The Fessor.
REF Intelligence Analyst Lt Aman F'HALL
'So that's it,' Aman thought. 'all I need now is to get approval.'
Lt Aman F'HALL collected her flash drives, stretched, and reached for the phone. After dialing the number from memory, she waited, relaxed and ready. "Yes, I'd like to schedule a meeting with Admiral NOERINK... About a Special Projects matter... Atorians. Yes, thank you." The Lt. waited while on hold. "Wednesday? What time? Excellent. No, thank you."
Aman hung up the phone, then signed. The end of an operation was always the longest part for her; It had been under Azonia, would continue to be.
Closing up for the night, Aman left the office and headed home. 'Time for a soak and a beer,' she thought.

Come Wednesday, Aman showed up at the Admirals office 30 minutes early. Her purse was tightly held against her body, slung over her right shoulder but under her left arm to protect it from thieves.
"I have an appointment with the Admiral," she informed the secretary, who's name, according to the plate, was Bob SOSKING.
"Yes, she said to send you in as soon as you arrived, but you're very early. Let me make sure she's really ready." 'Bob' exited through the door behind him. "She said she'd call you in when she's ready."
"Thank you, sir. May I?" Aman asked pointing to a chair.
"Yes, of course." Bob seemed to take little interest in Aman's appearance; 'Maybe he's... what is it humans call them? Home-a-saxial?'
Bob returned to his duties, which at the moment appeared to be converting text on his screen. After a few minutes, the door open. "Lt. F'HALL?" the rather striking human woman intoned. Aman snapped to her feet, but remained relaxed. "Come in."

