This is a collection of 8 (currently) random item tables meant MOSTLY for RIFTS: Earth. Item Tables 1 through 8 the Humourous Encounter Table were written by LDMCFEAR (I only edited for spelling and such).
The Incomplete Table was written by various people. I'd be EXTATIC if someone could generate another such table but in the mean time roll 1D10, then re-roll on the appropriate table (re-roll on a 10, roll on the Encounter Table on a 9).


01-02: Small bottle- excellent condition, contains super-strength bonding glue, poison if ingested.
03-04: Plastic box- good condition, holds modeling clay.
05-07: Small bottle- fair condition, contains turpentine.
08: Toy- fair condition, yo-yo, string missing.
09-10: Hockey puck- perfect condition.
11-12: Aluminum cylinder- good condition (baseball bat).
13: Metal loops- excellent condition (handcuffs, open, but without key).
14-15: Sheath knife- fair condition, point broken.
16-17: Metal file- good condition.
18: Plastic box- good condition, contains small tubes and spheres, (Fireworks), 10-100 total.
19-23: Plastic bottle of liquid- good condition (paint of miscellaneous color).
24-25: Hand air pump- excellent condition, metal cylinder with plastic hose and brass fittings.
26-27: Opaque plastic bag- fair condition, contains various sizes of rubber bands.
28-29: Plastic tubing- good condition, two centimeter diameter, 20m in length.
30-32: Plastic box- fair condition, contains 10 unpainted lead figurines in good condition.
33-34: Power tool- fair condition, battery powered drill (no battery), 2-12 bits in the handle compartment.
35-36: Hardware- excellent condition, can opener.
37: Plastic box- fair condition, 20-80 plastic pieces inside (scale model building toy).
38: Plastic cording- good condition, electrical extension cord with plug, 15 meters long.
39: Metal rod- excellent condition, ceramic base, wire attachment (lightning rod).
40-41: Metal helmet- good condition, no liner or strap.
42-43: Metal lug wrench- fair condition, somewhat corroded.
44-45: Plastic disc, large- poor condition, melted child's toy.
46: Plastic bottle- excellent condition, contains man's deodorant.
47-48: Small sack- excellent condition, is packed with thick white powder (plaster of Paris).
49-50: Metal frame- poor condition, twisted and dented picture frame.
51-52: Metal chain- fair condition, dog collar.
53: Metal trap- good condition, bear trap.
54-55: Small metal device- poor condition, pencil sharpener (broken).
56: Metal loop- good condition, basketball hoop.
57-61: Ceramic pot- fair condition, flower vase.
62-63: Plastic container- excellent condition, no label, contains room deodorizer
which now has turned into in a poison gas covering a 5 meter area upon opening.
64-66: Plastic container- good condition, holds white powder (rat poison).
67-71: Metal can- perfect condition, contains sugared honey.
72-75: Metal can- good condition, contains heavy grease.
76-78: Metal can- excellent condition, contains assorted hard candy.
79-81: Metal can- fair condition, contains salted nuts in rancid oil.
82-85: Metal can- good condition, contains a joke "snake" that springs out when opened.
86-89: Metal can- fair condition, contents turned to powder that gives off radiation.
90-96: Metal can- good condition, contains military issue protein powder sufficient to feed
eight people for three days if mixed with water.
97-99: Plastic ring, large- good condition, hula hoop toy.
00: Plastic strip- excellent condition, boomerang.

01: Claw Hammer- good condition, but handle broken.
02: Plastic coat hanger- poor condition (partially melted).
03: Nylon Rope- good condition (20m coil).
04: Entrenching tool- fair condition, rusted.
05: Bicycle reflector- good condition (red, yellow, white, or blue color).
06: Pencil- excellent condition, point broken.
07:-8 Small bottle of insect repellent- fair condition.
09:. 22 cal. pistol- fair condition, 9 shot capacity.
10: Home doughnut maker- poor condition.
11: News magazine or comic book- very poor condition.
12: Plastic bag of grass seed- fair condition.
13: Screwdriver- fair condition.
14: Ceramic salt shaker- good condition, full.
15: Bicycle- fair condition, seat missing and tires flat.
16: Stapler- poor condition, no staples.
17: Plastic container- excellent condition, full of plant food.
18: 2-12 aluminum arrows- fair condition, feathers gone.
19: Book- good condition, reading primer.
20: Pair of scissors- fair condition, screw rusted.
21: Plastic box- excellent condition, contains a complete set of 60 Chinese checkers marbles.
22: Crash helmet with visor- fair condition, strap missing.
23: Board game- poor condition, pieces missing, cards torn, board stained.
24: Book- fair condition, SF novel, cover and last page missing.
25: Small shaker- good condition, full of red pepper.
26: Hacksaw- good condition, blade has plastic guard.
27: Small container- fair condition, contains herbs or spices (pick one at random).
28: Plastic box- fair condition, holds 50-100 screws of assorted types and sizes.
29: Electric knife sharpener- good condition but cord missing.
30: Case of 150 12 g. shotgun shells (deer slugs/ buck shot/ bird shot)- poor condition.
31: Large metal shears- fair condition.
32: Portable hand vacuum cleaner- condition appears excellent but motor is missing.
33: Pair of water skis- perfect condition.
34: Adjustable wrench- fair condition, adjusting screw corroded.
35: Large plastic box- excellent condition, contains a hang glider kit.
36: Small plastic bottle of colored liquid- good condition, contains colored dye.
37: Magnifying glass- excellent condition, but several chips around edges.
38: Small plastic box- perfect condition.
39-40: Eight-track tape- fair condition, Black Sabath.
41-42: Book- fair condition, dictionary.
43: Smoke detector- poor condition, batteries missing.
44-45: Plastic table knife- perfect condition.
46: Book- good condition, western novel with cover missing.
47-48: car hubcap- good condition, but dented.
49: Plastic baseball- perfect condition.
50-51: 1-6 empty soft drink bottles- good condition.
52: Book- fair condition, any one volume of an encyclopedia.
53-54: license plate- poor condition.
55: Plastic box- good condition, holds 50-100 assorted nails.
56-57: Plastic garden hose- fair condition, 5-20m.
58: Nylon fishing line- excellent condition, 50m length.
50-60: Vinyl patching kit- good condition, 6 patches.
61: Doorknob and shank- perfect condition.
62-63: Garbage can- poor condition, badly rusted and hole ridden.
64: Toy laser pistol- perfect condition, battery missing (buzzes and flashes when working).
65-67: Cosmetic item, women's- fair condition, mascara bottle.
68-69: Metal cooking utensil- poor condition, tea kettle.
70: Metal can- good condition, contains oil (penetrating/ lubricating/cooking).
71-72: Metal pipe- excellent condition (household water pipe 1D4 m in length).
73: Plastic box- fair condition, designed to hold facial/toilet paper or napkins.
74-75: Telephone, push button model- excellent condition.
76: World globe- fair condition, badly outdated.
77-78: Stainless steel spoon- good condition, handle bent.
79: Pliers/wire cutters- fair condition.
80-81: Set of colored pencils- poor condition, leads broken.
82: Bottle- perfect condition, no label, contains vinegar.
83-84: Plastic box- excellent condition, contains 50 different multi-colored children's blocks made of lightweight plastic.
85: Bottle- good condition, no label, contains 100-proof Scotch whisky.
86-87: Flashlight- fair condition, no batteries.
88: Plastic box- fair condition, contains 50-100 assorted nuts, bolts, and washers.
89-90: Toiletry article- fair condition, man's razor (no blades).
91: Screwdriver- good condition, Phillips head.
92-93: Book- poor condition, telephone directory.
94: Book- fair condition, gothic horror.
95-96: Plastic dinnerware, 1-4 pieces- fair condition, partially melted.
97: 1-100 rounds of. 22 cal. rifle ammunition- good condition.
98-99: Leather bag- fair condition, holds 3-18 plastic polyhedra objects (dice) in good condition.
00: Book- good condition, small arms instruction manual.
01: Crate full of boots.
02: Box of 48 crayons.
03: Two folding chairs.
04: Survival knife.
05: Full harness for random type of mount.
06: Can of Black Spray Paint (Krylon).
07: Box full of plastic Plants.
08: Swiss army knife.
09: One box of Heavy-duty plastic garbage bags.
10: 12 strings of blinking Xmas lights.
11: Five huge fur skins (blanket size).
12: 10 lbs. Of common 12 penny nails.
13: Six thick rubber straps (60 cm long).
14: Compound bow & 12 steel shaft arrows.
15: Mountain climbing gear (200 meter rope, spikes, clips, etc ).
16: Bullhorn with re-chargeable battery.
17: Portable, hand cranked electric generator.
18: Large brass birdcage.
19: Two dozen plastic containers of various sizes (Tupperware).
20: Three pairs of Oakly sunglasses (Blades).21: Case of handcuffs (25 pairs with keys).
22: Plastic bag with three old comics inside.
23: Workman's vest with multiple pockets, straps and holsters for tools.
24: Four Rubberized ponchos with hoods.
25: 300 meters of nylon fishing line.
26: Small steel hanging weight scale.
27: Six 81mm high explosive mortar shells.
28: World war II hand cranked air raid siren.
29: Rifts Sourcebook I (Rare out of print Edition).
30: Crank can opener / bottle opener.
31: Barding for one random type mount.
32: 24 meters of stainless steel chain.
33: One case of wine ( Six of the twelve bottles are poisoness now).
34: Nine 81mm White Phosphorus mortar rounds.
35: Two cans of insect repellent.
36: Three one-gallon plastic collapsible water jugs.
37: One months worth of dried rations (MRE's eat at own risk).
38: 12 81mm parachute flare mortar rounds.
39: Three saddles random type.
40: 13 shiny steel 6 inch disks.
41: One tube of toothpaste (Aquafresh).
42: Toolbox with complete toolset.
43: Two toy plastic shields.
44: Leopould 20x40 rifle scope still in box new.
45: Seven Glow in the dark Frisbees.
46: Foot operated sewing machine (large and heavy).
47: A one meter long Crowbar (ala Half-Life).
48: Motion tracker (from the movie Aliens / Movie prop).
49: Tent sized mosquito netting.
50: Spray on water repellant (100 square feet).
51: Three meter diameter collapsible umbrella.
52: One crate of 200 oiled steel ball bearings.
53: Silent dog whistle.
54: One carefully packed set of six crystal goblets.
55: Kevlar helmet.
56: Folding, super-sharp tree saw.
57: Insulated industrial asbestos gloves.
58: Folding trench Shovel.
59: One case of toilet paper (with Osama Bin-Ladens face on each sheet).
60: 25 meters of black electrical tape.
61: Movie- 12 Monkeys on DVD.
62: World War II steel Nazi helmet.
63: Sling Shot (Wrist Rocket brand).
64: 30 meters of silver electrical cable.
65: Plastic football helmet (logo warn off).
66: Attachable universal pistol stock.
67: Box of miscellaneous jewelry.
68: Trunk full of musical instruments.
69: Complete human sized wardrobe.
70: Intricate music box (broken).
71: A complete set of steel files.
72: Three sheets of 4" foam rubber (4' x 8' each).
73: A large book of military history and tactics.
74: Three-gallon pump sprayer (for insecticide).
75: Two human sized all-weather sleeping bags.
76: Four circular saw blades.
77: Old set of Starlight goggles (need batteries).
78: Metal briefcase with keys for lock.
79: Range finder (cracked lens).
80: A sealed gallon of chocolate syrup.
81: A Box of 30 meters of Aluminum foil.
82: Staple gun with 400 staples.
83: Set of five craft books (basket-weaving, knitting, etc).
84: One box of plastic Band-aids.
85: Set of Photos (10 black and whites of New York city before the Holocaust).
86: Box of twelve No. 2 pencils.
87: Hearing aid with permanent battery.
88: Cookbook for campers (enough illustration to allow illiterates to understand and use it).
89: World War II aviator's uniform.
90: One Remington model 700 bdl. 308 caliber rifle new in box.
91: One quart can of Brass-O metal polish.
92: Box of 24 candles, complete with matches.
93: Three empty metal liquor Flasks.
94: 10 Broken E-clips.
95: Two Broken Sony car stereos.
96: One complete diving outfit (scuba gear and an anti-shark suit that acts as fine-mesh chain mail, plus a speargun).
97: Sealed battery Stopwatch.
98: Miners helmet with lamp.
99: Manual on electrical wiring.
00: Complete Motorcycle in mint condition (built by Orange County Choppers).

01: Collection of U. S. Military unit badges (23 misc. badges GM's Discretion).
02: Box of eight coloring books, each about a different popular cartoon character.
03: A Folding table (with one bent leg).
04: Box of 12 magnesium flares (one flare burns for ten minutes).
05: Tarnished Brass Knuckles.
06: Mini-DVD computer game Fallout 4.
07: Box Full of Hard Soap Bars.
08: Mini-DVD player with assorted Movies and musical disks (7 disks total) needs bateries.
09: One box of plastic wrap (30 meters).
10: A larger Aluminum Christmas tree.
11: One five-person inflatable raft (missing oars).
12: A sledge hammer.
13: A coil of high tensile strength wire (25 meters).
14: Rubberized plastic hammock.
15: Five rolls of plastic packing tape (each roll contains 20 meters).
16: Three Pip-Boy 2000 Personal Data Assistants with sealed permanent batteries (use mini-DVD's).
17: Ancient portable hand cranked record player.
18: 80-liter glass aquarium with air pump and filter (filter dirty and the pump in broke).
19: A metal pressure cooker (rusted).
20: One Velvis painting, An image of a singer, obviously, very old. The image has a felt coating that is still in good condition. It weighs 12 pounds.
21: package of Firecrackers (sealed in plastic wrap).
22: A Buyers guide of old coins (published in the late 21st century).
23: Strap on metal spurs. (wearing them allows a character to climb a tree, or wooden pole like the cable guy).
24: Four 5-meter-square fishing nets.
25: An empty reel capable of holding 300 meters of nylon line.
