Kobolese Confederation.
ASS-14 Laura Starfighter.
Kobolese Confederation.
In the entire history of the BATTLESTAR-Class Intelligence Ships, only one is famous; The COLUMBIA has a massive hull deformation on her starboard bow. How exactly it got there is classified, but it earned her the
ASS-14 Laura Starfighter.
A Laura Starfighter.
Production Information:
Technical Specifications:
Length:29.71 feet.
Maximum Speed:Mach 30.
FTL:Equipped (standard).
Maximum Altitude:Independently Transatmospheric.
Engine Units:ZZ-R105/nn Fusion Reactor System.
  • Forward Laser Cannon;
  • Short, Medium, or Long Range Missile's;
  • Surveillance Package.
  • Crew:One.
    Role(s):Spy Plane.
  • Kobolese Confederation;
  • UGC.
    COLUMBIA can't do too much of anything without it eventually getting out; The Laura Starfighter is one of them. About as much is known about the Laura Fighter as anything else the various intelligence agencies do, and even the defenses and intelligence committees aren't privy to the secrets the exact details of what 'really' happened aboard COLUMBIA, but the rumor is that one Chief Boatswains Mate or Chief Aviation Machinery Technician TYREL took a half dozen standard Viper Fighters and rebuilt them as a 'fun project,' something to take his mind off of personal issues during a bad period in his life. Supposedly, he had always wanted to do the project, having noticed the 'little things' that made maintenance and combat effectiveness of Vipers less than the totality of their potential.
    Short of metal to cover the fighter, Chief TYREL use polycarbonate sheeting, which had the unexpected effect of also making her stealthy. (Not all polycarbonates make all vehicles stealth; Indeed, some amplify the radar and heat signatures.)
    Some concessions to the realities of the world had to be made; For example the standard ASF-14 is triple-engined. The ASS-14 is dual engined- The Third engine generates too much heat, and reduces the crafts stealthy characteristics. Also, the ASF-14 has integrated weapons systems- The ASS-14 does not. It can't and maintain its stealth. Instead, it has an internal pod capable of holding a weap or an advanced sensor pod.
    The intelligence service convinced the Council into allowing them to obtain Lauras to give them essentially a manned CS/A-013. The Council had wanted to restrict them to unarmed versions, but the GIB showed the Council Intelligence Appropriations Sub-Committee why they needed such a platform- exactly what was said in that hearing is still classified, but the GIB walked out with authorization to have the weaps available, but had to keep the spy packages installed at all times- This makes installing weaps more difficult, since the spy package has to be un-installed (hardWare and softWare), and the weaps package installed (again, hardWare and softWare).
    The Laura's major manufacturer is, ironically, Colonial Armaments, Inc- But they've never made a single one. They build Vipers, which are then sold to the GIB, who convert them in-house; The Spaceways Patrol has obtained a few as well, transfers from the GIB. These are NEVER forward-deployed, and in fact the patrol tries to avoid answering questions about them- Even whether they have them or not. (Usually when asked, Patrol spokesmen defer the question to the GIB- who just say nothing.)
    The Laura is also capable of making a First strike mission, but is not used in this fashion in order to protect the fighter's capabilities; One such mission was conducted, never to be repeated.
    These craft make very long duration solo flights, usually deep into places where someone doesn't want them to be, learning things that the target doesn't want learned; Only the best of the best pilots make it through the program. Being a Laura pilot is taxing; Many pilots only complete one mission, some complete 2; One completed five before he simply disappeared on his sixth.
    Name: Laura Spy Craft/Fighter.
    Model Type: ASS-14.
    Vehicle Type: Spycraft/Supremacy Fighter.
    Crew: One.
    Passenger: None. There aren't even two-seater trainer/special mission models.
    M.D.C By Location:
    Engines (3)-
    50 each
    Tailerons (3)-
    Laser Cannons (2)-