After offering the Lt coffee and a set, the Admiral got to business. "So. Lieutenant. What is on your mind?"
Aman cleared her throat. "Admiral, as you are aware, I've been tasked to finding creative solutions to the PLEIPOENTIARY COUNCIL'Ss... Difficulties, in getting new allies on board."
"Yes, that's why I fast tracked you on my schedule. Go on."
"We have roughly 2 million Atorians Prisoners Of War. We have literally thousands of their ships, many in operable condition. Minimal repairs would get them back in fighting shape.
"My proposal is to 'arrange' the escape of a dozen or so Ators with a ship. A ship already configured so that we can eavesdrop on them. Only the senior most leadership need know of our assistance, junior members would be answering only to her. As long as she obeys our orders, and doesn't attack PPC vessels and stations, we could use them to harass and intimidate lesser states, causing them to desire to join the Council."
Admiral NOERINK mulled this a moment. "What assurance would we have that they won't go off the reservation?"
"Very little. The ability to track them would allow us to track them down and destroy them, though."
"Hmmmm. In my locker over there is some civilian cloths. Grab a shirt. Nothing red."
The Lt. did as ordered, removing her coat and shirt... the admiral could see her in the window... 'My, what a body... God damn, those are nice boobs.' "Yes, Bob, patch me through to Sal, please... Thank you." Despite the phone call, the Admiral continued to watch the Lt... 'God damn, girl... If only you were...' "Yes, Sal, It's me. Listen, I'm gonna send you a photo. First name is... What's your name?"
"Aman, ma'am."
"Aman. Last name? Be playful." After a brief pause, the Admiral giggled like a schoolgirl.
The giggling snapped Aman out of it; She'd noticed the Admiral's staring. It was no secret the Admiral was bisexual; In fact, she had been the first openly bisexual ship's Captain. Aman knew it was wrong, of course... But she was disappointed when the Admiral STOPPED staring...
"Ready for my closeup, Mr DEMILLE."
The Admiral smiled at that. "Do you actually know what that means, Lieutenant?"
Aman glanced away for a moment, then answered, "Well, no ma'am. I just know that people say it when they're about to get their picture taken."
That response drew a bemused smile from the Admiral. "Ok. First, tousle your hair. Better. Ok, untuck your shirt" and at the Admiral's handling, Aman felt an odd feeling... One she didn't normally have... A wish for the act to continue... "and tie it like so..." and with that, the Admiral tied the shirt under her breasts... So tightly, yet so welcoming. "Ya. Good. Here, let me..." and with that, the Admiral rand her fingers around in Aman's hair, rubbing the scalp to 'tousle' her hair. "Ah. Perfect. Now you look like a civilian." Stand over here," she commanded, pointing to a bare section of bulkhead. "Good. Now say, 'Traitor!'"
"Hajoka!" the lieutenant obediently replied, beaming her best smile.
"Perfect. Ok. Tomorrow morning you'll find your new identification on your desk. Should be there first thing. Have you picked out your saps?"
"Yes, ma'am, I think I know who'd best fit the bill."
"Excellent. There's a brush in the locker, the red one. Don't worry; I have it cleaned every night, whether it needs to be or not.""I brought one ma'am." With this, Aman took the thumbdrives out of her pocket.
"Not in your purse?" the Admiral asked.
"The purse is a decoy."
"Good girl. Ok, go get yourself straightened out." The Admiral sat back down at her desk, but couldn't help looking at the window. 'God, God, God damn...' she mused, as she watched the Lt. take the blue blouse off... Then, to her personal 'luck,' the Lt. didn't put her uniform back on, but rather brushed out her hair first, her perfect, absolutely perfect, breast barely concealed under the blue lace bra... 'Not even close to the biggest I've ever seen,' she reflected, 'But Crom take me if those aren't the most perfect I've ever seen. Even nicer than my own...'
Neither would know it, but both were disappointed when the Lt. put her uniform back on.
"Well, you've work to do, and I guess I do as well," the Admiral remarked, looking at the thumbdrive. "And this is the only copy?"
"I have a copy at my desk," the Lt. answered honestly.
"Properly secured?"
"Yes, ma'am."
"Excellent. I will procure a shuttle and arrange for prisoner transfers as requested. Good luck, Lt. This might even be your promotion to Lt. Commander... If you survive it, that is."
"Thank you, Admiral." With that, the lt. turned for the door... Both stifling a sigh. Though both noticed, each assumed the other's reaction was satisfaction at a job that would be well done.
Matricara Countess Dania FORST, first Matricara Of Fessor.
Two weeks later, Aman found herself about Hulk #48731. Already summoned was the detainee she was here to see; 99378314, FORST, Dania, formerly a Matricara in the Atorian Space Armada. 99378314 was in fact already waiting for her in the interrogation space. "Good morning, inmate," Aman opened up to set the tone.
"Fuck you."
"Well. Interesting way to say thank you for saving your life." With that, Aman pulled a document out of her briefcase. "Read this."
The Lt. placed a sheet of apparently random scribbles in a more or less hexagonal formation. 99378314 looked at the proffered sheet, her countenance turning dark. "It's a child's drawing or something" was her reply.
"No, inmate. I can read this, you see. I know exactly what it says."
"Well, then, you wouldn't mind reading it to me, would you?" Dania sarcastically replied.
"It's a green light on a hit on you. It offers, in fact, alcohol in exchange for the hit." Aman let that hang in the air for a moment. "Someone wants you dead badly enough, they're willing to part with alcohol to get it done. And I... Know why."
"Oh, great oracle," Dania mocked, "do speak words unto me; Why is my assassination planned?"
"Officially, it's because you're a collaborator. Unofficially, and I happen to know this because I've heard the recording, because someone wants your spot. Someone HERE, to be exact, wants to be the Matricara, to take your title of Countess, and is willing and able to make the moves needed to get that mission competed."
Dania didn't answer right away. "What do you want me to say?" she eventually replied. "You know I'm a target, you have to protect me."
"I can do much better than that."
"Oh? Really? Now how would you do better than that?" she snarled.
"I can make you a Matricara again."
The words hit like a bomb. Dania took a moment to compose herself. "Oh. You want me to collaborate," she finally responded, "become an REF stooge."
"No, not... Exactly."
Dania's face bunched up... "What then?"
"We have need for certain irregular auxiliaries. People who aren't afraid to get their hands dirty. Outside of the legal precepts of the PLEIPOENTIARY COUNCIL."
"You what?" Dania responded, her confusion growing.
"We need you to attack people we want taken out. More precisely, we want you to attack people we want joining us as allies. You attack them, they beg us for help, we help them."
"Well... Yes and no. We can set up with all the resources you need, including a ship, and we will of course 'attack' you, but your escape is a matter of how. Not if. 'If' one of your people are captured, her escape will be arranged... In such a way that she will think you've arranged it. We're even prepared to sacrifice REF personnel to make sure your rescue efforts are successful."
Dania mulled this a long moment. "I see. And what exactly is in it for me?"
"Your freedom, possibly some wealth, and of course... You won't BE here to be assassinated."
Dania mulled this over as well. "How long... How long do I have to make my decision?"
"Until your assassins take you out." 'I've got her on the hook...'
"And how long would it be after that until I began?"
"You sign now, we literally walk out of THIS COMPARTMENT together. I have your transfer order in hand. Otherwise... It could ta.."
"Got a pen?" Dania asked resigned. Aman pulled her PDA, a Griereg Inc. G741, and offered the stylus. Dania accepted both with a broken "thank you," then signed.
"Done then. I will of course have to join you to begin with, to evaluate your competency. I'll be posing as a very valuable hostage, for which you're expecting a handsome bounty. That might prove SLIGHTLY more interesting, especially vis-a-vis your starter crew..."
"Don't worry about my starter crew. I have 4 names in mind. Don't worry about your" after a pause, "OUR secret, they'll take it to the grave."
"OH? And what makes you so sure?" Aman mocked.
"First of all, they have the same reason to want to get out of here that I do, only more so. They really have collaborated. Second, once I have a fresh, safe crew, I'll send them to those graves myself."
Aman started at this. "Oh. Well, that escalated fast."
"They have it coming," Dania replied calmly. "That is, unless I can find a reason to keep them alive."
'She's plotting SOMETHING. Well... Let her plot. It changes nothing.' "You understand, of course, this contract says you will terrorize those we say, and not terrorize those we say not to. Everyone else... We'll play by ear."
Danai took a deep breath, as if just realizing the issue. "Oh, right. I assumed you meant that."
"I'll need those names."
After a moment's reflection, Dania responded, "Hand me your PDA. I'll write them down. For what it's worth, I'm not in as big a hurry for their transfers. Loose all four, I can find four others." With this she chuckled; "I can find a hundred others. But four is too many too keep the secret."