26: Small steel wire cutters (chipped edges).
27: Tazer (delivers 500,000 volts, at a range of 10 meters).
28: World war II map of America; Shows Alaska and Hawaii as "territories" not states.
29: Lexicon of the German Language Published Circa 1932 (English Translation).
30: Six Long-handled, metal, campfire forks.
31: Four (intact) Philips everlasting LED Light bulbs.
32: One chain cutter.
33: Five rubber-band wind up balsa wood model airplanes (flies 10 meters).
34: blow gun (5 darts).
35: You Have No Idea. Upon further inspection, you still have no idea what this is. It weighs 1 pound.
36: A collapsible, two-burner, camping stove (operates on Ethanol, is currently empty).
37: Four liters of Ethanol; If you drink it, it won't 'kill' you, but you may wish it had afterwards.
38: Twelve miniature microphones (bugs) – (sealed batteries, operates at a 200 meter distance).
39: 1000 meters of coiled nylon rope (550 cord aka "Parachute cord").
40: Two decks of bicycle brand playing cards (still sealed in box).
41: Copy of Aliens Vs. Predator the movie platinum edition on Mini-DVD (new in box).
42: A book on card games.
43: One Everlasting Philips Blue-LED flashlight. Missing batteries).
44: One Dozen standard E-clips (six are fully charged, four are half charged, one is empty, one is cracked and will explode if re-charged).
45: E-clip re-charger (pre-rifts design).
46: two pairs of ever-sharp scissors.
47: One set of Ginsue Steak Knives (Blades are dull).
48 Bio Med Gel. A jar of Bio Gel used in the biomedical field. It weighs 1 pound.
49: A plastic tarp (7 by 7 meters).
50: Two cans of fluorescent yellow (krylon) spray paint.
51: Cat's Paw Issue #5. This is the hard to find Issue 5 of Cat's Paw magazine. The pictures aside, this issue has a wonderful article on energy weapons.
52: One crate of 200 rubber gaskets.
53: Choke chain for training a dog sized pet.
54: Set of four large, fluffy bath towels (Hilton resort) never used carefully folded and stored in a sealed box.
55: Cheezy Poofs. A box of cheese flavored puffs. They are extremely good. It weighs 1 pound.
56: Folding super sharp metal hacksaw (blade broken).
57: Insulted industrial asbestos boots.
58: Damaged Rubber Doll. This inflatable rubber sex doll has a torn seam. It's obviously been well used. It weighs 20 pounds.
59: A one-liter bottle of pure scotch whisky (Circa 2042).
60: 25 meters of electrical wire, four sets of electrical plugs, and wire strippers.
61: A Mini-DVD recording of the last American Presidential address to the nation ( vaguely referring to new data that indicates contact with extra-dimensional intelligent life).
62: Motorcycle helmet with full face visor.
63: Five variable intensity light switches.
64: Deck of "Magic" Cards. This is a deck of cards from a collectible card game. Looks like it could be an expensive hobby if you got hooked. It weighs 1 pound.
65: A brand spankin new set of Lawn Darts in mint condition.
66: Weapon cleaning kit (missing bore rods).
67: Box of Miscellaneous light sockets.
68: Titanium Pry bar (1 meter long).
69: Full-dress Generals uniform (Soviet Union era) Medals and ribbons included.
70: Perfectly preserved set (sealed in plastic vacuum bags) of all volumes of the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons RPG by TSR, Inc. 1st edition hard covers.
71: Fallout 2 Hintbook.
72: Eight sets of Silver eating utensils.
73: A large illustrated book of Pre-rifts birds.
74: fifteen meters of garden hose with a sprinkler attachment.
75: One gross of men's athletic socks (brand new, assorted sizes) – (Haynes).
76: Box of Rubber bands (dried out assorted sizes).
77: UV/IR goggles (cracked lenses) but operational.
78: Travel cage for cat sized animal.
79: 1 Thermos brand cooler.
80: A sealed 4 liter can of butterscotch syrup.
81: Spray can of rust remover.
82: Optical music chip of Vanilla Ice's son making his record-breaking rock-rap debut.
83: A set of Five cook books: vegetables, meats, chocolate deserts, breads, and cooking with herbs and spices (over 100 recipes total).
84: A case of 24 Li-ion photo batteries.
85: Thermometer / barometer desk set.
86: Six meter long metal tape measure (numbers faded off).
87: Hearing aid (broken, if used will cause temporary deafness in ear).
88: Manual on plumbing.
89: Twelve bottles of assorted herbs and spices (un-tainted).
90: Box of 30 red Jimmy Hats, Thanks Captain_Chaos.
91: pocket sized Spanish dictionary (brittle pages).
92: Three oil lamps (missing wicks).
93: A wireless keyboard from a Mac G7 (complete with a small retractable mini-screen for when you're typing on the go, so you can hot sync with your computer later on). The "G" key is missing, and the spacebar sticks. (Thanks Jaguar Wong.)
94: G.E.C.K.- The Garden of Eden Creation Kit. This unit is standard equipment for al Vault-Tec vaults. A GECK is the resource for rebuilding civilization after the Rifts. Just add water and stir. It weighs 10 pounds. For some reason, you feel you were meant to find it.
95: Manual on how too use signal flares.
96: Howitzer Shell. A 75mm Howitzer shell. The casing has mostly corroded away, but you can make out these letters. EXP. 9-25-98. It weighs 40 pounds.
97: Mirrored Shades. This is a pair of fashionable and deadly-looking mirrored shades. Just having them in your inventory makes you feel cool.
98: Mr. Nixon Doll. You see a small doll with a big red nose. For some reason, you don't trust this seemingly-innocent child's toy.
99: Human Brain. A typical human brain. Normally they are found in human skulls. Yuck. It weighs 5 pounds.
00: Magic 8-Ball. This black sphere is some strange precognitive device... A small window on the top seems to be able to predict the future! Pre-Rifts humanity must have been geniuses to invent such a wonder! It weighs 1 pound.
01: Role of Duct Tape.
02: 50 meter role of Bubble wrap.
03: Movie "Fast Times at Rigemont High" Beta-Max edition.
04: Twinkies (box of twelve, still edible).
05: One black and white photograph of Darklord DC (faded).
06: Dull Vibro-Blade (battery missing).
07: Copy of Chaos Earth (Burnt with a few pages missing, Incomplete edition)08: Pair of broken Finger nail clippers.
09: Timex Expedition wristwatch (still ticking). (I see the clock, AND IT'S PISSEN ME OFF! Andy. ).
10: One Blank CDR still in plastic case (scratched).
11: Porcelain Doll of Emperor Prosek the 1st in body armor(when squeezed says "Mommy").
12: Book "Forbidden Knowledge" by Stephen R. Donaldson (good condition, missing last page).
13: Stapler with staples a little rusty but usable.
14: Colt. 45 Gold Cup 2076 tri-Centennial Edition Pistol (excellent working condition still in walnut box).
15: Rusty Grappling Hook (looks usable, but will break after first use. ).
16: Pack of After Burner Gum. After Burner gum is a powerful methamphetamine chewing gum that stimulates the central nerve system. The initial euphoric rush rarely lasts for more than a few minutes, but during that time, the user is filled with a rush of energy & strength. (+3 to PP for 3 minutes when used, 12 pieces).
17: Dented Stainless Steel Salad Bowl.
18: A basic backpack, with optional carrying straps. (okay condition).
19: Copy Of After the Bomb RPG signed by Kevin Siembieda (contraband worth 10,000 credits).
20: Case of pre-war Heineken beer only warmer. You drink it, you fall over. (May be replaced with Shiltz beer at GM's discretion. Andy. ).
21: Bucket-O'Cockroach Guts. Useful in the treatment of radiation poisoning. Tastes like chicken, but it sure don't feel like it.
22: A set of locksmith tools. Includes all the necessary picks and tension wrenches to open conventional pin and tumbler locks. This set also includes some special tools for more difficult mechanical locking mechanisms.
23: Field Medic First Aid Kit. A small kit containing basic emergency medical equipment. Bandages, wraps, antiseptic spray, and more (the antiseptic spray is poisonous to the touch).
24: First Aid Book. A study book on the concepts and practical use of first aid skills.
25: Book "Zen and you/The Art of Piloting" Essential reading for anyone who wants to advance their driving skills (+10% to any piloting skill when completed, normally takes 1 week).
26: Yellow Coka-Cola. A little known flavor of Coka-Cola which is only available from the "crazy naked man". It has an "interesting" bouquette.
27: Warehouse containing one metric Ton of Plastique Exposive, or Cordex, a military brand of plastic explosives. Highly stable, very destructive. Includes a timer.
28: Bottle of Coka-Cola the flavored soft drink of the pre-rifts world. Warm and flat.
29: A wooden axe handle. It would do more damage if the blade was still attached but it is still a useful weapon.
30: A Broken Bottle, The preferred weapon for advocates of the drunken brawl.
31: A large hammer with big handle. Very popular with the muscular crowd.
32: DakTarg. A knife Weapon constructed for a bunch of obsessive TV fans in the 20 century. It works like a real weapon which is very sad.
33: Piece of Iron Pipe. A short length of lead pipe (2' length). Useful for plumbing or pummeling.
34: Rusty Old Monkey wrench, used by mechanics for hurting people.
35: Scalpel with a nicely made surgical steel blade. Very sharp.
36: Louisville Slugger. This all America, hardwood, baseball-bat will knock anything right out of the park.
37: Box of 100 assorted Rocks. Granite, Inc is an upgraded model.
38: Pe-Rifts Flamer Pistol. A poorly designed, misconceived weapon. Essentially a cut-down version of the Flambe 450. Amuse your friends as you set yourself and everything around you ablaze.
39: Ancient Computer System (commodore 64) –30% computer skills check to figure out how it works.
40: Book, A copy of Adolf Hitler's "Mein Kampf" (Joseph Prosek edition).
41: Box of 30 rusty map tacks.
42: Set of 12 plastic drinking cups.
43: Set of 4 Good year "Infinitred" Tires (no rims).
44: Individually wrapped Swiss Cake Rolls (5 total Poisonous if eaten –3 saving throw, but boy do they look tasty).
45: Movie "Grease" 8mm reel version.
46: Ruger AC556F. The Ruger AC556F is a development of the Ruger Mini 14, a 5.56MM assault rifle originally only used by police forces, but also popular on the open market. A large magazine and full auto fire makes this weapon a real crowd pleaser... (75 round magazine missing, single-burst-and full auto rate of fire modes).
47: Well-worn golden locket opens to reveal a charming picture.
49: Ball gag; A questionable sexual device. If you need to ask, you don't want to know.
50: A chunk of Uranium Ore, unrefined.
48: Tin Woodsman. You encounter a man in Samson Power Armor, who is rusted to his spot. Use the oil can on him (the can is on the ground somewhere), he thanks you, you can keep the can and you get 15,000 credits.
51: Glitterboy Plans. A set of plans for building the all original Glitterboy! Woo hoo!
52: A grey and Blue Water Flask. This relic of the ancients was probably used to contain some sacred sacrament. The holy number 13 is emblazed on the side of the precious link to your planets past, and hopeful future.
53: Book "The Lavender Flower." It appears to be some kind of romance novel written by Dorothy RIXON. The cover has a woman laying on a bed surrounded by a hundred flowers.
54: Small Statuette. You think this might be a carving of Emperor Prosek but you can't be sure.
55: A television dinner. You're not sure, but it is definitely not edible. You're not quite sure if it ever was.
56: Case of 12 T45LE Mines. Will blow a medium sized vehicle several meters into the air.
57: You find a overturned truck in the wastes. The side of the truck says Coka-Cola. Now search the crate at the back. There is in excess of 10,000 bottle caps to be found here. Meuwhahahahahaha!
58:You stumble upon a Police Box from the UK, circa 1960. When you get to close to it, it will disappear. When it is gone, a Motion Detector from the movie Aliens is visible on the ground.
59: A rusty railroad spike.
60: A set of Infinity Car Audio Speakers.
61: Copy of Playboy magazine circa 2099 New Years edition (subscribers edition).
62: You find a crashed federation shuttle, straight out of Star Trek. (its all busted up and un-repairable).
63: Set of useless brass assorted Keys.
64: Box of Latex Rubber gloves (10 pairs).
65: Monopoly Game (star wars edition, missing pieces).
66: Box of 14 3. 5" formatted diskettes with write-on lables.
67: 1 Broken picture frame.
68: Box of assorted 20th century coins 30 coins total.
69: Blister pack of Rifts Miniatures (Conversion Borgs).
70: Perfectly preserved set (sealed in plastic vacuum bags) X-men comics all issues up to the time of the Rifts.
71: Broken 56K external computer modem.
72: workable compass.
73: Gas mask (filter needs to be replaced).
74: Book Copy of "The Bible" (insert version here).
75: Book "Historical sites of San Francisco" (covers slightly warped, but otherwise in good condition).
76: Post Card from the moon.
77: 1 Reebok sneaker (missing laces).
78: You find a crashed alien ship, complete with two alien skeletons. When you search the bodies you find a picture of Elvis. When you look at the craft, a label says: "Property of Area-51. Return if found. ".
79: Book "Collier's Wonder Book" 1st printing circa 1920 (If any of you have ever seen this book in real life let me know-Carter).
80: old Stop sign (excellent condition).
81: Copy of time magazine circa November 2098.
82: Star Wars Episode IX "The Last Command" on Mini-DVD (good condition).
83: Book "Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy" in good condition.
84: Copy of "Transformers the Movie" on VHS.
85: 1 Bar of Solid Gold (printed on bar "federal gold reserve of New York).
86: 1 Bar of Solid Lead (?).
87: 1 Bar of Scented bath Soap.
88: 1 bar of Hershey's Chocolate, (eat at own risk).
89: SAMAS power armor wing (fully functional just needs the rest of the suit).
90: You encounter a whale carcass, smack bang in the middle of wherever the GM has you. Next to the whale is a pot of flowers (oh no, not again). Straight from the Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy.
91: Old optical computer mouse.
