The Invidia.
The Invidia.
The Invid Malcontent.
The Invidia.
The Invidia.
The name means HATE.
The name means FEAR.
The name means DEATH.
The name means WAR.
Sera, First Female Stage 5 Invid.Corg, First Male Stage 5 Invid.
As you should know by your study of the Invid, part of the treaty bringing them fully into the Inter-Planetary Alliance was the right to grow and expand. Some of the Invid Stage 5's, however, have gone rogue and taken their colony with them. They are convince that they must eliminate ALL forms of non-Invid life. Reasons vary, including one that started out as a "marital argument" between the Stage 5's (she wigged out, killed him and went rogue).
When the problem first started to develop, the IPA demanded the Invid deal with it. The Regent, who serves as the Invids Commander in Chief and Secretary General, explained that he COULDN'T do anything about them. They had cut themselves off from the collective Invid, and while the Regis could feel their pain, she could not control them, nor could she find them. However, on behalf of all Invid, the Regent washed his hands of Invidia; The REF was free to deal with them any way they saw fit.
This changed quickly, though, after the first Invidia defeat. The REF noticed that once the Stage 5 Invidia's were dead, all the surviving Invidia forces simply stopped fighting and returned to their Stilt Hive (this was a planet bound Invidia enclave), as if recalled and awaiting further orders. Those that were attacked during this retreat didn't even attempt to evade or roll with the attack, and REF troops who were in the way were brushed aside as if merely thicket; The Invidia didn't seem to want to HURT THEM, and, less a concussion and a few broken bones in the Power Armor Trooper Corps (that numbered a few THOUSAND) really didn't hurt any. The Invidia was merely intent on returning to their base.
The REF Forces were exhausted; They let them go for the time being. The Task Force commander, Vice Admirial STEEHS looked to REF HQ for answers; They turned to the Regent; He turned to his wife. "What happened?" was the question. The Regis discovered she had regained DIRECT control of her people; With the rebellious 5's out of the way, she recalled her people and ended the battle.
With this new information in hand, the REF developed the early Invidia Policy: Kill the Stage 5 leaders. Kill all others only in self-defense. Avoid killing anyone OTHER than the 5's to whatever degree practicable, though shooting down and/or wounding (even significantly) Invidia Soldiers is considered perfectly acceptable. In fact, all necessary collateral damage is authorized by RED High Command, and was endorsed personally by the Regent.
It has happened that Invidia Stage 5's have been captured, but never surrendered. On AFIES (said "aph-ee-es") VII, the female was killed and the male knocked unconscious. He was taken heavily shackled to Optera. By internal agreement, only the Regis can authorize an execution of an Invid; Only the Regent can authorize "all other discipline," which includes torture. Since then, about 100 or so Invidia 5's have been taken alive, some as pairs others individually, to Mt Regenteria, to die a million death every day and every night, only to be re-born again after each. Not the place you want to go to keep your sanity.
For their own part, the UGC doesn't care; The Invid ARE dealing with their problem. It's an extreme form of punishment, but these are extreme circumstances, and therefore the UGC is perfectly fine with it. Furthermore, the UGC will generally turn a blind eye to hives that aren't bothering anyone, aren't on a planet otherwise targeted for settlement, and are keeping a low profile. However, the moment they are noticed and/or in the way, they are "dealt with" summarily, and are NOT eligible for any form of protection for the UGC; Anti-Invid terrorism laws do not extend to Invidista. (For those thinking about going this route, it's not recommended- The Invidia kill without compunction, and the UGC doesn't provide any protection to the survivors, either.)
Formation Of An Invista Hive:
An Invidista Hive is formed when three conditions are met:
1. A Female Stage Five Invid kills her Male counterpart and Female Stage Six;
2. A Male Stage Five Invid kills his Female counterpart and Male Stage Six;
3. Both Hives manage to link up with their counterpart Hive quickly (within 6 months to one year).

Sometimes an Indivia Hive is raided, with one Stage 5 killed and the other escaping; If the survivor can link up with a counterpart hive, it can survive. Typically both Stage 6 Invids are kept until the needs of a new hive's needs are known, then the "redundant" 6 is killed.
Very often this leads to hives with multiple female Stage 5/male Stage 6 or vice versa; In more than one case this resulted in a four-part hive of 2 each of male and female Stage 5 and 6.
Technologies of the Invidia.
