"Repairs?! You call these 'repairs'?!
I've seen nuclear test sites in better condition!"

   -Me, every day since Geocities shut down (exact words vary, usually with many more expletives).
In The Mean Time, Here's A Nice Pair Of Tits.
Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening Ma'am/Sir,

   You have obviously noted some changes. All to the best, I assure you. (I'm lying, of course, but I assure you just the same.)
   When Yahoo shut down Geocities, many of the pages were lost; I saved all of mine, but then three computer crashes, a divorce, and three moves meant many pages remained forever lost. I have basically reconstructed the site as much from memory as from reconstructed notes (special thanks to Oocities.Com for what they could save, very little of this would have happened without them!).
   I have been spending the time rebuilding the site, with:
  • Every major platform will has its own page.
  • All Mecha will have its own Random Hit Location Table (WIP).
  • HTML and ANSI coding have been greatly upgraded (except for smart and Castilian punctuations).

  •    Once completed, 13TH district will be re-invigorated with a completely new professionalism; Unfortunately Neocities doesn't "Like" Castilians nor any other smart punctuation, a fact that we will be struggling with for QUITE some time to come. We appreciated your patience with the move and caution during the remodel. And, uh- That board behind you is still loose.
    22 July 2020: All the major agencies are up and ready, but very little equipment is. Noticed some major repairs to the main page yet to be done and the Bravenet codes are broken (they yeeted me, no surprise seeing as it's been dead for a DECADE now). Not sure if the Bravenet codes WILL be repaired, We'll see later. In the meantime email me anderingreddson at gmail, with any really NEEDFUL repairs to be done.
    23 July 2020: Starting on ships. Next update when any given section is done.
    01 August 2020: Landships are up. Somehow I missed updating yesterday and the day before as I finished the other ships sections. Also added drones, infantry weapons, Power Amors, and rail launchers. Productive day.
    02 August 2020: Just after midnight I finished posting the last of the UGC Regular Armor (tanks)... Still a lot to go, but getting MUCH closer. By 1751 (Vegas time) I got most of the Historic Tanks up (only the StuG IV is missing, I might have to rebuild that entirely from memory). They're totally messed up, but at least SOMETHING'S up. Also got support ground vehicles up.
    04 August 2020: Finished the ground systems (Destroids), aero-space entries, and Veritechs. I've decided that I have to bypass essays and work on factions first, then species, then I can come back to essay, then go back in the original order.
    06 August 2020: Finished the last of the hardware sections today and started factions; The Invid, Humans, T'sentraedi, Knaecks, HNC, Wayist/Tiamt Magog, Na'vi, and Mimbari are up, though I half-assed the Na'vi (because "Fuck You CAMERON"), and the tech for some of these factions (especially the Invid) isn't up yet. Fun fact, the DH-4 (biplane) was added to the Warbirds series only because of a single picture of a DH-4 in combat with a Seirra Delta/Tango. (I'll get the DH-4 going once I have everything else up; it's the "to be announced.") Also finished up the last of the Loyal Factions. Some subordiante pages are still lost (possibly forever), but at least the overview is up.
    03 September 2020: Well, I realize I suck at the mod log game; In the last month I've added about a dozen pages and fixed a lot of minor mistakes. I merged the Magog Wayist And Tiamist page into the overall Magog page. Still struggling with some of the Rakatan Galaxy pages; Sooner than later I'll be finishing up the Geh 'Dai Industries pages, adding the YT-1000 and GR-75 medium transport (light and medium transport/non-militry). I've been working off-and-on on the Global Civil War (GI Joe inspired) pages. (And I got the DH-4 up. YAY! But I didn't get the Mobile Gun Bioroid really started yet, boo.)
       If anyone is interested in displaying some art, I'm very interested; A topless Queen Tyr'ahnee, (Duck Dodger's Martian Queen) with a slave collar and chain leash. (And as is my norm, I'm merging the Duck Dodgers story with another one, Spaced Invaders.)
    04 September: Finally added the PROMETHEUS from Star Gate SG1; Sooner than later I'll add Star Gate overall...
       05 September: I've rediscovered my original (HANDWRITTEN) United Galaxies Empire notes, so by tonight I'll have their Empire Stats up. YAY!
       06 October: Got the UGC Empire stats up and got New OCC's started. The New OCC's really is a rant about where society has placed their priorities; No support for essential employees (even when trucking was shut down during 2020, security guards were required to report for duty, some working overtime due to the shutdowns), overwhelming support for entertainers of dubious intellectual and social necessity. >:(
       After a massive false start, got the Cobra Troublebubble up. YAY!
