The Emblem Of The Syhith.
The Syhith.
The Emblem Of The Syhith.
Nothing is more dangerous than the Syhith; Their existence is a bane to the entire galaxy, and beyond. They are Geh 'Dia who, for one reason or another, have turned to the Dark Side.
Some are true, and very loyal, Geh 'Dia who turn after studying 'forbidden' Syhith texts; The texts are known to turn even the most clear-headed Geh 'Dia. Some are turned by desperation; The last well-documented Great Geh 'Dia Purge was begun when one Geh 'Dia turned, supposedly to save her dying husband or his dying wife. (It may never be clear which it was.) Others turn for lust of power, but these types are usually noticed in time to put them back on track or exile them- or kill them, if necessary (rare, but the Order puts the Order, and the peace they support, well before individual members and them some).
The Syhith Order is a sect of dark side (Bogan) Force users bent on destroying the Geh 'Dia. They were characterized by their single-minded lust for power and the brutal methods they were willing to use in order to
Syhith Order:
Organizational Information:
Title Of Leader:Dark Lord of the Syhith.
Governing Body:Syhith Council.
Other Positions:01 Syhith Master;
02 Syhith Lord;
03 Syhith Apprentice;
04 Shadow Hand;
05 Syhith Marauder;
06 Syhith Warrior;
07 Syhith Acolyte;
08 Syhith Adept;
09 Syhith Assassin;
10 Syhith Spy;
11 Syhith Cultist.
Organizations:01 True Syhith;
02 Naddist;
03 Brotherhood of the Syhith;
04 Krath;
05 Syhith Triumvirate;
06 Brotherhood of Darkness;
07 Order of the Syhith Lords;
08 Dark Force;
09 Disciples of Ragnos;
10 One Syhith;
11 Palpatinian Order;12 New Syhith Order:
  • Hands;
  • Intel and Assassin;13 Nightsisters.
  • Headquarters:None.
    Official Language(s):Syhith and Galactic Basic Standard.
    Affiliated Organizations
    And Governments:
    01 Syhith Empire;
    02 Mecrosa Order;
    03 Revan's Syhith Empire;
    04 New Syhith Empire;
    05 Trade Federation;
    06 Confederacy of Independent Systems;
    07 Galactic Empire;
    08 Imperial Remnant;
    10 Galactic Federation of Free Alliances;
    11 "New" Galactic Empire.
    Holy Texts:
  • Code Of The Syhith;
  • Rule Of The Strong;
  • Rule Of Two;
  • Rule Of One.
  • Deities:
  • Bogan (the Dark Side of the Force);
  • Syhith'aerie.
  • Notable Locations And Temples.01 Korriban;
    02 Ziost;
    03 Ambria;
    04 Coruscant;
    05 Thule;
    06 Roon;
    07 Malachor V.
    Relics And Artifacts.Syhith Holocrons.
    Historical Information:
    Date Of Founding.15,000 years ago.
    Planet Of Founding.01 Coursucant;
    02 Korriban.
    Other Information:
    Notable Members.Many.
  • Pre-Republic Era;
  • Old Republic Era;
  • Rise of the Empire Era;
  • Rebellion Era;
  • New Republic Era;
  • New Geh 'Dia Order Era;
  • Legacy Era.
  • acquire it. The sect existed in many diverse forms throughout galactic history. Originally, the Syhith were a humanoid species that interbred with a group of exiled Dark Geh 'Dia, but after the rise and fall of that people, the meaning of the word 'Syhith' changed. In time, the Syhith would not be identified by their race, but by their dedication to the ancient Syhith philosophy. There were many factions of the Syhith, the most notable being the Syhith Empire and the Order of the Syhith Lords.
    Philosophy and Customs
    Forged by fire
    "Without strife, your victory has no meaning. Without strife, you do not advance. Without strife, there is only stagnation."
    -Uthar WYNN
    "It is natural for him to want to destroy me. It is not crude mundane ambition, as it would be in an ordinary man; It is part of his growth. And of course it does not offend me- It is why I chose him. But he needs to grow still further."
    -An unknown Syhith Lord on his apprentice.
    Syhith philosophy emphasizes conflict. The Syhith believed that it empowered both individuals and civilizations by forcing them to change, grow, and evolve. Conflict ensured that only the strong would survive, thus leading the Syhith down the path to perfection. Sentients only deserved what they were strong enough to take and those too weak to protect themselves were fair game.
    The pacifistic teachings of the Geh 'Dia were viewed as obstructions to progress; lack of conflict led only to stagnation and decline. Morality was treated as an obstacle to be overcome. It got in the way of a Syhith's ability to recognize and grasp opportunities for advancement.
    Empowered By Passion
    "What fuels your power with the Force but your passion? The stronger, darker emotions. Anger, hatred, fear... these passions empower us."
    -Yuthura BAN
    The core of a Syhith's power came from emotion. The Geh 'Dia taught that fear and anger were negative emotions that must be overcome, but the Syhith understood that every living creature was subject to such passions. They believed in harnessing rather than suppressing these natural urges. The Syhith did not endeavor to place themselves beyond passions as the Geh 'Dia did – on the contrary, they believed that emotion was required in order to attain a holistic understanding of the Force.
