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Generally speaking, a "Spacestation" is any spacecraft that maintains a continuous presence over a given planet; Though they often can be moved over inter-planetary and even inter-stellar space, they are not intended to be.
Technically most starships are "spacestations" that can go from one star system to another; Equally, the only thing stopping most spacestations from going from planet to planet is installation of an in-system drive, which most have, and from star to star by installation of a Space Fold or other FTL drive. By activating a spacefold drive close enough, you can transport a spacestation over inter-stellar space.
The UGC has a need for spacestations of every sort, but has only authorized subsidies for a few classes.
Note: A variant of spacecraft called "self-sustaining ships" are often referred to as "spacestations," when in fact they are starships that happen to be orbiting the same planet over an extended period of time.
Standardized Classes
"Standardized" classes are spacestations that have had design specifications submitted to the IPA or one of her successor states, been approved, and received funding support to get more built; This includes some now out-of-service designs (such are the Skybase-Class).
Funding ("subsidies") comes with a prestige AND material support; As long as the class remains standardized, the UGC will pay 50% of initial construction and basic maintenance costs (stations that loose their standardization status, such as the Skybase-Class, still receive the maintenance support).
Robotech Factories
President's Point-Class
Neotech Factories
Non-Standardized Classes
Non-Standardized Classes are stations that passed the engineering and safety inspections, but that the IPA and her successor state would not approve for funding; You can build as many as you want, but you won't receive taxpayer support. Noteworthy, Skyhooks are usually former mines, which may have gotten taxpayer support in one form or another, but have since been closed to that purpose; They may now serve as orbital farms or some other purpose of public interest, in which case they may still receive such funding, though this is unlikely.
We can not even list 1% the types (by purpose, let alone class); We will only list a few more common categories. Certain one-off stations (such as Macross Colony) received some funding (to remove a danger to navigation), but not full funding (turning what had been a trash pile into a functional CityShip).
Power Stations
Zypher-Class Space Colony
Colony Of Macross Island
Space Station Worksheet
Additionally, there is a Spacestation Worksheet/Registration Form.