"I hope you've done anal," Dania groaned.
"Uh... Why would you say THAT?" Aman choked out.
Dania glared thoughtfully for a moment, then answered, "A sister is expected to rape her slaves, and you my dear will have to be a slave to pull off your cover story."
Aman sat for a moment to compose herself. After clearing her throat, she replied, "I've never been with a female before. That's unnatural."
"Ya, honey. That's the point." After a moments hesitation, Dania added, "I won't make you eat my pussy. Just a one time ass fuck, for the sake of the crew, to buy this story about your status. You must understand, that is what is expected. If I don't, the crew will begin to wonder why exactly you haven't been- And no matter how much you're worth as a hostage, they won't buy this too much money story."
Aman pursed her lips. "I... I've never done that." She answered eventually. "Necessary to maintain the illusion you said?"
"I am afraid so."
Aman thought about this a moment. "I think... I should not. The reaction of discomfort will be... More realistic."
Dania studied her captor for a moment, then remarked, "I like how you think, lady."

"You need a collar," Dania remarked off-handedly, as if stating the obvious.
"Hmmm? You're T'sentraedi, right?"
"MELtraedi," Aman growled.
"Uh... Ya..." Dania intoned, as is speaking to a fool. "Anyways, your people, they don't submit easily, do they?"
"No, not to you at least."
"Right. No collar and no one will believe our story. It's two part; The first is a shock device, the second is a bomb. Both remotely operated."
"Don't worry. The explosive will have to be real, since that "could" be tested, but I can rig it to not work."
"How?" Aman demanded.
"Simple enough. Over a dozen different systems in the collar have to work perfectly for it to work at all. All I have to do is sabotage one; Like, say, the leads to the detonator. Or use a bad fuse. Or a used fuse, for that matter..."
"And the shock element?"
"Just has to be strong enough to get your attention. You can pretend it's as powerful as you want. You could make them think I'm killing you for all I care. As long as you notice, that's all that matters."
Aman glared at the Atorian for a moment. "Hmmm. And I 'MUST' have this you say?"
"Ya. I'm afraid so. No collar? No buying. Relax. You will test it." Turning to the Meltraedi she ordered, "On me. Right now."


