Flyjt RCC:

The Flyjt have, for many eons, been under the boot of one oppressor or another; Even under the toe of the UGC, they bristle, though compared to the Atorians the REF was a hand up.
Their homeworld, Flyjt, was invaded in 1511 by the Atorian Empire, after some 150 years of independence, won when they kicked the previous rulers, the Old Ones, off their world.
The coming of the Atorians was a GHASTLY tragedy for the Flyjt; All their technology, all their magic, their psionic powers could not stop, nor even slow down, the juggernaught that was the Atorians. Backed as they were by then with the T'sentraedi armies, the Flyjt Defenses crumbled in days. To punish the Flyjts for their "lack of proper spirit to the new galactic cooperative," the Atorians devastated Flyjt; A world once alive with forests covering 90% of her surface was now practically paved completely over, less a few sites dedicated to mining in one form or another.
Many of the Flyjts managed to escape; These, the Drall, swore vengeance at any cost, and to liberate their homeworld. Several centuries living in a toxically polluted environment changed the Flyjt's bodies, darkening them and misshaping their hands to 6 fingers.
The long occupation also polluted their collective minds- The Firse Flyjts, those who remained on Flyjt, waited so long and suffered so much at the hands of the Ators that they'd long-abandoned hope of liberation. They believe that they, alone, have the right to Flyjt.
The Drall, on the other hand, believe they have suffered far more than their kin on Flyjt, and it was they, with the REF Allies, who liberated their homeworld; They believe that their kinsmen should accept that Drall are the ones who should rule.
This schism has been exacerbated by the PHYSICAL changes to the two races; While the Drall kept their original appearance, the Firse's bodies were tempered and beaten. Other than the noticeable darkening and the sixth finger, however, there are no major changes, though Drall eyes tend to be of darker colors (an effect believed to have been caused by the Drall's long time in space, with nothing, not even soot, to protect their eyes).
The schism threatened to cause a civil war, until the REF interceded with their usual diplomatic method: "STOP FIGHTING OR WE START SHOOTING!" was the general gist. When both sides agreed to a cease-fire, diplomats from the Plenipotentiary Council sat both sides down at a table onboard UES CA VOL (SDF-11). Over a three-hour talk, the two sides agreed to talk the next day. So it went for about 3 months, until Captain FAIRIDAIE, UES CA VOL, (illegally) locked them in the room and told them they'd get nothing but fresh(er) air and water until they reached an agreement- Or starved to death, whichever came first (she really didn't care at that point). It took them 5 days, but they eventually agreed to treat the situation as if family members had left on a trip and returned home to clean up a mess.
Other than their outward physical appearance, Drall and Firse Flyjt are EXACTLY the same. All Flyjt are slightly psychic, with some become masters in mental powers- Those who do not share this trait study either the sciences or magic. Flyjt are master engineers, master mages, and master psychics, and they know it and they're a little smug about it. To their credit, however, they treat Terrans and T'sentraedi as "Master Races," in effect being equal to themselves. (Dr Ryan Kitsune and Ms Luisa Mischa contributed to this report.)
A Fljyt tends to live around 550 years; Drall Flyjts tend to migrate to open areas, such as fields, orchards, woods, and cities (Drall moreso than Firse like big cities and technology), while Firse Flyjts prefer dark and enclosed areas, includes caves, caverns, old tunnels, and even huge underground cities, though woodlands are also popular, if you're nearest neighbor is at least a hour's drive away and prefer natural environs, tending to shy away from cities.
Both Drall and Firse Flyjts are actually LIKED by all, but Drall /Firse animosity continues to this day. The simple fact is, Flyjt on Flyjt hatred is worse than everything everyone else has to offer combined and cubed. Simply put, the ancient animosity will continue for a long time to come.
Terrans, T'sentraedi, Drinn, Vagars, and occasionally Perytonians and Garudans tend to get along with Fljyts, though they're known to use just about every race for labor force, and TREAT all the same, if not THINK the same of them.
All fljyts wear (or have nearby) some kind of cloak, a few hand to hand and ranged weapons (Gallant H-90's are the most popular), and a Talisman of Moriquendi (shows clan); they're also often seen with a Zatoichi, for it's ease of use both offensively as a sword or defensively as a club.
A Drallish Fljyt Enchantress- She'd make a good bard or sorceress, don't you think? Actually, this is Lance Corporal Idril HELYANW-ANCALA-MON, REF Marine Corps, a Cycloner during the war with the Regent and later in both the First AND Second Liberation of Terra (while on liberty). (Sketch cpyrt 2015, AST1 Catherine SMITH-DESBIENS, UGC SPAES.
Hit Points:
PE+1D6 per level of experience.
10, plus those gained from OCC's and physical skills.
Horror Factor:
Not Applicable.
Any, but mostly good or selfish.
Two without combat training, or those gained from hand to hand combat and/or boxing.
A Firse Fljyt Priestess Of The Clan Atcue, House Of Nonan,Of The Sepicure Sect; Sepicure Sect, unlike some other sects, believes in teaching their Chaplains to be warrior-priests. Her headdress device appears to be a Vericha Lesser Preistess's talisman (Verichais very much like Terran Christianity, with the exception that Vericha believes a female, not a male, died for all, as Vericha is matriarchal). The gold highlights on her hand guards indicate she is unmarried. (Sketch cpyrt 2022, SarahE GROSS (Dragoness' Gallery).
Standard, basically same as humans.
High Agility and Beauty. Have generally high intelligence. Night vision 120 feet (36.6 meters). Night Vision is combined infra red vision (both light emitting and non light emitting) and light amplification. When using active infra red vision, eyes glow red. Naturally ambidextrous and automatically have paired weapons in one weapon that they learned in their youth. Flyjts get +2% on Prowl, any tracking skills, and the Skill "Identify Plants and Fruit" specialized for underground plants.
90% speak and read the Flyjt and T'sentraedi languages at 98%, speak and will be literate in one other language, know basic math (all at +20%), in addition to OCC Skills.
6 feet+1D6 inches tall.
150 to 230 lbs.
Virtually any. Military, Magic, or Psyonic OCC's are common for Flyjts.
Available For PC: