The Fessor.
The Fessor's Flagship, "Rimfire."
Fessor was formed by the Galactic Information Bureau as an auxiliary for IPA to "encourage" certain behaviors by other factions that they may not necessarily wish to engage in; A big one is getting unaligned systems to join the council, by simply predating upon their ships.
Fessor is not strictly a pirate group; They are in fact as much corsairs as pirate, raiding settlements as willfully as they do ships. The IPA and her successors officially know nothing of Fessor, and vise-versa; This creates a firewall against mutual discovery. In fact, even the GIB itself doesn't "officially" control Fessor. The Director of the GIB contacts a third party, Galactic Resources Group, and inquires if there would be any way that GRG's various friends could "assist" the Council. From there, specific objectives are identified, and GRG's handlers unleash Fessor.
Fessors use a variety of equipment, the most important being ships of course, then personal equipment, and Mecha.
The Fessors first ship was the Rimshot, which ironically had been the ship of another pirate faction. Since then they've gotten a mostly fleet of ships together, including some LUCREHULK-Class Battleships, though they strangely dislike these enormous vsls, and are using only one for the moment (out of necessity).
Most of their ships are in fact common civilian vsl, with weapons hidden to discourage review. Their favorite is the Firefly-Class, since those are independently FTL capable shuttles, and sufficiently common so as not to draw attention, even under the most rigorous situations; Since the Fessors can build their own ships, creating false documents for them is really as simple as "declaring" they'd built one on a factory satellite. One ship can go through over a hundred registrations before she's deactivated.
Personal Equipment:
A rarity amongst pirates, the Fessors have a uniform and standardized personal equipment. Non-standard equipment can be used, but only in the field and for as long as is necessary to return to friendly forces.
A Fessor In Dress Uniform; This one is Administrative Division, Slave Section. You can tell by her crop.
The AFI ("Atorian Fighter One") Fessor Veritech.
An Older Fessor Uniform;
The fighter is flanked by an Atorian Sh-431 Ravage and Sh-913 Laserbeak drone.
The AFII ("Atorian Fighter Two") Slipstream Veritech.
Uniform:The Fessor Dress Uniform is a blue coat with white leggings and a blue combination cover derived from a Terran design. If it looks "slutty" it is; It's intended to get males to stare, so that the Fessor has an excuse to abuse him. The abuse can go on for a very long time, too; More than one slave has died from this.
Personal Weapons:
The Fessors are evil, but not fools. Their standard weapon is of all things the Gallant H-90, with a MT-261 Vibro Bayonet. They also use various nefarious devices to inflict pain but not necessarily injury to slaves (such as the depicted crop).
Whips and various restraints lead the pack, but a collar device used both to inflict pain (not "technically" illegal) and, if necessary, to kill (strictly illegal, even to possess components or blueprints for) are installed on all slaves, even those they plan to ransom. The disarming device is typically left near the location of the exchange.
Battle Gear:
The Atorian Power Armor is the only armor they use in planned battles; A corset-like torso protector is used when battle isn't planned but possible.
Additionally, they almost always wear a personal force field generator (the device hanging at the slave guard's waist) to protect themselves during extended attacks (typically by slaves).
How the Fessors got Veritechnology is officially unknown, though it's considered "a very lucky break" that they appear to have originally gotten a blueprints for a model that was by the standards of the time antiquated; In fact, it was the first model, from an era just before the crash of Zor's SDF-001, when Terran militry technologists were still struggling to develop the system (hence before protoculture revolutionized the program).
Their version to the XVF-0 is definitely... Different. It appears to have been hybridized from the F/A-22 Raptor Fighter, but retaining the feminine lines that Atorians in general and Fessors in particular like so much.
Fessor Limitations:
Fessor's eltitism makes them unpopular with other Atorians, and as a result others won't share the secrets of the Type 5 "Galvatron" Combat Robot, but that's of very little concern to the Fessors (besides, they have those secret anyways). They also use the Atorian Power Armor and developed the Atorian-Class Dropship (which they did give to their fellow Atorians), but not much else of "true" Atorian technology. Even the FEHRAN MALCONTENT-Class ("Moranor-Class") Warship, which harken back to the Atorian Empire itself, is disdained by the Fessors, nor have they ever even HAD an Atorian Combat Robot or Fehran Attack Shuttle; Early on they had a small number of Fehran Aero-Space Fighters, but with the Veritech these eventually went away. Unarmed Fehran Revenge Craft are used, but strictly for infiltration purposes.
