Modern Invid.
Modern Invid.

Modern Invid.
The Post-War Invid have as much in common with the Robotech War era Invid as the Robotech War Era have in common with the pre-ZOR era Invid; That is to say, little to none. Today, the Invid are peaceful
Optera From Orbit.
Another View From Orbit.Optera's Surface.
members, but hardened of the UGC, who settle worlds to grow the Flower of Life. Lesser engineers, they largely leave the sciences to the other species and concentrate on the sciences of farming and processing the leaves of the flower into Protoculture. A large part of this is then given to the Robotech Expeditionary Forces as part of the treaty that brought them into the IPA (succeeded by the UWA and then UGC).
The Invid, for all their simplicity, are actually quite sufficticated politicos; Each concession made by the Invid has come at a price. The Invid also hold an absolute monopoly on Protoculture, which gives them a lot of leverage. They even have limited autonomy (more, even, than the founders species, Humans and T'sentraedi), and Colonization and Mecha Rights.
Inside an Invid reservation, Invid Law is absolute, and without question; Even the Council can not legally interfere. Anyone found on an Invid Reservation is instantly assumed guilty of sabatoge, and can be killed on sight or questioned in whatever fashion the Hive Administrators deem fit; This includes torture. However, they MUST be killed or released; There is no in-between area- Essentially, there is no enslavement. (They can be held indefiantely, however.)
The cause of the torture clause is anti-Invid sabatoeurs; There are those who call for the genocide of the Invid. These hate-preaching megalomaniacs have even attacked a few Invid hives, planting bombs and/or flying ships (of varying size) into Invid Hives. (One creative group actually crashed a asteroid into an Invid farm, destroying the whole planet.) The permission to use torture serves two purposes; First, to extract information. Second, to serve as a warning to others; Don't even think about trying this yourself.
Still, the Invid have been good UGC citizens; They've even helped to develop the galaxies for the UGC. By settling "A" planet in a system, they claim the entire system for the UGC. This has expanded the UGC influence area in smaller, but still IMPORTANT ways. The Invid have also made delivery on their Protoculture supplies on time or early, and full or greater than agreed. They have NEVER been short or late on delivery with the exception of attacks on shipments (sometimes by Invid or their Invidista lackeys, soemtimes by anti-Invid terrorists). Even these have been made up later.
Nearly ever settled system in the UGC has an Invid Protocutlure farm; Some are catured astroids that were tunneled into de-facto Space Hives, others whole worlds. The irony is Optera itself; As a reparation for the destruction of Paraxis, the eastern hemisphere of Optera is Invid, but the western half Paraxian along with BOTH ice caps (everything north of 10º lattitude, south of 170º lattitude). The Invid have attempted many times to evict the Paraxians, but to not avail; The Paraxians refuse to leave, and no threats nor bribes can get them to budge. Even the seemingly reasonable request to cede one of the pole goes without interest; The Paraxian position is that the Invid destroyed their homeworld AND abandoned Optera; It is the Invid who should leave, but that the Paraxians understand the Invid are victims of the Robotech Masters, and therefore have graciously ceded a big chunk of thier homeworld to the Invid. (The Paraxians, to their collective credit, have been wise enough to keep this low-key, only bringing the issue up when the Regent attempts to forcibly evict the Paraxians.)
Invid Colonies
One of the key Invid consessions was the right to colonize. The REF needed additional Protoculture in preperation for the war with the Fehrans. The Invid parlayed this into the right to colonize, on the pretext that the needed to in order to grow
Sera, First Female Stage 5 Invid.Corg, First Male Stage 5 Invid.
enough Flower Of Life to produce as much Protoculture as the REF was calling for. This was a lie, of course, as Invid Optera produces 100 times as much Flower of Life as the REF uses even now (with more than 1,000 times the use as it had way back then). Still, the Inter-Planetary Alliance gave the go-ahead (over the objection of just about everyone EXCEPT the REF and Fantoman Civil Authority).
There are, however, restrictions; First, each Invid Colony can NOT be on an already settled world. (In exchange, they get the whole world to themselves by default.) Second, they have to obtain permission to colonize on a planet-by planet basis. The Alliance therefore gained a check; They could arbitrarily veto a settlement. Generally speaking, the Invid get second-rate planets, even hollowed-out asteroids. The Invid have had to make do with this, but then also gained a consession; The IPA (and successors) have been obligated to prepare the settlement for the Invid ("Inviforming", making the air breathable to Invid, initial seeding, and development of wells and/or water development). Far from perfect, the system has worked for 200-odd years and has left everyone generally satisfied with the status quo.
A typical Invid Start-up Colony encompeses the following:
A Red Invid Clamship carrying a Stage 6 Invid Queen and her entourage of 100 Stage 4 Invids with Armored Scouts; A Blue Invid Clamship carrying a Stage 6 Invid Drone and his entourage of 100 Stage 4 Invids with Armored Scouts; A Gold Invid Clamship carrying a mated pair of Stage 5 Invid Administrators and thier entourage of 190 Stage 4 Invids with Armored Scouts; And an additional pair of Brown Invid Clamship carrying the normal 250 Stage 4 Invids with Armored Scouts.
Because this is not SUPPOSED to be a military operation, the Clamships will remain closed until landing, where the Blue, Gold, and Brown Clam Ships will open normal ramps to off-load the Invid; The Red Clam Ship opens it's dorsal shell as the Queen is FAR too large to litter off otherwise (one does not call the all-mother "fat", even if she could NEVER hope to understand the comment). These are slow tedious proccess taking at LEAST 45 minutes (up to 20 hours for a Queen).
From this the colony grows. However, the colonyt can NOT expand past this one world without UGC permission, and must be self-suffiecient. These provisos limit Invid numbers. The general contibution to the UGC is 100 tons of REFINED (ready to package for use) Protoculture per Invid per annum. This quickly builds up to several MILLION tons every year. Each colony generates 100 MILLION tons of Flower of Life monthly, of which only about 105 gets consumed, mostly as the vaugley eggplant-like fruit. Each ton of the Flower of Life can produce rounghly 10 tons of Protoculture making each colony a sucess (by the UGC, at least).
Cougar Inorganic
Iigaa Armored Scout Invidia
Gamo Pincer Battloid
Gosu Royal Battloid
Shelldor-Class DropShip
Space Hive

