United Galaxies Council.
United Galaxies Council.
UGC Galactic Investigation Services.
United Galaxies Council.
United Galaxies Council.
Galactic Investigation Services.
Common Name:Galactic Investigation Services.
UGC Galactic Investigation Services Shaded Seal.
Seal Of The UGC Galactic Investigation Services.
Badge of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
UGC Galactic Investigation Services Shaded Seal.
Flag Of The UGC Galactic Investigation Services.
Motto:Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity
Agency Overview:
Formed:19 August 2082
Employees:2.38 Million
Annual Budget:8.3 billioncredit.
Jurisdictional Structure:
Legal Jurisdiction:The entire United Galaxies Council Territories.
Governing Body:The Common Committe On Security (UGC).
Constituting Instrument:Plenipotentiary Council Accord 21, Section 5, Paragraph 43, Part 2 Subpart A Bulletin ii.
Convening Authority (UGC):Act Of 2250, Section 2.
General Nature:Civilian Law Enforcement Agency.
Operational Structure:
Parent Agency:The Common Committe On Security (UGC).
Headquarters:Nova SATORI Building, Operta II, Optera.
Agency Executives:
  • Marshall of the Galactic Investigation Services;
  • Assistant Marshall GIS;
  • District Commandants;
  • Office Commanders.
  • Subordinate Agencies:
  • GIS Academy
  • GIS Laboratory
  • Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS)
  • Critical Incident Response Group (CIRG)
  • Counterterrorism Division (CTD)
  • Major Units:
  • Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU)
  • Law Enforcement Bulletin Unit (LEBU)
  • Hostage Rescue Team (HRT)
  • Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF)
  • GIS Police
  • National Security Branch (NSB)
  • Field Offices:22,581.
    People:Nova SATORI, First Marshall
    Julie FETELL, Forensic Scientist
    Significant Operations:
    White Lightning
    Gun Walker
    Captain Jack Arrest
    Operation Roundhammer
    Agency History: The creation of the Galactic Investigation Services is one of the singularly most creative, controversial, and colorful chapters in the Inter-Planetary Alliance (later the United Worlds Alliance, then the United Galaxies Council) history- and it's still being written. After the final Invid Armistice, the remnants of Terra's FBI, GMP, GRU, InterPol, and similar agencies were collected up and placed back "on the job"; Catching bad guys, regardless the cost. They were also given hundreds of RDF-Era Destroids, ASC-Era Battloids (both Southern Cross and Russian), a few *VT Cars* and a couple thousand cars of every description- Some of which actually RAN.
    The first people they found themselves hunting, unfortunately, was each other. More precisely, they found themselves tracking down rogue cops. One of the most infamous, Janice "MsKitty" RATCHINSKI, had been a teacher when Red Sky fell; After that, she became a constable of Ashford City, Australia. The man hunt to catch her would leave in its trail many dead and wounded officers.
    Legal or not (the point is still being debated), it was DONE, and the process of bringing criminals to justice began once again. As Sentinel Worlds entered the IPA/UWA/UGC, whatever law enforcement agencies they had above the regional (roughly state) level were absorbed into the then-titled General Investigation Services (this changed to Galactic Investigation Services with the act changing from the UWA to the UGC). Only two agencies in the history of the UGC have been disbanded- The TGE, who's image problems lead to their disbandment (most of their officers would join the GIS, though some reformed the TGE as a private, for-profit Private Investigations Agency) and Steiner Imperial Authority (!&); Under the terms of Armistice, IA (!&) was to be disbanded, their officers retired at FULL pay (no restrictions), and the UWA would pay for it (yet another Steiner Empire temper tantrum). An exception was made for those would WANTED to join the GIS- they would be grandfathered in- With their retirement clock restarted. (Since most of IA (!&) did, in fact join the GIS, this proved to be a major screw-job to them.)
    The GIS is now the PREMIER law enforcement agency in the UGC; Every region has at LEAST one office (usually in a larger Federal office complex), investigating domestic espionage and terrorism, kidnappings, organized crime, tracking down fugitives and cop killers (GIS involvement is MANDATORY upon a police officers death, both to catch the perpetrator AND to ensure the locals don't kill him on sight), police abuse/misconduct/corruption, and assisting local authorities at their request (the GIS takes lead in the case whenever co-operation other than forensics laboratory assistance is requested).