       FINALLY updated the Mobile Gun Bioroid (and added missiles launchers to the legs.
       07 October: Finally split UGC Mecha Accessories AND added Veritech Fighter Weapons School. Teh later was delayed due to the original images being destroyed in the goecities shutdown.
       Minor: Added Damage Tracking Systems to New Tech.
    Added Thunderclapp Artillery Rocker.
       10 and 11 October: Got "most" of the GIB's special hardware files up (only their undercover Veritechs is missing), added Swords to the weaps page, a lot of minor corrections, and I discovered I'd been putting updates for this month as September. Oops.12 October: Added stocks to the 5.56 revolver.
       13 October: Added most of the agencies worksheet; Travelling circus is as of now lost forever, but fortunately I can reconstruct it.
       14 October: Finally got the last of the GIB hardware up. Now to get some of the circuit links fixed.
       17 October: I found a copy of my 14TH Fleet!!! It's a complete mess so I've spent the last three day putting it back together one line of code at a time, but it'll be up in a couple days... Over a dozen commands with stats, but not for the ships (yet). I also discovered there's 2,622 files on this site. :O
       18 October: Added 14TH Fleet/XIV Corps and linked Typical Battle Fleet; Typical battle Fleet will be merged into 14TH Fleet eventually... And I updated this page. L.O.L.
       19 October: found and uploaded the ASF-21 Sholagar Fighter; I was so sure this file was gone forever, so it's nice to have found it (actually, I found the .doc file that I was using for spell checking, smart quotes/apostrophes, etc.), but it converted over with basic copy and paste. There's a few others I might refind this way too. YAY!!!
       20 October: Added Bailey Bridges with as much discussion as I could on the matter;
       The text delves into alternative uses (and some slight design changes to make them more utile). The simple fact is, we could build how societies out of Bailey Bridges if they could support the weight vertically (the limit seems to be about 1,000 feet, though this could change quickly if new materials were developed). There really is very little if any limit... And I got the ORI-Class warships up. I thought I'd gotten them up, but clearly something went wrong... Maybe a rogue Mind Melter opened a rift? LOL. NO.
       31 October: Updated Freng in preparation to upload the first RCC pages; Due to the multiple file losses, all I have right now are Dragon, Dwarf, Fljyt (elf), Orc, Uruk-hai, Werewolf, Freng (Ferengi ST:TNG), and Clingohns (ST, all series). All are ready to upload except Orc RCC (needs to be reformatted). Also, at 2200 I started uploading the RCC pages. One more mission accomplished (at least partly).
       17 November: Added the Renada to Odds And Ends.
       21 February 2021: Added Field Bag to Uniform Manual... Finally. Updates are slow now because I have a new job that's full time so I don't have time to write anymore.
       14 March 2021: Added Massively Infected Persons to Dictionary and small updates to MkI, FT-17, Skinjobs (in Dictionary), and corrected a error on this page... FML.
       26 June 2021: Added Schwartz Rings (finally) to Odds And Ends and otherwise cleaned up the mess- Turns out I'd put a period where a right bracket belonged in some coding. Expanded the Renada, Mentats, and Rakatan Droid segments... And corrected the word "erro" to "erroR" from 14 March.
       21 August 2021 (official): I added the Dolne Pistol to the Brotherhood Of Steel (and Green Steel specifically) 4 days ago, but for reasons I do not understand it wouldn't show up until today (yes, I checked yesterday). Much of this site really is about what I think is important- The ships, tanks, and aircraft that I chose to "save" in this universe reflect my opinion of the most important of certain generations of technology, and the Dolne is little different. In each, I included the leeway to allow advances in technology that didn't exist in the system's own time, thus upgrading the Dolne (to accept "Plasma 662 and self-contained cartridges) was a natural next step. (I should probably do exactly that essay, and explain how each was selected...)
       22 August 2021 (official): Some minor repairs in Rumors and Odds and Ends, added Technocide and Reductive Fallacy and some other minor maintenance. I also noticed that some parts of Dictionary are out of order. I'll be working on fixing that ASAP (probably next weekend).
       01 October 2021: Added "Lettre De Cachet" to Dictionary; This was mostly to give clever GM's and players yet another tool (a particularly sadistic tool for GM's) for gaming, to rescue the "unfairly imprisoned NPC" (who's actually a traitor to the Council and tried to sell a Reflex Cannon to Atorian pirates) or to execute a Lettre on a bioterror suspect... Surprise me. This list goes on and on. And oh btw, I just noticed the LAST entry. :|
       09 October 2021: Added Time Chart, a hopefully comprehensive chart of all known time measures. Also, I had to correct the previous entry (I wrote "10 Oct," when I meant "01 Oct," and added "Official" by accident.) Time is a work in progress, the formatting is completely messed up because Neocities does not support any "fancy" fonting but I think I got the worst of the problems cleaned up.
