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United Galaxies Council.
UGC Flag.
United Galaxies Council.
Strategic Plan:
The Council has been pressing the Militry Armed Forces for centuries to par down the inventory list as far as possible. To this end, the Spacy has been trying to bring it's fleet down to one Destroyer, one, Frigate, and one Cruiser type craft and the aerospace fleet to one fighter. In the case of fighters, the spacy has had excellent results, having recently accepted into service the ASF-21 Sholagar Fighter and REF VF-06 Shadow Alpha Veritech. In the case of ships they are still struggling to par down the fleet in any significant way, though they have been much more successful in retrofitting old ships of newly annexed states to REF standard technology.
The Army and Marine have had similar struggles, though at Destroid stables have finally been sorted with the Zulu-1 "Tid Bitz" having proven the winner overall. The Army has chosen to forgo further Cyclone deployment, and is trying to decide which type of fixed mode Powered Armor is ideal for the most numbers of situations; Paired with the Wyvern Assault Hovercycle for Dragoon forces, it's believed the Army will stay ahead of any enemy for the next millennia. The Marine on the other hand has not yet abandoned the Cyclone concept. The Marine have had better success in pairing down ground armored vehicles, having settled on the M-406 Turaladri'e AIFV and M-553 Lancelot Reconnaissance Tank. The Army is lagging far behind the Marine in this regard, having not even as yet pared down the types of armor- Even the M-18 Armadillo is currently considered essential, despite the Marine having never bothered to field test the system. Artillery is also having the same complications, with the Marine keeping the L-02 and L-08, while the Army has only abandoned the L-22 and placed the L-35 in restricted ordering.
The AeroSpace Forces were and still are in the best shape in this department, having begun pairing down their mainline forces as far back as the late 23RD century. They now fly the Sholgar and Shadow Alpha to exclusion as fighters, light bombers, and strike craft.
The Patrol is in the worst shape in this regard, as the breadth of their missions require different types of ships in every respect. A ship that makes an idea navigational marker tender makes a poor interdictor, and could never serve in a Search And Rescue capacity. A SAR ship could serve in interdiction, though just barely; An interdictor could serve in SAR duties, but with generally equal results. Neither of the later are capable to tending ATON duties beyond minor maintenance. The Council long ago gave up on the Patrol unifying their fleet, and refer to them as the “Su Dai Fleet,” a highly derogatory refrence to blood sport tournaments on Terra in which the organizers eventually allowed the T'sentraedi to fight Mecha unarmed.
All of the services are working collaboratively to develop the next generation infantry personal weapons, and dealing this is the evolution of the Gallant H-1000 System divided into two parts; A long arm version capable of using rifle e-clips (and pistol e-clips in a backup mode) and a pistol version. The H-1000 was designed to use a clip-on stock and barrel extension; The new system will be dedicated rifle or pistol only, though most of the internal parts of the pistol variant should be able to be used in the rifle variant if the need should arise. This process is currently being led by the DETRICH/MEADOWS team, and is reported to be at about 75% completion. Once this is completed, the MAF expect to switch over entirely to this system for personal arms.
In order of importance, the UGC has Starships/Shuttles, Infantry Weapons And Power Armor, Aero-Spacecraft, Tanks, Landships, Veritechs, Rail Launchers, Mecha Accessories, Space Stations, Odds And Ends, Reconstruction Era Equipment, and Robots.
Note that only equipment used throughout the UGC is listed here; Equipment unique to a particular faction (for example, Lightsabers to the Geh 'Dia, T-51a Power Armor to the Brotherhood Of Steel, etc) are listed under the appropriate faction.
No ships, No UGC. That simple. The ability to get from one planet to another, let alone one system to another (nevermind one galaxy to another) is the only thing that keeps the council in power; If they were to lose this category of assets, the individual systems would, by necessity, be forced to deal with their issues themselves. Whole star systems, such as Azumption and Greiner, would starve, while others would die off to raging viruses. Even such "breadbasket" systems as the Georgia Colony would starve, since they manufacture none of the equipment that they use to grow all that food; Grain and fruits die off, animals starve.