    NOTE: A lot of local cops don't like the GIS; Reasons vary, but there's a definite UNFRIENDLY rivalry.
    Notable Members:
    Nova SATORI.
    First Marshall, GIS: Nova SATORI
    The former GMP Officer was a tough, no-nonsense Marshall. That's because it was either do the job or go to prison.
    SATORI had "retired" from the GMP at the close of the Second Robotech War, turned porn star, and was pretty much living her life as she damned well pleased, when her former bosses came knocking- The needed her back, and NOW. Her FIRST job was to track down and arrest Dana STERLING. In fact, this was the original reason for recalling the disgraced former GMP Officer turned porn star: "Get Dana. Before someone ELSE finds her and kills her." Dana STERLING and her "Merry Band Of Broken Children" had raked up over 50 warrants in 5 YEARS, from smuggling to minerals theft to slavery. The very real fear was that someone would hunt them down, shoot first, and not even bother with the questions- Or worse, that STERLING and her crew would shoot back, and revive the only legally dead interstellar war.
    Admiral HAYES-HUNTER: "Find STERLING. Bring her in ALIVE, Captain. We didn't say 'unhurt.' We said alive."
    General REINHARDT: "Don't think of it as arresting her. Think of it as saving her LIFE, because we already know of at least 50 bounties on her head. Not all of them are legal."
    General HUNTER: "You leave ME to face the Admirals STERLING, Nova. Besides... I needed a little humbling anyways..."
    And so, quite literally, it began; SATORI was sent back to Earth (Terra) with orders to reconstruct whatever law enforcement she could and FIND STERLING. Using her new career in porn and stripping, she built a network of informants to build a picture of STERLING and her activities, until the day she tracked her old friend to a mining operation on Garuda- This surely would have gotten her killed, had the Garudans found it first. Luck held out, SATORI found her first, and even managed to both bluff her into believing there was a MUCH larger force of Garudans coming with the intent to do nothing BUT kill her and a second force of REF coming to arrest her (and implied that if the two forces met, there would probably be bloodshed, which would be on Dana's hands). STERLING and her associates surrendered. Most of them only did a couple of years in prison.
    Julie FETELL, Forensic Scientist: Julie FETELL watched one too many episodes of Bones. It really was that simple. As a teenager she studied the cases of Dr. Henry Chang-Yu LEE of the State Of Connecticut avidly, even going so far as to sample test a case (to compare her findings to that of the doctor's). As the GIS began to grow, Marshall SATORI recruited the 35 year old FETELL to build the GIS's own Forensic Examination Unit, a multi-billioncredit laboratory, "Dedicated To Finding ANSWERS Where There Are None." The GUNIER Memorial Forensic Laboratory (located on Antwater, a moon of Gaurda), became obsolete over a century ago, but is now used to test and measure regional facilities to ensure compliance. All this is based on the standard set by Dr. FETELL.

    General Information
    Name: Galactic Investigation Services
    Director: Marshall of the Galactic Investigation Services
    Assistant Director: Deputy Marshall
    Mission: Track down fugitives from justice, investigate crimes involving police officers (as suspects or victims), assist local agencies, and investigate organized crime.
    Size and Orientation: Mega-organization (500)
    A: Outfits: Utility Outfits (2)
    B: Equipment: Gimmicked Equipment (30)
    C: Weapons: Armed Agents (5) and Ninja Weapons (5)
    D: Bionics and Robotics: Basic Systems (10)
    E: Vehicles: Fleet Vehicles (10)
    F: Communications: Computerized (15)
    G: Offices, Hideouts and Distribution: Regional (25)
    H: Military Power: Private Army (30)
    I: Super Powered Agents: A few Regulars (20)
    J: Sponsorship: Government (0)
    K: Special Budget: Large Loans (25)
    L: Administrative Control: License to Kill (35)
    M: Internal Security: Paranoid (30)
    N: External Infiltration: Blanket Infiltration (35); There are no major organized crime groups they don't have at least one agent in (though most know there must be "someone" inside).