Modern Invid.
Invidites; Pro-Invid Allies.

Modern Invid.
Just as the Invidia have their collaborators, the Invid have the Invidites. Invidites come from all walks of life, with a myrid of backgrounds and who join the Invid for just as many reasons. They typically pilot an Gamo Pincer Battloid and are equipped with the Light Solugi Armor and Solugi Pistol:
Light Solugi Armor:
Solugi Pistol:
The Regis conceived of this armor mainly for the Stage 5 Solugi Invid. It is a light soft armor suit with strategically located hard plate, including the collar. There is matching helmet. It typically provides fair protection against small arms fire, and good protection against small grenade and shell fragments, and the hard parts provide excellent protection against small grenade and shell fragments, good protection against small arms fire, and poor resistance to heavier infantry weapons and fragments and near misses from higher caliber weapons.
Type: Mixed Hard/Soft Armor.
Weight: 100 lbs.
MDC: 200.
Prowl Penalty: None.
The Solugi Pistol was developed by the Regis around 2042 in preparation for the transmutation of the entire Invid to the humanoid "Solugi" (stage 5) model. The Solugi is based loosely on the Gallant H-90. The most critical difference is that the entire grip is a Protoculture battery. It is used primarily as a self-defense weapon. There are no plans to develop a rifle-type weapon as the invid do not particiapate in the types of operations that would justify such a weapon, though the T'luaza Milldiem 281a has seen service amongst Invidites on sentry duties.
Purpose: Self-Defense.
Damage: 6D6 SD.
Rate of Fire: Per user's attacks per melee.
Range: 197 feet.
Weight: 1⅓ lbs.
Payload: 20 rounds per cell.

Modern Invid.
Invid Mecha.

Modern Invid.
The Invid have every right to Mecha under the terms of the Armistice and the later treaty.
They do not necessarily use all of these, however. The system is still presented anyways for Comms Identification purposes. The designators are also applied to Indivia Mecha.

AA/A: Kerogga Infantry Mecha: The Kerogga was out of service before the REF even arrived. In the entire history of the Opteran/Terran conflict, only 2 was ever seen, on Terra, in a junkyard, having been converted to remote operation.
AA/B: Ligaa Scout: Available but no longer used. The last Invid Ligaa was upgraded to Ligua over 200 years ago.
AA/C: Ligua Armored Scout: General purpose defense Mecha.
AA/D: Gurab Trooper: Available but no longer used. The last was upgraded to Gurab Advanced over 200 years ago.
AA/E: Advanced Gurab Shock Trooper: In use, but not extensive use.
AA/F: Gamo Pincer Command Unit: Some use. Usually reserved for Invidite members.
AA/G: Malar Enforcers Hive Guard: Not in use.
AA/H: Advanced Malar Red Enforcer Royal Guard: Extensive use by Stage 4 Invid Guards.
AA/I: Gosu Royal Command Battloid: Extensive use reserved to Stage 5 Invid Hive Leaders.
AA/J: Scout Space Booster: Limited use in Invid Hives for escort duties.
SD/T: Shelldor-Class Dropship.
SM/M: Space Hives.
A: Alpha
B: Bravo
C: Charlie
D: Delta
E: Epsilon1
F: Foxtrot
G: Golf
H: Hotel
I: India
J: Juliet
M: Mike
S: Sierra
T: Tango
1: Originally the word "Echo" was used. However, due to linguistic issues this was changed to Epsilon.

The Orguss Connection: The Invid have NO connection to the development of the Orguss. The Regent and Regis concur that whoever is behind this must be Invidia. They have cooperated with the UGC to the fullest possible extent, including offering information not requested (information the REF could not have known to ask). The Regent and Regis have expressed their desire to get to the bottom of the matter, and multiple attempts to determine truthfulness have resulted in "a high confidence in their sincerity." (They in fact are being sincere; they want to know who's doing this and how. Whether this results in further development, an end to the design, or some other solution is yet to be determined, as the Regent and Regis have openly stated.)