       10 October 2021: Minor changes in html that had major effects on the Academy-Class Freighter/ACADEMY-Class Corvette. Still not UGC Era ready though.
       11 October 2021: Added an intra-page link to gear in preparation for the Colony Of Eureka (spoiler alert).
       17 October 2021: Repaired the links from M-611 Perceval Repair Vehicle to M-613 Mobile Repair Facility and added a link from the M-613 and the SF-45 Saker Space Fighter. Added SC 520B to Other Ships. I am a great fan of Peter ELSON and the other Chartwell Books artists (I'm not aware of anyone who isn't). Mr ELSON was kind enough to reply to my letters until January 1998 or so; When I didn't get a reply, I assumed it got lost in the mail. I was devastated to get a reply around December of '98 informing me he had passed away. As a minor tribute to the artists, I try to use their portraits with credit for the artist and referring to them within the text of the passage as various UGC militry officers (admittedly I'm a bit partial to the Spacy and Patrol and the rank of Commander).
       28 October 2021: Added a link to Personal gear and equipment to Hardware and Infantry weaps pages to make it easier to find. Minor update to Other Gear itself because I needed to kill 20 minutes
       09 November 2021: Fixed the VEROCHA-Class, added Barracuda and Partok-Class Freighter (but without stats).
       11 November 2021: In a sad commentary on the real world, I added "Masks" to Other Gear, with aspersions to the effects in the real world about mask mandates gone awry. I also put a link directly to that page from Hardware to hopefully make it easier to find.
       10 and 11 June 2022: Small addition and revision to Other Gear and Odds And Ends. Also, I did some wok on an as yet unpublished page, and I forgot when I did it.
       15 August 2022: Small corrections to Bussard and Shlogar pages and one to this page (don't you boomer me, boomer!).
       17 August 2022: Added the Promellian CLEPONJI-Class Battle Cruiser to Otherships.
       18 August 2022: Expanded the hardware to Ascension Supremacy to finally make them a full technoarmy. Minor repairs to the main UGC page.
       28 August 2022: In the first real update in a long time, I finally did the Mandalorian Collective while sick with covid. I have to do the Bobatech War Robot still, but that's basically a VF-1J in Battloid mode. It still needs a little work, but basically ya it's done.
       29 August 2022: Added the UGA Reliable Transport ("Reliable") or Reliant, a UGCized version of the real world Robin Reliant. Pics will be added in about 10 minutes.
       02 September 2022: Minor update to TU-2 Basic Tailer.
       02 February 2023: Added Deck 2 to BREETIA TULL-Class UDF Deck Plans. 01-03 Decks images had been fixed a few days ago, but weren't showing as such so I assumed (wrongly) that I'd done something wrong and was going to try fixing those today.
       03-05 February 2023: Added more information to the UGC overview page. In short, there are some people in the real world that desire a slave lifestyle. Sylvester MAGEE (29 May 1841 to 15 October 1971) was one such, having never allowed himself to relinquish the title of slave (his first Master being JJ SHANKS of North Carolina, his last being Victor STEEN of Mississippi). MAGEE'S case (if true, to which there are some questions) is not terribly exciting; There are people living today who would embrace that lifestyle, in exchange for a guaranteed home and meals. You (and I) may find this unfathomable and immoral, but they do not, and I have made a CHOICE to set my moralistic judgements aside and allow them to live the life they choose. /rant. Additionally, I uploaded a cleaned up version of Tamarar_HATCH.jpg. In this, the original artists (Cherry Gig) is definitely marked (it's hidden very well, as I intended), so don't try claiming it for yourself. Later in the day, I added the RENORBY-Class Articulated Barge to the RENORBY-Class Supply Ship. It took a few tries to get the image right.
       09 February 2023: Added to Hardware a section talking about how the militry is trying to deduce it's inventory types. Yes, there is a new gun coming, based on the DETRICH/MEADOWS H-1000 (it's already designated the H-1100). There really won't be more about this going forward though; The Patrol's situation sums up everyone else's pretty succinctly, there's only so much you can ask anything to do. In the case of the Patrol, ATON, SAR, and National Defense missions are so different they simply do not allow for one platform (ship) to fill much more than one and a quarter roles, and there aren't 4 roles being covered. Trying to squeeze every penny out of everything ends up cost you more dollars than the pennies you would have saved. In case there is any doubts about my integrity (which are probably reasonable), I VERY MUCH AM giving the lion's share of credit to Dave DETRICH and Chris MEADOWS on the H-1100 project, to the extent that their names will also appear in the artwork, they're listed as the developers, etc. I'm not pretending it was my idea- It wasn't.