    O: Intelligence Resources: Excellent Connections (20)
    P: Agency Credentials: Known (3)
    Q: Salary: Excellent (30)
    Field Supervisors:
  • District Commandants: Commander of a given region. Some regions, the District Commandant IS the only officer in the region.
  • Office Commanders: Covers all Regions for the planet.
  • System Supervisor: Covers all Offices for that system. Some System Supervisors are also office Commanders.
    Other Key Staff and facilities (R&D specialists, secretaries, etc):
  • Criminal Forensics Laboratories: Each system has a criminal forensics laboratory, capable of a full range of testing.
  • Automated Fingerprint Identifications System (AFIS): Every person ever fingerprinted has a copy of their prints in AFIS; This includes military personnel, police/fire/EMS, health and child care workers, etc. Prints for known deceased persons are removed from the active files and placed in a separate, inactive system on Data Chips.
  • DNA File System: Like AFIS, every DNA profile ever obtained is put into the system. Profiles for known deceased persons are removed from the active files and placed in a separate, inactive system on Data Chips.
  • HERT: Hostage Extrication And Rescue Teams; The GIS's SWAT Teams.
  • MAST: Mobile Armored Strike Teams; Super specialized strike teams; A combination of undercover and HERT.
  • Intelligence Command: A complete dossier on every convicted criminal, senior organized crime figure, domestic terrorist, and foreign spy is included. Under the Government Records Act of 2100, the GIS must, if asked, truthfully tell whether a person has such a record; They do not have to release copies except under warrant, and then only to a judge.
    Assets: The GIS has several assets and recourse of their own.
  • INDOMINABLE-Class Shuttles; Roughly 100,000 of them.
  • Galactica-Class vessels; 200 of these vsls serve the GIS for various purposes; One is the GIS Academy.
  • *VT Car*; The standard GIS transportation under "most" circumstances.
  • God's Eye's AWACS Aircraft
  • Malcorn JSTARS
  • MG-8 Phantom V Guardians; Used generally by HERT.
    KALEE Rahzell And
    KINDSWOOG Jeef Face Off.
    Significant Operations:
    Operation White Lightning: Operation White Lightning was a series of sting operations designed to arrest various smugglers from around the former IPA. The operation continues to this day, but not with nearly the degree of intensity, since local law enforcement "usually" take care of that.
    Operation Gun Walker: Operation Gun Walker is a deliberate action to put guns, usually defective ones, into the hands of criminal to see where they go. Every level of the operation is tracked as closely as possible, from clandestine manufactures and straw buyers to criminal wholesalers to end users.
    The Arrest Of Captain Jack: Normally, piracy is the territory of the SPAES or the Spacy. But what do you do if a whole society is supporting the pirate? The GIS spent 5 years hunting "Captain Jack," a pirate of Menkalinan System.
    GIS Field Special Agent KALEE Rahzell, originally a Hunter of Asterion II, went undercover in an attempt to infiltrate Capello Nero, even going so far as to fake his own death. Once inside the syndicate, KALEE found KINDSWOOG Jeef, another Hunter, leading Capello Nero. After destroying KINDSWOOG'S capital ship, the LIMA-Class Rendover, the two faced off in Tactical Selfdeploying Missile Launchers (aka Atorian Battle Towers) in a duel that lasted over an hour. FSA KALEE won the duel.
    Operation Roundhammer: Operation Roundhammer was a series of investigations of various persons critical of the UWA on a number of issues.
    Background: In the aftermath of the Atorian War, various individuals and groups began protesting "excessive" militry involvement in the affairs of the galaxy. Concerns were raised that some of these individuals and groups "may" take direct action, encourage others to do so, etc.
    The roundhammer concept was merely tracking and recording activities; However, with only a few exceptions, warrantless wiretaps and surveillance devices were used to accomplish this. Rumors of surveillance were common, and in fact several people WERE arrested on "acts of domestic terrorism. The operation came fully to light almost 100 years later, when the "Public Access To Pertinent Records" Act was passed, and several people who believed their ancestors had been targeted demanded the records in question.