Clariont Ensign.
United Galaxies Council.
The REF Reconstruction Era.
Clariont Ensign.
United Galaxies Council.
Though much is made of the current galactic situation, the true test of the REF was during the reconstruction era. Every challenge they rose to; Cities had been shattered, and had to be cleared away so they could be rebuilt. Pestilences had swept across the lands; Hospitals had to be built to treat them. Roads, where they still existed, were nothing more than rubble pathways. Trade was practically non-existent; Where there was any, bandit raiders and slavers roamed practically at will.
This task the REF turned to, and handily overcame- Roads rebuilt, trade re-established, bandits and slavers rounded up and executed (occasionally without trial), hospitals built, cities reborn.
The REF did this with a great deal of hard work and the machines to needed to amplify that work many times over. Here, then, are some of those machines:
REF LIBERTY II-Class Cargo Ship
REF FREEDOM-Class High Endurance Cutter
Mechanized Propulsion System Construction Robot Mark V
Post-Invid REF Trains
Reconstruction Era Fleet
Reconstruction Era Firearms

NOTE: The following are located elsewhere on the site and are not here, but are very much part of the reconstruction effort.
Hughes HL-405 Helicopter
Fan Jet
C-130 Hercules
VC-22 Osprey
Micronian Power Armor-Construction
A wide variety of construction power suits were used; One of the more commercially successful ones was the Brotherhood Of Steel's variant. Most groups produced one or two units for their own use, or by request of another group.
Click here for more information of the T-51b Brotherhood Power Armor.