    However, not all emotions were embraced by the Syhith. They, like the Geh 'Dia, considered 'love' a dangerous emotion, but for different reasons. The Geh 'Dia discouraged love because it led to attachment, but the Syhith taught that love led to mercy, which was anathema to them.
    "Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
    Through passion, I gain strength.
    Through strength, I gain power.
    Through power, I gain victory.
    Through victory, my chains are broken.
    The Force shall free me."
    -The Code of the Syhith
    Syhith Tattoos
    Darth MAUL Having His
    Syhith Tattoos Applied.
    Many Syhith Lords adorn themselves with tattoos, a symbol of their "devotion" to the order. The tattoos often have an alternating two-one color patterns with many runic symbols included. Syhith tattoos are incredibly painful to have applied, as they cover the entire body and are applied all at once, using hundreds of thousadns of individual needles.
    Examples of tattooed Syhith Lords include the infamous Darth Maul, Darth Talon, Darth Wyyrlok, Darth Ruyn, and many other members of Darth Krayt's New Syhith Order.
    There are no hard and fast rules about the tattoo's, though one detail is clear; It's not so much about the 'adornment,' it's about the pain. Suffering through the 20-60 hours of constant pain necessary to accomplish the tattooing is quite a feat, and a few Apprentices have actually died of the process itself.
    After the rise of the New Geh 'Dia Order, the Syhith altered the practice slightly; As a practical measure, the head, neck, wrists, and hands are no longer tattooed, unless the Syhith in question wishes it to be known their affiliation. Most are wise enough to know better. Syhith Assassins NEVER get tattoos of any sort, less Blacklight tattoos (special inks make them invisible in normal light) and temporary tattoos (normal tattoos are very deep in the skin, mid dermis, whereas temporary tattoos are just barely under the epidermis, and generally come out after a few months on their own).
    Rule of Two
    "Always two there are. No more, no less.
    A master, and an Apprentice."
    -Geh 'Dia Warning.
    "Any Master who instructs more than one Apprentice
    in the ways of the Dark Side is a fool."
    -Unknown Darth.
    The Rule of Two was the guiding principle of the Order of the Syhith Lords after the internecine New Syhith Wars.
    History Of The Rule: To avoid the seemingly inevitable clash between power hungry Syhith, Darth Bane hid from the Geh 'Dia and invoked the rule, which stated:
    "Two Syhith shall there be in the Galaxy at a time; No more, no less- A Master and an Apprentice. One to embody power, the other to crave it."
    -Darth Bane
    Darth Bane formulated the concept of the Rule of Two after discovering a holocron in the Temple of the Ancients on Lehon. The holocron belonged to the ancient Syhith Lord Darth Revan, who, just like Exar Kun before him, had used an early incarnation of the Rule of Two when training his apprentice, Darth Malak.
    With the knowledge gained from Darth Revan's Holocron, Bane was able to avoid further intra-Syhith conflict and continue the Syhith Order.
    Some similarity can be seen between the Syhith Rule of Two and the Geh 'Dia custom of a Master having only one Padawan at a time. Bane may even have based his Rule on this custom, seeing how "correct" and effective it had been throughout history.
    For 1000 years they watched and waited, doing their best to destabilize the Galactic Republic without revealing themselves. Many centuries passed. Around 188 BBY, during the Dark Geh 'Dia Conflict, Kibh Jeen told the Geh 'Dia that the Syhith had survived and were operating under the Rule of Two, though his warnings were ignored or passed off as the rantings of a madman. Finally, one Syhith Lord, Darth Sidious, under his true guise of Palpatine, was elected Supreme Chancellor and masterminded a devastating galactic war involving the Republic, and, as Emperor of the newly formed Galactic Empire, brought the Galaxy under the control of the Syhith, bringing about their long-overdue revenge.
    It is worth noting that Sidious possibly broke the Rule of Two at least twice: once by training Darth Maul while still under the tutelage of Darth Plagueis; and secondly, by taking on two apprentices at once (Dooku and Vergere), though Vergere was said to be a candidate and not a "true" apprentice. It should also be noted that there are no reliable sources on this, only Lumiya's account to Jacen Solo. In the latter case, Vergere left Palpatine's instruction, while in the former, Sidious corrected his violation true to Syhith form: by murdering his Master. It also appears that Sidious approached Dooku prior to Maul's death, although details on the timing are vague. However, these could be considered careful precautions to ensure the continuation of the Syhith, even if they did, technically, violate the Rule in its strictest form.
    Sidious, Tyranus, and Vader trained and employed a number of Dark Geh 'Dia and other Force-sensitive agents. As these agents were not taught the secrets of the Syhith and were considered merely minions, not apprentices, they did not consider this a violation of the Rule of Two. It is likely that Tyranus would have chosen one of his Dark Acolytes as his apprentice, had he successfully overthrown his master.