92: A strange bright green device with the word "Alienware" written on it. It appears to be some kind of technical device, but what does it do?
93: Mummified human hand.
94: 1 Spork and a can of Spam (edible).
95: Stuffed plush teddy bear (brown in color).
96: Computer Printer (broken).
97: You come across a large stone monument that seems to mumbling to itself. After about 12 hours of bickering with it, the monument is convinced you are a descendant of President Clinton. It gives you a chunk of itself, with which you can increase all your stats by 1 point.
98: Book "The Dragon Riders of Pern" by Ann McCaffrey.
99: 1 individually wrapped Twinky (will kill any character who eats it no saving throw) Meuwhahahaha!
00: Easter Egg. This is a hard boiled chicken egg painted with colored dyes.

01: Mad Max wind-up music box (prop from the movie).
02: Verizon Cell Phone (Broken, Missing antennae).
03: Box Of Pentium 5 processors – 5Ghz / 2Ghz FSB / 2MB L2 Cache (still sealed in plastic) 10 processors total.
04: Cattle Prod, A Farmer's Best Friend model cattle prod from Wattz Electronics.
05: Purple Rabbits foot attached to a brass chain with a broken clasp.
06: A Black belt...perfect condition, still in the plastic next to a pile of scrap cloth that appears to be various colored belts that didn't last. There's also a small slip of paper (the shiny coated kind) with a rough step-by-step diagram on how to tie the belt properly.
07: Neds Atomic Dustbin. It weighs 10 pounds. What is does, though, is up for debate.
08: Large dusty bear rug brown in color but still functional (needs cleaning).
09: Box full of 20 assorted Metallic Rings with various jewels and gems in them (20 rings total various sizes rings are made of gold and silver 18 Karrot).
10: Package of Bic ball point pens (yep they still write on the first try (12 pens in package).
11: "Little Jesus". This wicked looking blade once belonged to Lil' Jesus Mordino™. A crime boss out west in some city somewhere. It has numerous nicks and cuts along its surface, but its edge is razor sharp. On its handle is carved "Little Jesus. ".
12: A faded black Karate Gi with a cobra patch on the back. The pants are dusty but OK, and the jacket has some serious mildew on the lower left portion.
13: Gold Tooth. This gold tooth used to belong to somebody, but it's yours now (10 Karrot).
14: Pre-Rifts Prosthetic hand (exceptional quality can still be used, needs Cyberdoc).
15: Role of Carpet light brown (40' x 100' roll) no padding.
16: Old black hand-held transistor radio with telescoping antenna (strange but is still pics up transmissions from the 70's and only plays disco music, The Horror!).
17: Glitterboy toy! it is a 12" model of the real thing with removable pilot, and "realistic" "Boom gun action"™ and "Boom sound"™.
18: Naked Moose Mag, An under the counter magazine featuring the finest moose flesh in the land. The articles are exceptional.
19: Box of Salt & Pepper Shakers (pepper bad but the salt can still be used).
20: Box of paper plates (they crumble to dust when handled).
21: Bottle of Bleach (full, still sealed never opened) label has worn off so the characters may not know what it is.
22: Leather office chair (leather is worn hardened and cracked in places) 23: Box of Paperclips (88 clips total).
24: A pair of Nunchaku with the one of the wooden handles rotting away, and the other is petrified.
25: An inflatable rubber sex doll. This model is called "Tandi". It weighs 20 pounds when inflated.
26: Box of 100 Cool mint Listerine PocketPaks™ (oral care strips / 24 per pack) your characters will never have bad breath again!
27: 1 broken flat head screwdriver.
28: Flawless quarts crystal necklace (the crystal is 3" long and. 74" in diameter).
29: Old Leathery Book "The Necronomicon" (Latin translation / fifteenth century black-letter edition) No identifiable Markings as too what this book may be. It is 3 inches thick Meuwhahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!
30: Box of Colorful Silk ribbons of various lengths (300 ribbons total none over 12 inches in thength).
31: Cthulhu Plush stuffed toy.
32: Old Leather Bombers jacket (leather needs some care but is XXXXL in size (will fit most humanoid borgs).
33: The complete 5 season collection of "Monster Garage" on DVD (oh the possibilities!).
34: A jar of a dark brown liquid substance. Looking into the jar will reveal all kinds of wood chips, herbs, bugs snake skins, and bone fragments. If the character's have the nerve to open this jar, they will catch a wiff of some extremely potent alcoholic "brew". If ingested, the character will be nauseous, and feel woozy for 1D4 melees (-2 to strike/parry/dodge). If applied to bruises, sore joints, or sore muscles it will increase healing by 1 SDC per hour (this is Dit Da Jow, for anyone that studies any of the Chinese Martial arts).
35: "The Book of Ten™": The book itself is an unassuming, leather-bound tome about the thickness of a pre-Rifts telephone book. The thousand pages within are the thickness of onionskin.
36: Box of 12 pure silver Sporks!
37: Yog-Sothoth Plush Stuffed toy.
38: Thermaltake 8mm computer case fan.
39: Package of nylon shoelaces.
40: Box of 20 Fusion Batterys, A sophisticated power storage device, compatible with many "Pre-Rifts" artifacts.
41: Maxim Magazine Nov. 2038 edition Cover article "Brittney Spears Daughter Caught nude!".
42: Wind-up SAMAS Action Toy (walks around saying "The Coalition is your friend" and "Destroy all non-humans"). Black in color.
43: A perfectly folded Post Size American Flag in Pristine condition, in a triangular Glass and wooden frame.
44: Bag-O' army men (100 little green plastic army men).
45: A set of 4 DVD cases with the label rotted away (some cases are in very poor condition). Opening the cases reveals the titles: "And1 MixTape" Volumes 3, 5, 6 and 8.
46: The "Mobius." (Yup that Mobius! Meuwhahahahah! The Coalition will want your ass now!)
47: Cybernetic Gyro-Compass (looks like it may have been used).
48: Multi-Optics Helmet (M. O. H. ): The multi-optics helmet is a special optical enhancement system built into a protective helmet. It includes the following features:1. Targeting Sight: 1600ft (480m) 2. Infrared Optics System: 1600ft (480m) 3. Telescopic Monocular Lens: Range: 2 miles (3km) 4. Thermo-imager: Range: 1600ft (480m); The Monocular is broken.
49: Model 3000 Police Smith & Wesson Shotgun: This is fairly typical of pump action shotguns used by police for riot control. (It is in fair condition but is missing it's trigger.) Caliber: 12 gauge. Feed: Single shot (pump action). Weight: Under 71bs Damage: Buckshot does 4D6 per round. Solid slug does 5D6 per round.
50: Box of 12 gauge Shotgun rounds 00-Buck (12 rounds, 4 will crumble when handled).
51: The missing Trigger for number 49.
52: A Wattz Electronic Micromanipulator FingerStuff electronic lockpick. For defeating electronic locks and security devices (broken, also needs a battery).
53: A 6 foot high trophy made of plastics with a socket for a small bulb in the "body" of the trophy with a little plastic guy doing a technically inaccurate side kick.
54: Rolex Watch (made of Titanium gold silver and platinum).
55: Led Zeppelin Album on 8 track tape.
56: Copy of PC Gamer Magazine Oct. 2074 edition, Cover Article "Sony Online Goes Bankrupt".
57: Conventional Binoculars Left lens broken.
58: Mini-DVD computer game "Rifts" Macintosh OS XX version.
59: Book "How to win Friends and influence people" poor condition / handle with care.
60: A chocolate chip cookie. Yum! (Petrified, can be used as melee weapon, maybe).
61: Pre-Rifts RMK or Robot Medical Kit (Good condition) paramedic suturing skill of 98%. Not effective against internal injury, broken bone, or severe wounds. But great for cuts, bruises, bullet and stab wounds.
62: Slap Gloves, Six ounces of powdered lead is built into each glove just above the knuckles padding the wearer and adding weight and strength to the force of one blow. (unfortunately all the lead is missing).
63: Old vehicle that's too broken down to fix but is good for parts.
64: Hal 9000 Personal Data Assistant (it even says "Good Morning –insert name here-" every time you turn it on).
65: Authentic Kevin Long Painting of the "Ley Line Walker" worth 1,000,000 credits.
66: Pair of walkie-talkies (need batteries, but still work 3 mile range).
67: HI-B3 Heavy Infantry Armor (for Borgs), 320 M. D. C Painted to look tie-died. Needs some repairs is obviously used.
68: Holotape. This holotapes is a data storage disk, based on Tape Holography technology, storing its information safe for extended periods of time. This disk can be read by the PIPBoy 2000 Personal Data Assistant.
69: Fusion Block type III, Looks functional in every way but will explode the second it is used.
70: SAMAS helmet missing an eyepiece, but otherwise still functional.
71: Pre-Rifts IRMSS or Internal Robot Medical Surgeon System This unit is Equal to a medical doctor's surgical skill of 98%. When the nano-bots are done, they simply turn off and are naturally flushed from the body (average life is one hour). They are not reusable. this IRMSS holds 48 surgical robots for four uses.
72: Book "Traversing Our Modern World" By Erin Tarn (Excellent Condition).
73: Bag of Scented Bath Beads (Lavender Scent).
74: E-Tool (handle bent slightly).
75: Camouflage Gore-Tex Jacket with lots of pockets and a hood size XXL 76: Box of green cyalume® Lights Sticks (40 sticks).
77: Book "Humankind's Rise From Chaos" by Erin Tarn ; Printed Circa 63 P. A (Fair Condition).
78: 10 cans of German instrument grease.
79: Box of 20 rusted P-38 Can openers.
80: Crate of 100 Individually wrapped White Haynes T-Shirts (still in Plastic) 81: 2 Full Bottles of US military issue Insect repellent (be careful this stuff will melt some plastics!).
82: A pair of almost new OpticalVidChips still in the original plastic. "And1 MixChip" Volume 1 and 2 (Juicer Basketball, when the harness was big in the streetball games...If the characters can get their hands on a viewer, they will be blown away by the speed, dribbling skills and insane dunks [on a 20 foot rim] that these players are capable of...they will also find it disturbing that the average age of the players is 17, the price of fame).
83: British Military Zulu Helmet (white in color).
84: 1 Broken Yo-Yo.
85: 1 Hoola-Hoop Bright red in good condition.
86: Crate of Leather Combat boots (Gore-Tex) 20 pairs in various sizes. Danner Brand.
87: Brand new Chess set still in Box (Missing 1 white pawn, and the Black queen piece is partially Melted).
88: Wind-Proof butane Lighter (works, but needs fuel).
89: Electric Nose hair trimmer! Needs a battery.
90: Box of Well made Stainless steel Throwing Stars (2d6 sdc damage) 10 Stars.
91: Techno-wizard Flaming Sword,.
92: Barnet 150-lb Ranger Cross bow (missing String).
93: A Tupac CD with all new material, released in 2012 AD (this one hits the charts high, and brings about a whole slew of rumors that 2Pac is still alive).
94: Bionic Human Hand and Arm: 10 M. D. C. for hand, 40 M. D. C. arm, Looks like it may have been ripped from the Torso of some poor human. But it belongs too you now.
95: Silver Zippo Lighter with U. S. Marine Corps Emblem in 24 Karat Gold. (needs Fuel).
96: Set if Vinyl Window Blinds (Cracked).
97: Leather Steering wheel for a 2069 model Corvette (good condition).
98: Bionic Human Foot and leg: 15 M. D. C. for foot, 70 M. D. C. leg, Looks like it may have been ripped from the Torso of some poor human. But it belongs too you now.
99: California License Plate.
00: A pair of porcelain fangs (cracked and chipped...poor condition) that appear to have fallen off of a skull laying next to them. The partial skull is from Count Sideous, a serial killer from 2098 (just before Chaos Earth) that was known for his vamparic tendencies with his victims. Everyone believed he was the real deal... Until a real vampire visited his home. His crime spree ended abruptly after 7 victims, baffling local and national law enforcement agencies.
01: Water wings (suitable for use in the CS Navy).
02: Box of ex-lax (still Good).
03: Reddi-Whip Whipping Cream (in a can).
04: A package of Plain M&Ms You could win a million dollars--- see inside!
05: You find a Sears Catalog (cover missing) circa 2098.
06: A stage makeup kit.
07: A cell phone (out of range).
08: A package of 6 "chap sticks. "
09: A Webster's Dictionary 57th Edition (2098).
10: Some Bath and Bodyworks Honeysuckle Body Lotion.
11: ROBOTECH II the Sentinels VHS, episodes 4 through 21- Episodes 1, 2, and 3 are missing.
12: A local Newspaper (wherever the PC are at) dated Dec 22 2098.
13: Tube of crazy glue.
14: An unpaid phone bill to the cell phone above...
15: You find a jar of paste (half-eaten).
16: A water faucet, or a drinking fountain (does not work / this is especially good if your characters are in the desert...).
17: Beaded car seat covers.
18: A roll of stamps (3. 50 variety), but they are the kind you have to lick.
19: Instruction book for a VCR (the section on how to set the time is highlighted for some reason...).
20: Car seat, leather (missing car).
21: Television remote no batteries.
22: 8 track player (car not included) missing knobs and buttons.
23: Naked Barbie doll.
24: Box of yellow smiley face stickers--- the smelly kind.
25: A Dwarf Hamster in cage (dead-NOT edible).
26: A Kirby vacuum cleaner circa 1999 no cord. It weighs 300 pounds...
27: A bag of empty coke cans ($0. 10 each in MI).
28: A "Jordan Jammer" basket ball net. Basket Ball not included. It weighs 10 pounds.
29: Basket ball (missing air) grip warn off.
30: A piece of Driftwood. Really. It weighs. 5 pounds.
31: A couch. no cushions. it weighs 50 pounds.
32: A La-Z-Boy recliner (foot rest missing). It weights 100 ponds.
33: Plush Maryann stuffed toy.
34: You find 50 experience points (game master missing).
35: You find Plans to the Death Star.
36: Bullet Resistant Attaché Case: 6 M. D. C.
