Remulous Hemogeny.
Remulous Hemogeny.
Remulous Hemogeny.
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The Remulous Star Empire (or simply, Remulous Empire) was a major regional power from the 22nd through 24th centuries, encompassing the Remulous people and their subject
Remulous Hemogeny.
Remulous Hemogeny 2379 LOGO.
Emblem Of The Remulous Hemogeny, c. 2379.
Head of State:Empress of the Remulous Star Empire.
Head of Government:Praetor of the Remulous Star Empire.
Legislature:Imperial Senate of the Remulous Star Empire.
Major Species:Remulians, Remans.
Militry:Remulous militry.
worlds and species. The Empire was known for its xenophobic character and policies of extreme secrecy and territorial protectionism.
In external application, Remulous political agendas appeared largely unified over the centuries. Their goals focused on maintaining Imperial security through vigilance, and negating the perceived advantages of their rivals. Both goals were accompanied by a near-paranoid reticence to reveal information, even facts as basic as their racial identity, that might illuminate other Remulous ambitions or motivations. Short of war, the means to those ends have generally varied between favored methods.
  • Surreptitious Political Disruption Of Rivals: As in the secret relationship with V'Las of the Vulcan High Command in the 2150s, participation in the Khitomer conspiracy of 2293, secret alliances both with the Clingohns- Such as in the House of Duras from the 2340s or against the Clingohns, or the aborted attempt to replace key Federate officers with clones in the late 24th century.
  • Limited, Surprise Or Covert Militry Action: As in the use of telepresence-operated drone-ships to spark the "Babel Crisis" among neighboring powers in 2154, a single Barhd 'Hpriy used to attack the Federate border and gauge its weaknesses in the Neutral Zone incursion of 2266, or the attack on the Clingohn outpost at Narendra III in 2344.
    The Empire did resort to open warfare when it was deemed necessary, but in typical fashion, their reasons for war were less than candidly expressed, as in the Federate-Remulous War and the enigmatic Tomed Incident of 2311. Unlike the Clingohn objectives of the Federate-Clingohn War (2267), Remulous do not appear to have gone to war with neighboring powers under a flag of "expansion," and no competition existed for the development of Class M worlds along the Remulous Neutral Zone. Remulous expressed little resentment for the negotiated Zone they zealously guarded, and following their conflicts, the Empire withdrew behind the safety of the buffer for many decades of self-imposed isolation from Federate affairs.
    After a clone intended to replace a decorated Federate captain, Shinzon turned on the Remulous and committed a coup in 2379, the Federate helped stop Shinzon's plans of interstellar domination. The Remulous at that point suggested that an era of warmer relations may be beginning with the Federate.
    The Remulous Star Empire was ruled by the Remulous Senate, which was overseen by the Praetor. The Continuing Committee was another powerful government body the praetor presided over. In 2373, Q considered the Remulous empress as an adequate mate.
    The Senate represented an oligarchy; like an authoritarian system, an oligarchy is controlled by a small group of individuals, who govern mainly in their own interest. Clearly, given Tal Shiar ubiquity, the Remulous had a dictatorship; however, relatively little is known about the Remulous civil legal system.
    The political structure of the Remulous Star Empire is unknown, but it seemed to be unitary, since the central governments held all power.
    The Remulous Senate dispatched ambassadors from time to time, including Caithlin Dar to the Planet of Galactic Peace and Nanclus to the United Federate of Planets.
    Post-UGC Annexation
    The forcible annexation of the Remulous Empire by the UGC shook up the empire's government to the core; The "old guard" of politicos were removed (many were incarcerated, some never to be released). For over a century, the UGC placed every world and system under a UGC-appointed governor, who's main job was to maintain the economy and promote the UGC's propaganda efforts, then over the course of the next few decades slowly relinquishing power, first by allowing elections to lesser public office (city councils, etc), then to higher secondary office (such as advisory panels, etc). The first fully elected system governor was T'Ash DUVORE, elected to govern the Dishan System. This is fairly typical of the UGC's style of transition, and in fact was expedited to some degree (though not nearly to the punitive degree the Atorians were imposed).
    Science and Technology
    The Remulous Ministry of Science oversaw the scientific research of the Remulous Star Empire. The Remulous Astrophysical Academy was a division within the Remulous science community.
    After the brief Remulous-Clingohn Alliance in 2268, the Remulous exchanged their cloaking technology for the D7-class battle cruisers.