    Darth Bane, however, overlooked one possibility: that one of the Syhith Lords may be redeemed. When Darth Vader killed Palpatine, it appeared that there were no others to carry on the order's traditions and teachings. Once again, the Syhith had destroyed themselves - or so it seemed, as a secret apprentice of Darth Vader, Lumiya declared herself Dark Lady of the Syhith and took a succession of apprentices - at least Flint, Carnor Jax and Jacen Solo - Apparently following the Rule of Two, although she may also have been connected to Darth Krayt, who became a Syhith during this time and abandoned the Rule of Two. She did demand that the last of her known apprentices, Jacen Solo, would take one apprentice himself.
    However, after the Galactic Civil War, the New Republic and New Geh 'Dia Order were opposed by the Disciples of Ragnos, which nearly resurrected the spirit of Marka Ragnos on Korriban in the Valley of the Dark Lords. This institution broke the Rule of Two, as it was broken by the Prophets of the Dark Side and all Imperial Remnants and Syhith Remnants.
    By the year 130 ABY a new Syhith Order had risen to take the place of that of Darth Bane's order. However, this order has abolished the Rule of Two and replaced it with the Rule of One.
    Rule of One
    "Instead of two there is now only one- The Syhith Order itself. I have recreated the Syhith, Lord Bane, as you once did. I have given it a purpose. For what use is power without one?"
    -Darth Krayt to Darth Bane's Holocron.
    The Rule of One was the guiding principle of the Syhith in the New Syhith Order.
    When Darth Krayt founded his new Syhith Order, he abolished Darth Bane's Rule of Two, a dictate which commanded that there should be only two Syhith at any one time; a master and an apprentice, one to embody the power of the dark side, the other to crave it. Instead, there would be the Rule of One- That One being the Syhith Order itself, under which there would be many minions, acolytes/adepts and lords with only one Dark Lord of the Syhith. Darth Krayt believed he gave the Syhith and their power a purpose, unlike Darth Bane who believed that power was it's own purpose.
    The Emblem Of The Syhith.
    Syhith History.
    The Emblem Of The Syhith.
    Timeline of major events in Syhith history
    "But in their hearts they never forgot the Geh 'Dia. The hatred for the Geh 'Dia Order burns in thier veins like fire, and it echoes in thier teachings."
    -Darth TRAYA
    01. 130,000 BBY- The Syhith society begins (that is, the species, and not the Syhith cult).
    02. 100,000 BBY- The Syhith species begin to develop their culture and civilization, their religion begins.
    03. 28,000 BBY- Adas rules as King of the Syhith. He later led the Syhith race to victory over the invading Rakata, but at the cost of his own life, plunging the Syhith into civil war.
    04. 25,000 BBY The Unification Wars are fought on Tython in between darkness and light. The dark side Force's users are defeated, the Geh 'Dia establish their main temple on Ossus, the Old Republic is formed, based on Coruscant. The dark side is forbidden to the Geh 'Dia and will not rebel until 500 years later.
    05. 24,500 BBY- Xendor and his students leave the Geh 'Dia Order in the First Great Schism.
    06. 24,400 BBY the First Great Schism ends and the Dark Geh 'Dia defeated.
    07. 19,000 BBY- A Killik Syhith Lord lived on Alsakan, but was driven off when Humans arrived on the world. He fled to Sarafur, where he was buried in a treasure-filled crypt.
    08. 7,000 BBY- A group of Geh 'Dia break off from the Order, and pioneer the science of dark-side mutations, starting the Second Great Schism—the war known as the Hundred-Year Darkness.
    09. 6,900 BBY- Exiled after their defeat during the Hundred-Year Darkness, the Dark Geh 'Dia arrive on Korriban, where they interbreed with the Syhith natives, and form the Syhith Empire. Over the millennia, the empire expands to surrounding systems, including Ziost.
    10. 5,000 BBY- Dark Lord of the Syhith Naga Sadow is defeated in the Great Hyperspace War, and the Syhith Empire collapses ten years later. Sadow flees with his Massassi warriors to Yavin 4.
    11. 4,990 BBY- Final collapse of the Syhith Empire, following the defeat of Naga Sadow.
    12. 4,400 BBY- Geh 'Dia Knight Freedon Nadd falls to the dark side, and is trained by the awakened Naga Sadow. Sadow dies at the hand of Nadd, who soon establishes himself as the King of Onderon.
    13. 4,250 BBY- The Third Great Schism occurs on Coruscant, resulting the Dark Geh 'Dia fleeing to Vultar, where they activate the Cosmic Turbine, causing the Vultar Cataclysm.
    14. (4,000- 3,998 BBY) — Freedon Nadd's descendants Queen Amanoa and King Ommin lead the Naddist Syhith cult in a skirmish with the Geh 'Dia during the Beast Wars, and the Freedon Nadd Uprising. The Great Syhith War begins. Satal and Aleema Keto are taught Syhith teachings by Nadd's spirit. After the defeat of the Naddists, they flee to the Empress Teta system, and form the Krath sect.
    15. 3,997 BBY- Exar Kun falls to the dark side. The spirit of Freedon Nadd leads him from Dxun to Korriban, and thence to Yavin IV, where Kun destroys Nadd utterly. There he founds a new Syhith order, which he names the Brotherhood of the Syhith.