37: Candle Stick, per box of 12.
38: Padlock, Burglar proof:-40% to be picked, 80 S. D. C.
39: A small stuffed toy, it looks like a small Dee-bee child, made of some type of foam, it has (30%chance) a blue T-shirt on and (40%chance) a pair of shorts, it also has a "ring-pull" on it's back (when pulled there is a 30% chance that it works, and it says things like; "eat my shorts" and "I-cerumba!").
40: 1D4 small tubs of shoe polish, still sealed (60% black, 30% brown or 10% chance something else or is un-usable).
41: Winter Survival Kit: A winter survival kit is a light metal box (25 S. D. C. , 20 lbs/9 kg) that contains 3 hand-held flares, one smoke grenade, signal mirror, box of 36 waterproof matches, a cigarette lighter, 6 sterno canisters, folded thermo-blanket, 4 heat packs (the size of a paperback novel; each lasts 4 hours), freeze-dried food and vitamins for seven days, 16 concentrated fat pills, an extra pair of thick mittens, pair of thick socks, a ski mask, scarf, tinted goggles, pocket knife, and a hand axe (1D6 S. D. C.all cube shape, decorated in bright multiple colors... seems to be some sort of puzzle (a Rubik's Cube, for the non-80's inclined).
43: A 4lb. Piece of Red Kryptonite.
44: Box of six Golf balls (new).
45: A Box of bubble-gum! 1D10 packets of ten are still good, the rest are not so good (cause nausea on a failed save, minus one to strike parry and dodge for 1D4hrs, and loss of gum lunch etc [this also makes you easy to track...eeeew... poor dog packs!).
46: Baseball signed by Mark McGuire (sp).
47: Set of Used Rollerblades (good condition).
48: Book "Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri" Strategy Guide by Prima. (Worn condition).
49: Book "Accounting by Enron" Lower math skills by 1% (cursed item).
50: False teeth, a Pacemaker, and a doll that says in an eerie voice "Ma-Ma".
51: Solid Gold Ring (looks like any other unadorned ring, but when held to a fire mysterious writing appears along the whole length of the band) will shrink to fit the size of the owner.
52: Book, "How to be a Webmaster" by Midnight.
53: Box of multi-colored women's Thong underwear by Victoria's secret.
54: Periscope (kids toy) 2 meters in length.
55: A Beta Max Copy of Planet of the Apes, the Original Theatrical version.
56: A Bag full of 2000 gold Sacagawea dollar coins (Circa 2000) This bag features dollar coins struck on the main production floor at the Philadelphia Mint facility.
57: Badly faded Matrix Revolutions Movie poster.
58: Hunting and Fishing Kit: Wires, fishing line and several hooks and pulleys, useful for both fishing and setting snares for small game.
59: "Dilbert" Desk Calendar for the year 2098.
60: Plastic Fold up Rand McNally's road Map of the United states. (horribly outdated).
61: Chia pet kit (unused).
62: Black and white Plush Darklord DC stuffed toy.
63: You find the Internet (It has been disconnected).
64: Book "Fundamentals of Physics" by A. Einstein revised edition circa 1956.
65: Spider man movie costume.
66: A sea emergency kit box, has taken a serious beating! all that is salvageable is; two life jackets and 2D6 emergency flairs, or a flair gun and 1D8 "shots" for it, a harpoon gun and 1D4 harpoons (2D4, it is light and portable) and a 30m spool of fishing line (extra strength, test strength is an outstanding 220lb!
67: 1 set of leather bikers chaps.
68: 1 box of coffee dairy creamer.
69: Plastic Fold Up Rand McNally's road Map of Chicago Il, circa 2097.
70: 1 crate full of 1000 bags of chicken flavored Raman noodles. Still edible.
71: Flashlight, Rechargeable & Unbreakable: Is ten times brighter than most conventional types; quartz-halogen bulb, 12 inches (30 cm), 1. 8 pounds (0. 8 kg), 30,000 candle power. S. D. C. : 100, (Needs new Bulb).
72: Bag of multi-colored marbles.
73: A few loose screws (cursed items, upon picking up subtract 1 point from Characters IQ. ).
74: A rusty box of old tools (1D4X200credits worth is salvageable).
75: 1 rusty car muffler.
76: The Holy Grail.
77: 1 large Aluminum garbage can. (Dented, missing lid).
78: 1 Shotgun Shell.
79: Box of Clay pigeons.
80: You find a large Wooden Crate dated Circa 1939 Stamped Top Secret U. S. Government (if you bust the crate open you will find a very intricately sculpted box with two golden birds facing each other on the lid).
81: Arnold Schwarzenegger's Accent.
82: Larry Flint's Wheelchair.
83: NG-S2 Basic Survival Pack: A very popular item among adventurers and other travelers, the NG-S2 survival pack contains all the basic things someone traveling through the wilderness could need. (Empty).
84: Soundtrack to "2001 a space odyssey" on CD.
85: 1 Mickey mouse neck tie.
86: A Build it yourself model of some sort of pre-rifts vehicle (box is badly damaged, but it's contents are ok, though the instructions are not!).
87: A doll (or action figure; your choice) that greatly resembles Emperor Prosek, but the label says "Emperor Tromm. " (Mint condition. ).
88: 1 Flux Capacitor (brand new in box).
89: Set of Broken Bag Pipes (can be fixed).
90: 1 shiny box with just 2 letters on it: S&M. When the characters open it, it has two shiny disks in it. (cd's) Now they just have to find a CD player to listen to the pre-rift sounds of Symphony and Metallica.
91: 1 "Jack in the Box" Hard Foam Antenna ball.
92: Box (cardboard, falling apart) full of individually wrapped Nightbane T-shirts, assorted sizes.
93: Book, copy of "Cooking with Geronimo" (excellent condition, written in a New Orleans Drawl).
94: An old pre-rifts "car" key in good condition... though there is no car to be found within 1D6 miles that it MIGHT fit.
95: 1 U. S. Army black Beret Worn with age but still serviceable.
96: 1 Boy scouts of America Patch (slightly faded).
97: A paperback book, it is small and red, the inside has some strange symbols in it ("oriental" to those who know), could be considered "Dee-bee" contraband!
98: Petrified Brownie.
99: Book "RIFTS®" by Palladium Books First Printing Circa 1990 (Soft cover, Mint Condition in Plastic Wrap).
00: A small cube shape, elaborately decorated version of a "puzzle box"? (Can only be used by those who can use TW devices! ...But what happens when you complete the puzzle?!

01: The Necronomicon on CD-Rom.
02: High quality photograph taken of the Earth from the Moon.
03: DVD "Air-Supply's Greatest Hits in Concert" circa 2009.
04: Book "The Prydain Chronicles" by Lloyd Alexander (excellent condition).
05: Box of 20 Remington Center fire 30-40 Krag Core-Lokt Rifle cartridges (brass needs cleaning but otherwise still in good condition).
06: Moon Rock.
07: Book "Supernatural Horror In Literature" by H. P. Lovecraft Written 1926-27, Revised 1933.
08: Vinyl Album "Black Sabbath".
09: Graduation Tassel class of 2098.
10: Enron Accounting Book revised edition. (Makes the reader change their alignment to Anarchist if a good alignment, or diabolical of any other. ) Cursed item.
11: Mk-54 SADM (Small Atomic Demolition Munitions). Weighs 68 kg and looks like a large internal frame reinforced backpack and has a yield of 1. 221 Kilotons (1d6 X 10 MD using Dead Boy's Method 6:Mega Damage to Powers of TNT Conversion) However this weapon produces a very dangerous 500 rem radiation exposure at 500 meters from burst point, and a 100% lethal 1350 rem exposure at 300 meters. (400-600 REMS: Mortality rises steeply in this dose range, from around 50% at 450 rems to 90% at 600 (unless heroic medical intervention takes place). Hematopoietic tissues remain the major affected organ system. Initial symptoms appear in 0. 5-2 hours, and last up to 2 days. The latency period remains 7-14 days. The symptoms listed for 200-400 rems increase in prevalence and severity, reaching 100% occurrence at 600 rems. When death occurs, it is usually 2-12 weeks after exposure and results from infection and hemorrhage. Recovery takes several months to a year, blood cell counts may take even longer to return to normal. Female sterility becomes probable.
12: Pre-Rifts Bi-Power Hand-cannon: this hybrid handgun mates a double-action. 44 Magnum revolver to a. 45 ACP autoloader. The sturdy grip holds 13 rounds of. 45-caliber ammo in a double-column magazine, feeding into the upper portion of the gun. The automatic's long slide ends in a compensator, but (because it's built into the frame beneath the barrel of the automatic and ahead of the trigger assembly) the revolver's barrel is somewhat snubby. "R" (revolver) mode or "A" (automatic) mode can be selected at the flip of a thumb-switch. The Bi-Power rarely malfunctions. The Bi-Power's worst problem is its size-packing a. 45 auto with an 8. 5" barrel and a. 44 Magnum wheel-gun into one-package makes this hand-cannon Pretty Big.
13: Case of 10 NEMA Flying Probes (New) – (Missing Nuclear Power Source's) (see page 80 Rifts: Chaos Earth for details).
14: Portable tombstone: So your friends can mark your grave when you become frag meat.
15: Case of Body Rehabilitation Injections: restores 3D6 Hit points per injection at a rate of one per minute, these can heal critical wounds: 100 injectors.
16: Box or Re-Flex Tablets: These Wonderbar drugs shorten the time required for messages to cross the neural synapses in the central nervous system in humans only. The recipient gains a +2 modifier to initiative rolls for 8 minutes.
17: Case of Mountain Dew Soft Drinks in cans (. 10 redeemable in Michigan after consumption) 24 cans.
18: 1 Suit of Badly damaged NEMA "Silver Eagle" Flying Power Armor (see pages 94-97 Rifts: Chaos Earth for details)– Power supply needs replacing, Main wings cracked, 1 intake jet missing, Railgun Broken beyond repair, Neural Mace and hand grenades gone.
19: You find Yourself.
20: You find a "PC Load Letter".
21: You find three words written in Broken English on a sheet of weathered parchment "Klaatu Barrada Nikto. ".
22: You find Ash's Hand (slightly mummified, but if you find a good cyberdoc he may be able too hook you up).
23: You find a Bright red 03' Ford Mustang Convertible in brand new condition stashed away somewhere GM's discretion; Needs Fuel.
24: A statute of Falcon less than a foot high, covered in black enamel. Chipping off the enamel will reveal what lies beneath... What is it? The stuff that dreams are made of.
25: Excalibur: Yup the real deal I guess this means you are the true king of England, Better get packing it's a long swim. Comes with scabbard.
26: Broken Iomega Zip Drive.
27: 1 NEMA Bull Dog – Manned Combat Robot (Still In Crate, New) – (Missing mini-missles) (see pages 81-84 Rifts: Chaos Earth for details).
28: Anime "Legend of the Overfiend" on Mini-DVD format.
29: Copy of Evil Dead I and II on DVD special Edition Set. (cursed item, makes you believe you are humanities only hope against the Armies of Darkness that threaten Earth) +100 xp if role-played properly.
30: An autographed copy of Mein Kampf inscribed "My dearest Emperor Prosek. You were right about the Russian Front. Best Wishes, A. Hitler".
31: Anime "Return of the Overfiend" on Mini-DVD format.
32: Copy of the Rifter 9½ (good condition, excpet that the cover is missing).
33: Pre-Rifts Special Forces Borg Crossbow: A 120-kilo (264 lbs) pull crossbow, cocked by a power winch. This winch can be removed, if desired, but then the bow can only be cocked by full conversion borg and people with two cyberarms (or a cyberarm and a cyberleg) and some sort of spinal bracing. Manual cocking with two cyberarms or by a full conversion borg raises the ROF to 1 per melee. This bow is huge, Anyone hit with a quarrel from this bow has to succeed at an Acrobatics roll with a –20% modifier to remain standing after the impact otherwise he is knocked over. Range:200 meters, damage 7D6 (missing Quarels).
34: Quarrels for the special forces crossbow.
35: Colt 1911A1 Auto-Pistol Gold Plated with the Words The Deific NMI inscribed on the slide (weapon is functional).
36: The Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch! Absolutely destroys ANYTHING that it is thrown at, with a blast radius of 20 feet! Downside- You HAVE TO FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS, which weren't included.
37: A tin case that says on the cover "Aol 8. 0 1045 hours free!": if opened the players will have 43. 5 days added on to their natural lives.
38: 7. 62-mm SVD Dragunov Sniper Rifle Plated in Gold and Nickel with the Word Midnght Inscribed upon the receiver in silver. (Weapon is functional).
39: Book: "The Colour out of Space" by H. P. Lovecraft Written 1927.
40: Golden Age "WSSA Sniper System" :Designed for urban-deployed corporate or NEMA enforcement teams, the heavy-barreled, semi-auto WSSA has a 40-round helical mag of saboted 3.5MM Frag-Flechettes, and is equipped with a silencer, flash suppressor and a Zeiss 20x scope with computer-enhanced laser sighting. This system already includes a universal head-jack smart link, and a whole lot more (+2 to strike bonus, night vision 4000', and range finding up to 3 km). With a loaded weight of 3. 8kg, this was a very popular sniper weapon.
41: You find the Animatrix: Your character turns into the Anime form of himself, all stats and powers and equipment is affected also, just in Anime form.
42: Movie: "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes!" (1978) On VHS.
43: You find Austin Powers Wardrobe.
44: A NEMA MIP-21 "Crime Stopper" Maxi-Ion Pistol (see page 56 Rifts: Chaos Earth for details).
45: You find Apollo 13, It is heavily damaged from some sort of explosion.
46: You find Batman's Costume from the first movie (1989).
47: Mel Gibson's Sword from Braveheart.
48: A DeLorean: Runs on Gasoline, Powered by Plutonium (missing Flux Capacitor).
49: A box of primary color acrylic paints (dried up).
50: One Timex digital watch, broken.
51: One unused prophylactic, soiled.