With disdain for the Regent and Regis' orders, the Invidista have deployed the Scrim Inorganic in numbers. The would not (generally) deploy Cran or Odeon, due to a lack of overriding benefit versus the resources needed to deploy; Though either are generally better combatants, the Scrim has better overall speed and uses the gas globes (which neither the Cran nor Odeon can).
The Invida have 4 main types of Mecha: The Armored Scout, the Shock Trooper, the Pincer Command Unit, and the Royal Command Battloid. They have done away with the unarmed types and the questionably efficient Enforcers.
Cougar Inorganic
Scrim Inorganic
Iigaa Armored Scout Invidia
Shock Trooper Invidia
Gosu Royal Battloid
Shelldor-Class DropShip
Space Hive
The Invidia.
The Invidia.
Invidia Collaborators:
The Invidista.
The Invidia.
The Invidia.
Not ALL people of the galaxies hate the Invidia; In fact, many have actively sought out the Invidia, willingly submitting to Invidia rule in exchange for whatever terms they receive. Amongst those who have joined the Invidista, one can find the Praxians, Humans, T'sentraedi , Fehrans, Flyjts- Even a few Tiresians.
There are NO requirements to become a Invidista; The would-be Invidista must link up to Invidia who are willing to accept them. This is harder than it sounds- Most Invidia factions simply kill anyone who approaches right away. However, if you CAN link up with an Invidia faction, then you can almost be assured whatever price you demand; Money means nothing to the Invidia, and whatever rewards you demand for your services, though it may be a FORTUNE to YOU, it's mere chump change to the Invidia.
These rewards, however, come at a price; If captured by the Invid, an Invidista can almost guarantee they will die slowly and painfully. A video that leaked out of a captured Invidista Pincer pilot shows the man being decapitated- With sound. The Invidia will do NOTHING for them, and in treat them as generally disposable- A small sacrifice to save the collective.
Technologies of the Invidista.
The main pieces of hardware the Invidia trust their slaves with is the Light Solugi Armor and Solugi Pistol:
Light Solugi Armor:
Solugi Pistol:
Type: Mixed Hard/Soft Armor.
Weight: 100 lbs.
MDC: 200.
Prowl Penalty: None.
The Regis conceived of this armor mainly for the Stage 5 Invid. It is a light soft armor suit with strategically located hard plate, including the collar. There is matching helmet. It typically provides fair protection against small arms fire, and good protection against small grenade and shell fragments, and the hard parts provide excellent protection against small grenade and shell fragments, good protection against small arms fire, and poor resistance to heavier infantry weapons and fragments and near misses from higher caliber weapons.
The Solugi Pistol was developed by the Regis around 2042 in preparation for the transmutation of the entire Invid to the humanoid "Solugi" (stage 5) model. The Solugi is based loosely on the Gallant H-90. The most critical difference is that the entire grip is a Protoculture battery. It is used primarily as a backup weapon.
Purpose: Self-Defense.
Damage: 6D6 SD.
Rate of Fire: Per user's attacks per melee.
Range: 197 feet.
Weight: 1⅓ lbs.
Payload: 20 rounds per cell.

The main Mecha entrusted to the Invidista is the Invidista Scout: The only difference between Invidia and Invidista Scout worth mentioning is in the cockpit; Invidia cockpit layout is exactly the same as Invid cockpit layout, with a pool of Protoculture enveloping the pilot. Invidista Scouts, unable to tolerate raw Protoculture and equally unable to use it, have a more Human-configured layout with holographic displays increasing efficiency. They also have cyber-jacks.
Intelligence Update: 2258.
The Indivista have clearly developed separate identities as hives, and have only dim knowledge of one another.
Some such hives appear to want to be left alone, and these are the ones most likely to be discovered easily, as they turn to farming Flower of Life to exclusion of all other interests. These hive have come to understand how vulnerable they are, however, and are now seeking protective measures, mostly in so far as they are digging DEEP underground.
Other hives have gone the opposite tack, including one that made a highly effective and extremely bold move to try to unseat the Regent and Regis in open combat; Though this coup d'etat failed, it did hurt the Invid's higher echelons of command, and sent panic signals throughout both the Invid AND the UWA.
Still others seem to be simply moving along, trying to avoid detection and maintain their isolation.
Intelligence Update: 2581.
One of the Invidia factions has formally adopted an Ugly, the TIE Clutch Fighter. However, the implications of this fighter, and the group associated with it, is only that the Invidia faction thinks they're strong enough to take on the Regent if he should come.
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