       11 March 2023: Added Drake's Equation to Dictionary and a spelling mistake here.
       13 March 2023: Added the Willian B CUSHING Hall and some minor repairs to the BREETIA TULL-Class UDF Deck Plans page (which isn't technically ready anyways). The purpose of WB CUSHING Hall will come out later, but in short it's a patchjob.
       19 March 2023: Successfully added Deck 5 to the BREETIA TULL-Class UDF Deck Plans page; I also added Deck 10, but without the numbering system so it's "informational only" for now.
       24 March 2023: Added the MX-991/U13 Flashlight to Other Gear.
       14 April 2023: Added Smart Glasses to Other Gear.
       30 April 2023:
       Major edit: Added the T'sentraedi LIEWNEUTZS-Class Erukelto Dakan (Report Ship/shuttle)
       Minor edit; Redid the table for the TTA 335B Striker.
       Both are on Otherships.
       05 May 2023:
       Added the T'sentraedi Hover Pod and some repairs to the Shuttle to Otherships.
       Added the T'sentraedi Gluu-Ger Light Body Armor and Serau-Ger Heavy Battle Armor to the Dictionary page.
       07 May 2023: Reformat of the Promellian CLEPONJI-Class Battle Cruiser.
       18 May 2023: Added my ribbons to Andering Reddson; A T'sentraedi's Story. Though in context they are fictional, they're based on the actual awards I earned as a Police Explorer and in the militry except the first and second ones (I've never had the chance to earn the Purple Heart or Combat Action Ribbon and I'm very bitter about that) and the last one (I did not pass Pistol or Rifle Range, and I'm ok with that, even if I'm not really happy; I know I could have passed if I'd just relaxed and shot, but I was too busy worrying about the rangemasters judging my stance and style and blah blah, a few years after I got out I was told all I had to do was ASK to be allowed to try "my own way" and they would have at least allowed me to :/).
       25 May 2023: Added Bylor Buildings and some minor revisions to MOT-4 entry in Odds And Ends.
       02 June 2023: Added Gendarmes to Dictionary.
       "Early" June 2023: Added the Badger Hovertank to Moddies, but I failed to log it here.
       18 June 2023: Extensive repairs to the Badger Hovertank entry and later to the LIEWNEUATZS-Class shuttle in Other Ships.
       21 June 2023: Added "Standard Binoculars" and some clean up to Other Gear.
       30 July 2023: Some much overdue repairs to Aerospace Force.
       24 August 2023: Minor but important update to Smart Glasses on the Other Gear page; I added the ability for the glasses to serve as corrective lenses that can automatically transition between corrective type; No more carrying bifocals around, your glasses will switch from near to far to in between on their own and you won't even notice. This will become far more imporant when I finally add my first Admiral Betty ROGERS story (loosing her glasses at one point becomes a serious issue to her mission).
       24 August 2023: Finally launched UGC Technical And Supervisory Pay Schedule and removed a questionably necessry rant from Officer Rank Insignias Of The Robotech Defense And Expeditionary Forces (I stand by every word of it, but it wasn't helpful). I also removed some superfluous html from the effected pages (and here). As to the rant itself:

       This rank structure page was based on Jason W. SMITH'S RDF Officer Insignia Page; However, I felt COMPELLED to correct several MAJOR discrepancies I noted; It was pure fantasy BULLSHIT, the only thing that COULD be salvaged was the shoulder insignias. Whether out of malice or INCOMPTENCE, the outright ignored the Coast Guard entirely.
       On a personal note: Mr. SMITH suggests, "ROBOTECH fans should be grateful" for Mr Peter WALKER'S "research"; Personally, I'd have been far more thankful if he HADN'T. He basically made everything up as he went along; There is no such thing as a "Second Lieutenant" in the Navy/Coast Guard (a "First Lieutenant" is a title, not a rank, for the senior Deck Force member on a ship), there has not been an O-11 since WWII, and never an O-12! (I will give them credit, though- the Marine Corps do not now, nor ever have to my knowledge, had a five-star officer).
       "One should always be wary of a scientist speaking out of his narrow field, or those invoking their name outside their fields. Scientists are human too, and are just as prone to cling to 'causes', just or frivolous, as the rest of our species."
       - Dr. Peter WYKOFF WALKER, 11 Sept 1997, rec.arts.sf.tv.babylon5.moderated.
       Stick to your little paper planes, "Doctor." Leave the MILITRY to the MILITRY.