    Stealth And Holographics.
    The Cloaking Device: The Remulous were the first known race to develop the cloaking device stealth technology, first observed on Remulous mines and the Remulous Barhd 'Hpriy in 2152. (While the Suliban were known to use cloaking devices by 2151, this technology was provided by a mysterious benefactor from the 29th Century and was not developed by their race.) During the brief Remulous-Clingohn Alliance in 2268, the Clingohn Empire provided the Remulous with an unknown number of the D7-class battle cruiser in order to acquire Remulous cloaking technology. The Remulous and the Federate long engaged in a tech war of cloak and cloak detection. In 2152, a quantum beacon proved an effective counter measure for detecting less advanced cloaks such as those found on Remulous mines, but not those on early Remulous Barhd 'Hpriy. In 2368, the Federate developed the tachyon detection grid, a technique that allowed for the detection of Remulous vessels of the day.
    By 2379, the Star Empire had perfected the cloaking technology. The cloak of the Reman Barhd 'Hpriy SCIMITAR produced no tachyon emissions and left no residual antiproton traces for detection. The Scimitar was the only vessel in the Star Empire known to have overcome the long standing problem of not being able to raise shields or fire weapons when the cloaking device was active. The only known way to counter these latest cloaks involved the use of telepathic races such as Betazoids to detect an enemy crew by sensing their thoughts.
    Multispectral Emitters
    A Remulous drone-ship Holographic projector technology equipped on the Remulous drone-ship, a multispectral emitter was used as a camouflage system. The emitters could produce a holographic image that could mimic the appearance of almost any ship. When activated, the emitters made it nearly impossible for an enemy to acquire a target lock on the ship's primary systems, such as weapons, although the emitters themselves could be targeted.
    Tri-phasic Emitters: Equipped on board the Remulous drone-ship, tri-phasic emitters could simulate different types of weapons used by various other races, including both disruptor and phase weapon based technologies.
    The Remulous were one of three races along with the Clingohns and the Breen who were known to use the Type 3 disruptor. When fired, a Remulous disruptor left behind residual antiproton particles that remained for several hours.
    Plasma Torpedoes
    First known to have been used by the Remulous in 2266, plasma torpedoes were an extremely powerful yet energy-intensive weapon system. This type of high-energy plasma weapon was first encountered by Federate when a Remulous Barhd 'Hpriy destroyed several Federate outposts near the Remulous Neutral Zone.
    Upon detonation, the torpedo unleashed an enveloping energy plasma, forcing an implosion in the target. Even rodinium, the hardest material known to the Federate, could not withstand the effect. One torpedo was capable of devastating outposts sunk a mile deep on asteroids of near solid iron, even when protected by deflector shields. A second torpedo could then turn these asteroids to dust. The weapon was capable of following a vessel going to warp speed.
    The only other races to have used plasma torpedoes are the Kazon and the K'Hardishuns, but the first documented usage of plasma torpedoes by these races comes more than a century after the Remulous, in the early 2370s.
    Thalaron generator
    This super weapon was capable of creating a thalaron radiation field large enough to encompass a ship or an entire planet.
    Previously thought to be simply theoretical by Federate scientists, research into thalaron radiation was banned by the Federate sometime prior to 2379 due to its biogenic properties. Thalaron radiation consumed organic material at the subatomic level, causing instant and complete necrosis in every cell it irradiated. A matter of seconds after exposure, the organism degenerated into an ash-like material. Even a minuscule amount of thalaron radiation could kill every living being aboard a starship.
    Shields Edit
    Standard Remulous deflector shields were believed to be at least on par with those of the Federate. However, the most advanced example of shield technology in the Remulous Star Empire was present on the Scimitar, which was equipped with both primary and secondary shields. The ship endured at least thirty-two phaser hits, twenty disruptor strikes, and twenty torpedo impacts in a single engagement at the Battle of the Bassen Rift, exhausting the weapons complement of her oppoenent, and was still able to maintain 70% shield strength.
    Ship self-repair technology
    The Remulous were known to be able to equip their ships with a self-repair technology, principally used on the Remulous drone-ship in 2154.
    Remote ship control
    In 2154, the Remulous possessed the technology to facilitate the control of ships by remote telepresence. The only race known to possess the telepathic ability to actually control a ship in such a way were the Aenar, a subspecies of the Andorians. As the Aenar were strictly pacifist, one (Gareb) had to be kidnapped and drugged for the technology to be put to use.