    16. 3,996 BBY- Kun takes the fallen Geh 'Dia Ulic Qel-Droma, leader of the Krath, as his apprentice. The Brotherhood of the Syhith and the Krath fall during the Battle of Yavin IV.
    17. 3,963 BBY- Geh 'Dia Knight Revan falls under the influence of the dark side after discovering the Trayus Academy on Malachor V, a relic of the mysterious True Syhith.
    18. (3,960 - 3,959 BBY)- Revan, hero of the Mandalorian Wars, betrays the Galactic Republic, declares himself Dark Lord of the Syhith, and forms a new Syhith Empire.
    19. (3,959 - 3,956 BBY)- Darth Revan supplements his forces with a fleet constructed by the Star Forge, and invades the Republic during the Second Syhith War. Revan is supposedly killed when his apprentice Darth Malak betrays him, but later reappears as a Geh 'Dia, having returned to the light side. Revan leads Republic forces to victory by defeating Malak and destroying the Star Forge. After the Second Syhith War, it became common practice for the Syhith to append the title "Darth" to their name.
    20. (3,956- 3,955 BBY)- In the wake of the Battle of Rakata Prime, the First Syhith Civil War erupts on Korriban, and virtually wipes out the Syhith followers of Revan and Malak.
    21. (3,955- 3,951 BBY)- Darth Traya, Darth Nihilus and Darth Sion wage a shadow war upon the devastated Republic, but are defeated by the Geh 'Dia Exile. A Second Syhith Civil War ensues, as the remaining Syhith fight over the remnants of their empire.
    Naga SADOW (left), Darth SIDIOUS (center), And Darth BANE (right), Three Of The Most Important Figures In Syhith And Galactic History.
    22. 2,000 BBY- Darth Ruin, another fallen Geh 'Dia, forms a new Syhith order and begins the New Syhith Wars. Lasting a millennium, by 1,466 BBY the New Syhith Empire conquers all of known space outside the Colonies.
    23. (2,000- 1,000 BBY)- The Syhith prove to be their own undoing, as internal power struggles destroy their organization. Lord Kaan unites the survivors under the Brotherhood of Darkness, and grants the title of "Dark Lord" to many Syhith.
    24. 1,000 BBY- Both Geh 'Dia and Syhith armies are destroyed in the Seventh Battle of Ruusan, leaving Darth Bane the only survivor. To ensure the continued survival of the Syhith, Bane institutes the Rule of Two.
    25. (1,000- 33 BBY)- The Rule of Two continues. Darth Millennial abandons his master, Darth Cognus, and establishes the Prophets of the Dark Side. Darth Vectivus becomes the administrator of a mine on an asteroid near Bimmiel, and builds a mansion there at the heart of a dark-side energy nexus. He lives out the rest of his days there, surrounded by friends and family, and presumably trains his own apprentice. The Muun Syhith Lord, Darth Plagueis is found and trained by an unknown Master. Palpatine is trained under the tutelage of Darth Plagueis, and is given the title of Darth Sidious. Palpatine kills his Master in his sleep. He then trains Darth Maul as his own apprentice.
    26. 32 BBY- The Syhith, who had been in hiding for nearly one thousand years, resurface again when Darth Sidious orchestrates the Battle of Naboo.
    27. (22- 19 BBY)- Darth Sidious and Darth Tyranus provoke the Clone Wars, and many Geh 'Dia die, or turn to the dark side.
    28. 19 BBY- Darth Vader becomes Sidious's new apprentice. The Galactic Empire is established by Darth Sidious. The Syhith rule the galaxy once more, from the Core Worlds to Wild Space.
    29. (19- 1 BBY)- Darth Sidious takes efforts to eradicate the Geh 'Dia in the Great Geh 'Dia Purge. Some include Roan Shryne and An'ya Kuro.
    30. 4 ABY- Vader is turned back to the light side of the Force by Luke Skywalker, resulting in the deaths of both Sidious and Vader, presumed extinction of the Syhith order.
    31. 11 ABY- The resurrection of Palpatine, who nearly overthrows the New Republic before dying one last time. Another presumed extinction of the Syhith order. Exar Kun's spirit is revived on Yavin IV and turns Kyp Durron into a Dark Geh 'Dia. Exar Kun is later defeated by the New Geh 'Dia Order and Kyp turns back to the Light Side of the Force.
    32. (11 ABY+)- Rumors abound of a last Syhith, an Emperor's Hand, named Lumiya. Three decades later, these whispers would prove true.
    33. 14 ABY- A Syhith cult, the Disciples of Ragnos, attempt to resurrect Marka Ragnos, but are thwarted through the efforts of the New Geh 'Dia Order.
    34. 30 ABY- Darth Krayt begins to rebuild the Syhith Order on Korriban.
    35. 40 ABY- Lumiya appears in the galaxy again, and seduces Jacen Solo to join her. Jacen slowly attempts to lead his cousin Ben Skywalker toward the Syhith ways, in order to make him his apprentice. Jacen eventually becomes a Syhith Lord, taking on the title of "Darth Caedus" and becomes a co- Chief of State of Galactic Alliance.
