The Vampire Slayers.
The Scooby Gang.

The Vampire Slayers.
The Scooby Gang.
The Permenant Leader.
Name:Scooby Gang.
  • Vampire and demon hunting;
  • Locating and training of new Slayers.
  • Membership:
    Original Members:
  • Buffy SUMMERS*;
  • Rupert GILES†;
  • Dawn SUMMERSᴺᴬ;
  • Xander HARRIS*;
  • Willow ROSENBERG*;
  • Cordelia "Cordie" CHASE*;
  • Tara MACLAY†;
  • Riley FINN†;
  • Andrew WELLS†;
  • Faith LEHANE†;
  • Amanda the Slayer†;
  • Annabelle the Slayer Trainee†;
  • Chloe the Slayer Trainee†;
  • Molly the Slayer Trainee†.
  • Non-Member Allies:
  • Joyce SUMMERS*;
  • Robin WOOD†;
  • Faith LEHANE†;
  • Andrew WELLS†;
  • Kennedy†;
  • Wesley WYNDAM-PRYCE*.
  • Non-Human Members and Allies:
  • Anya JENKINS (no relation to Billie JENKINS, of the Charmed Ones)†;
  • Angel (vampire)ᴺᴬ;
  • Spike (vampire)ᴺᴬ;
  • Daniel "Oz" OSBOURNE†;
  • Vi†;
  • Rona†;
  • Leah†;
  • Renee†;
  • Satsu†;
  • Rowena†..
  • Members and Allies KIA:
  • Kendra YOUNG†.
  • †: Indicates members and allies KIA.
    *: Indicates members and allies who died other than KIA.
    The Mystery Machine.
    The Scooby Gang, or "Scoobies", are a group of characters in the cult television series and comic book Buffy the Vampire Slayer who battle the supernatural forces of evil. The team consists of Buffy SUMMERS and her friends and colleagues who assist her in her duties as the Slayer. First formed to prevent the Master from opening a portal to hell, the line-up of the group varied over time, but the core that remained intact throughout was Buffy herself, Giles, Buffy's watcher, and her best friends, Xander and Willow.
    Because he pre-dates even the groups formation, Giles is always listed immediately after Buffy; However, because she is Buffy's clone/sister, Dawn is always listed just after Giles, even though, by rights, Dawn should be listed much later on.
    The group was first referred to as the Scooby Gang by Xander as a reference to the group of ghost-hunting teenagers from the cartoon Scooby-Doo.
    The Scooby Gang usually take an unimpressed, flippant attitute towards extraordinary events and supernatural occurrences. Originally a group of teenage friends attending Sunnydale High in a town built on top of a Hellmouth, the group gradually expanded, eventually merging with the Watchers' Council to become a global organization dealing with demonic threats worldwide and training thousands of Slayers. In the beginning, Buffy often had to protect her friends from monsters, but over the course of the series most of them gained superpowers and fighting skills of their own, with Xander the only notable member with no mystical abilities or connection to the supernatural. Due to the show's strong themes of female empowerment, the most powerful members of the team are often female (Buffy and Willow), while the men play passive roles such as that of father-figure (Giles) and supportive best friend (Xander). Also, in keeping with the show's themes of redemption and moral ambiguity, many of the Scoobies have at some point in their lives been evil and even murdered people before but are now fighting on the side of good.
    Buffy Anne SUMMERS, The First Slayer And First President Of The Scoobies.
    Original Scooby Gang Members
    Buffy SUMMERS- As a Slayer, Buffy possesses enhanced abilities that enable her to battle the forces of darkness. She is the focal point of the Scooby Gang, as the team initially formed around her responsibilities as the Chosen One, and she is very close to most of its members. Buffy is often reluctant to accept her destiny and leadership position but is forced to train her fellow Slayers in the fight against evil.
    Buffy was noted for having an unusually strong attraction to vampires and demons; With few exceptions, all of her various lovers over time were demons.
    Rupert "Giles" GILES- Originally Buffy's Watcher, GILES acted as a father-figure and mentor to most of the other Scoobies. GILES was a founding member of the team before returning to England so that Buffy will take responsibility for her own life. He returned to the Scoobies on several occasions in times of need and later trained the Scoobies to be able to train Slayers (after the Slayer Wars). As a Watcher he had access to resources (especially to the ancient Watcher Library, who's locations is still considered a top secret, and suspected by non-Watchers to be in an alternate dimension).