    Artificial quantum singularity reactor
    An artificial quantum singularity in a Remulous engine core In the 24th century, an artificial quantum singularity served as the primary power source for large Remulous spacecraft, such as the D'DERIDEX-Class Barhd 'Hpriy. Once activated, the singularity core could not be shut down.
    A relay station network of ancient origin, claimed by the Hirogen, was the only other known example of a race using quantum singularities as a power source.
    Remulous Hemogeny.
    Remulous Militry.
    Remulous Hemogeny.
    The Remulous Defense Forces is associated with the Remulous Homogeny. Members of the militry train at the Imperial War College alongside members of the Tal Shiar, the separate intelligence agency of the Remulous government. It was a powerful force in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants until the empire was defeated by the REF Spacy. Until then, however, it was a very powerful force, including a deciding factor in the Dominion War, whose entry in 2374 turned the tide of war in favor of the Allies.
    Remulous militry operations are supported and planned by the War Plans Council, a high-level government agency.
    The Remulous Defense Forces is being reconstructed, however this is being controlled VERY carefully. The UGC does not trust the former Homogeny to abide by the terms of its compact, and is expecting an attempt at insurrection.
    Current Status:
    The Remulous Defense Forces currently have 10 million men in uniform, of which around 8 million are infantry, 500,000 spacers (enlisted and officers combined), 100,000 aerospace pilots, and the rest support. The RDF's fleet consists currently of only a couple dozen warships. This is significantly supplemented by around 10,000 shuttles, which have become very much the backbone of the fleet as infantry forces have risen significantly in importance.
    Remulous Hemogeny.
    Remulous Starships.
    Remulous Hemogeny.
    Because of the Remulous's foolish choice to oppose the UGC's will, their starships were impounded. Most of these were disassembled and scrapped; However, some were kept for research and analysis, and the specifications for some were also retained. As a result, the ships could be reconstructed if so desired. The first numbers in parenthesis indicate how many ships of a given class survived the Remulous-UGC War; The second indicates how many were retained by the UGC; The third how many of these survive to this day. It is unknown how many may have been built since then.
    The core of the Remulous Empire's militry was the Barhd 'Hpriy, warships aesthetically drawn from the eponymous winged sea creature (much like the Terran Mantas), and they still are very important, though shuttles are gaining in importance due to the reduced importance of the militry; Common infantry have risen much higher to maintain law and order, though the UGC discourages the use of the militry in general by the Remulians.
    D'DERIDEX-Class Barhd 'Hpriy (2,000; 200; 20)
    VALDORE-Class Barhd 'Hpriy (150; 5; 1)
    PI-Class Attack/Scout Shuttle (2,000; 1,500; 1,800)
    VREENAK-Class General Purpose Shuttlecraft (12,000; 8,500; 7,250)
    Remulous Hemogeny.
    Remulous History.
    Remulous Hemogeny.
    The Time Of Awakening
    Vulcans were once an extremely violent and emotional people, waging almost constant warfare on one another. It is believed that, at one point, 90% of the planet Vulcan was at war. As their level of technology improved, the Vulcans eventually reached a point where their violent nature threatened the species' extinction. Terrible weapons were created, like the Stone of Gol, a psionic resonator which is believed to have been destroyed by the gods on Vulcan during the Time of Awakening. It was actually disassembled and its parts scattered, some of which wound up on other worlds.
    Finally, around 370 AD, the ancient philosopher Surak, revered as the father of Vulcan civilization, led his people in a great reformation to reject their emotions in favor of a philosophy that embraced pure logic. He demonstrated enormous courage, working for peace in the face of war.
    One group, known as "those who march beneath the Raptor's wings" (the future Remulous), did not accept Surak's teachings and split off from the Vulcans at this time.
    Formation Of An Empire
    Around 470 AD, the dissidents had left Vulcan. Upon their travels, a second group splintered from the main group of dissidents and became known as the Debrune. Much information about this group was later lost, as they apparently no longer existed by the 24th century.
    The original dissidents named their race the Remulous and eventually settled on the twin planets later named Romulus and Remus. Remulous were considered a group of thugs at the time and warp drive was regarded as the key technology that allowed the founding of the aggressive Remulous Star Empire.
    100-Year War
    At some point after the formation of the Empire, the Remulous once again became embroiled in conflict with their Vulcan cousins. It was unknown at the time, but Q later claimed that one of the "self-destructive stunts" of a philosopher Q, also known as Quinn, is what instigated this conflict.