    36. 130 ABY- The Syhith, led by Darth Krayt, return to prominence in the galaxy by sabotaging the Ossus Project, causing mass secessions from the Galactic Alliance to the second Galactic Empire, and nearly eliminating the Geh 'Dia Order once again.

    The Emblem Of The Syhith.
    Major Syhith Factions.
    The Emblem Of The Syhith.
    Factions And Titles.
    Many of the incarnations of the Syhith order begin with a Syhith holocron and an overly curious Geh 'Dia.
    "There is a faction of meatbags called the Syhith. They want what any rational meatbag would want-The power to assassinate anyone they choose at any time."
    The term Syhith referred to numerous disparate dark side organizations that rose and fell over thousands of years of galactic history. No single entity long survived the vigilance of the Geh 'Dia Knights, but even in defeat the ancient Syhith teachings proved difficult to suppress. Each time the Geh 'Dia Order grew complacent, a Syhith cult, brotherhood, order, or empire would arise from the ashes to threaten the galaxy once more. New iterations of the Syhith would be linked only tenuously to past traditions through a shared ideology.
    Syhith (species)
    The Syhith were a species of red-skinned humanoids native to Ziost and Korriban that were enslaved by exiled Dark Geh 'Dia. Prior to their discovery, the Syhith were divided into a meek and lowly slave class, a skilled and intelligent engineer class, and the warlike Massassi class. Over time, the Syhith interbred with the Human Dark Geh 'Dia through the practice of Syhith Alchemy, and the two peoples became one.
    True Syhith
    The "True Syhith" was an obscure and largely unknown order of adherents to the dark side of the Force. Darth Traya told the Geh 'Dia Exile that the order had been in existence for tens of thousands of years and were silently waiting in the Unknown Regions during the time of the Geh 'Dia Civil War.
    According to Darth Traya, the "True Syhith" had existed for millennia prior to the rise of the ancient Syhith Empire. She and Revan believed that it was they who had goaded the Mandalorians into attacking the Galactic Republic, starting the Mandalorian Wars. Kreia stated that both Malachor V and the graveyard planet, Korriban, had once been planets at the edges of that mysterious Empire, and that while these "True Syhith" had forgotten those ancient worlds of the dark side, they would remember.
    The Massassi were related to the Syhith species. Under the rule of the exiled Dark Geh 'Dia, many Massassi captives were subject to Syhith Alchemy, which resulted in them being more deadly and easier for their Syhith masters to control. They were distinguished by bone spurs which erupted from their skin and by their abnormally giant size. They would serve as soldiers for the Syhith Empire.
    Syhith Empire
    The Syhith Empire was a rich and powerful empire that was established by Dark Geh 'Dia banished from the Galactic Republic after their defeat at the Battle of Corbos during the Hundred-Year Darkness. After developing in complete isolation for thousands of years, the Syhith eventually rediscovered the Republic. The Dark Lord of the Syhith Naga Sadow led the Empire in an invasion during the Great Hyperspace War, but he was defeated. The Syhith Empire was believed to have been utterly destroyed by Republic forces in the aftermath of the Second Battle of Korriban.
    Brotherhood of the Syhith
    The Brotherhood of the Syhith was a group of Dark Geh 'Dia founded by Exar Kun who broke away from the Geh 'Dia Order to study Syhith techniques. During the Great Syhith War, the Brotherhood attempted to conquer the Republic with the aid of the Krath and the Mandalorian Crusaders. The Brotherhood was defeated and virtually exterminated during the Battle of Yavin IV.
    The Krath was a Syhith secret society founded by Aleema and Satal Keto, the bored heirs to the Empress Teta system. Following a Krath attack on a Geh 'Dia conclave, Ulic Qel-Droma attempted to infiltrate the group, but he failed. He was seduced to the dark side and eventually became the leader of the sect. During the Great Syhith War, the Krath became the militry arm of Exar Kun's Syhith Order and fell with it on Yavin 4.
    Syhith Empire (Geh 'Dia Civil War)
    The Syhith Empire was temporarily resurrected by the fallen Geh 'Dia Revan and Malak. Built upon a hardened core of veterans from the Mandalorian Wars and a host of Geh 'Dia converts, the fledgling new galactic power very nearly succeeded in conquering the Republic during the Second Syhith War. After the redemption of Darth Revan and the death of Darth Malak, their Empire splintered into factions and eventually collapsed.
    Syhith Triumvirate
    The Syhith Triumvirate was a brief but deadly Syhith Order founded by the former Geh 'Dia Kreia, now known as Darth Traya, she took two apprentices of unknown origins and trained many new Syhith at the Trayus Academy on Malachor V. After her exile from the Triumvirate the two remaining Syhith Lords; Darth Nihilus, and Darth Sion executed the First Geh 'Dia Purge.The Syhith Triumvirate was a loose alliance of what remained of Darth Revan's Syhith Empire. It was solidified sometime after the Battle of Rakata Prime. This organization was comprised of several, if not hundreds of Syhith apprentices, Syhith Masters and most importantly, Syhith Assassins. The members were eventually defeated by the Geh 'Dia Exile.