    Joyce SUMMERS, Buffy and Dawn's Mother.
    Dawn SUMMERS- Buffy's younger sister, Dawn, is actually a semi-psuedo clone/energy orb hybrid of the founder of the Scooby Gang, Buffy SUMMERS (the late slayer) turned into human form by monks and given false memories. She considered the original Scooby Gang to be her surrogate family and was very close to them, and protective of their memory. In 2000, Czech monks of the Order of Dagon had possession of "The Key," a mystical ball of living energy that can open a portal to all dimensions. Once opened, the portal would have create chaos on Earth as Hell dimensions flood into this world until the energy is used up and the portal is closed again. The monks wanted to put this dangerous power to good use, but forces of darkness had tracked them down; In desperation, three surviving monks used powerful magic and part of Buffy "THE Slayer" SUMMERS to forge The Key into human form as a fourteen-year-old girl, and send it to the Slayer as a sister to protect it from Glory, a hell-god bent on returning to the hell dimension from which she had been exiled for being too vicious. Unfortunately, due to the nature of her "birth," Dawn SUMMERS never really grew up ("Peter pan Syndrome"); She remains, even now, fairly immature, and still acts, after 500 years, like she's still a teenager. (This, despite the several children she's had.) She was (and still is) a rather klutzy but otherwise normal teenager, who enjoyed school and looked up to Buffy and her friends. When exactly the monks inserted DAWN into her sister's life is unclear; Everyone around her were effected by a set of false memories, and knowing which were real and which weren't was impossible, even with the monk's help. However, the monks stated that they made her 14 "because it seemed like a good idea at the time." In order to 'ease' the transfer, the monks been imbued her (and everyone around her) with artificial memories of her as Buffy's younger sister. Only those "outside reality," such as mental patients, could see Dawn's true nature. Eventually, she and those around her discovered and came to terms with how she came into existence. Upon learning of her mystical origin, she began self-harming and ran away from home, but her "sister" managed to assure her that they are real sisters no matter what. Both Buffy and Dawn were deeply disturbed by their mother's unexpected death from a brain aneurysm, and Dawn almost resorted to necromancy to bring Joyce back from the grave. For many years, Dawn believed herself a "lightning rod" for other's pain- This depression caused her to foolishly offer her own life to save the world when Glory's plan began to come to fruition. She was stopped by her sister. After Joyce's death, Willow ROSENBERG took over the role of mother to Dawn. Dawn also suffers from abandonment issues from the nature of her "birth," kleptomania, a susceptibility to black magic's (especially clever black magic's, the slow kinds that make you think it's a good idea ᵅⁿᵈ/ₒᵣ one's own idea), and an inferiority complex, due to her sister's powers and reputation (despite being a powerful immortal) even after her sister's passing. She eventually attended and graduated from University of California Berkeley, with degrees in Liberal Arts, Art, Medicine (Registered Nurse) with Operating Room, Emergency Room, EMS, and Field Hospital experience (from when she was drafted into the ASC and re-drafted into the REF after the arrival of the first Mars Division), and Militry Sciences (which mostly means she "knows" how to march, salute, identify ranks insignia, etc., not that she actually cares). With the right ritual, her blood opens a dimensional portal to all universes, bringing chaos and destruction to Earth within minutes. She is also an experienced vampire and demon slayer, a highly capable fighter and spellcaster (usually casting them from memory), can read a variety of languages ranging from Turkish to Latin (and picked up T'sentraedi quite quickly), a professionally trained painter (no particularly noteworthy pieces), and is a fully trained Watcher, making her the primary Slayer trainer; A demon becoming the demon's killer's trainer, is an irony nowhere lost on her. She rarely flinched from danger, a lesson learned from her sister and the original Scoobies. As devastated as she was by her mother and (much much later) sister's deaths, she was particularly hurt by Xander HARRIS' death; No one outside the "original Scoobies" knew why, and as HARISS was the last original, the secret effectively died with him.