    50 each
    30 each

    Note: Usual conditions apply.
    Speed and Statistical Data:
    Driving on the Ground: Not Possible.
    In-System: Mach 30.
    Atmospheric Propulsion: Mach 10.
    Maximum Range: The ship can fly for literally YEARS; But the pilot can't. Since there is no on-board fuel, there's no technological limit to range; Simply secure the reactor system when the engines aren't necessary.
    FTL: Factor 30. (SHIT.)
    Length: 29.71 feet (9.05 meters).
    Height: 13.2 feet (4.02 meters).
    Span: 19.54 feet (5.95 meters).
    Weight: 14.2 tons (12848.8 kg) unloaded.
    Power Systems: Primary: A ZZ-R105/nn Fusion Reactor System (non-Protoculture); Output: 31,000 KWH; Lifespan: 20 years.
    Cargo: Pilot supplies only.
    Cost and Availability: 30 millioncredit; It takes an average factory 2 months to build a wing's worth (12 ships).
    Weapons Systems:
    The Laura Spy-Fighter can only hold ONE of these at any given time. Switching out takes about 20 minutes, the same as a reload time.
    1. Laser Cannons: Basically a cut-down version of the Raidar X Laser Cannon; The damage is the lower (because there's only two cannons), but the range the same.
    MD: Short Blast: 1D10; Long Blast: 2D10; Maximum Blast: 3D10.
    Range: 10 miles (double in space)
    Rate of Fire: Per pilots attacks per melee.
    Payload: Effectively Unlimited.

    2. 18 S.R.M.'s: 3 S.R.M.'s are found on each side of the three tailerons.
    Purpose: Defense/Dogfighting
    Damage and Range: Varies by type used.
    Rate Of Fire: Volleys of 1, 2, 3, 4, or 6 per pilots attacks per melee.
    Payload: 18 total

    3. 6 M.R.M.: This is the main anti-ship weapon of the Viper Fighter; It is also used by the Marine as a bunker-busting weapon.
    Purpose: Anti-Ship/Bunker
    Damage and Range: Varies by type used.
    Rate Of Fire: Volleys of 1, 2, 3, 4, or all 6 per pilots attacks per melee.
    Payload: 6 total

    4. 2 LRM's: This is also used to destroy Warships, though typically at longer ranges. It's primarily employed when an enemy fleet is First sighted to drive them apart, making them easier to pick off individually.
    Purpose: Anti-ship
    Damage and Range: Varies by type used.
    Rate Of Fire: 1 volley; Both missiles are fired together.
    Payload: 2 total.

    5. Weapons Pods: Normally wing-mounted these pods can be dropped to serve as extended sensor systems.
    A) M-12 Fuel Pod: Essentially a modified version of the M-11 Torpedo Pod used on other aircraft. In this case, however, it is used as a fuel pod to double the normal range of the craft. This pod does NOT affect stealth characteristic.
    B) A-11/a Anti-Radiation Pod: A radar and other detection system jammer; Like the M-12 Fuel Pod, this pod does NOT affect stealth characteristic, and can even be carried in active mode.
    C) A-11/v Radiation Detector Pod: This pod passively detects various types of radiation, most importantly radio signals (for eavesdropping). The A-11/v does NOT affect stealth characteristic, and can even be carried in active mode.
    D) C-441 Canister Pod: Basically a hollowed out version of the M- 7 pod, used to drop highly sensitive and extensive messages. A nose-mounted device using GPS or laser detection guides the pod to within 1/4" of the intended landing point.
    E) M-14 Sonar Buoy Pod: An air-droppable sonar buoy used to assist in detecting and, more importantly, driving incurring submarines where Warships want them to be.
    F) M-15 Dunking Sonar Pod: A dunking sonar pod used to assist in detecting and assisting Warships to target them.