52: Case of 10 NEMA Spider Probes (New) – (Missing Nuclear Power Source's) (see page 79 Rifts: Chaos Earth for details).
53: Police Car: It's got a cop motor, a 440 cubic inch plant, it's got cop tires, cop suspensions, cop shocks. It's a model made before catalytic converters so it'll run good on regular gas. And an Internal Navigation System that only tells the distance to Chicago (used condition).
54: Old Phone booth (missing Phone).
55: An Empty Spot.
56: A small, half foot tall box containing either (1-50: Tux the Penguin Plushy, 51-00: BSD Daemon Plushy). Mint Condition.
57: You find a mission from God.
58: Pre-Rifts Plasma Torch: (see page 52 Rifts: Chaos Earth for details) – (Broken but fixable).
59: A full tank of gas.
60: Half a pack of cigarettes.
61: Two pair of sunglasses.
62: you Acquire Merlin's Advice.
63: A Johnny Cash T-shirt (ripped).
64: 9th dimensional bomb: There goes the galaxy (If you don't know what this device is watch the movie Supernova with James Spader (2000).
65: You find a Baby Deathclaw.
66: Jason's Hockey mask (GM pick which Jason flick to determine mask style).
67: Pre-Rifts GA-1112 Auto cannon: The GA-1112 is a "man-portable" MG chambered for 12mm caseless ammunition. A double-barreled weapon, the GA-1112 feeds from an underside-mounted drum (400 rounds). Weighing about 15kg (empty), it comes with a sling; an integral universal Head jack port compensates for the hip-firing position. This weapon must be squeeze cocked to start the motor (one combat round), and then it can be fired. The ultimate man-portable area suppression weapon for borgs! (4D6+4 MD per 40 round burst, Max effective range: 1000 meters stabilized, 300 meters from the hip).
68: You find Total protonic reversal. (Cursed Item)- imagine your characters life as you know it stopping instantaneously and every molecule in its body exploding at the speed of light. Well that just happened (role up a new Character).
69: Bag of loaded game dice.
70: Pinhead Doll.
71: Connor MacLeod's Katana with scabbard.
72: Scream Movie costume.
73: A crate of 20 colt 45 revolvers (all the hammers have been filed down and barrels filled with lead).
74: Bag of Rabid Weasels (5 Weasels included).
75: Luke Skywalkers Light Saber from Episode IV. (fully functional weapon, GM can decide the stats).
76: Brand new Burton Snow board.
77: ! Elvis Costume complete with wig (cursed item) character will believe he/she is the king and will shake there hips and dance around during combat while fighting and singing, only happens during combat).
78: A recurve bow made out of maximum strength composites, with all the power of a normal 60-kilo bow. It can be taken apart into two halves. Please note that the pull of this bow remains at 60 kilos (132 lbs) at all times, not stepped down by pulleys! Characters holding this bow will have to start making Strength rolls after one melee round of holding it. (need at least a 15 STR, range: 150 meters, damage as per arrow type plus SDC strength bonus, unless using Mega-Damage explosive heads).
79: tube of Revlon Lipstick (used, solid as a rock).
80: lump of coal.
81: bag of twist ties.
82: Star Wars Episode IIX "Dark Force Rising" on Mini-DVD (good condition).
83: Busted computer keyboard. The top of the keyboard reads "Property of Andy Reddson. ".
84: Empty CD jewelcase.
85: Can of gloss white paint (dried up).
86: You find the Andromeda Strain: All of your characters blood is turned to powder! (role a new Character).
87: 1 Pup Scout Reconnaissance Drone (New in Box) – (Missing Nuclear Power Source)- (see page 77 Rifts: Chaos Earth for details).
88: Darth Mauls Light Saber (fully functional weapon, GM can decide the stats).
89: Ash's *boom stick* A 12-gauge double-barreled Remington. S-Mart's top of the line. You can find it in the sporting goods department. That's right, this sweet baby was made in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Retails for about $109. 95. It's got a walnut stock, cobalt blue steel, and a hair trigger. That's right. Shop smart. Shop S-Mart!
90: 1 Fully Functional 12" tall Self aware Megatron Toy, It believes it will rule the universe. He Transforms into a Powerful Mege-Damage Ion Pistol that inflicts 2D6X10 +10 MD at a range of 1000' and has unlimited ammo due to his Energon Power source which allows him to drain energy from any power source or fossil fuel. Makes a great companion. (He has 200 MDC and an IQ of 20. ).
91: Full suit of Old style Coalition Dead Boy body armor (missing Helmet).
92: A Latin Bible (2000 years old).
93: 3DFx Voodoo 3 3000 AGP PC Graphics accelerator card (New in Box, Mint Condition).
94: 1 metal coat hanger (rusty).
95: Old Style Coalition Dead Boy Body Armor Helmet (used).
96: Johnny Bravo Life sized ceramic statue.
97: The Book of Nod: An ancient, pre-rifts book declaring itself to be the history and prophesies of a race of vampires descended from the first murderer! Includes details of wars between various subgroups, origin mythology, and an allegorical account of the End of the World. The book could be considered proof positive of the existence of magic and the supernatural before the Coming of the Rifts! Take that Coalition propaganda machine! Those found in possession of the book in CS territory will receive a death sentence and the book will immediately be interred in the Black Vault. Those trying to sell the book in vampire-infested areas will be laughed at and/or shot for trying to sell a fraudulent article. The book is missing its cover and copy write page.
98: Case of Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup (20 cans, still edible if heated).
99: Block of Petrified Cheddar Cheese (wrapper says made in Wisconsin, sell by 11-26-03).
00: An ancient relic caller the "Cartor" worshiped by an ancient civilization. After examining it the PCs realize that it is actually an ancient Magnetic storage device. If anyone plugs into it they will find various files, notes, and a ninth Random item list saved as a Word XP file- But the document is too damaged to read-NNNOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
I included this in the (forlorn) hope that there will be additional such tables. Please don't disappoint me.
01: Bridge Of Death: The characters stumble upon an old man in robes who is standing before a long rope bridge which spans what seems to be a bottomless gorge he speaks to any character who approaches him wishing to cross. Bridge keeper: "Stop! Who would cross the Bridge of Death must answer me these questions three, ere the other side he see. "(He will then ask the character these three questions) Bridge keeper: "What... is your name?" "What... is your quest?" "What... is your favorite color?" The first character should have no problem getting across, but the when the second character approaches he will ask the same series of questions but the third question will be something off the wall like "What... is the capital of Assyria?" or "What... is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?" If the character gets the third question incorrect he flies into the air and plunges to his doom in the gorge. However if the Bridge keeper asks a question that is multiple choice such as above and you reply with an answer like "What do you mean? An African or European swallow?" The Bridge keeper may not be able too give an answer and so he says "Huh? I... I don't know that! Auuuuuuuugh!" Off he goes into the gorge to his doom.
02: You stumble upon a Group of Technicians huddled around a piece of Pre-Rifts Technology Arguing [Staring at the constantly malfunctioning office printer. "PC Load Letter? What the Fuck does that mean?!"
03: Unwashed villagers hunting a spammer: The Unwashed Villagers attack a spammer en masse (as they should with spammers). When the spammer is dead, the Unwashed Villagers all run away.
04: Jesus: The party encounters a muscular, dark skinned man in antique robes nailed to a wooden cross, muttering to himself, "This is getting monotonous... Come back to usher in a world of peace, Dad's creation is in ruins, and the locals take one look at me and stick me back ON the cross..."
05: New Enemy: The Characters encounter a new kind of enemy. Depending on player's reactions to this new bunch, they could just be a one shot deal...or they could be the first in a new wave of baddies assaulting all that remains of goodness. Not so much humorous, as a way to test out new ideas.
06: Giant footprint: Looks like Godzilla just passed through the wastelands. Unfortunately, some unlucky peasant didn't see him coming. The strange thing is that this is the only footprint in the area.
07: Predator: During the night, while the characters are gathered around the campfire, the air suddenly stirs and a Predator shows up. He looks down at the party, and says, "Excuse me, humans, but what happened to the hunting preserve?" If the characters attack, he will turn invisible and attack back (armed with a spear and a shoulder mounded plasma gun). If the party somehow manages to kill him, they will get a cool cloaking device. If the characters don't attack, the Predator will simply listen to their explanation and then go off, mumbling: "Great, best hunting place in the system and they nuke it..."
08: Forrest Gump: The party encounters a man running through the countryside at top speed, only pausing to eat and sleep. If questioned, he says, "Mah name's Forrest Gump, people call me Forrest Gump. Ah'm a little confused about what happened to everything when ah was up there at that there galactic conference bringing peace to the cosmos like Mama would have wanted. So ah'm running until I figure it all out. Or until ah get tired. Here, they were smashing these things at the conferance, and ah thought ah'd keep one as a souvenir. Here, you can have it. " Party ends up with an Alien Energy Pistol of some kind...
09: Galactus: A spaceship the size of the moon appears. A door the size of Mt. Everest opens up. "I AM GALACTUS, DEVOURER OF WORLDS, AND THE GREAT HUNGER IS UPON ME..." pauses to look around, "BUT NOT SO MUCH THAT I SHALL CONSUME JUNK FOOD IN THE STEAD OF TRUE NOURISHMENT. YOU PEOPLE NEED TO WORK ON YOUR ENVIROMENTAL PROTECTION PLANS..." He then gets back in the spaceship and flies off, muttering, "SURFER, I THOUGHT YOU SAID THIS WORLD WOULD SATE MY HUNGER!" "Sorry boss, it was looking FINE when I FOUND it..."
10: Bob's Pre-Owned Car Mart: You encounter a car salesman in the middle of nowhere. If you talk to the guy he will try to sell you a car.
11: Don Quixote: Whilst wandering through the countryside, the party encounters a grizzled old man atop a swaybacked old nag. He wears metal armor, wields a wooden pole that would qualify as a spear, save that the pointy end is as dull as the blunt end is sharp, a shield in his other hand, a helmet that most likely would not survive a single blow. From his mouth spews forth poetry of exceedingly large wordings and complete incomprehensibility. He decries one of the team as the long awaited champion of the nefarious wizard Freston, and challenges him to single combat. Alone or en mass, Beating him earns you a metal armor, a wooden pole, and a "strange shield of unmarked character. " This shield turns out to be both a melee weapon that does 1D6 damage, and protection 100 SDC.
12: G. I. Joe: The party encounters a large force of vehicles and infantry, running and top speed. Atop a command carrier, a man wearing a blue uniform with his face concealed by a mask screams, "COBRA, RETREAT!" They are hotly pursued by another bunch in vehicles screaming, "YO JOE!" as they blast at Cobra with everything in their arsenal.
13: Starship Troopers: Group comes across a platoon soldiers called the Roughnecks holed up in a bunker. If they stay for a while, the bunker is surrounded by thousands of giant mutant insects. The leader orders his troops to "give it everything they've got", even though there isn't nearly enough ammo for all the bugs. Resolution is up to the GM (a drop ship to pull them out?).
14: Patrick the Celt: You encounter an old traveler in the desert. You can ask him for directions, but chances are you already know them. When Patrick brings up the subject of odd folk songs and some Celtic music, and you have the option to name one, you sing along with him for a while. This will increase all Characters CHA by 1 point.
15: Grok: Party encounters a thin, beautiful man wandering in the desert. He asks them ... "are you Grok?" Answer no, nothing happens. Answer yes, and they have gained an interesting ally (GM's Discretion).
16: "Usaf": The party comes upon an underground chamber, with an enormous, warm metal statue inside. Inscribed on the side of the statue is the name of the deity- Usaf. The sheer might and power of the statue is enough to make anyone in the party a believer. Anyone professing faith in Usaf gets the "Worshipper of Usaf" Divine Power, and once in the campaign- once in his or her lives, in other words- the player can "use" this Power to ask for Usaf's divine intervention. Whether or not Usaf intervenes is up to the GM, but there are some comic possibilities... The statue of Usaf is, of course, a missile with "U. S. A. F. " on the side.
17: Robocop: Occurs around Detroit area, you find a secret lab housing a Crime Protection Unit of an old era. It turns out to be Robocop! Basically you would get Robocop's kewl black gun that reverberating sound with that HUGE muzzle flash. You could also fight a half dozen ED-209's in the backdrop of a failed OCP Shelter. Then you could access files about Robocop, his last days on the planet (probably containing riots and Demons in Detroit), and how in some ways he was the precursor to Power Armor.
18: A-Team: A group of Coalition commandoes were convicted of a crime they didn't commit. They were in prison, but broke out. They currently are in hiding, constantly being hunted by the CS. If you have a problem and no one else can help, maybe you can hire... The A-Team. You can hire them on one mini-quest, but as always they will solve it with a lot of guns, but nobody dies! Or maybe you could kill them, take their weapons, and their black van.
19: Knight Rider: You find KITT and Michael driving through the desert. Michael would be wearing a double-sleeved leather jacket, and Kit would be right behind him. You can kill Michael and if your computer Programming skill is high enough, reprogram kit to become your car. Hey, who would anyone want to trade SAMAS Power Armor for a talking Trans Am '82?
20: Monk: Characters come across a strange fellow in monkish Robes waving his arms and pointing toward a cave he speaks to them "Follow. But! Follow only if ye be men of valor, for the entrance to this cave is guarded by a creature so foul, so cruel that no man yet has fought with it and lived! Bones of full fifty men lie strewn about its lair. So, brave knights, if you do doubt your courage or your strength, come no further, for death awaits you all with nasty, big, pointy teeth. " (This is the Lair of the Vorpal Rabbit any character entering or attempting to enter the lair will be attacked and have it's head bitten off by this foul beast– Vorpal Rabbit has 1000 MDC, and takes X50 damage from Holy Weapons. )
21: Half-Life: Around the New Mexico area you stumble upon a lone man. He is wearing an orange haz-mat suit and seems to continue mumbling about the G-man. If you kill him he possesses: A crowbar, MP5, Colt 45, Glock 17, combat shotgun, Rocket launcher, plastic explosives, a gauss rifle, and a special weapon: The ion streamer!