       I've since discovered it wasn't incompetence.
       01 September 2023: Added the Orion III-Class Spaceplane to Other Ships. It's still a work in progress.
       01 September 2023: Added DHARMA to Dictionary as a nod to my son, who was a big fan of Lost. (I never understood, but ok R.)
       15 September 2023: Added Thinking Caps and expanded MCU-335 Air Mask and Mark XXI Space Suit on Other Gear. I know thinking caps are highly UNPOPULAR with some types; That's irrelevent. The technology already exists IRL and has been in development since the 1980's. You were wrong, get over it.
       18 September 2023: Tonight I found the Spacestation Worksheet, but when I checked the hub page, it didn't exist. I will be addressing this and the other worksheets as soon as possible.
       30 September 2023: Minor corrections to the Smartglasses entry on Other Gear.
       03 October 2023: Minor html corrections to Mandalorian Army.
       12 October 2023: Expanded the civilian paygrade schedule to include strictly civilian ranks markings and when they would be used and minor repairs to The Patrol (Edge SUCKS, fuck you Microsoft). A minor edit to RDF/REF Officer Schedual was also completed.
       21 October 2023: Fixed a link error on the Beorge page to the Beorge-mot page and added the D'TARAN-Class Ultra Heavy Cruiser to Other Ships. Also fixed a ling error on the RDF-Era Valiant MCD-415 page (added a "stop the link here" code I'd missed).
       22 October 2023: Added a pretty picture to the Beorge-Mot and a few words to justify the extra space. Also added a slight expansion of the R-Series Astromech Drones. Later added the DANUBE-Class Corvette (which is my expression of the need to retain the concept behind the Patrol Torpedo Boats of WWII and the Patrol Boat/River boats of Viet Nam) to Other Ships and minor spelling and grammer errors on The Yard.
       24 October 2023: Fixed some html and added some art to Olympic-Class Colony Ship.
       27 October 2023: Cleaned up some character map fails on UGC Spacy and added a new section; I wanted a way to tell the entire universe "No, Really, You're Fucked Now" and was inspired by a story I read about how USS KIDD (DDG-100, though the names was held by prior ships as well) is 'authorized' to fly the Jolly Roger. It finally clicked, and with a little color scheme change (fun fact, "Jolly Roger" comes from the French term "jollie rouge," a simple red banner flown by early pirates when they were mad enough to kill everyone on board the ship they intended to board) the UGC's NYRFN was born.
       03 November 2023: Minor repairs to The Overview Page. Also added the Startan to the overview page becasue I found a tartan pattern maker page.
       05 November 2023: Major repairs to FOLKER-Class Landship html and minor repair to the image of their main turret. Later in the day I did a moderately large and well overdue update to the F4U Corsair Fighter page.
       10 November 2023: Minor repairs to the main page. I got to Business Model before I ran out of time.
       11 November 2023: Major and massively overdue repairs to System Lords page. Some more repairs were completed later in the afternoon.
       18 November 2023: Major repairs to Academy-Class. I know what I wrote but somehow stage 3 rough draft got uploaded. It's not done yet (no stats of any sort) but at least it 'kind of' makes sense now in the UGC universe. Later in the day I got some moderately significant repairs done to the ANDROMEDA-Class as well.
       24 November 2023: Added Emmet BROWN'S "Time Machine" to Odds And Ends. I just couldn't help myself; I included references to 7 Days because I couldn't help myself there, either.
       24 November 2023: Minor update on the Mecha Knight MKD-401.
       27 November 2023: Minor edits on the Three Star-Class Factory Ship and Steiner Directorate SF-^^! Starfighter pages.
       02 December 2023: A lot of minor repairs on the Tonnerre Roulant with more to come. That page is kind of a mess. Also some minor repairs on Other Gear.
       03 December 2023: Massive repairs to the T3-81 ("Tank Winter"), M-200 Thunderclapp Artillery Rocker, WHALE-Class Assault Hovercraft, MORAY-Class Corvette, and WATER MOCCASIN-Class High Speed Patrol Boat pages, with more to come. Part of the problem is the index page is long gone, so I'm not even really sure what is or is not supposed to be there. As I find more pages that are supposed to be there I'll include them of course, but first I gotta find them and then figure out what order they're supposed to be in. You might note these are GI Joe inspired. I took that series, sorted the ones I wanted to and could work on, and started building; Shoehorning them into the ROBOTECH universe proved to be a bit of a challenge, since they're as far apart as is possible, but I think I mostly succeeded; I'm especially proud of the T3-81 backstory, since it allowed me to utilize Choosers Of The Slain by James H COBB (in addition to taking it away from the "saintly Joes" riff). Circumstances beyond my control caused a lot of files to be destroyed (one irreparably). Minor repairs to VEROCHA-Class, mostly to clarify that the ship's fighters are normally recovered through the huge recovery bay doors rather than the stern recovery tube for expediency. I found some time to add Global Civil War to the Tanks, Power Armor, And Infantry Weapons page, so at least I can try to get some semblance of order out of that chaos. I think I've got the links in the pages straightened out.