    22nd century
    The Empire's first recorded contact with Humans occurred in 2152. A Federate vessel discovered a planet recently annexed by the Remulous, and was damaged by a cloaked spatial mine, part of a minefield surrounding the planet. A Barhd 'Hpriy warned the Federate ship off without a further exchange of fire.
    Remulous found advantage in the fractious relationships of Vulcan, Andoria, and Tellar existing before 2154. Earth, rising as a regional power in the early 2150s, practiced a mediating, even unifying, influence on its neighbors. The prospect of an alliance contrary to Remulous interests led to their covert attempts to destabilize the region and the fragile peace.
    A collaboration with V'Las of the Vulcan High Command was part of a decades-long effort to "reunify" the cousins, presumably under Remulous rule. However, a group of Vulcans named Syrrannites followed the logical teachings of Surak and were a threat to the Remulous plans of reunification. Secretly working with a Remulous deep-cover agent within the Vulcan High Command known as Major Talok, V'Las framed the Syrranites for the destruction of the United Earth Embassy on Vulcan. The conspiracy ultimately led to the nearly-disastrous Battle of Andoria between Vulcan and the Andorian Empire in 2154.
    After V'Las was deposed, Remulous precipitated the "Babel Crisis" by deploying telepresence-operated drone-ships equipped with chameleon-like camouflage systems. Though briefly wreaking havoc on regional shipping and diplomacy, the Remulous effort ultimately failed. A temporary alliance of Human, Vulcan, Andorian and Tellarite starships thwarted the drone-ship threat, prompting closer diplomatic relations that eventually led to the Coalition of Planets.
    Relations between Remulous and United Earth deteriorated into open war in the following years. Beginning in 2156, the Earth-Remulous War was fought without any kind of personal or visual interaction between the two sides, preventing Humans or allies from fully understanding the nature of their opponent. Following a humiliating defeat at the Battle of Cheron in 2160, the Remulous agreed to a treaty establishing a Neutral Zone between the Star Empire's sphere of influence and territory that would fall under the jurisdiction of the soon to be formed United Federate of Planets.
    For the next century, Remulous isolated themselves from Human and Federate affairs. However, they remained very active within their own sphere of influence, fighting a number of campaigns, the nature of which is unknown.
    23rd Century
    In 2266, the Empire emerged from seclusion to test the strength of its old enemy. The Remulous Praetor ordered his finest flagship, a Barhd 'Hpriy led by an experienced commander, to violate the Neutral Zone and attack the Federate's observation outposts that lined the border in Sector Z-6.
    Equipped with a cloak and a powerful new plasma torpedo system, the Barhd 'Hpriy easily annihilated its targets. A victorious homecoming, revealing Federate weaknesses, would have aroused the Empire to another war, but the marauding Remulous vessel was intercepted and defeated by a Federate ship before success could be reported.
    The incident marked the Federate's first confirmed visual observation of the Vulcan-like Remulous appearance.
    In the face of Federate strength, the Empire vigilantly patrolled their side of the zone. Further encounters with the Federate's starships were countered by squadrons of up to ten Barhd 'Hpriy to better the odds.
    A brief but ultimately unsuccessful thawing in relations occurred in 2267 between the Remulous Star Empire, the Clingohn Empire, and the Federate, with the founding of a jointly-managed colony on Nimbus III. Dubbed the "planet of galactic peace," the colony quickly became an embarrassing failure for all three governments, although regular meetings between representatives did take place at the colony for at least the next twenty years.
    In 2268, a devastating polaric ion device explosion resulted in the destruction of a Remulous research colony on Chaltok IV. Following this incident, the Star Empire, together with the Federate, signed the Polaric Test Ban Treaty, banning research on polaric energy on both sides.
    After a technology exchange with the Clingohn Empire, the first Remulous D7 class design battle cruisers began appearing along the zone in 2268. This Remulous-Clingohn Alliance had come to an end by 2271, however, when the Remulous suffered a significant defeat at the Battle of Klach D'Kel Brakt (the "Briar Patch") at the hands of Clingohn forces led by Kor. By 2292, Remulous and Clingohns regarded each other as "blood enemies."
    By the mid-2280s, Remulous had lost their virtual monopoly as the region's best stealth technologists when cloaking devices began seeing service on Clingohn vessels.
