House Richese.
House Richese.
House Richese.
House Richese:
Status:House Major.
Symbol:Lamp of Knowledge.
Army:Regular Great House.
Ruling Title:Count .
"RICHESE: Fourth planet of Eridani A, classed with Ix as supreme in machine culture. Noted for miniaturization. (For a detailed study on how Richese and Ix escaped the more severe effects of the Butlerian Jihad, see The Last Jihad by SUMER and KAUTMAN.)"
- "Report On the Arrakian System."
House Richese was a Great House during the time of the Faufreluches. They were onetime allies of House Atreides.
House Richese was known throughout the Imperium for the manufacture of machines. A rivalry existed between House Richese and House Vernius for the honour of being major supplier of technology to the Imperium. It was, however, generally accepted that House Vernius, on the planet of Ix, typically produced superior machines to the Richesians.
House Richese was founded before the formal outbreak of the Butlerian Jihad; That much is clear. A certain Count Ilban RICHESE married a certain Edwina CORRINO, identified only as "A daughter of Elrood." Ilban then "build a house" on the planet with the same name as his own; Count Ilban RICHESE is the first identifiable individual with this name, yet the planet's other historical records QUITE CLEARLY states the planet was named for a man named "Richese" (in the ancient Germanic, even older than that used on Terra herself at the outbreak of the First Robotech War, and thus curious for its own right).
Richese Industries
Richese Industriese, and therefore House Richese, was in competition with IX Industries, and therefore House Harkonnen, to be the premier supplier of hardware throughout the Houses; However, the Richese Counts had a "poor habit" of attending to matters familial to a significant extent, while the Harknonnian Barons did not. Additionally, the Harknonnens employed industrial spies much better than the other Houses, and as such very little of Richesian technology was secret; With this, the Harkonnens were able to ecplise House Richese in perhaps as little as three generations, certainly no more than 5.
The only significant technology that remained out of Harkonnen (and everyone else's) hands was "Richesian mirrors, nearly as valuable as spice." these were made in laboratories on the artificial moon Korona, concealing the secrets of this proprietary technology for decades; No House was able to ascertain exactly how the tiny chips could power such large scanning devices, despite numerous attempts at industrial espionage.
The technology "seemed" lost forever when one of the Padishah Emperors destroyed the moon ostensibly to destroy an illegal mélange stockpile located there (it really was there, but not nearly as significant as supposed, and was part of a larger plot to destroy ALL mélange and Arrakis so that the Emperors could control the spice with their synthetic version of mélange called "ajidamal" or "amal"). Fortunately for the RICHESE, the actual blueprints were in safekeeping under a false set of names; Also, over a billion mirrors were stored at another location, also under a false indentation. The Richese then became the leaders in the "black" market for their mirrors, which were seemingly never again to be made. A member of House Richese was working on a system that could hide persons within from Navigator and other significant mélange users' prescience; It was here that the blueprints of the mirrors were kept, and a significantly larger one where the mirrors themselves were. Upon his coronation as the new Emperor, Paul ATRAEDIS saw the so-called "No Chambers" and while he could not precisely determine what was in them, he knew it must be a great secret and dispatch Fremen to secure those sites; It was at this point the Count confessed his action, though privately (with only the Imperial Consort, Chani, and the leader of the Fedaykin, Otheym, being present). Emperor Muad'Dib forgave the Count, and agreed to allow House Richese keep this secret mostly to themselves, provided he was given copies of the blueprints; Otherwise, he'd blow the No-Chamber to infinity. The blueprints were delivered shortly thereafter. The pretext that the prior emperors had held the blueprints was a secret both men kept until they died.
The blueprints for No Chambers were never lost, though experiments into full No Ships were being conducted on Korona, and so much of the data lost that it could not effectively be recovered, including the only prototype, and Emperor Muad'Dib ordered those experiments discontinued- Upon pain of torture, not death. No Chambers could be no larger than that of 5 men. The Count acquiesced to the order.
Subsequent Events
House Richese was given significant elements of the Harkonnen treasure horde, specifically control of vast parts of the Harkonnen's industrial capabilities; It was at this point that it was discovered how exactly the Harkonnens had gained inside information on Richese designs, and although most of those responsible were long dead, a few still lived. Most were simply executed without trial, a move Emperor Muad'Dib did precious little to prevent.
Their fortunes were slowly restored after this, though other Houses still strongly competed for supremacy.
House Richese sided with the emperor upon the arrival of the UGC, forbidding REF vsls to enter their space at first, while secretly allowing UGC Diplomats to enter in small numbers (this was fairly common practice, both with the Landsraad and others). Unlike some Houses but like others, the RICHESE never formally distanced themselves from the Emperor; Thus, when the Emperor finally did acquiesce to the UGC, House Richese went with them. The UGC decided to reward the RICHESE for their loyalty to the emperor and their wisdom to follow him into the galactic community by granting them a contract for fuel, foodstuffs, and certain chemicals needful to UGC vsls completing the long trip to come to the League. (Other Houses that turned against the Emperor were actually punished, even if they switched sides beforehand.)