    Dawn eventually had several children; Unfortunately, her immortality did not transfer to any of them, and she outlived all of them; Each of them, however, are unusually long lived, with her daughter Joyce (the youngest to die of old age) being 153 at her passing, and their decedents receiving this gift. Dawn long ago got over the idea of outliving all her decedents, and now stays away from most of them unless on some time of official business (she doesn't even know most of them, only her currently living children, and none of their descendants if she can avoid it).
    One thing Dawn became very good at was managing money; So good in fact that after only a 150 years, she'd unexpectedly discovered she had a personal fortune of $158 million. She recognized shortly after Joyce SUMMERS' (her "mother") death that money was an asset to be managed; Neither squandered nor horded but used wisely. Because she learned that lesson, she was able to keep The Crypt and The Magic Box paid in full, some food on the table, and the other expenses paid off, with most of whatever was left over being put into investments. This then kept growing and growing, and turned into a substantial amount before she'd realized how substantial. The money is now used mainly to keep other Scoobies from getting too far behind, but without wanting to take the job full time, and to take care of the next Slayer. She keeps this money a secret, though, in order to keep the work itself going "the RIGHT way, the way Buffy would have wanted." Only Angel ever learned of this secret, and he never will tell.
    Xander HARRIS- The most consistent and reliable member of the Scoobies, the wise-cracking Xander is notable for being one of the few characters in the show with no "superpowers." Instead, his insight, compassion, and support is how he helps his friends in the battle against evil; For example, he brings Willow back from the brink of darkness with his unconditional love. Xander also possesses some knowledge of military combat and weapons after being turned into a real soldier after a spell went awry. It was Xander who caused the forming of the Scoobies due to his obsessive following and assisting of Buffy (whether she wanted it or not, which, at first, she didn't). Exceptionally brave, especially for a "normal." Humility was a "gift" he held in some degree; Unknown to the other Scoobies, he ended a bomb plot that would have blown half the town off the face of the earth, and they had no idea until years after his death. He'd chosen not to tell anyone, partially because he "thought" the only witnesses to the plot (the plotters themselves) had all died- There was actually one witness he knew nothing of, a camcorder set up to observe an experiment, and while only one the bombers barely drift into the camera and too briefly at that to be useable, the audio from the camcorder was very clear.
    Willow ROSENBERG, Master Witch.
    Cordelia "Cordie" CHASE- No one ever admitted to giving her the sword.
    Willow ROSENBERG- Willow's abilities as a witch make her the most powerful member of the Scooby Gang. She sometimes resented being thought of as a "sidekick," leading the team during Buffy's temporary death. It was she who unwittingly activated ALL the Potential Slayers worldwide, leading to the Slayer Wars (a very chaotic time when Slayers hunted demons and each other, until the Watchers stepped in).
    Cordelia "Cordie" CHASE- A former Sunnydale High cheerleader, Cordelia publicly looked down on the Scoobies, who were unpopular and therefore beneath her while privately respecting them; As a claravoinat, she knew she needed to keep their secret, since she was already aware that her life was in danger and she would be relying on them to save her. After this she publicly acknowledge them, even becoming Xander's girlfriend and an official member of the Scooby Gang until she left for Los Angeles to join Angel Investigations. Friends and aquantences describered her as "snobby," which she never contradicted.
    Tara MACLAY- Willow's girlfriend, soulmate, and fellow witch. Although she was a powerful witch, Tara rarely performs offensive magic, except in extreme circumstances when her friends were in danger. Initially very shy, Tara was somewhat of an outcast among the Scoobies, who weren't sure what to make of her. However, she eventually formed strong friendships with most of them, in particular Buffy and Dawn, and Anya to a lesser extent. She was killed in action by Warren MEARS.
    Non-Human Members and Allies
    Anya JENKINS.