    As the Clingohns and Federate began détente in 2293, the Remulous attempted diplomatic subterfuge through Ambassador Nanclus' role in the Khitomer conspiracy – yet another failing effort.
    24th century
    The Tomed Incident of 2311, an encounter between the Remulous Star Empire and the Federate that cost thousands of lives, led to the Treaty of Algeron, which forbade the Federate from developing cloaking technology. Subsequent to the incident, the Empire returned to a policy of isolation from the Federate.
    Though periodic, titular allies, the relationship between the Remulous and Clingohn Empires was effectively a decades-long, "hot" and "cold" war of bitterly antagonistic cultures. In 2344, four Remulous Barhd 'Hpriys attacked a Clingohn outpost on Narendra III and destroyed the Federate starship that answered the distress call.
    Another outpost attack, the Khitomer Massacre of 2346, was facilitated by a secret Remulous alliance with the Clingohn House of Duras. Whatever the intention of the offensives of the 2340s, Clingohns came to regard the Remulous as "blood enemies", and the Federate-Clingohn alliance strengthened.
    The mysterious destruction of border outposts on either side of the Federate/Remulous Neutral Zone caused the Empire to take notice, resuming an active, oppositional interest in their neighbor's affairs through the 2360s.
    The Clingohn Civil War
    Upon reemerging from their isolationist state, the Empire returned to their attempts to destabilize the peace of the quadrant, through efforts to sever the Federate-Clingohn Alliance. In 2367, the Commander Sela abducted Lt. Commander Geordi La FORGE and brainwashed him in an attempt to use him to assassinate the Clingohn Vagh, governor of Krios. The assassination was foiled by Federate personnel.
    Shortly thereafter, as part of the Empire's ongoing relations with the House of Duras, the Remulous became involved in the Clingohn Civil War of 2367-2368. A convoy led by Commander Sela provided supplies to the Duras family to use against the forces of Chancellor Gowron. Their intervention was discovered by the Federate, and a Federate task force of twenty starships blockaded the Clingohn-Remulous border, allowing Gowron's forces to prevail.
    Ambassador Spock, founder of the underground Remulous-Vulcan reunification movement, on Romulus in 2368 The failure to end the Federate-Clingohn Alliance did not stop the Empire from continuing their opposition to the Federate. In 2368, the Remulous attempted to gain a foothold within the Federate by using the underground Remulous-Vulcan reunification movement as a cover. Through Senator Pardek, a man trusted by the unificationists, Proconsul Neral captured Ambassador Spock, Captain Picard, and Lt. Commander Data. As Remulous forces moved into Federate space under a guise of peace, the three prisoners subdued their captors and warned the Federate of the Remulous invasion.
    The underground unification movement continued even after this blow. In 2369, a prominent government official, Vice Procounsul M'ret, successfully escaped across the Federate border through the help of the unificationists.
    The Dominion War
    The emergence of the Dominion threat in 2370 led to the first thaw in the Empire's relations with the Federate. In 2371, an amendment to the Treaty of Algeron permitted the Federate use of a cloaking device for Gamma Quadrant operations, in exchange for intelligence gathered regarding the Dominion.
    As the Dominion War began in earnest, the Remulous Tal Shiar and the K'Hardishun Obsidian Order intelligence services launched a joint attack on the Dominion. The Battle of the Omarion Nebula in late 2371 was a catastrophic failure, devastating both Remulous and K'Hardishun forces.
    As the Dominion finally gained a foothold in the Alpha Quadrant through the alliance with the K'Hardishun Union, the Remulous initially sent a fleet of vessels to Deep Space 9 to join the Clingohns and Federate in anticipation of the imminent war.
    When war did not initially break out, however, the Empire signed a nonaggression pact with the Dominion, and planned to watch their neighboring rivals take the heavy losses, but a successful intelligence operation conducted by Captain Benjamin Sisko and Elim Garak of Deep Space 9 led the Empire to believe the Dominion posed an imminent threat, leading the Remulous to join forces with their erstwhile enemies in the war.
    Within hours of joining the war against the Dominion, the Remulous attacked fifteen bases along the K'Hardishun-Remulous border, quickly opening up a new front and drawing forces away from the Federate and Clingohn lines. This initial Remulous attack marked the Federate Alliance's first inroads into K'Hardishun space in the war.
    Other major engagements with the Dominion include at least twelve campaigns led by Shinzon of Remus, all of which ending in Remulous successes.
