Caduceus Of The Suk School.
Suk School.
Caduceus Of The Suk School.
A Suk Doctor.
Suk Inner School is devoted to finding cures for the ailments which plague humanity and advancing man's medicinal knowledge. A famous place of learning, specializing with medicine. It is rightfully claimed that their graduates, like Mentats or Swordmasters of Ginaz, are the best in the Imperium, as Suk doctors are the best in fields ranging as far as Cybernetics.
The Suk School was founded by Dr. Mohandas SUK after the Battle of Corrin assembling the best, the most talented scientists, researchers and doctors. Dr. SUK lived through the final years of the Butlerian Jihad and fought against the Omnius Scourge and the Rossak Epidemic. He believed that humanity should be prepared to face all the tragedies and had the idea that important victories are won in hospitals as much as on battlefields.
There were many reasons why Landsraad nobles put so much faith in Suk doctors. The first and foremost was that in their entire existence, only ONE Suk doctor ever betrayed a patient, that being the much-infamed Dr. Yueh WELLINGTON of the House of ATREIDES, under extreme torture and brainwashing by the twisted Mentat Piter DeVRIES. Normally Suk doctors can not be sold, bought, or rented out, although the inner school was able to assign them to certain houses. The second reason was their exceptional knowledge of medical ailments. The methods DeVRIES used to break WELLINGTON were studied by Mentant Suk Doctors (Mentats that chose to attended the Suk School to become even greater doctors), and accounted for, and the like of this is not to happen again.
Suk doctors were very easily identified. They have a very long ponytail bound by a silver Suk ring and a black diamond on their forehead, signifying they have completed Suk conditioning. Suk doctors are mentally conditioned in a way that they can never take a human life; In a time rife with kanly, this is a very valuable thing for a trusted doctor.
Many Mentats and Gesserit Bene have been trained by Suk Schools to become doctors; The School does NOT allow Mentat Assassins anywhere near the school nor it's facilities- A Mentat Assassin who is bleeding to death must be treated in his or her own home or a hotel room (they aren't even allowed to be in an ambulance in the parking lot of a hospital), and if a Suk Doctor has an office or other compartments dedicated to their practice, a Mentat assassin is not permitted there either, irregardless of who owns the space or under what conditions the Doctor occupies it. Mentats from outside the Suk in general are viewed with suspicion and disdain, since it was a Mentat that broke Dr. WELLINGTON.
In the beginning, there was one school, but success necessitated additional school; This caused training to shift in quality, however, as each school was producing better doctors in certain arenas, lesser in others. This was resolved by returning primary training to the first school, then converting the others schools to training hospitals where a Suk Candidate could practice the trade under the supervision of experienced practitioners. Eventually, training hospitals were built on all the worlds. The Primary Hospital is located on Caladaan.
Suk doctors need not be recruited directly from their home planet or association, but this is the general practice, as that was one of the faults discovered as a result of the WELLINGTON Tribunals. They are also normally paid through the School, but can be through their assigned employer (in which case, they remit part of their expensive fees back to the School).
The Overwatcher Committee:
Formed in the wake of the WELLINGTON Tribunal, The Overwatcher Committee watches for any sign that a Suk Doctor has been corrupted- And eliminated the threat to the School. They control the Overwatcher Force, a private army owned wholly by the School to protect THE SCHOOL, by ensuring that any Suk Doctor who may have been corrupted is stopped before their mission can be carried out. If rescue of the Doctor is possible, they will do so; After all, this is still a Doctor, who was trained at GREAT EXPENSE to the School, and debriefing said Doctor may yield insights into what was going on and to defeat future efforts to compromise the School. However, if rescue is not possible, they will assassinate the doctor without remorse nor regret; Their duty is to protect THE SCHOOL, not necessarily the Doctors.
To date, Overwatcher Force has in fact assassinated at least 20 Doctors- In so doing, they've saved hundreds of thousands, possibly millions, of lives.
Every Suk doctor knows of the Overwatchers; It's part of their orientation. They are literally introduced to Overwatchers in stillsuits with face masks, to hide their identity, and explained who these people are and what they will do, THEN explained why the Overwatchers exist. It's a tactic intended to encourage less dedicated persons to quite the School immediately- It has never succeeded.
General Information
Name: Suk School Of Medicine.
Director: Doctor Presider Pro Tempore
Mission: The study of medicine to exclusion.
Size and Orientation: Mega-organization (500)
A: Outfits:
B: Equipment:
C: Weapons:
D: Bionics and Robotics:
None (0); the final employer supplies these, or the doctors themselves.Unlimited Equipment (50); Conditionally unlimited; It must be related to medicine in some fashion.None (0); they aren't even allowed to touch a weapon, except to examine it in the performance of their duties.None (0); If they even have any, it's supplied by their employers.
E: Vehicles:
F: Communications:
G: Offices, Hideouts and Distribution:
H: Militry Power:
None (0); The client provides all transportation, or they supply it themselves.Unlimited Communications (60); the Suk School has secured communications between each other, primarily consisting of an arcane language that only members of the school learn.Ubiquitous (50); One can not travel anywhere within the Landsraad without being within a 2 hour ornithopter flight of a Suk Doctor.Private Army (30); As a result of the WELLINGTON Tribunal, the Suk School chose to build a private army to ensure that their students could never again be compromised.
These men do NOT play games; They kill people, and they will kill a Suk Doctor without hesitation or regret to protect the School.
I: Super Powered Agents:
J: Sponsorship:
K: Special Budget:
L: Administrative Control:
None (0); With exception of Mentat Doctors, they don't need any.Private Industry (6); It's not a charity, it's a business.Mega Bucks (50); More like "unlimited," though every pence is accountable and accounted for.Rigid Laws (0); Not just local, Landsraad, and UGC laws, but internal laws governing such minor issues as the color and locations of d├ęcor can be STRICTLY enforced.
M: Internal Security:
N: External Infiltration:
O: Intelligence Resources:
P: Agency Credentials:
Impregnable (50); At one time, it was practically non-existent, but the WELLINGTON Tribunal ended that era.Major Infiltration (50); The Suk School often knows what's about to happen, before those planning to act do.Unlimited Connections (50)Heroic (50); Only ONE Suk Student has even acted improperly. If a Suk doctor can not save the patient, they could not have BEEN saved.
Q: Salary:
Outrageous (50)Director: Doctor Presider Pro TemporeSchool Directors:Overwatcher Committee: Formed in the wake of the WELLINGTON Tribunal, The Overwatcher Committee watches for any sign that a Suk Doctor has been corrupted- And eliminated the threat to the School.