       03 December 2023: Minor repairs to the Reconstruction Era, FREEDOM-Class WHEC,
       25 December 2023: Minor update to Spacer II Space Fighter. The simple fact is I did the Spacer to express my belief that the Lancer II wasn't a bad design, that old designs can be serviceable for long after they've supposedly become outdated, and because it was available. Necessity being the mother of invention, I took these "outdated" drones and with a few changes pressed them into very effective service for centuries. Only the advent of a full aerospace fighter (the Sholagar) has finally put the Spacer (and the Hornet) out to pasture (and barely at that, as they will have to stay in service for some time as the Sholagars come on line). (Also, the "TAFFY DD-05" is a reference to Taffy Roberts; It was meant as a sign of respect, I hope it was taken that way...)
       27 December 2023: Added Clariant Flag and Innocent Passage to the Dictionary page. If out of some sense of machoistic need for clarity you want to review Innocent Passage as it currently stands Click Here.
       31 December 2023: A minor repair to Factions to straighten out the tables. At the moment, I'm focused on getting factions finished (there are several missing), some new hardware (a next-gen Veritech, this is gonna be wild y'all I'm almost ashamed of myself [fortunately as a T'sentraedi I have very little shame]), and a new section to Spaceways Patrol And Enforcement dedicated to high-risk Search And Rescue. Also repairs to UGC Agencies towards the same thing, since I'm literally right here.
       03 January 2024: Minor repairs to Factions, major repairs to The Gallifreyians.
       04 January 2024: Major repairs to A/BG-20 Thunderbolt V. For no apparent reason, if I used abg2x as the filename for the pic it twisted the image 90 degrees, but when I renamed it abg2z it was correct. I also added the waist gun (the original reason for looking at the page) and worked on trying to figure out how to fix certain Edge-related formatting issues ((dd) is not longer indent paragraph, now I have to use (br)  which is asinine and fuck every single computer "engineer" on earth you're fucking grifters and I hate every single one of you fuck you).
       04 January 2024: Added AAL-1971/9.1 Troop Transport to otherships.
       10 January 2024: Slight clarification in Remulous Homogony militry and history.
       12 January 2024: Minor edit to Geh 'Dia homepage (finally giving the Reys their home, separate from the overall Geh 'Dai to reflect their separate nature), major edits to B-104 Galaxy Strategic Bomber and ACCLAMATOR-Class Assault Ships. In short, while the B-104 has served well its practical applications in the era of warships capable for carrying potentially thousands of B-104's that could be configured to that mission just doesn't make sense. As a result the ACCLAMATOR II-Class in orbital bombardment configuration will eventually take over this role as a quasi-signature ASF ship. NOTE: IRL the US Air Force (which the UGC's ASF is directly based on) does in fact had a few ships entirely their own; During WWII the Army Air Forces had several as well, mostly so-called Box Carriers (the plane is broken down to major component groups based on shipping needs, then boxed up and shipped to near-front line areas, assembled, and sent into service).
       13 January 2024: Minor edit to Aero-Space Forces homepage to integrate the drive to obtain new ships to replace the Galaxy bombers and bring the ASF into the warfighter community, rather than just the training and logistics side of the militry business. In the UGC world, the reality is the ASF serves very little practical purpose above the system defense role (as all of this was written before the formation of the US Space Force, that service doesn't even exist here but rather is folded into the ASF's, which is how it really should be now based on service mission anyways). However, I decided to try to bring the ASF back, after a fashion.
       17 January 2024: Minor update to Three Star-Class Factory Ship.
       21 January 2024: Minor update to Sojourner-Class Cargo Ships. They are no longer the largest ships in the known universe, but still pretty close.
       26 January 2024: Partial repair to The Brotherhood of Steel. The in-page links are all messed up because originally I was going to have subordinate pages for armor, weapons, and vehicles. The practical issues with that plan got to where they did, and I had to put those into one big page, but never corrected the links. I'll be working on that for a bit... And I think I got it fixed today.
       28 January 2024: A quick and easy fix to Odds And Ends to get the tables into alignment. Added gun socks to Other Gear. Yes, these are a thing; A better pic was uploaded less than an hour later.
