Orc RCC:
Orcs are corrupted beings that served many master over the eons; The gleefully killed in the name of their Atorian masters until the Tiresian Empire put a stop to this (after all, taxes are taxes, whether paid by worthy creatures or otherwise), described as ugly and filthy, dull-witted humanoids roughly 6 foot tall. These miserable beings are only able to destroy, which they do very well indeed.
They have sour black blood (it reminded various REF'ers of an animated corpse), and used as soldiers and henchmen by both the greater and lesser warlords over the eons. Orcs are deeply cannibalistic creatures that seem to feel no pain in battle.
Creation Legend
According to The Silmarillion, the Sarumon (a type of lesser demon) explains to the Uruk-Hai the history of the Orc's origins: That Sauronians (a type of middle to greater demon) transformed Fljyts into the Orcs of Angband by means of torture and mutilation, specifically mentioning that they were buried alive for years; IPA scientists studied Orc DNA and found there was a connection, but a tenuous one (to the relief of the Fljyts), and this theory was largely abandoned by all other species, but Orcs are really REALLY stupid and haven't accepted it yet.
Unfortunately, unlike their Uruk-Hai cousins, Orcs are unable to contain their violent tendencies and have been interred on Isengard permanently- They have been found to be genetically unable and socially unwilling to advance and the IPA gave up on them. Unfortunately, many millions had already departed Isengard by this time, and there are many hundreds of out-of-the-way colonies of them around the universe. (Many Invidista are Orc.)
Orcs held a grudge against the IPA, and this grudge continued through the UWA into the UGC eras.
Young Orcs grow up in underground tunnel/cave complexes. They are placed there a few days after birth, and those around them allow them a couple years to "get up."
Then the test for survival begins: You see, there is no FOOD in those tunnels. Everyday, you have to fight for survival, and if you loose, someone else lives for a day. Or a few days, if you're a bit fat. Yes, that's right- They eat each other down there. Rape, murder, cannibalism, and even Orcball (kind of like soccer, but using the head of a fellow Orc) are just part of growing up Orc. By the ripe old age of 12, assuming they survived that long, an Orc youngling will have either committed a dozen rapes or been the victim of a dozen rapes (often both, especially with males), killed and eaten about 100 fellow Orcs, and plays Orcball a few thousand times. At this point, IF they pass the "Test Of Opening," then the gates to the tunnels are opened and they come out.
The Test Of Opening.
The Test Of Opening is, literally, a test to see if the adults will open the gates of the tunnels and allow you to leave. It's a series of various physical and mental challenges that allow the adults to judge your fitness in Orc society. If you pass the test you are released. If not the adults will have a fine 12-year-old for dinner- If they don't rape you first, in which case they might keep you alive a few extra days. Or until you starve to death.
Terrans and T'sentraedi are about the only species willing to deal with Orcs (that could make them an ally), but the reality is even the Uruk-Hai want nothing to do with them, and as a general rule this reciprocates; They feel they were betrayed by the Atorians, enslaved by the Terrans, and not given the same chance as the T'sentraedi (who admittedly killed many more people and destroyed many more worlds than the Orcs ever could have). Invidia hives accept them, but only as cannon fodder (it puts a roof over their head and food other than other Orcs in their bellies, and not much else); Even the best Invidia Hive Lords and Ladies would sell out 100 Orcs to save a single Fljyt, Terran, or T'sentraedi warrior. Simply put, nobody likes them, and they hate everyone else. The very few off Isengard are treated as varmints, which can be shot on sight even if they're not threatening anyone- The worst that will happen is you damage someone's property (Orcs are one of the few slaves races the UGC willfully ignores, if they're on steel collars and strong steel leashes), which is a civil matter.
Orcs are listed as having an "Infinite" averages life span, but that doesn't mean anything; No Orc has ever been recorded as dying of old age, and few live over 150 years.
Hit Points:
PE+1D6, plus 1D6 per LOE.
None. They're not even really "creatures."
Horror Factor:
15 to the uninitiated.
Any evil.
Per hand-to-hand.
6 feet plus 4D6 inches.
250-325 lbs.
They get a basic men-at-arms OCC, with little technical abilities, and NO Mecha nor aircraft pilot skills. It's beyond them of how to do that.
An Orcish Warrior (note the lack of modern weapons or armor- and probably less common sense). (Portrait cpyrt 2015, Allen R. PALMER.)
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