Advanced teams often rent vehicles, with a vague preference for non-descript vans and 2 seater cars with good fuel efficiency ("econoboxes") for scouting and general reconnaissance.
Fessor is throwback Atorian culture if ever there was one; Violently misandrious, xenophobic, but not homophobic. Indeed, they are HETROphobic- Every Fessorian is lesbian, breeding with males only as necessary to procreate. Males they take in action are summarily raped, and often castrated (if the possibility of ransom presents they won't be, but if that fails to produce results they are- each and every time). All those taken in action are shipped off to their secret mining complexes, forced to dig under conditions that would have been declared manifestly unsafe even under the old Atorian Empire; Accidents are common. Those who are successfully ransomed are returned, those that are not are held in the mines until they die.
Fessorians believe their strict adherence to such dictates are what keeps them in The Lady's favor; Though the IPA didn't "like" it, the few who understand the situation (which is of course, only members of the GIB and the few members of the oversight committee that were in "Special Foreign Observation Group IV," aka "The Investor's Group") understand the need to maintain the appearance of "The Lady's favor."
The Fessor's Founder, Matricara FORST. "Matricara" was an aristrocratic title in the Atorian Empire, like Duke or Baron.
Fessorians believe in a deity they only know as "The Lady." The Lady protect Fessorians who obey Her tenants, providing them protection from their enemies.
Although The Lady is thought to be non-corporeal, "She" in fact existed; "She" was REF Intelligence Analyst Lt Aman F'HALL (Tśentrædi) of the REF Spacy. The Lady is now represented by The Investor's Group, and, in an act to provoke the Council Of Captains, The Investor's Group is represented by a male of any species that could not pass for Human; Freng/Clingohn hybrids are quite common, since The Investor's Group is headquartered in the House Of Quark. (The Investors Group's representative usually does not actually know who "the investors" are, helping to seal a hole in the firewall.)
Fessor's Code was written over a period of 121 years, based on the Primary Teachings Of The Lady, then expanded upon by the Matricaras over time. Nothing in the Expansion Teachings may directly contradict the Primary, hence the Primary's warning "Do not engage the Robbertechas" is inviolate; IPA (now UGC) colonies, worlds, and ships may not be targeted.
"For I have sent the Robbertechas as a punishment upon My People for their indolence to My Will; They abandoned their faith, practicing in rote but not in their hearts, and displeased Me. Engage them not, for they will destroy you by My command." This warning remains in effect, and the rare occasion when it's been ignored has proven disastrous; After the fourth time, the Matricara herself intervened, killing the Captain responsible and taking the crew that survived to the pits of Duhal (a mine that was, at the time, active and notorious for its foul conditions; quite analogous to a living Hell, for these mines were even worse than normal mines using anything needed to do so- though that mine is now closed, a special section of every mine is made as foul as plausible and still called "The Duhal Shaft" to this purpose).
Fessor actually "reports" to a larger corporation, Galactic Resources Group- The President of which is the Matricara. The Matricara can only be challenged by Captains of the fleet. Since the Captains Of The Fleet do know of GRG/Fessor's involvement with the GIB, they also know "the investor's group" has a strong influence upon the fleet's leadership; If The Investor's Group withdraws support, the REF won't be far behind.
Transition Of Power:
Mitara sighed; "Withdraw."
The bridge crew looked at her. Mirata, realizing what was happening, repeated her command. "Withdraw Lady damn it!"
The Navita looked at her console. "Recommend course two-five-niner mark zero-four-one."
"Very well, helm two-five-niner mark zero-four-one."
"Aye aye, Captain" the helm responded, dutifully entering in the new course without further comment.
'I'm in for it now,' Mitara reflected.
It comes to pass that the crews of Fessor don't necessarily respect their captains; Though The Code strictly dictates a captain can not be challenged in time of battle, they can be literally any other time. Assassinations of Captains is strictly forbidden under The Code. A formal declaration of Dispute must be made. Once made, whoever looses the Dispute is summarily airlocked. Whatever crew survives, regardless their prior loyalties, are spared the judgment. In extraordinary cases, the looser of Dispute is held for Higher to be questioned. (This is, in fact, becoming the norm.) The exception is when a Captain is choosing to retire; She then initiates Dispute, allowing anyone who thinks she can lead the crew to try. She will test the candidates and select her successor; Her decision is final at the time.
