United Galaxies Council.
SACPAK: Strategic Armor, Control, And Power Augmentation Kit.
United Galaxies Council.
During the Abiginer Uprising, the "Free Abiginer Forces" produced one of the more remarkable weapons systems to have been seen in a while; Using modified RDF-Era Rocket Pack rigged with liquid-fueled
SACPAK Nose And Tail Views.
SACPAK Abeam Views.
rockets and grav pods (purportedly scrounged off of down IBP-1 from the local garrison), they lifted T'sentraedi style laser cannons aloft. This made each Veritech so equipped as powerful as a Corvette (which the IPA simply didn't have at the time).
The design did not serve the rebels well; Too few could be produced to really take on the arriving battle fleet, and there were not enough regular fighters to hold off the wave of IPA Guardians and Veritechs (Guardians were first coming into regular service at this time). However, the REF recognized the potentialialities of the design, and transferred captured units and parts thereof to the space factory at The Principality Of Zeon. The project was code-named Dendrobium and a contract to develop the unit into a practicable military assets was awarded to Anaheim Electronics. 6 months later, the first prototype, designated One-One Alpha accelerated from launch bay 15, with Ensign James MANCK-HEALY at the controls. Ensign MANCK-HEALY'S test flight revealed a few problems, but that over all the system was everything the IPA had hoped it could be.
The second unit did little to correct the previous deficiencies; Due to a combination of influences (including a hostile take-over bid, embezzlement, and tax evasion), Anaheim Electronics went bankrupt. The engineers working on the project simply walked away, and an emergency transfer of the bid was awarded to Gundam Aero-Space. With the design so far along, and no idea what direction the engineers from Anaheim Electronics where really going, One-Two Alpha was a dismal flop. This failure almost killed the project forever, when a distractionary war caused the IPA to invest unrealistic sums of money into defense; Some of this money got appropriated to the Dendrobium project (the IPA simply wasn't watching).
The third and final prototype consisted of two systems: The Veritech Fighter, Dendrobium unit itself, now labeled the SACPAK. SACPAK is an unmanned unit, and docks with the Mecha for a control system.
The SACPAK is essentially a Mecha and Space/Aero-Space Fighter killing corvette, for defense of space stations and starships. Basically a vastly cut-down Horizont with guns, its primary armament is a clone of the Tśentrædi Retractable Laser Cannon mounted on its own movable arm for aiming, with secondary armaments consisting of two large weapons canister pods, which carry a variety of weapons from mini-missile launcher pods LRMs to spare gunpods. Empty weapons pods can be ejected dead space, allowing the SACPAK to have new pods loaded up in a mere matter of minutes. With its warship-grade thrusters, laser cannons, and missile pods, and full-force variable force field, this unique vessel is capable of holding its own against any Mecha, and even, in numbers, of destroying full warships.
Model Type: Aero-Space Fighter Clip On Accessory Pack.
Class: Strategic Armor, Control, and Power Augmentation Kit.
Crew: None.
Passengers: None.
M.D.C. By Location:
Main Hull-
Main Thrusters (06)-
800 each
Weapons Pods (2)-
Main Gun-
600 each
Speed and Statistical Data:
FTL: Factor 20
Sub-Light: Mach 23
In Atmosphere: A ponderous 20 MPH; Only intended to transit through an atmosphere to take off or land.
Maximum Range: The SACPAK can safely run off on its own to 1 AU from its mother ship or base for an indefinite period of time; However, they can reliably transit to the edge of a given system on one-way trips.
Height: 127 feet
Width: 204 feet
Length: 458 feet
Weight: 450 tons
Cargo: None.
Primary: SRT-442 fusion reactor Lifespan: 5 Years
Secondary: JRM-1a Solar Sail Panel Arrangement Lifespan: The Solar Sail Panel Arrangement can power the unit for an indefinite period of time, but only up to approximately 400 AU's.
Tertiary: Battery backups can be used to power the thrusters at minimum thrust. Lifespan: 60 hours continuous use; Pilots are trained to shut the thrusters down except to make maneuvering adjustments, effectively giving the pilot at least a chance to make it close enough to send a radio signal requesting help.