    Anya JENKINS (less than no relation to Billie JENKINS, of the Charmed Ones)-Anyanka "Anya" Christina Emmanuella JENKINS was a millennia-old vengeance demon who became mortal and falls in love with Xander. Anya struggled to understand human conventions and often offends people due to her frank honesty and literal approach to speech. Initially very selfish, she eventually comes to respect humans and proves her loyalty to the team many times. Born in Sjornjost, Sweden in 860 as Aud, she grew up raising rabbits and became the outsider of her village, whose inhabitants labeled her as "odd because she speaks her mind." Her lover cheated on her, and she receives a proposition from D'Hoffryn (no surviving record) to abandon her human life and become a vengeance demon. Like all vengeance demons, Anyanka's interpretation of the wish expressed would often be rather loose and considerably more destructive than the wisher intended. For example, a girl wished her husband's head would explode, another wished that her ex would cannibalize himself, another was transformed into a dog, another become attracted by other guys. In 1199, Anyanka traveled to the Kastka valleys above the Urals to curse an unfaithful shepherd and was caught in the middle of a sorcerer's Ascension to the form of the demon Lohesh. She managed to escape, but was shocked by the death and carnage which claimed almost the entire village. In the 16th Century, Anyanka came to know the French sorcerer Cloutier who, despite inventing a spell hated by demons, she though was cute. She witnessed the Salem witch trials in 1692. In the 19ᵗʰ century, Anyanka became close friends with fellow vengeance demon Halfrek, who she shared a fierce rivalry with during The Crimean War. Despite their competition, Halfrek secretly admired Anyanka, and was impressed when a wish she granted sparked a revolution in St. Petersburg, Russia in 1905. When she learned Richard WILKIN, Sunnydale's Mayor, was planning to ascend to true demon, she offered advice based on the Ascension she witnessed in 1199, though she would not participate in the confrontation. Anya's lack of social skills made her unpopular with just about everyone, but she found acceptance with the Scoobies, based in part on her willingness to discuss demons and their vulnerabilities and the fact that she eventually found some courage (due to her attraction to Xander). Anya was hired as an employee of The Magic Box because of her interest and talent for finances. After a heartbreaking falling out with Xander, she returned to being a Vengeance Demon, but continued to aid the gang, even defeating a trio of crisis that would have put them at risk by tricking them into NOT making a vengeance wish. Fro this and a dozen other "misdeeds," her masters turned her human once again; This led her to find a purpose for herself. She was killed by a Bringer and in the final battle against the First Evil, she died when she was nearly sliced in half, but appeared to Xander as a ghost.
    Angel (vampire)- Angel rarely socializes with the other Scoobies, contacting them only when necessary. His relationship with the group is irrevocably damaged when he turns evil and murders Giles' girlfriend, and he eventually leaves for Los Angeles where he and Cordelia form their own group, Angel Investigations.
    Spike (vampire)- Formerly an enemy of the Scoobies, this punk vampire switches sides when he is fitted with a microchip that prevents him from harming humans. Spike eventually falls in love with Buffy and becomes a true hero, seeking out his soul in order to prove his worth. Nevertheless, the other Scoobies, particularly Xander and Giles, remain extremely hostile and distrustful towards him. Spike was asked to join Angle's team years later and stated that he "hope(d the name) wasn't 'the Scoobies.'"
    Daniel "Oz" OSBOURNE- Willow's boyfriend, Oz is a werewolf and the guitarist for local band Dingoes Ate My Baby. With his stoic sense of humor, Oz is a loyal and popular member of the Scoobies, maintaining a good friendship with Xander. He leaves the group in Season Four to learn how to control his wolf side. Unfortunately, he was killed by another Slayer in a case of mistaken identity.
    Noteworthy Locations
    Sunnydale Bookstore
    "The Magic Box" was a magic and bookstore "acquired" by the Watcher GILES. After he left it was destroyed, rebuilt, destroyed again, rebuilt then destroyed again and rebuilt. After the first and second reconstruction the store came back a little less strong as before, but after the third it was rebuild much grander than it had been in the beginning. It specializes in magic interests, though there is as closed section where dark and/or dangerous materials are stored but never destroyed. The upper most level is Dawn SUMMERS' private apartments now.
    Even the REF and GIS steer well clear of this building unless they're on business with the Scoobies- Even then they enter with a strong degree of situational awareness. That place is just creepy.
    The Crypt.
    The Crypt
    A farmhouse about 20 miles outside Sunnydale that members of the Scoobies can go to when in need (if The Magic Box is closed). No search warrants for The Crypt are ever requested, and only three police officers have ever been there for investigation purposes- All three are former Scoobies.
