The UGC is literally LOADED with legends, stories, myths, fairy tales, tall tales, and outright lies. GM's are free to use any, all, or even none, though the events themselves DID happen.
The Chronicle of the 9TH Fleet
Maybe Dick
Lost Fleets
Alien Empire
The Soldier TODD Rebellion

The Chronicle of the 9TH Fleet.
The UGC 9TH Fleet, commanded by Commodore Michael "Big Mike" NAVVARO, was sent to FBX 21555320 to put down the rebellion there. It was planned to be a walk over- The pro-Council counter rebellion was in full swing, and rebel factions weren't popular to begin with. The 9TH Fleet was composed of UGC VICTORY (UDF-009), UGS HORNET (SFC-7380), UGS CARTHAGE (HSTC-42), UGS OPTERAN (HSTC-45), UGS PSUEDOPOLIS (HSTC-51), UGS MINERVA (HSTC-55), UGS MOSKOV (HSTC-58), UGS LONDON (HSTC-60), UGS HEND (HSTC-63), UGS YELLOWSTONE (HSTC-74), UGS TRAIST (HSTC-82), and UGS DOR ACKA II (HSTC-93). This already impressive force was supported by a KYHRON KRAVSHEEVA-Class (UGS HELLSPAWN), 2 Ryobi-Class Cargo ships, two BLOCKADER-Class Patrol Ships, 2 DAVID ESTEP-Class Hospital Ships, and a full complement of support vessels. What went wrong?
The plan was direct, simple, and utterly foolproof. HORNET would lead the attack as the arrowhead, with VICTORY right behind, while DOR ACKA II and CARTHAGE formed on the starboard flank opposite PSUEDOPOLIS and YELLOWSTONE on the port flank. The rest of the force would hang back to protect the support ships.
Everything was going fine, the enemy was moving to engage them; A pitiful force of ASFs and modified and rebuilt Destroids more dangerous to themselves and each other than to the 9TH, supported by a couple of rebuilt T'sen Destroyers. Then, totally out of nowhere, a massive blue energy blast swallowed VICTORY, HORNET, and CARTHAGE WHOLE AND ALL COMPLETE, including a large chunk of their Mecha and ASFs!
At first, this was thought to be some hyper- advanced, ultra-secret terrorist weapon; Although many still insist that is exactly what it was, the few rebels captured know absolutely nothing about it, although Ascendancy Supremacy claimed that "God" had intervened on their behalf.
Description of the Energy Weapon (EW-X1): A massive, blue energy globe, approximately 5,000' across. Appears instantly, and lasts about 35 seconds. Totally dissipates instantly at end of half-life, and gives off a moderate gravity field. (DOR ACKA II almost fell victim to the weapon as well). Totally vaporizes the victim, leaving not even detectable amounts of trace gases. NOTE: The UGC is offering a rewarded of 50 BILLION credits to anyone who can present to REF R&D a device that can cause what caused the 9TH Fleets destruction.
Catching Maybe Dick.
A Cutaway Of Maybe Dick.
Maybe Dick is a legend of a planet-sized diamond, probably born of a the fires of a star that was murdered by the death of a companion star. The existence of diamond worlds is well-established; They are one of two binary stars in which the companion star supernovas and becomes a pulsar, then strips the survivor of its primary atmosphere. What is left behind consists mostly of carbon in an incredibly dense state, crystallizing it, and thus making it a planet-sized diamond.
Supposedly one of these planets broke free of its parent star and became a so-called rogue planet (any planet sized object that is not bound to any star, orbiting the galaxy core independently), Maybe Dick is about 20,000 miles across, a perfect blue-white diamond. Some pilots have reported seeing it, even, giving position and tracking info- And then when anyone arrives, it's LONG gone.
Of course, mining interests would DIE- And kill- To get their hands on a Maybe Dick, but a bigger concern is actually what to do once they have it; It's too big to blast open (at least easily), might destabilize any local stellar gravimetric environment (potentially causing a nearby star to supernova), and couldn't even be controlled in its passage through space. One suggestion was to try to redirect one towards another, and when they collide collect up the remnants, but the UGC itself declared this a war crime; Mass destruction and the potential fallout (literal and figurative to other systems left this as too high a risk.
Of course, there are several planets like this around, but all of them are around quasars or other particularly nasty stellar neighborhoods where exploiting the wealth is a non-option; And should one ever be discovered where the potential to exploit it were obtainable, then the question would become how. After all, such a large diamond simple can't easily be broken up to develop, since their internal gravity makes landing on them at best problematic (a Human would weight only a few thousand times more).
Lost Fleets.
Over the centuries, the Tiresians built literally millions of ships, and hundreds of thousands of fleets, of T'sentraedi warships. From time to time they'd build whole fleets and place them in a reserve status, then forget about them
The Lost Fleet Anchorage.
entirely. These fleets over time have generally been found by REF researchers, with the intention to recover them, reprogram their clones to be less than supremely hostile, and re-integrate them and recycle their ships.