"I need to report something to my bosses," Aman informed Dania.
"I can't help you there."
"You don't have to. Next time we come to port, I can get a coded message out to make arrangements."
Dania thought about this a moment. "We need water. Gorta has water. They're not friendly with your peno's anyways. And I could allow you to make contact with 'your people' to try and secure your release."
"That would work well."
"Better still, nothing to hide from the crew. Normal course of business."


Aman dialed the number from memory. "Hello, Uncle Bob. Is auntie home?"
Bob didn't fluster. "No, but she wants to hear from you."
"My captors are allowing me one call. They want to meet. They say 210 thousand, as gold dust, for my return."
Bob remained calm; Apparently this wasn't his first such call. "I don't know sweetie... That's a lot. I, I'll do what I can. They want to meet?"
"Outside of Earth's territory."
Bob looked pensive, then answered, "Stivics. We can be there in 2 weeks."
"Thank you."
"You just hold tight honey. We're doing our best. Will they speak to us now?"
"Ok. Just hold tight."


"Ladies," Dania announced over morning meal, "I have had contact with Aman's people. They've agreed to meet to negotiate her release."
"Where?" Juva asked guardedly.
"Stivics. Outside the Robbie's territory, but close enough that they won't have trouble getting there."
"Who are her 'people'?" Dulia asked confused.
"You need only know that they've opened with a five figure sum. I've opened with a six figure."


The bar was pretty normal, for a Stivicair bar. A bit dusty, not well lit, but otherwise orderly.
The Admiral was already there. Aman wasn't worried, though; Dania was standing right there with her.
"Hello Auntie," Aman greeted.
"Hi. We're not being recorded here."
Dania and Aman both sighed with relief. "My report is brief. We've got the operation up and running. We've taken care of all the needful repairs, but we need something."
"I need Veritech schematics," Dania put bluntly.
The Admiral coughed at that. "I don't think so" she chuckled.
"They need something more powerful than the shit shuttles they have. Even a much older frame"
The Admiral thought about this a moment. "A block one blueprint could be made available. That is the best I can do."
Dania nodded. "Just something to impress. Doesn't need to be the best of the best."
"Alright then," the Admiral replied. "I can have that to you in... Give me 3 weeks. Can you be in the Cerlia sector then?"
"Yes" Dania answered quickly.
"Alright then. Hmmmm... You'd be there scouting possible targets I assume?"
"Right. Oh. The old Bhagsiter Library. Perfect. Hmmm... Third deck, there's a computer lab. Use the pretext of... Well, I don't give a half a fuck, just be there every day. A woman in a yellow shirt will be there at some point, for a full day. Ask her if the internet has been slow that day, she'll tell you yes, about so many hours ago. Whatever number she says, the data card will be under that computer."
"It'd be easier if there was a specific day," Aman offered.
"The Friday, then."
"Alright. Friday, three weeks from now, old Bhagsiter Library in Cerlia, third deck computer lab, ask a woman in a yellow shirt if the internet has been slow, whatever number she gives, the data card is under that computer."
"Anything else?"
With this, Dania gave Aman a shock through the collar. "Uhhhm" Aman groaned.
"The scarf she wears hides a collar. The collar has a shock setting... And a bomb." With this the Admiral's eyes flared concern.
"Relax, the bomb's disabled," Aman interjected.
"Normally, though," Dania threatened, "it'd be on a dead woman's switch right now. This went badly... She's dead, you'd probably be dead. Me, I might be dead too."
The Admiral relaxed a hair, then replied, "I understand you completely."
"So. I made an offer. You refused. I don't think you understand what's she really worth to you."
"Before you leave," the Admiral added quickly, "is there anything else to put on that card?"
Aman and Dania looked at each other. It was Aman that finally spoke. "Could you get us, them, blueprints for the Firefly-Class?"
The Admiral hadn't expected such a simple request. "Ya, sure. It would be easier just to give you a few, though, to be honest."
"No, no, she's right" Dania replied. "Ships we built ourselves, we can dummy registry for much easier."
"You have shipworks capabilities?"
"For one heavy shuttle? That's not exactly a great feat."
"Ok then," the Admiral agreed. "In three weeks. Block 1 Veritech and Firefly-Class blueprints. Done."
The Admiral stopped a moment, then replied, "I know exactly what she's worth. I just don't have that much. I never will." After a moment's pause, she continued, "My people are under orders to kill you if I rise first. No questions, no hesitation. They aren't aware of who Aman here is, they'll kill her, too."
Dania studied her counterpart a moment, then responded, "I understand, you, completely." Then with a moment reflection added, "And you're right. She is worth that much. We're leaving now."