    New Syhith Empire
    The New Syhith Empire was founded by Darth Ruin, and was the vast area of galactic territory formed out of the Fourth Great Schism, which the Syhith ruled over with an iron fist. Its capital was the planet Roon. At its height during the New Syhith Wars, it was even greater than the old Syhith Empires of Naga Sadow and Darth Revan; following the Battle of Mizra and during the Republic Dark Age, it encompassed a great percentage of the known Galaxy.
    Sometime between 1,010 and 1,006 BBY the New Syhith Empire collapsed in a civil war. From the ashes, Kaan established the Brotherhood of Darkness.
    Order of the Syhith Lords
    The Syhith Order under the last surviving Syhith Lord, Darth Bane, was created as a result of the devastating Seventh Battle of Ruusan, which saw the annihilation of the previous Syhith Order. Bane's Syhith Order, known formally as the Order of the Syhith Lords, was founded upon the principles of Darth Revan's Holocron, wherefrom he formed the Rule of Two, utilizing stealth tactics and treachery to achieve their means. It would be this Syhith Order, and its principles, that would finally triumph over the Geh 'Dia and the Galactic Republic nearly 1,000 years later. The Rule of Two would allow his eventual successor, Darth Sidious, to finally triumph over the Geh 'Dia and the Republic 1,000 years later.
    Disciples of Ragnos
    The Disciples of Ragnos was a Syhith Cult under the leadership of Tavion Axmis, who sought to resurrect the spirit of Marka Ragnos through ancient Syhith sorcery and take control of the galaxy. The cult was closely related to the Empire Reborn movement of which Tavion had herself been part with the Dark Geh 'Dia Desann. The cult was ultimately defeated by Jaden Korr and the New Geh 'Dia Order.
    Lumiya's Syhith
    Lumiya's Syhith were a loosely collected group of individuals associated with Lumiya, self-proclaimed Dark Lady of the Syhith after the final death of Darth Sidious.
    Even with Palpatine's final death, the Syhith continued to survive. Their next Syhith Lord was an Emperor's Hand named Lumiya. Darth Vader had passed on to Lumiya some Syhith teaching secretly from his master, and the woman adopted the title "Dark Lady of the Syhith" upon her masters' death at Endor. She trained two apprentices: Flint, who was redeemed by Luke Skywalker, and Carnor Jax, who was killed by Palpatine loyalist Kir Kanos.
    Soon afterwards she succeeded in convincing Geh 'Dia Knight Jacen Solo to join the ranks of the Syhith.
    New Syhith Order
    By the year 130 ABY, a new Syhith Order had risen to take the place of Darth Bane's order. It is known that a Syhith known as Darth Krayt began the order on Korriban, the ancient Syhith burial world, around 30 ABY. In this new Syhith cult, many of the followers sported a red-and-black tattooed appearance and used lightsabers with an yorik coral-styled hilt design. This Syhith Order was considered heretical by the Syhith of the past. Krayt spent over a century growing and strengthening the new order, planning to unify the galaxy once more under Syhith rule. He and his new order made their presence known around 127-130 ABY by initiating the Syhith-Imperial War, and then launching an attack on the Geh 'Dia on
    Darth Sidious, a Dark Lord of the Syhith.
    Syhith Empire
    These were the ranks of the Syhith Order before Darth BANE instituted the Rule of Two:
    Dark Lord of the Syhith: Dark Lords of the Syhith were the greatest and most powerful of the Syhith Lords. Up until the reign of Kaan, it was a title that was only given to those that were acknowledged as the leaders of their order, but by the end of the New Syhith Wars the title was held by many Syhith Lords simultaneously.
    Syhith Lord: Syhith Lords were the leaders of the Syhith. They commanded armies of Syhith Minions, Acolytes and Warriors during wartime and ruled through a governing body known as the Syhith council. Syhith Lords used the dark side of the Force to inflict misery, suffering, and corruption. They were also tasked with preserving the lore of the Syhith by passing all their knowledge on to their acolytes. While they did not enter combat as often as lesser Syhith (preferring to use pawns, servants, or proxies), they were the most fearsome of the Syhith as they were the keepers of the Syhith's greatest secrets and wielders of its most potent sorceries.
    Syhith Warrior: Syhith Warrior was a rank of the Syhith order before Darth Bane's reform of the Syhith Order. They were mid-ranking Syhith who generally focused their energies and skills towards battle, spending little time on actual dark side philosophy or other concerns of the "purer" Syhith.
    Syhith Assassin: Specialized Syhith minions included Syhith Assassins, who preferred to ambush targets from the shadows rather than engaging them in standard combat. Almost always working solo or in small groups, they utilized stealth field generators and the rare art of Force camouflage to launch surprise attacks on their Geh 'Dia victims. While some used a lightsaber, most fought with more conventional melee weapons such as force pikes. Darth Traya, Darth Sion, and Darth Nihilus commanded legions of Syhith Assassins during the aftermath of the Geh 'Dia Civil War, causing the near-extermination of the Geh 'Dia Order. The Syhith Assassins drew their powers from the Force power of their enemies.