In an independent assessment by several groups, the UCG was informed that in the best case scenario the empire would last 06 months if all the starships and/or shuttles were, for whatever reason, to be out of commission. This is why the Council has increased spending on building reserves of fleets, most especially cargo vsls (both starships and shuttles).
Infantry Weapons And Power Armor
The next most important category is Infantry Weapons and Power Armor; Once the ships get to the system, someone has to take dirt away from someone who usually isn't interested in giving it up.
This page cross-references Rail Launchers, Tanks, and Destroids.
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Air cover/support is critical to every mission the UGC executes; In fact, there is plan where the UGC doesn't deploy air power to one degree or another.
Tanks And Destroids
Tanks and Destroids provide invaluable support to the ground pounders; Though the UGC can execute a mission without them, but every such attempt becomes that much more difficult. This is increased if the enemy has comparable robotics.
The use of landships increases the ability of the UGC to deploy around a given planet; The FOLKER- and MULE-Class landships can even be employed in orbit to an unlimited degree (all can be deployed to a limited degree).
The UGC actually considered dumping Veritechs entirely for a time, though this was eventually overruled in the face of increasing sophisticated enemy machines (especially malcontent fighters).
Rail Launchers
A small breed of missile-launching rail guns (or rail gun missile launchers, if you prefer). Not strictly necessary for the execution of any mission of the UGC. This program is NOT in danger of being cancelled, since it covers auto-canons AND missile launchers.
Space Stations.
Generally speaking, a "Space Station" is any spacecraft that maintains a continuous presence over a given planet; Though they often can be moved over inter-planetary and even inter-stellar space, they are not intended to be.
Note: A variant of spacecraft called "self-sustaining ships" are often referred to as "space stations," when in fact they are starships that happen to be orbiting the same planet over an extended period of time.
Mecha Accessories.
The UGC (or previous empires) spent billions to develop these accessories for UGC Mecha, and most of them aren't even in use any more.
Odds And Ends.
Everything that didn't fit somewhere else and was too small to worry about too much.
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Reconstruction Era Equipment.
Though much is made of the current galactic situation, the true test of the REF was during the reconstruction era. Every challenge they rose to; Cities had been shattered, and had to be cleared away so they could be rebuilt. Pestilences had swept across the lands; Hospitals had to be built to treat them. Roads, where they still existed, were nothing more than rubble pathways. Trade was practically non-existent. Bandit raiders and slavers roamed practically at will.
This task the REF turned to, and handily overcame- Roads rebuilt, trade re-established, bandits and slavers rounded up and executed (occasionally without trial), hospitals built, cities reborn.
The REF did this with a great deal of hard work and the machines to amplify that work many times over. Here, then, are those machines.
Various automatons ("robots") exist around the UGC. Only those officially used by the UGC (most by the REF) are listed on this inventory.
The UGC Militry Armed Forces, under direction from the UGC, has been trying to "pare down" the equipment it uses; The Army and Marine, for example, have 8 types of armored vehicles. The Spacy and ASF have three categories of combat craft (space, aero-space, and atmospheric).
The REF is strongly looking at the following combination:
A POWMAG-based ground combat frame for MBT, APC, and engineering;
The TBP-Z1 as both the primary Destroid and primary aero-space fighter;
The Gallant H-90 Multi-Weapons System, MT-261 Vibro Bayonet/Knife, M-601 Field Tool, and M-605 Field Torch as primary infantry tools;
The VF-C6 Shadow Alpha as the main Veritech and VB-06 Konig and VA/FS-5 TIGERSHARK-Class Submersible Veritech on "specific assignment"
And the Low Altitude Assault Transport (in various configurations) as the primary aero-space support.

The primary issue has been the space fleet; The Spacy has too many needs in terms of ships, and therefore can not "just pick one" and get on with the job. Another stumbling block has been the Battle Force 2600 program; The POWMAG chassis that is strongly favored simple can not be adapted to every mission, and therefore the program can't be green lit. Until these issues can be resolved, the whole program remains effectively in hiatus.