22: China: Suddenly in the middle of the countryside the party encounters a very deep hole (a stone thrown there will not make noise at all). After a while a loud noise can be heard like some kind of machine was coming and the ground begins to shake, then a drilling machine (much like those used in mines) comes out of it followed by many special tanks and APCs (they are special because they have double caterpillars to allow them to move straight upward and heavily thermally shielded). They stop and many Chinese soldiers swarm out of those vehicles. If party tries to resist they will probably be exterminated (Chinese soldier are all armed with Rail Mini-guns) if not they will be arrested and brought for interrogation. During interrogation it will become clear that this is a "Special Underground Attack Unit of Chinese People Democratic Republic" that was ordered to drill a hole thru the earth and attack the States... Apparently it has taken them more time than anybody could have thought. The PCs can try to convince them to head back for China... If somebody jumps into the hole then he/she will not survive this as Chinese tunnel comes quite close to planet core and even power armor will not help much.
23: Vampire: During nighttime the party encounters a lone man sitting in the middle of the Countryside. He is crying. He wears gothic style black & red clothes (with robe). He seems not to notice the party at all unless somebody speaks to him. Soon the players will learn that the guy is a vampire with one big problem- after the Apocalypse there where no more dentists and he has a terrible toothache... If party gives him toothpaste (or maybe someone is a doctor or healer, Cyberdoc?) then the party gains a powerful ally that wishes to pay off his debt, otherwise he just stays there still crying. A Vampire is a powerful ally indeed.
24: Palladium & Workers Union: When traveling the Countryside the party meets a ... dragon! (Great Horned dragon to be precise). He lies on the ground among some killed Coalition dead Boys, reading a book "My Contract With Palladium Books" and mumbling to himself: "FUCK! They said kill those dead Boys you will be paid a lot of money but they said nothing about this Laser and Plasma Shit! I thought it would be easy money, as in Baldur's Gate 2! I said I have allergy to lead but no one cares... I'll have to comply to Dragon Workers Union... LAWYER!!! I WANT MY LAWYER!!! I want my contract for Neverwinter Nights cancelled! I'm out of this Shit..." Then the dragon suddenly takes out a cellular phone (that was hidden underneath him) calls a number and vanishes... Players can collect some weapons left by the Dead Boys (none of the Armor is operational).
25: Gates of Hell: A group of Headhunters has surrounded a building and is firing (with rifles, mini-guns, plasma rifles, grenade launchers etc. ) at a building. Someone from the building is shouting- "OK, OK we'll remove the Internet Explorer!". When the players come closer they see a sign that reads: "Where do you want to go today?" can be seen on the building. Suddenly the Headhunters start an assault (shouting: "For St. Macintosh!", "Death to Satansoft!" etc. ) on the building. But when they have run a few meters someone shouts form the building: "I want a helicopter! All my managers and me must be set free or I'll press CTRL+ALT+DELETE keys!" The Headhunters do not worry much for that and continue their assault... Suddenly everything becomes blue, then fades to black for a moment. When vision returns to normal there are neither Headhunters nor the building they have attacked... Just an ordinary ruined city, but the wind seems to whisper "Microsoft..."
26: My name is...: When party is in the city a man dressed in a smart black suit (with a beautiful girl next to him) comes into a bar that players where just passing by. After a moment some noises can be heard: gunshots, some burst from automatic weapons, explosions, noise of broken furniture and glass... Then everything stops and the same guy in the suit (no evidence of what have happened inside can be seen on him) comes out of the building with a different beautiful girl. When he is passing near surprised player he says to the girl: "Forgive me my lack of manners, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Bond, James Bond."
27: Fancy restaurant: The characters stroll into a restaurant and see... [Man deliberately attempting to offend customers] Man: "I want to buy your women...the little girl...your daughters. Sell them to me. Sell me your children!"
28; PCs From Older Campaign: Have the players meet their older characters from an older rpg they played (like D&D). Note the armor and weapons they have (plate armor, long swords) and any special characteristics(eg. one has pointy ears). They ask the PCs information about a quest they are on. This quest is, of course, one that the players completed when they played with those characters. If the players understand that these are their old characters and reveal crucial information about that quest (after all, they have completed it) they will gain some XP. If they decide to attack them ("Hey, I wonder if I can get the girdle of giant strength form my warrior") tell them that "The incapability of the two rule systems has torn the gaming universe and they are sucked back to "where they came from."
29: Wayne Smith Needs A Home!: The PCs meet a man who holds a book named "Rifts Core Rules". He asks them to help him find a place to live in Taylor. If they (somehow) help him, he gives them his lucky 20-sided die. (You can find stats on Wayne smith in the Rifter 9½.)
30: The Lost NATO Troops: The PCs meet a NATO convoy. A soldier asks them directions to Kosovo...
31: Drunken Master: You meet a drunk person, being attacked by some raiders with melee weapons. if you give him something to drink ( there is a bottle of whiskey nearby), he will beat the crap out of the four raiders and then thank you (hick-upping all the way) by giving you +1 extra attack per melee permanent.
32: Klingon Encounter: Some strange looking tribals with curved blades come out of the bushes and attack, screaming stuff like "Quap'la!" and "Death to the Federation" and so on.
33: Call Home: A small, wrinkled alien will approach, asking for a radio to make a call home. If the players actually do help the little alien, he will touch them (mumbling: "ouch. ouch") and the players will have the Empathy Psychic power.
34: California Smith: A guy with a brown heat and a leatherjacket will be fighting against some Coalition troops over a tribal piece of art, all the while yelling stuff like: "this belongs into a museum!" or "I hate these damn Illinois Nazis!" If the players help him, he will give them some water out of the tribal cup- It actually has healing powers! (Heals all wounds no matter how critical.)
35: Jeanie: The party will come across a man in uniform. He's wearing a white air- force helmet and dragging a parachute along, all the while screaming: "Jeanie! Jeanie! You will stop this NOW!" As he meets the party, he will ask about the place, date and so on. Then, he will look shocked and mumble, "I just hope this is one of them dreams again. " Then he will look back at the characters and yell "JEANIE!" he will then vanish in a pop. The only things remaining will be his helmet and the parachute.
36: Ranger: This looks like a slaver attack at first, but the players will suddenly receive help from... the lone ranger! A single member of Reid's Rangers on a white motorbike will approach, kill every slaver and then yell "Hi- ho, Silver!" then he will ride away, all the while accompanied by some strange music coming out of nowhere. The players may pick up the equipment from the slavers (some cheap weapons, nothing special).
37: Guardian Of Forever Portal: Step through the stone portal and you'll be taken to back 300+ years back in time, to the moment when the Apocalypse Started You will arrive inside a Abandoned National guard armory full of lockers with items from the Random Items tables I-VIII. Search all lockers and take whatever you want. Search the armory. Now examine the only operating computer in the place, otherwise your existence will be in jeopardy. (Computer will send them back to Rifts Earth Time Period.)
38: Elvis: The party encounters a Zombie, all dressed up in white, driving a Cadillac and looking around nervously. He will ask for something to eat and give them a C-27 heavy plasma cannon (new in box) in exchange if they promise not to tell anyone that he is alive.
39: Dude: The party encounters two ghouls, walking through the desert, carrying two long oval shaped objects. They ignore the players, while mumbling: "dude, this is some long beach, if i ever saw one. " "Yeah... far out. " "y'know, I sometimes wonder if we ever gonna find, like, THE wave?" If the players direct them towards the coast, they will give them some herbs, mumbling: "thanks, dude... check these out... they're, like, cool..."
40: Two sheriffs: The party encounters two sheriffs with fishing poles, walking down the road. One of them is whistling a comic tune, while the other asks: "Y'know, Andy... ya think that fishin pond is still there?" The first shrugs, then looks at the players and goes: "well, howdy, I reckon you haven't seen a good ol fishin pond out here?" if the characters explain to them that there are "none fishin ponds out here", they'll get two fishing poles. Otherwise the two just shrug and go along, whistling that tune.
41: Zorg Enterprises Inc: During the night, the person currently on watch sees a meteor fall somewhere nearby. If they investigate, they will find a small opened, misshapen, burnt alien fighter and footsteps leading from it. If they follow, they will find a lying figure that is pointing at them with something weapon-like. It is the nasty Alien from Fifth element (looks a lot like super mutant). He is nearly dead and is holding the All-in-wonder ZF-1 weapon from the film. The Alien will fire a net by mistake, possibly knocking one of the players with a weight attached to it. The weapon has inscription ZORG enterprises inc. , It's light. Handle's adjustable for easy carrying; good for righties and lefties. Breaks down into 4 parts, undetectable by x-ray; ideal for quick, discreet interventions. A word on firepower, Three thousand round clip with bursts of 3 to 300. With the Replay button, it's even easier. One shot, and Replay sends every following shot to the same location. And to finish the job, Rocket launcher. Arrow launcher, with explodin' and poisonous gas heads. Very practical. The famous net launcher. The ALWAYS efficient flame-thrower. My favorite. And for the Grand Finale, the all new "Ice Cube System!"
42: Dune: The group will hear a loud thumping sound in the distance. If they get closer, they'll see a huge bmp-like machine, whirling up a lot of desert sand. Close to it, there's a black tripod machine thumping onto the earth. If they get any closer, soldiers in strange green uniforms will emerge from the big harvester and threaten the group with laser mini-guns. After some talking, one of them will say into his mic that "these aren't from any house I know of" and let the group go. After a while, a huge Drop ship of some kind will come and pick the harvester up. No, there won't be any worm.
43: Mr. Yelles: The party encounters a man standing in front of a big mechanical sledge looking thingie, mumbling: "damn accelerator, shouldn't have fast forwarded past that Apocalypse. " When he notices the party, he will raise his arms, politely asking the party not to kill him. Then he will politely introduce himself as Mr. J. I. Yelles and ask for their assistance in pulling that "damn thing out of the ditch. " If they help him, he will give them a science book and step into the machine, vanishing in a twirl.
44: Starbuck: The party encounters a figure in a strange kind of power armor with a blinking red eye, making strange slurring sounds. He will stop before the party to ask them if they have seen his friend "Starbuck" then he will go away, mumbling: "Star-buck. Star-buck. Have to find her. "
45: The black trooper: A soldier in a black charred power armor will block the way of the party. He will introduce himself as the black Paladin and demand them to fight him for a passage. Although he looks very tough (with his power armor and submachine gun), he is a very poor shot and the party can triumph over him if they make called attacks and have criticals, so that he loses an arm or two. That won't stop him though; he will get cockier instead and tell them to go on. After only his torso is left, he will call it a day and say that it is a match. The party may take his gun and go away, but he will call them cowards and demand them to come back and fight like men.
46: X-Com: You stumble upon a hidden hangar, and walk in. Inside the base is a plethora of Power Armor, Laser and Plasma weaponry. These weapons and Power Armor seem to be of a different; They might ask for Arthur (from another encounter). Type from the standard U.S. issue. In one storage room you find a strange weapon, the blaster launcher. Remember in X-Com UFO Defense, the ability to set up a base anywhere in the world? And how when Aliens attacked your base you actually got to fight in it? Basically the base layout would resemble that map, but of course more advanced. You could spot old wreckage of Avengers and Firestorms, and maybe even find some remains in the alien storage center. About the blaster launcher: it would be the only one in the game with 5 rounds to work with. The base will already be filled with (nun-functional) laser and plasma weaponry. And the Blaster Launcher in X-Com was a weapon that was basically a waypoint explosive round that could hit ANYTHING!
47: Boots: the party notices a large channel cut into the local forest, it looks like a particle blast did it, as they approach they see a pair of boots (or shoes, sneakers etc;)in front of the still smoking "path" the boots, are in good shape, however the smoking feet still need to be removed before use!
48: Moo Cow #1: you see a small plastic pot, the label reads "pot-noodle" (pick flavor) ...it is sat upright... just sitting there! If the "pot-noodle" is disturbed then the trap is set off! ...1-50% the blast does 1D4 MDC (or 2D4 times 10 if the player is not in MD body armor, and you want to be nice) ...if investigated, it is a device left by a rebellious local faction... or 51-100% ...the device is a smoke bomb! And 2D4 mutant cows attack the players!! They swing from the trees, leap out from behind rocks blasting as they do so! Each cow carries an L-20 laser rifle and has 1D4 E-clips for it, they all have IR-goggles and MD armor (around 30-50 MD) also one in three cows carries n NGP-7 or other heavy style weapon in place of the L-20 (but only has one extra clip for the weapon)...the other cows may carry other gear, but most of it is left back at camp guarded by 1D6 mutant cows with similar gear and a rail gun using mutant cow (partial borg!).
49: Crazy chicken shoot-out!: The players encounter a large, white, plastic bag with a logo and the name Interplay written on it in blue... also, around twenty feet away are two strange looking Dee-Bees arguing bitterly, each one is wearing some sort of multi-colored "jump-suit" with black pipes running around them and lots of tool belts and tools about there person. Each of these creatures also has 1D4 live chickens tied up, and mounted on their belts! And is carrying what appear to be, possible TW rocket launchers! (These weapons are unusually large! but not long) ...The Dee-Bees will suddenly notice anyone inspecting the white bag... this is what they are arguing over! And the Dee-bee creatures will think the characters are trying to steel there bag, and open fire with their rocket launchers!! If they get the chance to fire, the characters will hear a "BBaaaak...BANG!" sound when the launchers fire the CHICKENS that have been loaded, into them, live! An explosion of blood and feathers will ensue! After their first strike the Dee-bees will not stick around if it does not look like they can win, they are cowards! TW chicken launchers: these usually use another creature. It is unknown what it is, but a TW can figure that it is some sort of natural MDC insect! But chickens are being used in place of them, presumably because there is nothing else more suitable to use. (And there is not). The TW chicken launcher has the following stats: Damage: 1D6MD range: 700ft payload: 1 and the aliens "jump-suits" protect them from around 20MDC! They are carrying around 1D4 times 2000 credits in tools and other junk; they have little else of value. (Well they were arguing over a bag of plastic beads for Pete's sake!)