       28 January 2024: Added chakram to the Brotherhood Of Steel page. Also, to clarify the addition of Rubber Ducky to Other Gear is a reference to myself irl; US Coast Guardsmen are sometimes referred to as "rubber duckies" (in much the same vein that Marines are referred to as "crayon eaters") because we do stupid shit like sailing into Category 3 Hurricanes because some dumb motherfucker forgets to come in out of the fucking rain...
       07 February 2024: I saw two things that had me, personally, seeing red. The first was a video on FuckYouTube where "T'sentraedi" was pronounced almost as if the speaker were sounding it out letter by letter. That was bad enough in and of itself, but the also used the "ger-" word first coined by the Neo-NAzIs at The Disciples Of LEONARD (no actual hate for Anatole per se, he died a fool but he dies brave, it's his "disciples" that crossed all the lines, and then some, and then burned the bridges, ripped up the roads, mined the fields and sighted in heavy artillery after the fact, ever last one of THAT SORT really should just kill themselves and do their families a favor by removing their stain of their satanic existence from the family, now ask me what I really think of them). The second was the wikipedia.com entry on the anti-saintly T'sentraedi, of which I am a VERY FICKING PROUD member, that could only have been written by the Disciples; It was as disgusting as a child rape porn film (again, ask me how I know but not before you ask me how much therapy I've been through as a result, the answer is "not enough yet"; I was scanning the page to see where the section entitled "The Holocaust never Happened" was). In any case, I added T'sentraedi to the dictionary, and by the way DOL, yes, kill yourselves. Oh, and fuck you, all of you.
       08 February 2024: A semi-major update to the
    US Air Force/Navy/Marine Corps/Coast Guard C-130 Hercules page; I added a clarification to the plane's floations capabilities ('quasi-submersible') and added a section for the SC-130 in the page, without adding a whole new page (I also fixed the link). Minor gramatical and .html corrections to the Reisen (Zero) Warbird.
       09 February 2024: Minor edit to Other Gear entry on Smart Gloves.
       11 February 2024: Finally created The Cybermen (from Dr. Who) homepage.
       13 February 2024: Added the VF-4 to Otherships. It was described as a failure so I left it that way, but I left the door open for PC's to try to address the issues. I also had to compeltely re-build CyberMen page as neocities simply would not allow me to move it out of the folder I never wanted it in. I noticed there's some bad links in the page today, so I will be repairing them over the course of the day. I also did a slight update to Dictionary/Chameleon Visible Wavelength Observation Limiting System to clarify that while fighters, etc. do not usually use colored lights they can do so if the situations warrants it. this was based on a question specifically asked about that. The L-15bL-35 Rail Launcher have gotten a long-overdue upgrade. Added spotter scope to Infantry Weapons.
       21 February 2024: Minor edits to Odds And Ends, major edit to F/ID-3,000 Ghost Fighter/Intelligence Drone, and added OUTLAW-Class Repair And Salvage Ship to the Ships Page with some minor editing.
       22 February 2024: Minor edit to Other Gear; I added a section for militry personnel gas masks (an unfortunate fact of the universe) and standard militry members daily kit. This includes all members of the UGC, no matter rank or service; All UGC Patrol members are ISSUED an MT-261 Bayonet/Knife, but they don't necssarily carry it at all times (in fact it's somewhat rare they will even if combat is expected). Even Marines rarely carry their MT-261 when combat is not specifically expected.
       24 February 2024: Minor clarifications to the M-200 Thunderclapp Artillery Rocker and it's related entry the L-35 Rail Launcher.
       25 February 2024: I was going though muy computer and realized my AT-AT Head/Cockpit Cutaway had a random file name; I asked myself if I'd uploaded and added it. Not only had I not done so, but the page itself was orphaned into purgatory, so I updated the page with the image and integrated it to the Geh 'Dia, Syhith, and UGC factions. Personally I disdain the AT-AT's, and the results from Empire Strikes Back shows us why it was such a bad idea, but it existed so I had to include it. Also fixed a mior coding error on ASF-600 Raider Aero-Spacefighter.
       26 February 2024: Minor update to UCG Weapons to clarify that "a" version of the simplified Terran Defense Tanto is not only widely issues but pretty much universally available and to clarify that the REF allows non-REF members to have all of the non-firearms and tacitly encourages it by subsidizing their contractors to sell them for profit. This is a thing in the real world; The US militry pays a lot of money for certain items to be made, but also allows many of those things to be sold to the public at profit (a de facto subsidy), the diffrence here being the REF is being somewhat sneaky about it. I should get around to an essay on the subject, but short-short version is only vehicles/Mecha and a few of the heaviest weapons aren't treated the same way.