Flight Systems:
FTL Flight: Primary: SSR 015o Tractioning Space Drive System Range: 1.1million Light-Years; Secondary: Piggy-backing off of a Starship's Space Fold Drive.
In-system Flight systems: Primary: Bleed-off from the Primary Power Plants through the thrusters (06) Range: 5 Years; Secondary: Type 88-0 Liquid-fueled rocket thrusters 06; Also directs thrust out the 06 main thrusters. Range: 1 AU reliably; Tertiary: JRM-1a Solar Sail Panel Arrangement; Range: The Solar Sail Panel Arrangement can power the unit for an indefinite period of time, but only up to approximately 400 AU's.
Cost and Availability: 25 millioncredits; Occasional
Estimated Black Market Cost and Availability: Between 1 million and 100 billioncredit, depending on quality. Note: Cost and Availability under each system refers to the black market.

Weapons Systems:
1. Main Large Weapons Canister Pods: Actually 02 canisters, each consisting of 08 pods; Each pod can be armed differently, vastly affecting the armament of the SACPAK.
L.R.M. Pod: Usually armed with Reflex, single warhead missiles, however any type of SINGLE WARHEAD missile can be used.
Purpose: Offense/Anti-Ship
M.D. and Range: Varies by type used.
Rate of Fire: Volleys of one, two, or all three per missile launcher per pilots attacks per melee.
Missile Type: Any non-multi warhead missile.
Payload: 3 per launcher.
Cost and Availability: Between 50,000 and 1 millioncredit; Occasionally available.
M.R.M. Pod: Up to 10 M.R.M.s can be carried per launcher.
Purpose: Offense/Anti-Fighter/Mecha/Ship
M.D. and Range: Varies by type used.
Rate of Fire: Volleys of one, two, five. or all ten per missile launcher per pilots attacks per melee.
Missile Type: Any M.R.M.
Payload: 10 per launcher.
Cost and Availability: Between 5,000 and 50,000credit; Fair availability.
S.R.M. Pod: Up to 100 S.R.M.'s can be carried per pod.
Purpose: Defense/Anti-Fighter/Mecha
M.D. and Range: Varies by type used.
Rate of Fire: Volleys of up to 50 per missile launcher per pilots attacks per melee.
Missile Type: Any S.R.M.
Payload: 100 per launcher.
Cost and Availability: Between 1,000 and 2,000credit; Almost always available.
Mini-Missile Pod: Up to 1,000 Mini-Missiles can be carried
Purpose: Defense/Anti-L/M.R.M.
M.D. and Range: Varies by type used.
Rate of Fire: Volleys of up to 150 per missile launcher per pilots attacks per melee.
Missile Type: Any non-multi warhead missile.
Payload: 1,000 per launcher.
Cost and Availability: Between 500 and 5,000credit; Always available.
Alternate Loads: Alternate loads can be carried, but employment requires some time. Typically, one pod is loaded up with spare Gun Pod clips/e-clips to permit the Mecha to fight long after the SACPAK as been destroyed.
2. T'sentraedi Retractable Laser Cannon: This nominally ship-grade weapons is the main weapon of the SACPAK. The weapon is mounted on its own movable arm for aiming, with a 360 degree arc of fire, but only a 20 degrees left/40 degrees right traverse. The traverse left is further restricted past 45 degrees up angle/170 degrees down angel (down to almost directly astern) to increasingly less and less; From 45 degrees to 90 degrees up angle, there is 0 degrees left traverse, and from 90 degrees up angle to 170 degrees down angle there is actually a 5 degree right angle maximum. However, this vast blind area is easily overcome by simply rolling the ship.
Purpose: Assault
M.D.: 1D4 times 100
Rate of Fire: Each turret can fire twice per melee, and can be combined in any volley combination of three (3, 6, 9, 12, etc).
Range: 100,000 miles (double in space).
Payload: Unlimited
Cost and Availability: Between 10,000 and10 millioncredit; Rarely available in this format.

3. Optional Force Field: Base on the Robotech Masters force field. Provide full protection. It is always on.
Purpose: Defense/Anti-Weapons
MDC: 100
Rate of Fire: The field can be moved to any side per pilots attacks per melee.
Range: Can be set to reach up to 50 ft from the Mecha.