50: Angry Technicians #2: huddled around a piece of Pre-Rifts Technology you see people arguing Tech #1: "No, not again! I...why does it say paper jam when there is no paper jam? I swear to God, one of these days, I'm just going to kick this piece of shit out the window!" Tech #2: "You and me both, man. That thing is lucky I'm not armed. " Tech #1: "Piece of shit!"
51: DemonBoy: You Encounter a Man Walking along the road with a back pack and walking stick, upon closer inspection he hails the party. "Ho travelers could you point me the way to Michigan? I'm looking for the great Center of learning in Ann Arbor. " If the characters do not respond he will simply shrug his shoulders and move on. If the characters provide him with false info, he will secretly stalk the party members and give out there location to anybody who may be looking for them as revenge for trying to trick him.
52: Marylyn: As the Party makes there way across town the notice a Beautiful Blonde woman in a white dress standing over a metal grate, as you watch a burst of air blows her dress up, seeing you she tries to hold her dress down in front of her and then smiles and giggles at you. Then she walks away.
53: Sir Henry Dernington: Sir Henry is probably the strangest person PC can ever meet in the world. He is the only living member of Black Rose Order – order of Knights who claim to have seen The Grail itself. Whatever is the source of sir Henry's unique powers, they are for sure supernatural. His history has long ago been forgotten, and now not many remain who remember him, as it was long ago he was chosen to wander the world and help restore balance to the world, with God's help. The only place he lives are in legends, many children have heard of "a holy man who comes from the wastes to heal and aid poor people" however not many believe these stories when they get older. Sir Henry Wears Holy Armor of Paladin (which looks Like NEMA Silver Eagle armor covered in Black Chrome instead of Silver), except a red rose, painted on right shoulder. He is armed with a Holy Sword Of Paladin (Damage: 3D6 times 10 MD. armor or damage resistance does not protect foes from this weapon. Sword Style is up to the GM) Two Holy Desert Eagle Pistols (Stats: As normal Desert Eagle but armor does not protect form their hits) and carries one Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch (This is a special, "magical" weapon, don't give it to players unless it fits in your campaigning background. And remember it's UNIQUE weapon. Value: ? The Holy Grenades of Antioch were once made for crusaders to crush the pagans. How many of them remain to this day is unknown. Also the way these grenades function remains unknown... It must be thrown with words "Hallelujah" spoken otherwise it won't work Damage 0-Infinite, GM's take all your game dice and roll them across the table and X that by 1000. The damage and effects are up to the GM). He wanders the wastes and sometimes helps people in need but usually avoids contact with others – he will help only when some special conditions occur and he sees the local balance between good and evil threatened, even then he will not help any side to achieve "total victory". Sir Henry wanders all around the world (how does he cross the oceans remains unknown) in search of something. Some claim that he seeks the Seven Seals of Armageddon (see St. John's revelation), as the world must be reborn once again as there is no chance to bring it back to balance between good and evil in current conditions... But what are his true intentions is unknown. Sir Henry can heal with his touch – this adds 4d10 HP/SDC/MD to any creature healed. HP/SDC/MD cannot go over maximum.
54: Doom: You encounter a man who appears to be throwing newspapers periodically off to each side of the rode while yelling "we are all Doomed! Doomed!" when he sees the characters he runs up to them and quickly gives each a newspaper while saying. "Doomed! Doomed I tell you! Read it! Read page 2 I say! You had better read it! And there is another article on page 6b, what! Don't debate me son, we are Doomed I say!" and then he runs off throwing newspapers yelling about emanate Doom. If any of the characters look at the newspapers they will see it's dated December 23rd 2098.
55: Gun Shop: The character(s) walk into a gun or supply shop and witness this conversation... Store Owner: "What the hell is in those bags?" Shop Manager: "Rabid weasels. " Store Owner: "What? What the hell are you doing with a bunch of rabid weasels?" Shop Manager: "That's what I was trying to explain to you, they came in as part of a shipment. Of course, they weren't supposed to be rabid. "
56: Phone Booth: The characters come across a man standing in a phone booth his clothing is ripped in places and he is bloody, and he is yelling into the receiver... Man: "Listen, there's a bunch of people from the cemetery who are stark, staring, mad, and they'll kill you and eat you if they catch you. It's like a disease. It's like rabies, only faster, a lot faster. That's why you've got to come and get us out of here now, right now!" If the characters look around they will notice that off to the side of the road there is quite a large cemetery and there seem people slowly moving toward the party members If the party hangs around long enough or talks to the phone booth man they will hear the walking corpses saying "Braaaiiiins... Give us more Braiiiinnsss!" there are 60 undead hungry zombies total. Fire will destroy them.
57: Wolverines: While traveling across country the characters here the sounds of rifle fire in the distance. Upon closer inspection the notice two groups of people engaged in a firefight (using Pre-Rifts SDC firearms). One group seems to be organized same weapons, uniforms, and equipment. The other group seems to be a bunch of kids in there late teens, and the kids seem to be winning. One of the kid's yells out WOLVERINE'S!!!! Then some more kids emerge from the brush and they all slaughter the remaining troops. The party can of course choose to help and or do nothing if they do nothing the kids simply strip the other soldiers of weapons and ammo and leave. If the party helps then they will be asked to join this illustrious band of freedom fighters.
58: A small marble: when you look into it you can see what appear to be billions of tiny "flecks" of light, those with an IQ of 25+ will realize it is an entire universe! It has 20Mdc and if "broken" it will unleash an explosion as a billion voices suddenly cry out, and are silenced! Damage is as follows 0-100ft does 2D4 times 100! +1D4 random insanities no save! 101-200ft does 1D6 times 100! +1 random insanity with no save, and 1D4, that can be saved against 201-400ft does 1D4 times 100! + Roll to save Vs 1D4 insanities at minus two! 401-600ft does 4D6 times 10! + Roll to save Vs 1D4 insanities. 601-800ft does 2D6 times 10! +Roll to save Vs insanity. 801-1000ft does 1D6 times 10! + Feel bad about it for 1D4 days. The total PPE release is 1000 points at the outer aria of the blast plus 1000 for every one hundred feet toward the center! (Maximum of 10. 000PPE!)
59: Strange Rift: A previously invisible rift explodes open in front of the group! As a bunch of creatures leap from it, when the light of the explosion is gone, the characters are faced with... well, themselves!! (Evil versions of the players (or at least opposite alignments to them), and may differ a little in gear from what the players have, but otherwise pretty much the same).
60: Marines be Doomed: You see small fires in the distance as it closes in on the evening, upon closer inspection you notice debris covering the ground and a group of Military looking personnel standing around yelling at each other Marine #1: "Well that's great, that's just fuckin' great man, now what the fuck are we supposed to do? We're in some real pretty shit now man... That's it man, game over man, game over, man! Game over! What the fuck are we gonna do now!? What are we gonna do!?" Corporate looking fellow: "How 'bout we build a fire, sing a couple of songs, huh? How 'bout we try that!?"
61: Floating Cow: The players find a wooden crate, in it is a large, plastic inflatable cow, if filled with the appropriate gas, it is capable of lifting a basket with occupants totaling 1000lb in weight!
62: Crane: The Characters come across a piece of paper origami in the shape of a purple crane. The crane attacks the characters without warning inflicting terrible paper cuts to any characters not in EBA or PA The crane can only be destroyed my fire and fire alone the paper cuts inflict 6D6 SDC.
63: Monk Boy with shaved head: Boy: "Do not try and bend the spoon. That's impossible. Instead... Only try to realize the truth. " (Regardless of what the characters may say so the boy he says this next...) Boy: "There is no spoon. " (Regardless of what the characters may say so the boy he says this next...) Boy: "Then you'll see, that it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself. " Any Psychic characters in the group will realize that this boy must be a disciple of the ONE and realizing the importance of the message will have a 50% chance of gaining 1 free level.
64: Rambo: You Encounter a single man without armor covered in scares who is single handedly fending off 100 Coalition dead boy soldiers. For some reason the Dead boys can't seem to hit this man with the Red bandanna tied around his head. The man yells in some un-discernable language (as he dodges energy blasts and explosions) that sounds vaguely like English but you can't be sure. If you help him fight the Dead boys, he will join your party. If you help the CS fight him, then Role up new characters because Rambo has been know to defeat legions of warriors with nothing more than a knife.
65: Freddie: As the characters post watches for the evening one of them has a Vision. A vision of a Man in a hat with horribly burnt flesh in a red and black stripped sweater. His right hand seems to have Blades for fingers, and he taunts the character... 'Freddy' Krueger: "And now you're all alone! (Insert Characters name here), why don't you call on more of your little friends. Maybe THEY could help. " Then Freddy sticks his knives in the characters stomach. When the character wakes up he/she has a lock of grey hair and will find 5 small cuts on their abdomen where there weren't any before.
66: Zombies: The Party encounters a group of human zombies eating from the skull cavities of two dead CS soldiers, when they see the party members they start chanting "Braaaaiiins! Braaaaiiiins make the pain go away..." and then they will get up and start to chase the characters until destroyed. If any of the party members are bitten they will become zombiefied and want too eat brains too.
67: Blue: The party encounters a large number of extremely small Blue colored D-bees with floppy white hats, they sing and play and carry on, but once they notice the party members they run away and hide never to be seen again.
68: Yoda: You come across a little green D-bee with a few whisps of grey hair and large pointy ears he has a cane and wears an old thread bare robe. When he sees you he speaks with much conviction: "Size matters not. Look at me. Judge me by my size, do you? Hmm? Hmm. And well you should not. For my ally is the Force, and a powerful ally it is. Life creates it, makes it grow. Its energy surrounds us and binds us. Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter. You must feel the Force around you; between you, me, the tree, the rock, everywhere. Yes, even between the land and the ship. " If the characters look around they will see no ship, but when they look back for the little guy he is gone but for a voice in the minds of the characters says "The force will be with you, always. "
69: Fence Line: The party hears voices from up ahead and upon closer inspection... Two Dead Boys are posted near an Electric fence power terminal. Dead Boy 1: "Do you know what's going on?" Other Dead Boy: "Maybe it's another drill. "
70: Mysterious Hikers: You encounter two Men traveling along your path, They look like hikers But stop you to give you a serious message: Hiker #1: "Stick to the road". Hiker #2: "Beware of the moors. " Hiker #1: "Beware the moon, lads."
71: Little grey dude: The characters encounter a little grey humanoid who seems to be talking to himself... Gollum: "Master hurts us, Master betrays us. We should strangle him in his sleep. No, no, too risky...unless...we let 'her' do it... yes... Yes, she could do it for us, right precious? ...We be nice to you, if you be nice to us... All dead and all rotten, elves and men and orcses... So bright, so beautiful, our precious... He wants the precious. Always he is looking for it. And the precious wants to go back to him. But we mustn't let him have it..." When he sees the characters he runs away very fast and disappears.
72: Time before Time: The characters come across a small House, if all the characters enter the house they will notice there surrounding look different through the windows of the home. Outside they see Grey ash falling mixed with snow and several other houses and buildings where there wear none before. If the characters leave the house they notice they are not where they where when they entered. But in fact are 300+ years back in time at the beginning of the great cataclysm...
73: Time Machine: The characters come across what appears to be a large cappuccino maker, but they can't seem to figure out how it works. Suddenly a man steps put of the woods (human) but dressed very strange. (late 1800's early 1900's style clothing) he seems very interested in the characters and friendly. He will ask question after question about the characters and what they do. Then he will sit on the coffee maker, and after he does a few things disappears never to be seen again (machine and all).
74: Lawn Mower: The characters hear something strange coming from behind a group of trees. Upon closer inspection they notice a strange machine moving back and forth through a large expanse of very neatly trimmed grass. What is it? Is it some sort of alien Robot? If the characters move closer the Lawn Mower will turn towards them and charge. What it hopes to accomplish is beyond me. (Possessed Lawn mower +5 to strike 6D6 SDC damage from spinning Blades).
75: Train to hell: The characters come to a small non-descript town. The only thing that sets this town apart is that is has a full fledged train with tracks leading off in both directions as far as the eye can see. It is a passenger train from the late 1800's the engineer is a bright cheerful lad with a British accent and asks the characters if they need a ride. He charges any currency the characters have the most of about 100 each. However if the characters do decide to ride the train it has only one destination... Hell. The characters will end up in the nine hells with only one way out, traveling to the 9th plane and finding the doorway back to earth. (Possible campaign encounter. )
76: Red Barron: The characters are traveling along when one of the party notice something flying around in the sky, Closer inspection will reveal a little white and black beagle dog with flight goggles, scarf and leather pilots hat. He is sitting on a white doghouse with a brown roof and he seems to be dog fighting with... well nothing! Sitting behind the dog is a little yellow bird with the same gear on.
77: Pizza Guy: Out of nowhere and without any warning a domino's Pizza delivery guy shows up with a piping hot pizza loaded with all the good toppings. He picks a character at random and says "That will be $20. 98 sir. " If the player pays the delivery guy he will give him the Pizza and run away never to be seen again.
78: Blair Witch: The characters come across three young humans arguing near a river. Male #1: "I gave you BACK the map. " Female: "I gave you the map. " Male #1: "I gave you BACK... THE MAP. " Female: "How's east?" Male #2: "East?" Female: "Yeah, we've been going south all this time. How's east?" Male #2: "Wicked Witch of the West, Wicked Witch of the East. Which one was bad?" Female: "Wicked Witch of the West was the bad one. " Male #2: "Then we should go east. " Male #1: "OK, here's your motivation. You're lost, you're angry in the woods, and no one is here to help you. There's a witch and she keeps leaving shit outside your door. There's no one here to help you! She left little trinkets, you took one of them, and she ran after us. There's no one here to help you! We walked for 15 hours today; we ended up in the same place! There's no one here to help you, THAT'S your motivation! THAT'S YOUR MOTIVATION!" Male #2: "You want the map go look in the fuckin River. " Female: (Looking at the PC's) "Hey where did you guys come from? And have you seen a map floating around anywhere?"
