UGC Clariont Flag.
UGC Clariont Flag.
UGC Tanks, Power Armor,
And Infantry Weapons.
UGC Clariont Flag.
UGC Clariont Flag.
Inevitably, if War must be had, then men with guns must go; Bomb an entire world, you will still need people to come in to clear the rubble, and build anew. Those people must be protected, not only from retaliation by those who were harmed in the bombardment, but also from those who would take advantage of the situation.
Here, then are SOME of the UGC's tools thereof.
NOTE: "Parry," in tank combat terms, means ducking quickly behind cover (hills, rubble of buildings, etc). it does not qualify as a dodge. Roll with impact means turning quickly with the attack. In either case, the damage is reduced by 50%.
UGC Infantry Weapons
Most UGC weapons can be used by Battle Armored or Power Armored Troopers; Only M-2 Machine Gun and PB-22 Particle Beam Cannon are unavailable to Battle Armored Troopers (unless vehicle-mounted or fixed-position). The M-25 Recoilless Rifle can not easily be used by Power Armored Troopers, due to the small size of the trigger guard, unless gloves are removed.
Steyr-Mannlicher AG Armour Piercing, Fin Stabilised, Discarding
Sabot, Anti-Armor Sniper Rifle (APFSDS/Appophis)
M-93 Black Arrow Anti-Personnel Sniper Rifle
FN P90 "Enforcer" Security Force Gun (Pupgun/Security Blanket)
T-21 Multi-Phase Laser Energy Weapon
A-21 Sniper Scope
M-2 .50 Caliber Machinegun (aka "Ma Duece")
EP-37 60MM Beam Cannon
EP-40 40MM Pulse Beam
RL-6 Heavy Rocket Cannon
PB-22a Shoulder Particle Beam Cannon
Gallant H-90 Multi-Weapons System
Tluaza Milldiem 281 Model Assault Rifle
M-35 "Wolverine" Assault Rifle
M-36 "Badger" Sub-Machinegun
9MM "Wolf" pistol
M-6 Laser Pistol
M-18 Laser Rifle
M-21 Plasma Launcher
M-25 Recoilless Rifle
MT-261 Vibro Bayonet/Knife
REF Zoitachi

Nous-Grand'iel Kah yar
Trati T'sen Kah yar
M-601 Field Tool
M-605 Field Torch
Z-31 Pistol
UGC Power Armor
The UGC has the REF-Invid War Era Cyclone Series Power Armors and more; The Micronian Power Armor Mark II (aka "Grenadier" Power Armor) is an advanced for of the Malcontent Uprising Era Micronian Power Armor, while the Rifleman Power Armor is a fixed Battloid Mode VR-035 Battler Cyclone Power Armor.
RELATED: Other gear. Personal gear and equipment.
Micronian Power Armor Mark II
Rifleman Light Power Armor
VR-117 Firefly Cyclone
Wyvern Assault Hovercycle
Power Armor Equipment
Rail Launchers
The UGC developed "rail launcher", an electro-magnetic rail-gun that launches missiles. Any type of missile can be used in their particular type of launcher. Only UGC-designed missiles can be used.
L-02a Rail Launcher
L-08 Rail Launcher
L-15b Rail Launcher
L-22 Rail Launcher
UGC Tanks
Tanks are more easily able to hide from Robots and Destroids, and with preparation, practice, and sometimes luck from aircraft. They add power, are faster and have more armor, and are the ultimate flanking, scouting, and screening force for Destroids, and ultimate artillery fire-support base for infantry. At generally a tenth the cost of a Robot and one-one hundredth the construction time, some malconts have taken to fully switching over to tanks, but Destroids do bring more firepower per unit; Consequently the two complement each other greatly.
The E-664 Badger Engineering Vehicle is listed here, rather than in support vehicles, because it is designed to be able to survive direct contact with the enemy, and is intended for use right there- Building bridges, clearing mines, repairing roads, towing other vehicles, etc, even as they are being fired upon and returning same.
Centaur Hover Tank
M-221 Grant Main Battle Tank
M-406 Turaladri'e AIFV
M-553 Lancelot Reconnaissance Tank
M-558 Galahad Command Tank
M-602 Anarissa Self-Propelled Artillery/Tank Killer
E-664 Badger Engineering Vehicle
M-18 Armadillo Anti-Aircraft Vehicle
Historic Tanks
A T'sentraedi by the name of Major Frehn "Red" SINTAIRE formerly of the REF Marine formed SINTAIRE And Associates, a subsidiary of which was Galactic Defenses, Ltd. (known as the Red Tails). Kranick-Desel Aero Space, a Caminore based aerospace R&D firm, developed the aircraft the Red Tails use, is another subdidary.
Major SINTAIRE got the idea into his head to start branching out, spinning off a new subsidiary, Kranick-Desel Land Systems, to start building... Tanks.
His researchers began reviewing various armored combat vehicles, selecting a few for redevelopment.
Mark I Tank
Renault FT
Panzer IV
Sd. Kfz. 251
Sd. Kfz. 2 Kettenkrad
Type 2 Ka-Mi

