"Repairs?! You call these 'repairs'?!
I've seen nuclear test sites in better condition!"
-Me, every day since Geocities shut down (exact words vary).
In The Mean Time, Here's A Nice Pair Of Tits.
Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening Ma'am/Sir,
You have obviously noted some changes. All to the best, I assure you. (I'm lying, of course, but I assure you jus thte same.)
When Yahoo shut down Geocities, many of the pages were lost; I saved all of mine, but then three computer crashes, a divorce, and three moves meant many pages remained forever lost. I have basically reconstructed the site as much from memory as from reconstructed notes (special thanks to Oocities.Com for what they could save, very little of this would have happened without them!).
I have been spending the time rebuilding the site, with:
  • Every major platform will has its own page.
  • All Mecha will have its own Random Hit Location Table (WIP).
  • HTML and ANSI coding have been greatly upgraded (except for smart anc castialian punctuations).

    Once completed, 13TH district will be re-invigorated with a completely new professionalism; Unfortunately Neocities doesn't "Like" castilians nor any other smart punctuation, a fact that we will be struggling with for QUITE some time to come. We appreciated your patience with the move and caution during the remodel. And, uh- That board behind you is still loose.
    22 July 2020: All the major agencies are up and ready, but very little equipment is. Noticed some major reapirs to the main page yet to be done and the Briavenet codes are broken (they yetted me, no suprise seeing as it's been dead for a DECADE now). Not sure if the Bravenet codes AWILL be reapired, We'll see later. In the meantime email me anderingreddson at gmail, with any really NEEDFUL reapirs to be done.
    23 July 2020: Starting on ships. Next updaute when any given section is done.
    01 August 2020: Landships are up. Somehow I missed updating yesterday and the day before as I finished the other ships sections. Also added drones, infanrty weapons, Power Amors, and rail launchers. Productive day.
    02 August 2020: Just after midnight I finished posting the last of the UGC Regular Armor (tanks)... Still a lot to go, but getting MUCH closer. By 1751 (Vegas time) I got most of the Historic Tanks up (only the StuG IV is missing, I might have to rebuild that entirely from memory). They're totally messed up, but at least SOMETHING'S up. Also got support ground vehicles up.
    04 August 2020: Finished the ground systems (Destroids), aero-space entries, and Veritechs. I've decided that I have to bypass essays and work on factions first, then species, then I can come back to essay, then go back in the original order.
    06 August 2020: Finished the last of the hardware sections today and started factions; Teh Invid, Humans, T'sentraedi, Knaecks, HNC, Wayist/Tiamt Magog, Na'vi, and Mimbari are up, though I half-assed the Na'vi (becasue "Fuck You CAMERON"), and the tech for some of these factions (espacially the Invid) isn't up yet. Fun fact, the DH-4 (biplane) was added to the Warbirds series only because of a single picture of a DH-4 in combat with a Seirra Delta/Tango. (I'll get the DH-4 going once I have everything else up; it's the "to be announced.") Also finished up the last of the Loyal Factions. Some subordiante pages are still lost (possibly forever), but at least the overview is up.
    03 September 2020: Well, I realize I suck at the mod log game; In the last month I've added about a dozen pages and fixed a lot of minor mistakes. I merged the Magog Wayist And Tiamist page into the overall Magog page. Still struggling with some of the Rakatan Galaxy pages; Sooner than later I'll be finishing up the Geh 'Dai Industries pages, adding the YT-1000 and GR-75 medium transport (light and medium transport/non-militry). I've been working off-and-on on the Global Civil War (GI Joe inspired) pages. (And I got the DH-4 up. YAY! But I didn't get the Mobile Gun Bioroid really statrded yet, boo.)
    If anyone is intereted in displaying some art, I'm very interested; A topless Queen Tyr'ahnee, (Duck Dodger's Martian Queen) with a slave collar and chain leash. (And as is my norm, I'm merging the Duck Dodgers story with another one, Spaced Invaders.)
    04 September: Finally added the PROMETHEUS from Star Gate SG1; Sooner than later I'll add Star Gate overall...
    05 September: I've redsicovered my original (HANDWRITTEN) United Galaxies Empire notes, so by tonight I'll have their Empire Stats up. YAY!
    06 October: Got the UGC Empire stats up and got New OCC's started. The New OCC's really is a rant about where society has placed their priorities; No support for essential employees (even when trucking was shut down during 2020, security guards were required to report for duty, some working overtime due to the shutdowns), overwhelming support for entertainers of dubious intellectual and social necessity. >:(
    After a massive false start, go the Cobra Troublebubble up. YAY!
    FINALLY updated the Mobile Gun Bioroid (and added missiles launchers to the legs.
    07 October: Finally split UGC Mecha Accessories AND added Veritech Fighter Weapons School. Teh later was delayed due to the original images being destroyed in the goecities shutdown.
    Minor: Added Damage Tracking Systems to New Tech.
    Added Thunderclapp Artillery Rocker.
    10 and 11 October: Got "most" of the GIB's special hardware files up (only their undercover Veritechs is missing), added Swords to the weaps page, a lot of minor corrections, and I discovered I'd been putting updates for this month as September. Oops.12 October: Added stocks to the 5.56 revolver.
    13 October: Added most of the agencies worksheet; Travelling circus is as of now lost forever, but fortunately I can reconstruct it.
    14 October: Finally got the last of the GIB hardware up. Now to get some of the curcuit links fixed.
    17 Ocotber: I found a copy of my 14TH Fleet!!! It's a complete mess so I've spent the last three day putting it back together one line of code at a time, but it'll be up in a couple days... Over a dozen commands with stats, but not for the ships (yet). I also discovered there's 2,622 files on this site. :O
    18 Ocotber: Added 14TH Fleet/XIV Corps and linked Typical Battle Fleet; Typical battle Fleet will be merged into 14TH Fleet eventually... And I updated this page. L.O.L.
    19 October: found and uploaded the ASF-21 Sholagar Fighter; I was so sure this file was gone forever, so it's nice to have found it (actually, I found the .doc file that I was using for spell checking, smart quotes/apsotophese, etc.), but it converted over with basic copy andf paste. There's a few others I might refind this way too. YAY!!!
    20 October: Added Bailey Bridges with as much discussion as I could on the matter;
    The text delves into alternative uses (and some slight design changes to make them more utile). The simple fact is, we could build how societies out of Bailey Bridges if they could support the weight vertically (the limit seems to be about 1,000 feet, though this could change quickly if new materials were developed). There really is very little if any limit... And I got the ORI-Class warships up. I thought I'd gotten them up, but clearly something went wrong... Maybe a rogue Mind Melter opened a rift? LOL. NO.
    31 October: Updated freng.html in preparation to upload the first RCC pages; Due to the multiple file losses, all I have right now are Dragon, Dwarf, Fljyt (elf), Orc, Uruk-hai, Werewolf, Freng (Ferengi ST:TNG), and Clingohns (ST, all series). All are ready to upload except Orc RCC (needs to be reformatted). Also, at 2200 I started uploading the RCC pages. One more mission accomplished (at least partly).
    17 November: Added the Renada to Odds And Ends.
    21 Febuary 2021: Added Feild Bag to Uniform Manual... Finally. Updates are slow now becasue I have a new job that's full time so I don't have time to write anymore.
    14 March 2021: Added Massively Infected Persons to Dictionary and small updates to MkI, FT-17, Skinjobs (in Dictionary), and corrected a erro on this page... FML.