Unfortunately, a few centuries ago a private shipping concern recovered one of these fleets and claimed them as salvage; The REF fought it, but in the end the courts found in the salvers favor, and the best the UGC could do was fight for the clones (one of the few points of non-contention; warm bodies to feed and pay for that the concern would never get a penny out of, since slavery is illegal).
This "Lost Fleet Anchorage" produced hundreds of thousands of T'sentraedi warships, many that had been long abandoned by the T'sentraedi themselves. It was realized that "most" of these were kept purely for historical reference, but that really didn't make much difference.
Rumors of several other such fleets, Tiresian, Atorian, and other, are supposedly still floating around out there "somewhere" (rumor that happen to be true). Historians, malconts, and shipyards would love to get their hands on these (obviously for different reasons).Legally these 'lost' fleets are now the property of the UGC, but as possession is 90% of the law, and even a few of these ships 'could' net the right seller working with the right buyer under the right circumstances potentially billions of credits, it's well worth the risks involved- Especially since one could still sell the ships IF they've hidden them sufficiently well while they serve their prison sentence (which is only 10 years; 10 years in a no natural gravity prison is like a 15 year extension on one's life, since artificially gravitized environments retard cellular decay resulting in aging).
Alien Empire.
RXX-75200, Site Of The Attack.
About 30 yrs ago, an unknown design starship landed on RXX-75200. As the local police approached the vsl (civilians had gathered around out of curiosity), a door opened down, and out roared about 300 previously unknown species. Vaguely Carbonarran in frame, build, and size, the aliens made no attempt to communicate- They simply opened fire with a weapon similar to the American Empire's Civil War-Era Gatlin Gun. Several dozen people were killed in the first barrage, before seeking shelter.
Within 20 minutes, the local City Militia had stepped in and CRUSHED the attackers- A lucky break for the would-be invaders was that the Militia hadn't been called out already. None of the invaders survived.
The vsl appeared to be a half-dozen spheres grafted together, with a pair of wings spanning the fourth and fifth spheres. Reverse engineering showed she was COAL and STEAM powered, though other than that, it was a HIGHLY advanced design. The underside had a heat shield system that was designed to sheer away as layers burned off. The ship COULD have re-launched, possibly, if the crew had had the chance to work up to that point. Obviously, that didn't happen.
Documents on board showed they did know how to build the heat shields, and knew the way home- Unfortunately, the text was written in their OWN language, and no scientist, glyphologist, or nutso has yet translated it.
Soldier TODD Rebellion.
Sgt. TODD himself (date unknown, predates the "rebellion").
The Soldier TODD Rebellion was a 2298 incident in which a retired soldier unceremoniously dumped (like trash) on Arcadia 234 joined forces with colonists who crash-landed there (along with other deserter former soldiers), rather than the Trinity Moons as they had originally planned, to protect themselves from San Angeles Army Colonel Jason Isaacs MEKUM (and his most immediate subordinates, Captain CHURCH, Lt. RUBRICK, Lt KK SLOAN, and Sgt "Caine 607") who offically had "gone rogue" (though this is disputed by the colonists).
Col MEKUM took these soldier on a training exercise; Since Arcadia 234 was listed as uninhabited, he had decided that any colonists' presence was unlawful and ordered his troops to slaughter them. Several of the colonists were killed. Though outmanned and outgunned, TODD'S experience led him to outmaneuver the rogue unit with guerrilla tactics, allowing the majority of the colonists to escape. Unnerved by the unexpectedly tough resistance (with several of his "super soldiers" killed and all of his armor and heavy ordinance destroyed), Col MEKUM ordered prepare a "planet killer" (presumably a reflex or nuclear missile). However, the colonists captured the Col's shuttle which they took to Trinity, and MEKUM and the majority of his unit was killed (only 5 of the 25 total survived; none were eventually charged).
It is alleged the TODD personally tossed MEKUM and his aides out of the shuttle, and evacuating the remaining colonists just before the missile detonated. (TODD, even under threat of a VERY lengthy prison sentence, refused to confirm or deny the allegation; colonists who before had bragged of TODD'S bravery suddenly developed confusion as to what exactly did happen in the Number 2 hold.)
Resolution: After properly settling on Trinity, as originally planned, the colonists filed over 2,351 different lawsuits and other legal actions against San Angeles, and the San angeles Army; The United Galaxies Alliance was forced to re-build the planet. Millions of WALL*E's were manufactured to do so, and have been steadily repairing the planet since. Legally the planet is still the property of the descendants of the colonists, but San Angeles long ago settled with the colonists (although the specifics remain closed, the most commonly repeated amount is 22 millioncredit per settler). The UGC has a standing agreement, however, that the settlers or their descendants had first right of settlement once the planet is in a condition to be settled.
Additionally, the UGA passed the "Settlement Act," which makes settlement, of any kind, assumed legal unless and until proven otherwise (such as smugglers, pirates, etc). The Settlement Act has hampered the hunt for pirates (especially Ators, since they often mask pirate bases as legitimate encampments).