    This is what the UGC will admit to; This list reflects only that equipment installed specifically for use by the pilot to effect the mission safely, and not necessarily the equipment installed so the Laura can do the job the UGC needs it to do. Information collected by these sensors, etc. may well be analyzed later, but are primarily for the pilot's benefit, not the analysts.
    • Stealth Paneling: Unlike most stealthed craft, the Laura Spy fighter uses polycarbonate panels and emissions control as its sole source of stealthing. This cuts cost 51%, and because they are used very carefully the loss of Chameleon and Silvrite Armor does not effect the mission. Effect: -69% to enemy sensor rolls.
    • ESM: Radar Detector. Passively detects other radars being operated.
    • Radar: Combat grade radar. Range 100 miles, can track up to 50 individual targets. 95% reliability (24% against unfriendly stealthed vehicles).
    • AMC/FD (2): Anti-Missile Chaff/Flare Dispensers. Actually launches a glob of burning magnesium/aluminum alloy to confuse both radar AND heat sensory systems.
      Fires off 04 chaff/flares each time it is activated. The system works on all known sensor systems, except Protoculture.
      Reduce effects by 20% against smart missiles (add +20% to rolls for smart missiles).
      01-50 Enemy missile or missile volley detonates in chaff cloud- Missiles are all destroyed.
      51-75 Enemy missile or missile volley loses track of real target and veers away in wrong direction (may lock onto another target).
      76-00 No effect, missile is still on target.
      Also note that the chaff cloud will also blind nearby heat sensors (and optically based sensors at night) for 1 melee. They will suffer the following penalties: Reduce melee attacks/actions, and combat bonuses by half.
      Duration: 1D4 melee rounds.
      Payload: 60 chaff/flares. Each time the system is engaged, the system fires off 04 chaff/flares.
    • MRA 6 Radios: Allows real time, continuous radio link up with friendly forces in the area via satellite relay over laser radio signals, preventing jamming, and automatically encrypts/decrypts same to prevent eavesdropping.
    • Type-11 wide band radios: Effective 10 mile range, auto encrypt/decrypt. Works on standard radio band wavelengths, so it can still be jammed (if the enemy knows the frequencies).
    • Blue Force Tracker: Identifies friend from foe. Overlays the information on both the radar and HUD, ensuring that friendly forces are not accidentally targeted.
    • GPS: Standard tracking device. Ties into the Blue Force Tracker.
    • Anti-Jamming System: Reduces Electronics Countermeasure by 3/4 (decrease skill level appropriately).
    • HUD: Displays maps, radar, targeting information, and any OTHER information the wearer wants directly in front of the user.
    • FLIR/SLIR: Forward and Side Looking Infrared. Allows pilot to get visuals on targets at night.
    • A.J.P.: Active Jamming Pod. Causes -25% to detection but when it is active, other vehicles/bases can detect that it is jamming, and some missiles will home in on jamming signals. Jamming also causes a -4 penalty to all radar guided weapons. The jamming pod is only mounted inside the port tailerons.
    • T.D.P. (4): Towed Decoy Pods. Located on the ventral fuselage. The fighter can carry a pair of special pods that carries four advanced towed decoy drones. These drones are specially designed radar lure that creates a radar image to mimic the fighter. This system has been successfully deployed against SEVERAL alien radar-type sensors (including one that works off of sound).
      M.D.C.: 5
      Effects: The decoy has a 98% chance of fooling ordinary non military radars and non smart guided missiles, and a 90% chance of fooling military grade radars and advanced smart missiles.
      Range: Released to go wherever it wants. Can fly independently for about 30 minutes.
      Rate of Fire: Per pilots attacks per melee.
      Payload: 16 Decoys total.
    • Full Range Sensory Systems: Infrared, Ultra Violet, Color Filters, and Thermal Imager: Range: 10 miles; Magnification: 40 times
    • Virtual Map: Displays a continuously-updating map of local terrain for the pilot. Takes data from other friendly units in the area. Effective land navigation of 85% as updates come. Good to 500 miles. Specific range can be adjusted in 1 mile increments.
    • Video Camera: Records from the HUD and HDD. 50 hours of recording available.
    • Survival Pack: A pack of simpler emergency survival supplies.

    Other Equipment:
    In addition to the Weapons Systems and Features, the Laura Fighter has some features that are mission-specific and always installed. These are specifically installed so that the Laura has a reason to be built, and the information obtained from them are rarely (if ever) made available to the pilot.
    1. Sensor Package: The sensor package is a slightly more advanced version of those carried on most Warships, but without quite as much range.
    Visible-Spectrum Imaging: Mainly consists of color filter, black and white, and basic color photography. Range: 2,500 miles; Magnification: 400 times
    Invisible-Spectrum Light: Ultra violet, thermal, infrared, etc. photography. Range: 2,500 miles; Magnification: 400 times
    X-Ray: Range: 2,200 miles; Magnification: 350 times
    Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI): A magnetic field aligns atoms in the target, then radio frequency field alter them, causing them to produce a magnetic field which is used to produce an image of the target. Whereas in the past vehicles and people could hide in dense jungle, the jungle now shows exactly where they are. Does not really work in developed areas (since hard object tend to hide each other). Range: 200 miles.
    Ground Penetrating Radar: To ferret out underground bunkers. Range: Can 'see' up to 2 miles underground.
    2. Full-Force Barrier Field: Barrier Fields expose the fighter- It's a detectable form of radiation. However, given the choice between standing and fighting or raising shields and running like Hell, Laura pilots prefer to run; After all, they can't get the critical data to whoever it's supposed to go to if they stand and fight and die.
    Purpose: Defense.
    MDC: 400.
    Activation Time: One melee action.
    Payload: Effectively unlimited.

      Combat Bonuses from ASS-14 Laura Aero-Space Fighter Combat Elite: Because the Laura IS the Viper, the stats are exactly the same.
    • 2 additional attacks per melee.
    • One additional attack per melee at levels 5, 10, and 15 with any other bonuses for the pilot.
    • +1 Initiative
    • +4 Strike
    • +2 Parry, Dodge, and Roll

    A Laura Spy-Fighter In A Hanger Bay.