       28 February 2024: Minor update to XA-11 Skyhawk Attacker and added F-3 Neuralyzer and REKAL Cart to Galactic Information Bureau (with a slew of revisions). A few more are also apprently going ot be required. Damn.
       01 March 2024: Slight update to Bionic/Cybernetic Technology in New Tech to give the PC's another option. The idea was based on a couple of things from Star Trek/TNG, the "neural implants" used on Cpt. PICARD and Dr. CRUSHER from Attached (S07/E08), Geordie's ocular implants from ST; First Contact, and the real world technology of the Cochlear Implant (though there are ocular implants coming along, and they're getting REALLY GOOD). Also an update to the coding in UGC Aero-Spacecraft. And finally, I realizedtoday thar the QUILTRA DRAENITZS-Class Multipurpose Transport page wasn't up. I had the page sittingthere waiting for the text and code for i don't know how long. Anyways, it's fixed now.
       02 March 2024: Some of you have known for a while the Gallant H-1X System was coming down the line; Now it's here formally. Some coding translation issues from my laptop to neocities (because fuck you Microsoft, you cum guzzling faggots, Edge sucks and so do you) required me to "repair" the file several times. Also fuck Microsoft, fuck Edge. (This update was at 02:45-ish, which is your tax dollars at work in the form of my PTSD.)
       02 March 2024: New art and minor update for the PA-02 Rifleman Power Armor.
       03 March 2024: Slight update to the Fessors. Although they are strictly not intended as PC's, understanding their little universe is still important. The Fessors are NOT part of the UGC (no matter who their friends might be) and are free to act accordingly; They can ally to other non-UGC factions freely, and as such do so, with their closest relations being the most anti-UGC of factions possible. This isn't just a lack of loyalty though; They give their allies a lot, but they give the UGC just as much in turn. Also, there were a few corrections need for this page itself.
        My son knows more about life than the lot of you combined and he's 16 (in 2024). How long until THIS site become unusable because you know everything about not a God damned thing? Shut the fuck up, go back to fixing shit that actually IS broken (btw, we all know YOU broke it to begin with so please stop lying to us) and accept that you're fucking retarded. As it is, it took FIVE FUCKING TRIES just to work though the html issues this rant created. Ya, that's your "skills" at work.
       /rant for now.
       07 March 2024: I had to change some art to Galactic Information Bureau. Seems I've had the wrong badge up this entire time. I'm not really sure what I'm going to do with it now, but I'm not removing it yet. As I was checking that issue out, I realized the page needed pretty through overhaul and took care of most of it.
       10 March 2024: More art changes to Galactic Information Bureau specifically to XXT-5k and her satellite Cyb'tron or just Tron. Once I have that page up, you see that XXT has her satellites and 'Tron has her satellite, and one of those has a satellite in turn. It all ties into how XXT-5K came to be, was discovered, and is being developed now.
       17 March 2024: Added Box Openers to New Tools. This is partly due to the fact that 99% of people don't know what a box opener is; All they know is that the news called the weapons used on 9/11 as "box openers" or "box cutters" when in fact they are retractable utility knives. It will come in later on, when I finish a project addressing "Boxed Fighters" in roughly a year or so... In the meantime, I'd better not hear anyone calling a retractable utility knife as a box opener/cutter whining about "clip" versus "magazine" here or anywhere else (also, "rope" and "bathroom" are actually vulgar words on par with cock and pussy; it's LINE and Head, or toilet, /rant). Moderate update to PA-5 Glitterclone; Mostly artwork, added the tow cables that I somehow forgot to put in to begin with.
       19 March 2024: I will be slowly transitioning all of the pages to Edge-friendly formatting because fuck you computer engineers. Fuck cocksuckers. 20 fucking years of work. Do yourselves anf your families a favor, commit suicide.
       20 March 2024: Minor editing to New Tech. I added a contact to the homepage; anderingreddson at Gee-mail (without the double e).
       31 March 2024: Added the R-Series KT Variant to Odds And Ends becasue if you thought for a second that I could hear a story like THAT and not show some sympathy you're fucktarded and probably can't read anyways.
        And for those who don't know; Katie JOHNSON was the daughter of Albin JOHNSON (a 501 Legion founder) until she passed away from cancer at age 7. (Ya. Seven, and in "single digit.") Before she died, she asked if something like R2-D2 could watch over her; R2 Builders (a group 501 Legion apparently works with a lot) made it happen. The original R2-KT now makes the rounds at children's hospitals and fund raisers. If you have a problem with that, that's fine. You're the problem.