do report to higher authorities in the private sector, such as GSM's parent company Johnson Insurance, Inc., while others, such as Devil's Rangers, are not (DR is actually employee owned).
The Devil's Rangers
The Devil's Rangers specialize in high-risk biohazard "containment." Independently owned.
Global Security Management (GSM)
Global Security Management is a far-ranging private security services provider, offering site officers, security systems, contingency management, personal protection (body guards), etc.
A division of Johnson Insurance, Inc.
The California Rangers
The NCR Rangers are an elite volunteer special force formed as reconnaissance and standard militry patrols and hunting slavers, raider tribes, roaming gangs, cannibals, and generally protecting the frontiers of the NCR and scouting new territories for annexation, and for surveying new routes for the NCR Train System to lay tracks to.
Independent Factions.
Independent Factions.
Independent Factions.
Independent Factions.
Independent Factions.
These are groups that are neither allied to nor enemies of the UGC; A few share mutual enemies with the Galactics.
The Q
A species and society of people who live outside the stricter definitions of 'reality' as the UGC understands it. While not currently a threat to the intergalactic order, they're neither an ally.
The Gallifreyians
A species and society of people who live outside the confines of the UGC. While not currently a threat to the intergalactic order, they're neither an ally. They are mutual enemies with the Cybermen and Daleks.
"The Survivors"
A coalition of various survivors of Ascension Supremacy's take over of FBX 21555320.
The Powers
A specifically anti- Ascension Supremacy on FBX 21555320 that uses extensive high-tech equipment.
"The Soong Collective."
A species of artificial life forms derived from one of two prototypes, either "D4-T4" or "L0-R3"; A third group, the L-41, comes from the D4-T4 line, and a fourth group, the "B4-B9" is included in commentary only.
The D4-T4/L-41 factions are loosely allied with the UGC, the L0-R3 are openly hostile.
United Galaxies Council.
GIS Badge.
Criminal Organizations.
United Galaxies Council.
Standard Red And Blue Lights.
All of these groups are considered to be operating outside the law, even though some are doing the interests of the people; In the case of vigilantes, the GIS monitors them VERY CAREFULLY, but as long as no "collateral damage" occurs they're usually left alone.
The Order Of The Bats
A quasi-religious vigilante organization.
The Punishers
A quasi-religious anti-drug vigilante organization.
A sub-set of quasi-religious speciesist organizations.