UGC Support Vehicles
The ability to kill everyone your see and destroy everything that has ever been is nothing if they break down and/or run out of gas or fuel. These support vehicle keep the REF and RDF in the fight.
Though listed under ground vehicles, they are by no means restricted to supporting ground vehicles in turn; In fact, the only restriction on the vehicles they can support is their capacity (most noteworthily is the M-111, -111, and -112's limited capacity vis-a-vis Warships) and the fact that they can not operate in space (not without extensive modifications, at least). They can, however, bring some supplies and operate on a planet (with an atmosphere).
M-610 Gareth Unarmored Supply Vehicle
M-611 Perceval Armored Supply Vehicle
M-612a Fuel and M-612b Ammunition Trailers
M-613 Mobile Repair Facility
M-615 M.U.L.E.
Attack Craft Light
TU-01 Basic Trailer Unit
M-200 Water Buffalo
UGC Destroids
The UGC has a great many Destroids available for it's armed forces; However, most Destroids are used by the RDF's, rather than the REF, with the exception of the Zulu, which is particularly popular with the UGC Marine (although it's also highly popular with malcontents due to the cheap and reliable nature of the design), and the more recent Mecha Knight, which is popular with both the Marine and Army.
RDF-Era Escalator
RDF-Era Valiant
MKD-401 Mecha Knight (RDF-Era Armored Battloid Upgrade Program)
Hover Artillery System (HAS) I (RDF-Era MAC-II upgrade)
REF-Era Escalator
REF-Era Valiant
Hover Artillery System (HAS) II (REF-Era MAC III upgrade)
Raditzs Regult Zulu-1
REF Terror
REF T'sentraedi Striker Destroid
AV-98 Ingram Police Destroid
MAD-069 Timberwolf Heavy Assault Destroid
MAD-03R Marauder Light Destroid
Policeman Civil Defense Mecha
Urbana Defense Destroid
Andaries MSMS
Civilian Vehicles.
Though very much strictly NOT militry equipment, these vehicles are used extensively by the UGC for various sundry duties.

Terran Global Civil War Era Equipment.
During the Terran Global Civil War, a lot of hardware developed or was feildied that continued to be used by the RDF and later REF but either substantially modified or more often converted to other duties. Most of the equipment listed here is not being produced by the UGC and most of it wasn't even produced for the RDF but some examples (such as the T3-81) remain in service in front-line deployable units, and thus PC's may see them; Also, they could be deployed by the UGC's various enemies.
Only the M-200 Thundeclapp is still being produced, though only as a carriage for the L-35 and significantly modified from its Terran version for UGC militry service; Of the equipment listed here, the WHALE-, MORAY-, and WATER MOCCASIN-Class boats have the highest chance of entering into standard UGC production (some are for Regional Forces).
This Section Under Repair.
T3-81 ("Tank Winter")
M-200 Thunderclapp Artillery Rocker
WHALE-Class Assault Hovercraft
MORAY-Class Corvette
WATER MOCCASIN-Class High Speed Patrol Boat
Individual Assault Pods (aka "Trouble Bubbles")
RZ-11 Coastal Defender Radar Array
Adder Missile Carrier