United Galaxies Council.
United Galaxies Council.
UGC Marine.
United Galaxies Council.
United Galaxies Council.
United Galaxies Marine Corps
Seal Of The United Galaxies Marine.
Active:January 2001; Subordinate (unifying) entities trace much farther back than that, to as far as 1664 (some, in various forms, even earlier).
Allegiance:United Galaxies Council via the Chairman Of The Joint Councils.
  • Aero-space Combined Arms and Infantry commands;
  • Space borne service security.
  • Roles:Aero-space infantry, expeditionary, and aerial support warfare
  • Active: 2.5 million;
  • Reserve: 21 million;
  • Civilian: 28 million;
  • Aero-Spacecraft: ½ million;
  • Armor: ¾ million.
    Exact numbers fluctuate over
    time to ⅓ to 5 times listed.
  • Headquarters:Marine 1, North East Passage, President's Point, Valivarre.
    Nicknames"The Few, The Proud, The Marines" (variations: "The Few," "The Proud," "The Pride"; derived from recruiting slogan; "Proud" and "Pride" are often used as derogatory names);
    "Devil Dogs/Teufel Hunden";
    Derogatory Names:"Jarheads";
    Motto:Semper Fidelis
    Colors:Gold On Scarlet.
    March:"Semper Fidelis."
    Mascot:An English Bulldog breed of Knaeck (one of very few authorized after the discovery of the Knaeck "colony" on Tirol).
    Anniversary:18 April (The Marine Ball).
    Chain Of Command:
  • Commander In Chief (Chairman, UGC;
  • Secretary Of Defense;
  • Commandant Of The Marine;
  • Corps Commandants (currently 18);
  • Fleet Commanders;
  • Ship's Marine Detachment Commanders Or Ashore Unit Commanders (recruiting and training commands primarily).
  • Insignia:The Eagle, Globe, And Anchor.
    The Marine is the UGC's "SWAT" team of the militry; They go in to kill people and break shit.
    The Marine draws its histroy from the Terran Roman Era, when a Corps of Army was assigned to guard the Empire's naval fleet against vandalism (not yet a word), attacks by enemy empires, and when called upon to do so to take the fight to the enemy.
    Long after the Roman Empire collapsed, the British Empire built their own Corps Of Marines, which included one Captain Of Marines Samuel PEPYS; Captain PEPYS stated to King Charles II of Great Britain around 1670 or so that he had seen in the Orient a fish that could fly. The king refused to believe him and banished him from court.
    Captain PEPYS was assigned to a British warship, sailing for the Orient; He brought back, at extreme personal expense and difficulty, a LIVE flying fish. The King was duly impressed, his Marine having shown that he did not lie, and thus the King, in times of doubt of another's veracity, would demand that they "Tell it to the Marine." If Captain PEPYS believed the story, that was good enough for the King.
    With this started a tradition of Marines; "Never lie." This tradition stands firm- Right wrong or indifferent, "Tell the truth Marine."
    About a century later, the same British Empire was embroiled in what has come to be called the First Terran Global War, with Britain fighting France and Spain on many fronts, one of them being a rebellion in the American Colonies.
    The Captain of one of these rebel ships attempted to land at Nassau on 03 March, 1776 to take powder and shot from the British Fort Montagu located there. Knowing this would be a battle, and a very REAL one, Captain John Paul JONES sent his Marines ashore, rather than sailors, as was the custom, as his Marines were disciplined in formation firing in a way his sailors were not.
    The Marines successfully took the fort, but the majority of the desired powder and shot had been removed in the night; The raider took what they could.
    With this came the tradition of Amphibious Assault.
    Knowing his Marines WOULD (not "could") be hurt in the battle, Captain JONES ordered his ships' Surgeon's Apprentice to accompany them (along with a few other sailors to man the oars and other specific duties the Marines were not trained to accomplish).
    With this came another tradition- The Navy Medics treat the Marines. (Today, they are Referred to as Hospital Corpsmen, or HC's.)
    Lacking a force to defend the Consulate in Tripoli, Ambassador General William EATON ordered the Marines of USS PHILADELPHIA to guard the facilities. Then, with war threatening, he took the Marines to force the Bey of Derne to capitulate. The mission didn't exactly go as planned, but a new treaty WAS signed.
    With this, the tradition of Marines guarding Embassies came into being.
    Now, the Marine continues to serve as the Naval Security Force, Embassy Security Force, and the primary Amphibious Assault force-
    • Naval Security Force: They don't check ID's- The Spacy personnel usually do that. No. They shoot intruders. No provocation. No warning. They just shoot.
    • They may be called upon to serve as the personal security detail of certain spacy personnel from time to time; For example, the Commanding Officer of every interceptor certified ship of the UGC has a Marine assigned to the Captain's Cabin with orders to shoot, without question, anyone that threatens the Captain. ONLY the Captain can rescind the order.
    • Embassy Security Force- They don't check ID's- The embassy personnel usually do that. No. They shoot intruders. No provocation. No warning. They just shoot. If possible, they also destroy equipment and evacuate embassy personnel, though more often than not they hold the perimeter log enough for Spacy/SPEAS personnel to evacuate the personnel. When they are tasked to destroy equipment, it's usually explosives and/or incendiaries used to destroy it quickly and completely. (Fortunately, with the Prometheus-Class Ambassadorial Ships, the Marines typically need only hold the line long enough for the ship to lift off; though this can take hours, it's a lot less troublesome than it had been in years past.)
    • Amphibious Assault Force: They clear a way for the Army to land later on. Because they are equipped as a light force, the Marines typically can't handle the kind of operations needed to hold territory- If the assault is planned to last over a month, the Marine will clear a way, the Army can come along later and secure it.