Back in the captain's cabin, Aman and Dania relaxed a moment. "Wine?" the captain offered.
"Thank you." Aman took a deep drink, steadying her nerves.
"Never been under fire before I take it?"
"Oh, I have. In fact, your ship may have fired on mine. And vice-versa, of course."
"What then?"
Aman took a moment. "I've never fired on my own people before. Except at the rain."
"Kara Qalliph Diel'are Kah Yar. Lord Boldolza's all out T'sentraedi assault on Terra. Loosely translated it mean 'rain of death.'"
"Oh. You were a defector then."
"No. Quodrono 481 came with Dolza's forces."
Dania let that hang a moment. "I see." With that, she rested herself on the couch next to Aman, pulling the Meltraedi into her arms. "Come here." Aman was shivering, her discontent palpable. "It's ok." Dania began to rub Aman's arm, then her side- Feeling no resistance, Dania decided to make her move, sliding her hand down Dania's side... Under her shirt... And then up, cupping the Meltraedi's right breast in her hand.
"huh..." Aman protested...
"Shhhhh!" Dania sighed, then began to massage her target... Then reaching over to the left breast, into the bra, to play with her nipple...
Aman began to squirm, "I, I don-"
"Shhhhhh...." Dania answered again, more gently- "Relax. Look at me." Danai did so- Aman reached down, locking her lips to the Meltraedi... The resistance began intense, but in time faded...
Dania knew she'd broken her prize's spirit- Now all that remained was to take her treasure. After a few minutes of this, she whispered, "Lay back." Aman, in shock, did as told. While still caressing her targets mouth, and occasionally her breasts, Dania undid Aman's pants, lifting her body enough to pull them down... Then slowly caressed her way to her target's "treasury." Once she was there, Dania began licking the vagina, testing every place, gauging Aman's reactions; Once she had what she thought was Aman's weaknesses, her hands shot out, without looking, to grip Aman's wrists in an iron grip, bringing the hands down to her own head... Aman intrinsically understood, playing with Dania's hair, as Dania continues to gorge herself on the Meltraedi's honey.
It wasn't long before Aman's orgasm exploded, her entire body writhing in the ecstasy; Even her lungs quivered, though nothing compared to the rest of her body. After a few more moments, Dania rose up... cupping Aman's face, she smiled, then took a hard drink of her wine.
Aman, for her own part, began to recover...
She knew now what it was she'd not understood; Imperative be damned... 'The others were right,' she thought. With that, she knelt down before Dania, her pants still around her knees. She'd given males blowjobs before, mostly stupid Warriors, the kind she liked, strong and stupid... She needed no direction. Opening Dania's belt with her teeth, she even bypassed the pins without using her hands... Dania was duly impressed. The button proved a bit more of a challenge, but nothing Aman couldn't overcome. The zipper seemed to open itself.
Reaching behind, she slid Dania's pants off as the Atorian rose to allow them to do so; As the pants and panties passed, Aman began on Dania's vagina, tongue-whipping the labia... But not for long. With little experience in the matter, Aman simply ploughed into the Captain's "cabin," reaching her arms between and around the legs, gripping the Atorian's waist. Dania settled back onto the couch, rubbing the Meltraedi's head, her arms across her arms and feet crossed on the upper back. Aman looked up, begging "Pull my hair." Dania needed no further request, but sneered down and she grabbed a lump of hair, pulling her in... And hard. "Yes, yee uh... uh... essss... There. Right theuuuure... Oh Goddess heeelllp me... Yes, oh Goddess ys..." her own orgasm causing her a bit of greying around the peripheries of her vision, nearing blackout.
Aman leaned back, then took a hard pull straight from the bottle. She climbed back on the couch, breathing a little on the hard side now.
Finally she turned to Dania. "Thank you," she cooed, as a child to a mother.
Dania, for her part, was equally impressed, taking the woman into her arms. "First time" she stated matter of factly. "Like you were born to it."
The two remained on the couch, Aman in Dania's arms, until they fell asleep.