    Any member of the Scoobies can find refuge there; A former member who found himself homeless showed up on the doorstep one day asking for help finding a home, and was immediately given a berth and a meal- And dis-infested of the 3 different vermin that had infested his body.
    Demons from time to time show up as well, asking help; Dawn usually accommodates them, but under STRICT controls. The Crypt is magically active, and the demons know this, so there must be a STRONG fear indeed to go there looking for help. (All demons loose their powers inside the house due to the same enchantments that make it "spooky as fuck.")
    The Morgue
    Even Scoobies stay out of "The Morgue." Dawn goes in there, sometimes she takes a demon with her. Dawn always comes out. Sometimes the demon does, too, but not usually. Even Scoobies stay out of there. (It's said that some of the original Scoobies had been in there at one point or another… But even Scoobies stay out of there now.)
    The Morgue is rather aptly named; It's a place where demons go to die, their bodies swallowed up by the earth. Their souls are freed from their corporeal vessels, and usually dragged off to Hell for various punishements. Oddly, when it's not being used as a morgue, it's looks like any other concrete floored basement, and Dawn uses it to store things that aren't currently essential.
    General Information
    Name: The Scoobies.
    Director: Dawn SUMMERS.
    Mission: Hunt and kill vampires and demons, train Slayers.
    Size and Orientation: Secret Club or Society (145)
    A: Outfits:
    B: Equipment:
    C: Weapons:
    D: Bionics and Robotics:
  • None (0).
  • Cheap Gear (2).
  • None (0).
  • None (0).
  • E: Vehicles:
    F: Communications:
    G: Offices, Hideouts and Distribution:
    H: Military Power:
  • None (0). The Scoobies have a small stable of vehicles, but those are more or less "open" to whoever needs a ride.
  • None (0). Every member has a Cellular PDA, and the service is paid by Dawn, but "as" Dawn and not as the company under a group plan.
  • Urban (5); Actually, just one bookshop in Sunnydale, but it does have a basement. Their supporters (about 100 common people) meet there.
  • None (0). Less than none, actually. However, previous contact with various militry and police agencies means they can tap those agencies for favors.
  • I: Super Powered Agents:
    J: Sponsorship:
    K: Special Budget:
    L: Administrative Control:
  • A Few Regulars (20). It's kinda what they do; When all of them get together, they can be a Major Force (7̶0), though this is relatively rare.
  • Agent Sponsored (50). Most members pay a fee for membership, though prior members also contribute, and dawn is sitting on a God's ransom in investments.
  • None (0); They couldn't even buy a tank of gas (or a city bus ticket) on agency funds (since the 'agency' doesn't have funds, or at least rarely does).
  • Rigid Laws (0); They can't afford to get caught breaking the law, so they don't try.
  • M: Internal Security:
    N: External Infiltration:
    O: Intelligence Resources:
    P: Agency Credentials:
  • None (0).
  • Rare Minor Traitor (5).
  • Cheap Resources (2).
  • Largely faceless (5).
  • Q: Salary:
  • None (0); Most members, in one way or another, end up having to pay to be a member of the group (for example, taking time off to hunt vamps/research demons/defuse nuclear weapons some fool built/etc, or buy their own gas to haul everyone around). Occasionally Dawn can scrounge up a few credits to repay members for expenses.
  • Access to the Watcher Librabry;
  • Sunnydale Bookstore;
  • A few cars (most old);
  • A pair of Harley-Davidson motorcycles;
  • A pair of ASC Hovercycles;
  • An old farmhouse near Sunnydale (named "The Crypt").
  • The main controversy of the Scoobies is their willingness to take government contracts; Their main supporters are generally anti-governmental outcasts. However, the government factions that hire them pay very well indeed; A "small" matter, such as advising on a minor vampire incursion, can bring six- and seven-digit paydays. This means all expenses paid for a few months, which means they can operate without having to worry about foreclosure. As much. This isn't usually applied to when the Scoobies were drafted into the ASC.
    Some members are upset at the company taking on demons as members, and at sub-contracting to others (including the HALLIWELLS and Ghostbuster), but Dawn "usually" manages this dissent.