In the Council Of Captains, Dispute is presented, but the results aren't necessarily an execution; The Matricara could still return to her own ship (she is after all a captain herself). These Disputes are rare, and as often as not (or more so) initiated by the Matricara who is looking to retire.
The Matricara can also order a transition of leadership; During a Council Of Captains, she can order a Captain taken to her private dungeon until the effected crew can select a new Captain. The Matricara is "supposed to" then eliminate the offending Captain, but at least one, Dehanna T'ROEY, kept a small stable of defrocked Captains for her personal amusement; None had actually failed their missions, but Dehanna had taken a personal eye to them, or they'd spoken out against her, and therefore she wanted them "set aside" for her. Those who'd spoken out against her were worked to death in Dehanna's private mine, or simply tortured until they died. Despite this, Dehanna's leadership was quite impressive; 20 years as Matricara (with the average being 12), and stepping down of her own accord (after liquidating the Captain's she'd been holding).
Unique amongst the pirate groups, Fessor has a retirement plan that doesn't intrinsically involve death; After 50 years of service, a member can retire, and is given a lump sum equivalent to 10 years pay at last pay.
Relations With Other Malcontent:
There is nothing in the Fessors' Charter that forbids relations with other malcontent factions, but equally nothing that encourages it. Each ship is free to ally with others on a specific mission basis, but no permanent alliance can be made.
As a larger body however the Fessors are making some inroads diplomatically with The New Order via closer relations with COBRA COMMAND achieved by battlefield alliances; Several clients hired Cobra hired to provide ground forces and the Fessors to provide naval forces in their wars, forcing the two to work together. some first of these predated Cobra's acquisition of transformer technology, creating a slight diplomatic rift between the two as the Fessors would not give Cobra veritechnology, but once they had the tech themselves Cobra ceased caring about it. Now they're closer than most The New Order members, trading materials, technology, and services on occasions (the Fessors are the largest single owner of HiSS V tanks outside of Cobra; Cobra receives an average of 43% of raw and semi-finished materials obtained from on-client suppliers from the Fessors yearly). Additionally, many Fessor children come from Cobra fathers; Male children of those relationships are shipped off to their fathers, being one of the few males of Fessor mothers not sold into slavery immediately upon birth.
The Fessors are now informally part of The New Order with the tacit blessing of The Investor's Group; As the Fessor's leader, the Matricara is privy to anything learned from the meetings and discussions of the alliance, which is immediately passed to the investors- In other words, the UGC.
General Information
Name: Fessor.
Colors: 75% grayscale black and 21% grayscale blue.
Symbol/Crest/Banner: A single blue stripe of 21% width at 83 degrees on a dark grey field of 3 height by 8 wide. (The actual measure per say doesn't matter; it can be feet, inches, yards, miles, it could even be light years. Only the ratios matter.)
Owner: Nominally, Galactic Resources Group- Of course, GRG is owned by the GIB, so...
Leader: The Matricara.
Tactics: Fessor uses many different tactics, based on the particulars of the circumstances before them, but common methods are to disable movement, then communications, then forcibly intrude (either by landing on planets or boarding on ships), take whatever is easily removed from planets (including hostages/slaves), or make such minimal repairs as is absolutely necessary on ships.
Size and Orientation:
  • Large Mercenary Army (500)
  • A: Sponsorship:
    B: Outfits:
    C: Equipment:
    D: Vehicles:
  • Government Front: Although officially behind a firewall of Galactic Recourse Group, the IPA formed the group.
  • Unlimited Clothing (50); Technically unlimited, at least. Fessor can get anything they want, as long as it's work related. The Matricara has a grown by Defina, a one of a kind at that, valued at 10 million€... And it wasn't stolen. Also, the Fessors have a uniform (see above), which is quite unusual for pirates of any sort.
  • Electronic Supplies and Good Gear (5)
  • Medical Clinic (20); Despite their backing from the IPA, their supplies are somewhat limited.
  • Specialty Vehicles (30): They have dozens of vehicles modified exclusively to their own needs, and their own model of Veritech (see above).
  • E: Weapons:
    F: Communications:
    G: Internal Security:
    H: Permanent Bases:
  • Extensive Weaponry (40); But not quite everything they could ever want. The GIB knows what they have and what they don't, and keeps a tight lid on it.
  • Superior Communications (40); Only the GIB can tap into their network, and even then only because of a back door that looks like an operating system base code.
  • Paranoid (40); But not quite impregnable. The GIB can listen in on their external communications in real time, and their internal communications is less than a day on average.