    All this may "sound" bad; The Marine has been compared to "pit bulls" and the characterization isn't totally without merit, but for a very definitive purpose. Simply put, sometimes you need people to die. It's not a matter of hate. It's not a matter of political intrigues. It's just as simple as they are causing a problem and you have to remove the problem. PERIOD. Had Marines been available on FBX 21555320, the insurgency there would have died a quick and painful death. That would have meant thousands of people, mostly civilians, who would not be massacred (or whatever it is Ascension Supremacy did to them), millions who'd not be disposed, and even now hundreds of thousands not living in conditions worse than abject poverty. Even the lucky ones live in slavery to AS or the drug lords.
    Nicknames And Derogatory Names:
    The Marines are, of course called other things as well;
    "The Few, The Proud, The Marine" (variations: "The Few," "The Proud," "The Pride"): Derived from their recruiting slogan (The Few, The Proud, The Marine," originally "MarineS" in the plural). "Proud" and "Pride" are often used as derogatory names by gang members. The slogan in question traces back to the American Empire Marine Corps, and remains in use. Perhaps not so strangely, Marines do not generally take offense at being called "Proud" or "Prides," but rather seem to shrug it off.
    "Devil Dogs/Teufel Hunden": A name bestowed upon the American Empire Marines by their German enemies around 1918 for tenacious fighting at The Battle Of Belleau Woods, being likened to "Dogs from Hell." Though some claim otherwise, both terms are identical, and therefore useable interchangeably.
  • "Jarheads": A derogatory term referencing the leather collars; It comes from the fact that the collar makes the wearer look "like a Mason jar, with the pillbox cap and high stiff collar." The term has been recognized multiple times under militry courts as grounds for limited violence between Marines and other militry branch members, due to it's offensive nature, but this defense only goes so far; No serious injury can occur (that is, injuries that would leave the party unable to perform their duties), and even in such cases the offender is usually in more trouble than the Marine is. This general rule seems to be TWICE in force with Patrol members, as Captains Masts (and other NJP's) tend to be harsher for this particular offense there than elsewhere. (Exactly why this should be is unknown, but it is a recorded fact that more prior service Patrolmen come from the Marine than the other 3 combined by a factor of 2.5 to 1.)
  • "Leathernecks": So called because earlier Marines of the British and American empires wore a leather collar around their necks to protect them, especially when they slept, and to keep their posture erect; The collars themselves came from the plantation system Overseers (who were usually themselves slaves) and worn for the same reason. In the most formal and second most formal (Class Alpha and Bravo, respectively) dress uniforms, the collar is present as an actual leather device, though it is now decorative and "usually" optional; However, the cloth collars on both are still upturned, somewhat giving the same appearance. The term may also have come leathery nature of a Marine's weathered and unwashed neck (see "Bootneck").
    "Skinjobs": "Skinjobs, in particular, has been defended multiple times in court as grounds for self-defense violence SHORT OF murder, as the term is well-recognized as a derogatory term for humanoid predators and MIP's. Even in a murder case, it is a STRONG affirmative defense, requiring only that the judge and/and jury believe the Marine's version of events (made much easier if it can be corroborated in some fashion). It should be noted that this is in line with purely civilian sector justice, though the degree of violence tends to be much lower there.
    Agency History: Formed from an amalgamation of Terra's various Marine Corps before the formation of the UEG under the RDF banner. Reconstituted by the UWG after Kara Qalliph Diel'are Kah Yar under the REF banner. Reincorporated under the Plenipotentiary Council/Sentinel Alliance Terran Agreement Of 2061, the Inter-Planetary Alliance 2082, the United Words Alliance 2098 and 2153 Constitutions, and finally the Act Of 2250, Section 2.
    General Information
    Name: UGC Marine; Not Marine Corps, as most Terran traditions held (these services do trace back to Terrra), but just the Marine.
    Director: Commandant, UGC Marine.
    Size and Orientation: Mercenary Army (300)
    A: Sponsorship:
    B: Outfits:
    C: Equipment:
    D: Vehicles:
    Government (UGC). The Council fully funds the service, down to the last credit.Open Wardrobe (10); Basic uniform with some specialty outfits, but nothing real special. There are nice uniforms (see Uniform Manual for more information), but not exactly whatever you want.Unlimited Equipment (50). For the most part what they want, they get. There are some limits.Company Fleet of Vehicles (10)
    E: Weapons:
    F: Communications:
    G: Internal Security:
    H: Permanent Bases:
    Advanced Weaponry (20); They can also depend upon the Spacy to add fire support for the most part.Full Range Systems (15)Iron-Clad (20); In fact, the oldest contributer to the Marine, the British Marine Corps, was formed specifically to maintian internal security and "good order and discipline" aboard Royal Navy ships.Headquarters (10); The offices of the Commandant is located aboard President's Point Space Station.
    I: Intelligence Resources:
    J: Special Budget:
    K: General Alignment:
    L: Criminal Activity:
  • Scout Detachment (5);
  • Special Military Operatives (10)
  • Small Potatoes (15); However, they can often combine with another service to expand the effect of their relatively small purchasing power. Most commonly they join with the Army for guns and artillery, ASF for aero-spacecraft, and the Patrol for just about everything else.Scrupulous and Principled (8). Not every single member of the organization is so upright and moral, but the entity itself seeks to maintain its overall high character. Those that can not or will not conform find themselves out on their ass- Without money, rights, or even citizenship.None (0). No criminal activity is officially permitted, and very little unofficially permitted.
    M: Reputation/Credentials:
    N: Salary:
    Excellent Reputation (25)Good Salary (10)