    Syhith Minion: Syhith Minions were the lowliest members of the Syhith. Some were not even Force-sensitive, and often worshiped the Syhith Lords as gods. Syhith Cultists, Syhith Assassins and Syhith Marauders can be considered examples of Syhith Minions. However, the Syhith also used soldiers, mercenaries, and conscripts to work for them.
    Post Bane: To ensure the continued survival of the Syhith, Bane was forced to put them on the brink of extinction. He instituted the Rule of Two. In Bane's order, both Syhith held the title Dark Lord of the Syhith. The rule of the two instituted that a master train an apprentice. Once the apprentice was fully trained, he would kill the master and take on the mantle himself and repeat the process. The death of the master is either a ceremonial killing or an assassination.
    Syhith Master:Syhith Masters were Syhith Lords that had an apprentice serving beneath them. Notable Syhith Masters include Darth Sidious, Darth Plagueis and Darth Bane.
    Syhith Apprentice:Syhith apprentices were Syhith neophytes that were studying under the tutelage of a Syhith Master. Notable Syhith apprentices include Darth Maul, Darth Tyranus and Darth Vader.
    Dark Side Adepts:Dark Side Adepts were not technically Syhith. These Force-sensitives were chosen and honed by the Syhith apprentice. Essentially, adepts were candidates to replace the Apprentice when he or she was killed or ascended to mastery.
    "Once more, the Syhith will rule the galaxy... And we shall have peace."
    -Darth SIDIOUS to Darth VADER.
    Darth VADER, The Last Great Syhith Warlord, In His Specalized Power Armor.
    Palpatinian Era: When Palpatine declared himself Galactic Emperor, the Syhith controlled the known galaxy, in a political sense, for the first time. With this new, far-reaching authority came a need for functionaries throughout the Empire who were, to one extent or another, supporters if not adherents of the dark side. Though not Syhith in any strict sense, these quasi-Syhith minions were known generally as Dark Side Adepts. As Force-sensitive individuals serving the Emperor, they supported his Syhith rule by working in the roles of servants, agents, intelligence operatives, militry officials, etc. Dark Side Adepts were particularly important when Palpatine was reborn into his clone bodies, six years after his death.
    Inquisitors: The Inquisitorius was a secret division of Imperial Intelligence consisting of dark side Force-sensitive agents known as Inquisitors (sometimes also as Inquisitioners), or "truth officers". Under the control of Darth Vader, these Inquisitors were considered the highest ranking of the Dark Side Adepts, outranking the Emperor's Hands, Prophets of the Dark Side, and lesser Dark Geh 'Dia. They reported directly to Emperor Palpatine.
    Emperor's Hands: Emperor's Hands were top-secret special operatives trained in the Force by the Emperor himself. They were so secret they usually had no knowledge of each other. Mara Jade was one of the best-known Emperor's Hands.
    Imperial Royal Guard: These were hand-picked elite stormtroopers assigned to protect and serve the Emperor directly. Force sensitivity was by no means a requirement. Those with advanced talents, however, were assigned as Sovereign Protectors, and those with even more advanced talents underwent Force training under Dark Geh 'Dia tutors.
    Legacy Era
    By the year 130 ABY a new Syhith Order had risen to take the place of that of Darth Bane's order. Krayt abolished Darth Bane's Rule of Two. Instead, there would be the Rule of One—that One being the Syhith Order itself, under which there would be many Syhith Minions.
    Ruled by Krayt, the New Syhith Order flourished and a chance for Galactic domination presented itself. The reverse Vongforming of worlds was sabotaged and when the galaxy at large blamed and persecuted the Yuuzhan Vong, the GA and Geh 'Dia Order were split down the middle. In the midst of the New Galactic Civil War the Imperial Remnant joined forces with the Legacy Syhith and brought the galaxy to its knees. The new Syhith, however, betrayed the Empire and deposed the Emperor. Darth Krayt assumed the throne of the Empire. But the deposed Emperor, Roan Fel, set up a rival faction of the Empire that remained loyal to him. Each side tried to dominate the Galaxy in the years to come.
    It is known that a Syhith known as Darth Krayt began the order on Korriban, the ancient Syhith burial world, around 30 ABY. In this new Syhith cult, many of the followers sported a red and black tattooed appearance.
    Fist: Fist was a Syhith Lord who served as the supreme militry commander for the new Syhith Order. The Fist was appointed to the position by Darth Krayt. As of 137 BBY Darth Stryfe served as Krayt's Fist. Darth Nihl was intended to be a Fist, but was instead made a Hand when his predecessor was killed.
    Hands: The Hands were Darth Krayt's most able servants, trained and existing to carry out his will. They took only his orders, and reported only to him.
    By 137 ABY, Krayt's only Hand was Darth Nihl, having been given the post when his predecessor died unexpectedly. That year, he made Darth Talon into his second Hand, a fact that displeased Nihl.
    Syhith Intelligence and Assassination: Syhith Intelligence and Assassination was an agency of the new Syhith Order of Darth Krayt. It was in charge of spying, political murder, and torture. Around 130 ABY, it was headed by Darth Maladi. Jor Torlin was one of its ranking agents.
    Darth Maladi's laboratory, in the Temple of the Syhith, was a location of Syhith Intelligence and Assassination.