    Though bound by necessity, the new alliance was less than amicable. The mutual antipathy between Remulous and Clingohns forced the Federate to serve as mediator, and all sides knew a battle for influence in the Alpha Quadrant would follow once the war ended.
    By 2375, the Federate Alliance against the Dominion enabled diplomatic missions like that of the USS Bellerophon to Romulus. As a result, espionage and counter-intelligence were rampant, and at one point a crisis involving Bajor nearly shattered the alliance.
    In the last battle of the war, heavy losses were inflicted on the Remulous by the Dominion, Breen, and K'Hardishun forces. Their flagship was destroyed and their lines began to collapse. Captain Benjamin Sisko was ordered to help the Remulous, although they were ultimately saved by the K'Hardishuns turning on the Dominion. In a proposed attack on Cardassia, the Remulous would have worked with the K'Hardishuns in attacking the Jem'Hadar, although this battle was never fought due to the Female Changeling's surrender. Later, a female Remulous dignitary represented the Remulous at the official Dominion surrender ceremony on Deep Space 9.
    The Reman Uprising
    The Remulous Senate in 2379, during its session rejecting to cooperate with Shinzon and the Remans.
    When a Federate starship arrived at the Remulous system for peace talks between the Federate and the Remulous, Shinzon delayed. This delay was part of a ruse, taken due to his accelerating deterioration, so that he could capture the captain.
    Unfortunately for Shinzon, the Federate successfully escaped, and Shinzon pursued them to the Bassen Rift where they again eluded capture with the assistance of Remulous reinforcements. Commander Donatra had realized that Shinzon didn't just plan to attack the Federate, but actually planned total annihilation for the Federate and other species. Ultimately, Shinzon was killed in hand-to-hand combat just before the ship's thalaron radiation generator was overloaded.
    In the aftermath of the Battle of the Bassen Rift, a task force to the Federate-Remulous border to engage direct negotiations for a final peace between the two sides, which would hopefully lead to a greater understanding and a new era of peace in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.
    The Remulous-Federate War.
    The Remulous-Federate War was a war of total subjugation for the Federate, which unfortunately went very well for the Remulous Star Empire. The Remulous learned that the Federate Bio-Neural Circuitry was vulnerable to a biological virus that could be activated with computer virus, which itself could be activated with a command code. Traitors in the Federate Starfleet sold these secret and thus doomed the Federate; With their ally falling, the Clingohns intervened to protect the federate they could, but also to claim new territory. The entirety of the war was 5 years.
    The UGC-Remulous War.
    The Remulous Empire attempted to stand against the United Galaxies Council when they came to the Atran Galaxy; While by no means alone in said choice, the Empire did actively resist the most, and as a result paid the dearest; By the end of the war, their entire fleet was either destroyed or captured, the emperor was in custody, and 90% of their surviving militry and internal security personal in detention, many facing war crimes tribunals. It is said even the Beorge did not pay so high a price by Atrans, and even the Atorians didn't by Galaxtiques. However, once control of the empire was secured, the UGC began rehabilitating the now former empire rather quickly, with civil control handed back largely to local authorities with 10 years; Each Remulous system is supposed to receive a warship eventually, but the council has been stalling on implementing this out of fear the former empire will use said ships for an uprising (a concern few of the planetary governors outright deny, though system governors do deny it).
    The former Federate systems were transferred back to the newly restored Federate March, but reparations for the century of occupation has been postponed due to the Homogony's lack of ability to pay; The war entirely gutted their economy and it has proven very hard to recover.
    Remulous Hemogeny.
    Remulous Space.
    Remulous Hemogeny.
    The Remulous Hemogeny controls hundreds of thousands of planets, stars, star ssytems, and other stellar phenomena.
    Carraya IV (Carraya system; outside of actual Remulous territory)
    Benzar (taken in 2374, surrendered to the Clingohn Empire)
    Chaltok IV (Chaltok system)
    Remus (Remulous system)
    Romulus (Remulous system)
    Bassen Rift
    Nequencia Alpha System
    Unroth System
    Andorian System

    Remulous Hemogeny.
    Subject Species.
    Remulous Hemogeny.
    The Remulous Empire's attitude towards non- Remulousians before the advent of the UGC's intervention was one of open genocide; After the defeat of the Federate, most planets were allowed to be evacuated. As such, there are very few species within the homogeny's territories.