The reveille roused them. They found they were still locked together.
"Oh my god... What did I do last night? Aman asked, holding her head.
"What you've wanted to do your whole life," Dania answered calmly but matter-of-factly. "You finally gave into the beast inside yourself."


The Fessor's Flagship, "Rimfire."
The AFI ("Atorian Fighter One") Fessor Veritech.
Aman sat behind the desk, her hands folded. "I... I've learned much from you."
"Quite welcome. Hey, kid... We both knew this day was coming."
"Yes. Not that I'm enjoying it." Dania said nothing. "Thank you."
With this, Dania smiled. "Thank you."
"I've been thinking a lot about what your operational model after I leave might look like. And you've got a problem."
"Oh?" Dania replied, confused.
"We've already seen Atorian escapees operating as pirates. Softening some of the more... Aggressive ideology in favor of pragmatism. You can't follow suit."
"I'll do the best I can but..."
"Listen to me. You MUST keep the hardest line; Even harder than the old ways. Before, men were slowly gaining some rights, correct?"
"Sure, that was being discussed, but I..."
"You must not allow it. Any contamination will spread, like a cancer. It happened to my people. It will happen to yours."
Dania thought about this a moment. "I see. What would you suggest?"
"That you have a crew dedicated to the absolute MOST strict interpretation of Scripture; Extremists of the first order. That you do everything in your power to ensure that any talk against it is squelched- Even if that means some must learn the truth."
Dania went blank a moment. "I could see how that might work."
"I took a moment and wrote a few things down that I thought might be useful; Prayers, mostly, invoking the goddess's favor for her faithful. And by keeping the faith, you keep her favor- A lot easier done than said, when the only enemy you really have is the same people who are secretly supporting you."
"Let me see it." Dania put her glasses on and read the proffered paper; After scanning a while, she began to read aloud: "'For I have sent the Robbertechas, oh, nice touch," she inserted looking up at her lover, "as a punishment upon My People for their indolence to My Will; They abandoned their faith, practicing in rote but not in their hearts, and displeased Me. Engage them not, for they will destroy you by My command.' Huh. I like that. 'Trust not a man, not even your own son, for your betrayal is his only goal.'" Dania paused a moment at this, her face turning ashen.
"Something wrong?"
Dania took two deep, sharp breaths, trying to hold back the pain. "I... I had a favored. A slave, of course, but... I had chosen him as my forever." A single tear began to trickle down the Matricara's face.
Aman reached across, grasping Dania's hand. "It's hard. I know. But you MUST let him go."
Breathing hard Dania continued. "Easier done than said. He died. In the war. He was trying to protect me from an explosion, the one that knocked me unconscious, allowed me to be taken." After a moment she added, almost at a whisper, "I wish it had taken me, not him." Aman didn't verbally reply to this, but merely reached across the desk and took her lover in a clumsy hug- At which, the Matricara broke down sobbing. "I loved him, you know."
"I know."
"More, even, than you."
"I know," Aman replied more softly.
"More than myself."
"I know" Aman whispered.
"eye... wunted... hizun..." the Atorian blubbered.
"I believe you" Aman whispered. The two remained this way for a while, until Dania had recovered.
"I'm sorry," she responded at last.
"It's ok."
"I'm sorry I said I loved him more than you," she added.
"I won't allow you to apologize for speaking the truth."
"I loved him in a way... that... I could never, love you."
Aman looked at Dania. "I know."
"Have you ever loved like that?"
Aman shook her head in a sad no.
"I hope you do. And that you keep him forever." Aman didn't respond to this; There was nothing to say. After a few breaths to recover, Dania continued. "Now, though, you must return to your people, and I must lead mine."
Aman thought about this a moment, then answered, "Perhaps one day, we can find a new beach."
Dania looked up at Aman at this, her head tilted thoughtfully. "Maybe. Someday. We can dream about it, anyways."
"Oh, I will dream about you for a long time to come," Aman promised. "I might move on, and you should too, Terrans call this an 'office romance,' but you I will not forget."
Dania smiled and reached for Aman's hand, holding it against her chest. "This... Is hard."
Aman allowed a tear to escape at that. "I know. I know."