Payload: Unlimited; However, once its MDC is gone, the unit is useless and must be replaced. The unit can regenerate MDC lost after the unit is shut down, but not while it is running.
Cost and Availability: 50,000 per emitter; Occasional.

  • Expanded AMC/FD (2): Anti-Missile Chaff/Flare Dispensers. Actually launches a glob of burning magnesium/aluminum alloy to confuse both radar AND heat sensory systems. Fires off 04 chaff/flares each time it is activated. The system is KNOWN to work on all KNOWN radar and infrared systems, but concerns continue that somewhere out there their MIGHT be a system that will be totally unaffected by the system. Reduce effects by 20% against smart missiles (add +20% to rolls for smart missiles).
    01-50: Enemy missile or missile volley detonates in chaff cloud - Missiles are all destroyed.
    51-75: Enemy missile or missile volley loses track of real target and veers away in wrong direction (may lock onto another target).
    76-00: No effect, missile is still on target.
    Also note that the chaff cloud will also blind nearby heat sensors (and optically based sensors at night) for 1 melee. They will suffer the following penalties: Reduce melee attacks/actions, and combat bonuses by half.
    Duration: 1D4 melee rounds.
    Payload: 600 chaff/flares. Each time the system is engaged, the system fires off 04 chaff/flares.
  • Expanded LDP (4): Launched Decoy Pods. Located on the dorsal aft main hull. The SACPAK carries special pods that carries advanced decoy drones. These drones are launched and fly off in various directions away from the ship. Each is a specially designed radar lure that creates a radar image to mimic the vessel. If decoys are not destroyed, they can be recovered and repaired. This system has been successfully deployed against SEVERAL alien radar-type sensors (including one that works off of sound), but not against Invid Protoculture sensors. (They will sometimes attract Invid, however, at -50%.)
    M.D.C.: 5
    Effects: The decoy has a 98% chance of fooling ordinary non militry radars and non smart guided missiles, and a 90% chance of fooling military grade radars and advanced smart missiles.
    Range: Released to go wherever it wants. Can fly independently for about 30 minutes.
    Rate of Fire: 2 every melee.
    Payload: 10 Decoys each pod, 10 pods altogether.
  • FLIR/SLIR: Forward and Side Looking Infrared. Allows pilot and weapons officer to get visuals on targets at night.
  • Radar: Combat grade radar. Range: 20,000 miles, can track up to 2,000 individual targets. 95% reliability (24% against unfriendly stealthed vehicles).
  • Electronic Counter Measures (ECM): These systems disrupt enemy radar and tracking systems, making it difficult for them to lock onto the ship with weapons. The countermeasures give the Mecha a +3 to dodge, +2 to strike and +1 on initiative in combat.
  • Smoke Emitters (2): Emits enough smoke to cover an area about 20,0003 feet in area; Special chemical block IR sensors and radar signals (scatters them so the enemy can't get a good fix), however does not totally interfere with enemy sensors (enemy is -2 strike).
  • CS/A-013(a) Communications Satellite: The SACPAK is be fitted out with 4 of these satellites for extended communications and radar range.
    M.D.C. By Location:
    Pod: 50
    Fiber Optic Cable: 10
    Effect: Extends range of any sensors 10 times.
  • XTNDR RADAR/Radio Antenna Extender: A simple, 23 foot helium balloon lofts a 10 lb. pod 100' into the air. Hanging from this payload is a fiber-optic cable that relays the data collected from the XTNDR Pod to the Vehicle/Mecha/Vessels computers. Note that using this system under heavy foliage will allow the radar, etc to work there, at no penalties, but it will not break the canopy either. 10 of these pods are carried on each SACPAK. Note: When used in space, the tether can be eased up to 100 feet, rather than the normal 10 feet. Also, in space the balloon is NEVER inflated, as it will pop due to the over-pressure.
    M.D.C. By Location:
    Pod: 50
    Fiber Optic Cable: 10
    Effect: Extends range of any sensors 10 times.
  • Telescopic Arms: A pair of telescopic arms can be folded into the main hull. The hand will fit in pipes/holes up to 6" across in the open (wider) position, and can reach up to 100 feet.
    Combat Bonuses from SACPAK Combat Elite:
  • None; The Kit does NOT actually increase the pilots abilities per se.