79: Fun: the characters come across two 7 inch tall D-bees in conversation... D-Bee #1: "We'll never catch up with those horses!" D-Bee #2: "Then we will have to track them. " D-Bee #1: "That would take forever. Besides, even if we found them, they'd capture us, stick us in cages, torture us and then finally devour us!" D-Bee #2: "Are you suggesting we go home?" D-Bee #1: "Nah, this is more fun. " D-Bee #2: "All right, fine then. Come on!" They then proceed to march away completely oblivious to the presence of the characters.
80: Enterprise: The characters are walking along when they notice a ball of flame streaking across the sky, one of the party members then notices two human men standing on an outcropping of rock speaking looking up at the falling object... [Witnessing the destruction of the Enterprise. ] Man #1: "My God, Bones... what have I done?" Man #2: "What you had to do. What you always do: turn death into a fighting chance to live. "
81: Nuclear wessles: While in a town (anywhere) a human walks up to the characters asking for advice... Man: (in Russian accent) "Excuse me I'm looking for the nuclear wessles?" [characters look at him at him?] Man: "Nuclear wessles!?"
82: Lone Cyborg: The characters come across a strange looking Cyborg of some kind. When he sees the characters he speaks to them in a monotone mechanical voice. Borg: "We are the Borg, Lower your weapons and surrender them to us. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile. "
83: This Space Purposely left Blank.
84: Gettysburg:
The characters come across a picturesque filed with trees and gently rolling hills as they get to the edge of the field they hear someone yelling from one side of the field... Brigadier General Lewis A. Armistead: "Virginians! Virginians! For your land- for your homes- for your sweethearts- for your wives- for Virginia! Forward... March!" Then thousands of men in Blue and Grey uniforms swarm into the field to fight each other. The (grey) side has a flag or red with white crossed stripes of stars. While the Blue side has a flag with white stars upon a blue field with red and white stripes. Each Army is armed with late 19th century cannons and muzzle loading rifles. (What do the characters do?)
85: Old Man and the Demon: The characters while traveling at night through the mountains (GM's Discretion) come to a ravine and stand before a terrible sight- Before them 100 meters away a bridge of stone spans the Ravine, which appears bottomless. At one end of the Bridge stands a horrific beast of shadow and flame (Balrog Demon save vs. Horror factor 16) the demon seems to be in a stand off with an old man in grey Robes with a sword and a staff. You can hear as plain as day the old man speak to the Demon... "You cannot pass... I am a servant of the Secret Fire, wielder of the Flame of Anor. The Dark Flame will not avail you, Flame of Udun. Go back to the shadow! You shall not pass!" and with that he strikes his staff down upon the bridge and there is a bright flash of light. The demon takes a step forward and the bridge cracks and gives way the demon plunges to his doom But not before his fiery whip grabs a hold of the old man and drags him down to darkness. (The GM can run this encounter if he wishes if any characters have power armor with flight capability they could pursue the Wizard and demon into the depths...)
86: THE MAD Grenadier!: The players come across a small "market" style stall; it looks like a small child set it up to sell lemonade. Only this stall is selling what appear to be boxes and boxes of grenades! And is advertising "cheep grenades" and "cut price grenades?..."best quality" ... Sitting behind the stall is a young scrawny looking man with blond, short and wild hair, his hazel eyes flicker with delight when he sees the players. He has boxes of grenades in plain site! At least twenty! "Hello. [Mutters] yes, yes they will want some of my lovelies. [muttering] ...would you like... erm... that is [mutters] stop it you are making me look stupid! [muttering] ...would you like to buy some, good quality grenades?... [Mutters] mind, manners, must use manners [muttering] si. Sir... sir's" (and lades if any are there)... Needless to say the man is obviously mad, on close inspection the grenades are good replicas made from rocks and wads of painted paper! When the players turn to walk away, he offers some of his own personal stash! ...As he takes them from under the counter the players see what appears to be 6 alien looking grenades individually packed into the box labeled "my plasma grenades" he will let a player (with the highest MA) inspect one of the grenades! And he is charging 30 credits for these (and ten for the others, the fake ones) However! When the player removes the grenade to study it, the safety handle flies off!!! ...The man runs to get the grenade "safety handle" as he holds up a large metal ring with 6 grenade pins on it! And says, "The pins are another ten credits" ...BOOM!
87: Mail Bag: As the character make there way across the countryside a man Rides up on a brown horse. He has a U.S. Postal Service uniform on and is carrying a mailbag. He will call out one of the characters names at random and hand them a piece of mail (GM's discretion as to what it is), then ride off.
88: ACE: You encounter a strangely dressed individual who seems to be talking to himself while digging in a muddy pool of water. [as Captain Kirk] "Captain's Log, star date 29. 6, rounded off to the... Nearest decimal point. We've... Traveled back in time to save an ancient species from... Total annihilation. SO FAR... No... Signs of aquatic life anywhere, but I'm going to find it. If I have to tear this universe another black hole, I'm going to find it. I've... GOT TO, MISTER!!!"
89: Angry Man: The party stumbles upon a man kneeling before the ruins of a great Statue seemingly half buried into the side of a large outcropping of rock he is yelling "YOU MANIACS! YOU BLEW IT UP! DAMN YOU! GOD DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL!!"
90: Mir: The party encounters a real Russian space station- Mir, crashed in the middle of the desert. That's it. The site's not really worth anything, beyond overnight shelter and a few thousand credits of salvage.
91: Xiticix Liberation: Janet BADALL is going to free some Xiticix out of their cage. She gets killed, as will the players if they help. Otehrwise, you can kill them. (Referring to: Jane GOODALL, wild animals specialist).
92: McGYVER: The party encounters a man, attacked by some Raiders or Slavers or whatever. If they help him, they will gain an interesting ally (Repair 300%, Science 300%, Lockpick 300%) and will be rewarded with his Swiss Army Penknife (dmg: 1D6+5 MD, +25% Repair).
93: Storm Trooper Graveyard: The party while traveling through the countryside come across hundreds of mass graves. A little excavating will reveal thousands of human bodies all wearing the same white armor. Armor is useless just like in the films. It has no protective value but looks cool. Has an AR of 4.
94: Wazzup!!!: The party will encounter several humans, carrying phones. They all are repeating one word: "Wazzup!!!" What, if anything, this is all about the players have no clue.
95: Amish Paradise: The party encounters some black-dressed, working men. They're singing: "We've spend the most of life living in an Amish paradise" or "It's hard work and sacrifice living in an Amish paradise" to the melody of Coolio's "Gangsta Paradise."
96: Aaadriaaaan: While traveling the streets of the Ruins of Tolkeen, they encounter a incomprehensible young man running down the street in a sweat suit, screaming, "Yo, Adrian!" Should they follow him, he'll lead them on a grand chase up and down the streets, waving his arms at them encouragingly for them to join him. His long journey takes an hour and ends by climbing the high stairs to an abandoned museum, where he leaps into the air, fists akimbo, and the exhausted team members gain 1 PE point permanently. He then offers them free tickets to watch him fight, giving some team member the chance to become a champ himself.
97: Croaking Brodkil: During the night, the party will encounter a small Brodkil, which will croak and jump away, flapping his arms. If the party hurts or follows the Brodkil, he will flee just to return every night to croak "Nevermore! Nevermore!" until he is killed.
98: The Phone: The group will find an old phone booth right in the middle of the desert. It still seems intact, so someone with a high science skill might be able to figure it out. Maybe someone has a coin or a captain crunch whistle? If used, the phone will connect to the east coast.
99: Robot Checkpoint: The party encounters a group of Coalition soldiers questioning two men and two Skelebots in an Big Boss ATV.
Coalition Soldier: Let me see your identification.
Old Man: You don't need to see his identification.
Coalition Soldier: We don't need to see his identification.
Old Man: These aren't the robots you're looking for.
Coalition Soldier: These aren't the robots we're looking for.
Old Man: He can go about his business.
Coalition Soldier: You can go about your business.
Old Man: Move along.
Coalition Soldier: Move along, move along.
The Soldiers will be so dizzy; the characters may pass them without any problems.
00: Mr. Death (a small adventure rather than encounter):- in this encounter only the "chosen" player is able to see Mr. Death, it should also be played in a way that only "the chosen one" can hear what Mr. Death is saying, the rest should know only what their characters can see, which is not much... In the middle of nowhere a dark robbed figure with a scythe appears a few meters in front of players. It puts his scythe aside, pulls out a bundle of papers and browses thru it then selects one and heads towards one of the players with words "Sign it". He gives it to player (the rest of players might be surprised why the chosen player is doing as they cannot hear or see him nor the paper he gave). Player can read:
Death Certificate No. 100. 000. 000. 000. 000. 000. 000. 000. 000
On 1st April, ... (give a year) ... (give players name) has died of unexpected heart attack. Because of anniversary death number a special messenger has been dispatched to bring him for the Final Judgment. Please sign this for you own convenience (our representatives are authorized to use force).
Yours faithfully,
God Inc.
PS. Everyone that signs by his own will takes part in lottery with second chance on Earth as main prize!
Mr. Death (as he is the Dark Robed figure) carries little about player's actions or saying, he just responds, "Sign it! I have so much work to do!" (Bullets and all other forms of attack simply pass through him). When the player finally signs it (if he opposes Mr. Death simply knocks him/her out, and forges his signature, saying: "I knew it's going to end like that") he suddenly falls down and dies of "unexpected heart attack" and Mr. Death vanishes- but the rest of players discover that there is a war scythe laying near their fallen companion with some runic inscriptions (it look valuable and deadly). Players can take it (Dmg: 5D10 times 100 MD, anyone wounded with it is instantly killed. ) And what about the player that has died? Well after Death discovers that he has lost his work tool he tells the player that he must get it back. Mr. Death offers the "dead" player that if he will bring him his scythe back for him his death certificate will be lost somewhere in the Paperwork of Heaven (making it plain: he can return back to life). But there is one problem- the Scythe may not be taken by force, as it will lose all of its power (this is just in case somebody taken it by force from Mr. Death). Player is reincarnated with the same mind and abilities but in different body (of the same race) and maybe even different sex? :) He must somehow convince his companions that it's really HIM/HER, and that he needs that scythe... :) (Players shouldn't believe someone who wants to steal the most powerful weapon they have ever seen! Besides their friend is dead- They saw it so what does this loser want?) NOTE:The date, by the way, of the delivery of the Death Certificate is 21 May.

This is the first incomplete list; Gleaned from bits and pieces of leftover material. The Ninth Table was lost; To my knowledge, no Tenth Table was ever made. No self-respecting table can have less than 75 items, and as of this count there's only 32 items.
Any and all help appreciated.
XX: A Trainee Guide for "Basic Skills Course"; The cover says it was 'prepared for' US Coast Guard Special Missions Program Command by Titan Communications. It's information on Port Security Operations and various weapons (M-240, .50 Caliber, M-203, T&E Gear, and urban combat). Most of the information seems to be outdated.
XX: A can of Chef-Boyardee Beefaroni.
XX: A pair of large pair sweat pants with holes in the knees (and they need to be washed!).
XX: A bottle of the failed Gatorade flavor "Mango-asparagus punch!" (Thank God it's empty!)
XX: A nipple ring (with a still attached... Ewwwwww); Ironically you DON'T find an earring.
XX: A bellybutton ring (same as #4); Again, you DON'T find an earring.
XX: A toe ring (same as #4); You STILL don't find an earring.
XX: The other nipple ring (the left one, same as #4).
XX: A jar of Blue Star ointment ("Stops itching FAST!").
XX: A curly, black hair.
XX: The leftover cardboard tube from a roll of toilet paper.
XX: An 11MM round (?).
XX: 1 bar (bartender found separately).
XX: 1 bar of tender.
XX: 1 tender of bar; Her name is Nutmeg, but prefers "Nutty" until you piss her off.
XX: 1 Dangerous psychotic; His (?) name is Andy.
XX: 1 Navy-style "dog dish" sailors cap with the words "MUNROE CLEM ELY" written on the back of the flap (can't be seen when worn flipped up).
XX: An empty clip with a pile of empty shell casings. The word "reddson" is scratched onto the side.
XX: Tin of spam, unopened. Still not expired.
XX: You find, "Magic Missile."
XX: You find Rick's Magic Bicycle.
XX: A bag of Cheetos (someone may be looking for these).
XX: Some blue, no, grey eyes.
XX: You find Iridium Boards post count (if found, forward to LDMcFear at msn.com).
XX: When looking in an old vehicle, you find a pair of black leather panties with a pink lace thong stuffed into the back seat (the inside label reads "property of Nutmeg")... Described as "Her favorite" (though by whom exactly is lost to antiquity).
XX: 1 bottle of Mountain Dew.
XX: 2D20. 2D20 what exactly doesn't matter.
XX: 4D6. 4D6 what exactly doesn't matter.
XX: Eleventy (read '11D') Po-ta-to chips.
XX: 1 Snack Machines w/Funions stuck in it.
XX: 1 mostly cheeto-orange character sheet (your character w/ similar name).
XX: One bottle of "Glazed Donut" flavored Krispy Kream drink!
XX: Cursed Belt; Causes EXTREME body odor if worn. Requires a wizard who lives in a cave in the middle of nowhere to remove.
1485 N ROCK ST

XX: You find an animal tag (right):
A nearby working payphone provides the oprotunity to call the number; It works. Thbe automated voice keeps reeating "please hold while we attempt to connect" for a few momnets, then says "I'm sorry, that person is not answering. Please hold while we attempt to call another person on the list. Thank you for using Lucky Pet and returning (Buddy, but in a computer voice) to (his, again in the computer voice) home."
As long as you stay on the phone, it will repeat. Hanging up anbd calling another (working)
XX: Fountain Pen: On the side is the words "Adam Daniels." It doesn't work; Closer inspection reveals it never would have, either. number will connect you to that number immedaitely. Calling the number back will put you back into the repedative attempts to connec to Buddy's owner.