United Nations/RDF.
Terran United Nations
Robotech Defense Forces.
Super Dimensional
Fortresses (SDF's).
United Nations/RDF.
Terran United Nations
Robotech Defense Forces.
The UGC has, currently, five main classes of SDF type warships. All four are discussed in detail in standard documentation, and will not be covered here.

The ship mode version of the SDF-001; Like new SDF designs, it is non-transformable. May or may not have outriggers, but if so, they are always the ARMOR- Class, not the DÆDELUS and PROMETHEUS hulls of UES MACROSS (SDF-001) fame. (Remember, the ARMOR-Class can, in turn, carry two PLANETMASTER-Class Assault shuttles, which were based directly on the DÆDELUS.) Mostly used in defense, the GLOVAL-Class are commonly manufactured by member worlds of the UGC; Kobol, for example has 4 of them, while Yahveen has 2.
Length: 3,969 feet 9.75 inches (XXm)
Beam: Hull: 1,112 feet, 2½ inches (XXm); With ARMOR-Class Carrriers: 1,627 feet 3.5 inches (XXm)
Clearance: 1,023 feet 72/₅ inch (XXm)

The attack mode version of the SDF-1; Like new SDF designs, it is non-transformable. It, too, does not have arms. Mostly used for planet-bound defense, these ships are moved every six weeks to keep in practice. Used in a fashion similar to what the Grand Cannons would have been, but more mobile.
Most planets do not, actually, build any of these platforms; While infinitely more mobile than a Grand Cannon, their lack of overall mobility renders them horribly vulnerable to attack themselves (as demonstrated by Khyron KRAVSHERRA and Azonia LAPLAMIS' attack on the SDF-001 MACROSS), and their nature makes them an inevitable target. Those planets that do, do so more as a status symbol than as an actual militry platform, and it is not uncommon to find that these ships double as some degree of government buildings; In the most tyrannical systems, it is the capital building.
Length: 203 feet 5 inches (XXm)
Beam: 1,390 feet 3.3 inches (XXm)
Clearance: 6,231 feet 4 inches (XXm)
The Second-Generation EXEDORE FORMO-Class SDF's, these do have a pair of Reflex Cannon arms (based on the RIN NADOW LOJM-Class T'sentraedi Monitor). Like the EXEDORE-Class, these vsls are used for planet-bound defence, and moved every six weeks to keep in practice. They are, however, capable of reaching space. No plans to decommision the EXEDORE-Class are currently pending.
Length: (XXm) (XXm)
Beam: (XXm) (XXm)
Clearance: (XXm)

The semi-organic SDF-003. This is the type used by the REF; Until the advent of the BREETIA TULL-Class, this WAS the flagship of the REF, and most fleets still use them as their flagship, despite delivery of the BREETIA-Class.
The PIONEER-Class can not transform; This is not a design flaw as the humanoid shape slows movement and provides no combat advantage. The fixed-configuration is faster, more mobile, better and more heavily armed and armored, and better designed for space travel. The design is also been retrofitted in certain areas, allowing them to operate with a smaller crew, but accommodate a larger one.
Length: 5,646 feet 04 inches (XXm)
Beam: 1,699 feet 5.75 inches (XXm)
Clearance: 1,512 feet 5³/₅ inch (XXm)
The TERRA-Class was a guardian-mode version of the SDF series intended for planetary defense. While functionally capable, the ships were simply cost-prohibitive. Much of the structural engineering theory replicated the MAC-II Destroid, though immensely scaled up (over a dozen MAC-II's ARE included as the ship's mounted guns). 5 in total were built before the blueprints were retired; Three have since been decommissioned.
The Metro-Class conceived as a mobile city for use on extreme high-risk planets, such as Sol's Venus and Mercury. The construction costs were reasonably low, however, the upkeep costs proved to be unsustainable; For every credit's worth of mineral she put out, she used 5 in repairs. Only one, UGV Aphrodite (the Greek name for Venus), was built. She worked the planets Venus and Mercury, then was decommissioned. She is currently sitting in a mothball fleet at Neptune's Triton IV anchorage ("Lassell Anchorage") awaiting disposition.
The fully transformable UES MACROSS (SDF-001) of myth and legend. May have any combination of ARMOR, DÆDELUS, and/or PROMETHEUS. This is the "abnormal" class, as only a small number of such vsls have ever been built, starting with the rebuilt Visitor/SDF-001 MACROSS and the completed SDF-002 MEGAROAD.
However, after the Beorje Crisis, the UGC appropriated funding to build a half-dozen of these vsls for the psychological value against the Beorje; There was something about the "Daedelus Maneuver" that had their fleet in a tizzy (and thus saved the UGC from extinction). (That the Beorje were familiar with, and respectful of, the T'sentraedi Fleet may have an influence their collective analysis.)
Since then a total of 12 of these ships have been built:
UGS ZOR (SDF-00004); Representing the Terran/T'sentraedi/ Triesain/Invid/Sentinel Factions.
UGS GIEDI PRIME (SDF-00005); Representing the Landsraad League.
UGS FLJYT (SDF-00006); Representing the former Atorian systems.
UGS KOBOL (SDF-00007); Representing the Kobolese Confederation.
UGS CORSUCANT (SDF-00008); Representing the Geh ‘Dia march.
UGS YAHVEEN IV (SDF-00009); Also representing the Geh ‘Dia march (they had a second ship representing them because they paid for her; otherwise there'd only be 11 ship now).
UGS TARAZED (SDF-00010); Representing the High Nenomause Commonwealth.
UGS JAMES A DEKKER (SDF-000011); Representing the Brotherhood Of Steel.
UGS SASHA (SDF-000012); Representing the Knaeck.
UGS OPTERA (SDF-000013); Representing the Invid (this ship also was paid for by the Invid).
UGS KRONOS (SDF-000014); Representing the Clingohn Alliance.
UGS CH'RIHAN (SDF-000015); Representing the Remulous Hemogeny.
UGS FRENGINAR (SDF-000016); Representing the Freng.
Length: Ship Mode: 3,969 feet 9.75 inches (XXm); Attack Mode: 203 feet 5 inches (XXm)
Beam: Ship Mode: 1,627 feet 3.5 inches (XXm); Attack Mode: 3,254 feet 4.6 inches (XXm)
Clearance: Ship Mode: 1,023 feet 7.4 inch (XXm); Attack Mode: 6,231 feet 4 inches (XXm)