  • None (0); Though they do run mines, they have no permanent bases. This is one of the tenants of The Lady: "Keep your feet off the ground. Live in your ships, and do not build cities."
  • I: Intelligence Resources:
    J: Special Budget:
    K: General Alignment:
    L: Criminal Activity:
  • Scout Detachment (5)
  • Special Military Operatives (10)
  • Psionic and Magic Operatives (20)
  • Mega Bucks (60); They have GIB cash they "can" tap into when necessry.
  • Evil: Miscreant and Diabolic (0): Fessorians are TRULY evil, and in a twist they know it. They even hold conferences to find even MORE hateful things to do.
  • Con Man; Each ship has at least one "advanced reconnaissance team" who's job is to scout out potential targets and try and swindle the locals if possible.
  • Cyber-Doc (1 per ship)
  • Gang of Robbers: Robbery, and specifically ARMED robbery, is what they do.
  • Smugglers and Sellers of Contraband; 1 in 10 ships is tasked strictly to smuggling, and they smuggle anything they can. They've become particularly adept at smuggling people- Namely their advanced teams. They also smuggle slaves, both for themselves and other clients.
  • Expert Assassins: The Matricara has a team of dedicated assassins, themselves a small army (15 members per each of the 1 team per ship), who train in armed and unarmed martial arts, sniping, CQB, explosives, and poison. Each team has one specialty, though they share resources by the Matricara's order, and all of them train in martial arts and CQB.
  • Safecracker/Locksmith; Each ship and each assassination team has at least one safecracker.
  • M: Reputation/Credentials:
    N: Salary:
  • Hunted (0); Or at least officially so. Every time the REF receives a tip about Fessor's activities or plans a patrol where Fessor is operating, the GIB flash alerts them a warning of the REF's plans so they can either clear out or cover up whatever activities they can't clear out. Though not 100% effective, the Fessors have only lost a few thousand members and a dozen mines; Their competitors loose 10× that a month.
  • Outrageous Salary (40); Based on total loot, a common member receives a half-share. Senior Crewmembers and Junior Officers, a full share; Senior officers, 2 shares; Captains, 4 shares. The crew of an individual ship receives this same formula against the ship taken, except that Fessor receives half the loot outright.
  • Command Officers:
  • The Director Of The GIB; Actually controls the Case Manager, but not Fessor nor GRG directly.
  • Case Manager, Special Foreign Observation Group IV; The Case Manager "IS" The Investor's Group. The rest of the Case Manager's staff, if there is any, do not actually know what system is targeted or who the weapon is. The Case Manger rarely has any staff in any case; Often, there are two case managers, one who knows what the Director wanted targeted and one who knows Fessor. More often, though, both Case Managers know the whole story, and are simply there to ensure what is ordered is what was intended.
  • The Investor's Group's representative: The respective actually makes contact with the Fessors when face to face contact is required. The Investor's Group Representatives think they're criminal kingpins, which amuses the Case Managers greatly.
  • The Matricara/President Of Galactic Resources Group: This is the leader of the Fessors. It is she who actually gives the orders to the ships of the fleet. She could be compared to a head of state.
  • The Council Of Captains: Each ship and base has a Captain. She gives the orders in battle and directs efforts otherwise. It is the Council Of Captains that selects the Matricara. The Captains could be compared to Governors.
  • Field Officers:
  • Senior Officers: Typically head Departments; For ships and bases alike, there is an Operational Division, Weapons Division, Security Division, Shuttles Division, Fighter Squadron (for some ships, more than 1), R/PA Division (for most bases, more than 1), Infantry Divisions (more than 1), Engineering Division, Deck Division (ships only), Medical Division, and Administrative Division (which is charged with arranging loot- and castrating males). Some divisions are as little as one member, others as large as small armies themselves.
  • Junior Officers: Command Sections.
    Senior Enlisted:
  • Section Leaders; Typically the duty section leaders, though most report to a Section Commander as their next-in-command.
    Command Enlisted:
  • Specialists: Those with technical training.
  • Sisters: Those without technical training.
  • Favored: Slaves who have a chance at ransom.
  • Common: Slaves who have no chance at ransom. Common males slaves are castrated. Common female slaves are forced to "pleasure" sisters. They are kept in the mines working until they die.
    NOTE: All slaves are raped, though on an irregular basis; Many are only once in their lives, then "kind of" forgotten in the mines.