Bob rose upon Aman's entry. "Ma'am, Admiral NOERINK said to shepherd you in as soon as you arrived- NO EXCEPTIONS."
"Thank you, sir, but I'd rather you confirm my entry first." Bob opened the door and made a brief pantomime, then nodded and waved the Lt. in.
"No, Senator, I really MUST hang up, I have an urgent matter to attend to now," she said and hung up the phone. After a moment to collect her thoughts, the Admiral asked, "You get it?"
"Every piece of it, ma'am."
The admiral rose from her cahir, swung around the desk, and hugged the Lt. roughly. "THAT'S MY GIRL1! I'M PROUD OF YOU!"
The Lt accepted the embrace, and felt herself melt... "Admiral... Thank you." 'God how I'd love to...'
"Admiral, I have an... Odd question."
"Hm? Shoot," she replied, returning to her chair.
"...I know this will sound rude but... Is Mr. SOSKING gay?"
The Admiral snorted so hard a booger popped out of her nose, to her embarrassment. "Oh, my," she said quickly, wiping the offending material up with a tissue. "No, that man is so homophobic he couldn't even see another man shirtless." The embarrassment notwithstanding, the admiral could barely hold herself, still clearly fully amused by the question.
"Lt, whatever made you think he was?"
The Lt. screwed her face a bit, then said, "Most men try to look up my skirt, or down my shirt. I know, I... I don't discourage it... he didn't even seem to try."
The Admiral's face turned even more amused. "Lt. That man. Is my husband."
The Lt.'s face turned both a shade redder AND a shade whiter at the same time. "Oh."
"Good to know my MAN has only eyes for me," she added, thoroughly amused with the situation.
"Uh, Admiral... I've heard... that after a successful mission, a Commanding Officer is supposed to offer his crew a toast?"
The Admiral looked perplexed... This wasn't a tradition she'd ever heard of... 'Where is THIS going?' "Well... Alright, it's an old tradition, it hasn't been practiced in years, but... Why not?"
'Now. To ease the tension before...' It wasn't long before the Admiral had the "full" report...
After about an hour, the two were getting their uniforms squared away. "Well. Bob will certainly appreciate YOU tonight."
At this, Aman started. "Oh?"
"You just got him laid. Guaranteed. If I have to swallow, I will." After a moment's reflection, she added, "That's actually a really good idea, thank you. I'm looking forward to it."
Aman said nothing to that. "Admiral, I'm pretty sure I won't have... too many more, reports... for you. For quite some time."
The Admiral smiled sweetly; "I understand." With that, she took the Lt.'s face in her hand and exchanged one last, long kiss... "I understand." After separating their bodies, the Admiral added, "I don't know what all happened, Lt. But this new you- Fits. Don't throw it away." With that, and a quick wink, she added, "Lt, if there's nothing more to discuss... You are dismissed to return to your duties. If you would... Like a transfer... to another command..."
"Not necessarily ma'am. I... Am a professional" Aman answered, the stoicism in her pronouncement a wall more powerful than the Reflex Cannon.
The Admiral smiled at that. "I think I might have enjoyed other reports, but as you put it... We, are professionals. I fully understand your position, and hold it myself. Alright Lt. You are dismissed."
"Thank you, ma'am." With that, the Lt. stood, saluted, and stepped out, looking to her next assignment- And maybe her next report.


Lt. Aman F'HALL, REF Spacy Intelligence Analyst, was promoted to Lt. Commander, and eventually Commander. During that time she married a blue-haired T'sentraedi Warrior named Grull, who curiously never was issued a family name, and thus took hers. Together they had a total of 8 children... And a housemaid, a Terran named Susan, a 7 foot 6 inch, striking woman born not long after Kara Qalliph Diel'are Kah Yar and orphaned by Kyhron's war. She had her own last name legally changed to F'HALL, and would in turn have 4 children- All blue haired at birth, and one remaining so until her death at 85 years old. There would be "other reports".
Matricara Dania FORST would lead Fessor for the next 55 years, waging a brilliant guerilla campaign against the REF by targeting non-IPA allied suppliers. She, in turn, had 12 known children.
Admiral NOERINK would eventually leave the service, entering the political arena as a Senator. Bob SOSKING would become her chief advisor.
Aman and Dania never saw each other again.