    On Dealing With the Syhith
    "The Syhith are people who are very self-centered and selfish. There used to be many Syhith, but because they were
    corrupted by power and ambition, they killed each other off, so now there are only two- A Master and an Apprentice.
    Syhith rely on their passion to get things done. They use their raw emotion, their hatred, their anger, their bitterness-
    Which is Bogan (the "Dark Side" of the Force). The Force is what binds the galaxy together, and it has a good side
    and a bad side. The Syhith learned how to manipulate both sides of the Force, and then they fell into the trap of being
    corrupted by the Dark Side. The Geh 'Dia Knights are like marshals in the Wild West. It's their job to make sure everyone
    is protected, to bring peace. They are the enemy of the Syhith, because the Syhith want to dominate the galaxy, to control
    everything, and for a thousand years they have had a plot against the Geh 'Dia. With the start of the Great Geh 'Dia
    Purge, it was their turn to seek revenge against the Geh 'Dia for perceived injustices and to carry out that plot."
    ~Grand Master George LUCAS, Historian/Archivist, on the Syhith after the Reformation of the Greater Geh 'Dia Order.
    The Syhith long ago learned how to sheild their actions, intentions, and motives from the Geh 'Dia; "Those in the Light, can not see in the Darkness". It's known that the last truly great Syhith Lord was SIDIOUS, and that he was murdered by his own Apprentice with the assistance of future Grand Master Geh 'Dia Knight SKYWALKER- It is not known why exactly a Syhith joined a Geh 'Dia to murder a Syhith Lord, except to ascend to Master himself; This appears not to be the case, but VHADTER'S motives may have been otherwise selfish. Master SKYWALKER would never say. (It is rumored that he told his sister, another Geh 'Dia, what really happened that day, but no one knows for sure.)
    SIDIOUS claimed to have discovered the way of shielding the Syhith, though just about everyone believes this is a lie; His own Master may have been BANE, or VICTIVOUS. It is believed by all responsible researchers that SIDIOUS learned this secret from him.
    Most common Syhith Orders are short lived; They begin when a Geh 'Dia gets their hands on a Syhith Holocron, and learn some secret that they are not mature enough to handle. These usually last only a few hours, when the Masters discover the transgression and take decisive action; This sometimes results in the Geh 'Dia's death. The UGC can do nothing about this, under UGC Law, since the Order is a legal entity unto itself.
    Allies and Enemies
    What the Syhith has never had was a shortage of enemies; The Geh 'Dia and Mandalorians were already enemies of the Syhith, and the Imperial Remnant turned on them when they betrayed Roan FELL.
    The advent of the UGC exacerbate their problems, in that the Council actually managed to unify the Geh 'Dia and Mandalorians (who were enemies of each other since before there WAS a Syhith Order), and the UGC refused to treat with most Syhith factions.
    However, it also presented some unique opportunities; The Tiresian Malcontents have much in common with the Syhith, and the two factions intermittently cooperate to accomplished mutually beneficial goals. Still, they have few allies, and no friends- Especially amongst each other.
    The Emblem Of The Syhith.
    Syhith (Species).
    The Emblem Of The Syhith.
    The Syhith were a species of red-skinned humanoids with tentacle "beards," native to Korriban that trained under the first Great Geh 'Dia Order; However, as a species they developed the first of the Dark Geh 'Dia teachings. Pure blooded Syhith were almost always left-handed, and thus their signature weapon, the lanvarok, was adapted purely for left-handed use.
    They were thought to be, but have reappeared since the arrival of the UGC.
    A Syhith And A Massassi Slave.
    Average Height:6 feet (1.83m)
    Skin Color:Red
    Distinctions:Tentacle "beards"
    Famous Members:
  • Marka RAGNOS;
  • Ludo KRESSH;
  • Naga SADOW;
  • Adas
  • Alligence:The Syhith Lords
    A Syhith Funeral.
    Society And Culture
    They engaged in supposedly primitive practices such as sentient sacrifice, held a strong caste system, and were in an almost constant state of war, their civilization was quite sophisticated; They saw these acts not as cruel or barbaric, but simply basic aspects of existence. Their caste system included a meek and lowly slave class, a skilled and intelligent engineer class, the priestly Kissai class, and the war-like Massassi class. In later years, the offspring of Syhith and the exiled Dark Geh 'Dia formed another class, from which most of the Syhith Lords of that time came.
    Native Syhith culture included their own language, the consumption of bloodsoup, a rigid and stratified caste-based society and live sentient sacrifices to the Syhith deities. For the Syhith, war and violence were just as much a part of the natural order of life as peace or serenity. Their social order was very rigid, and while many rose to the title of Syhith Lord, only one, King Adas, attained the position of monarch. Another aspect of Syhith culture, the creation of Syhith Holocrons to record knowledge, originates from their first contact with the Rakata of the Infinite Empire.
    Syhith society lasted as such for hundreds of millennia- From roughly 130,000 to 7,000 years ago. Except for the brief unification of their species under King Adas, Syhith society was fragmented, with many individual Syhith Lords ruling independent fiefdoms, most of them attempting to claim Adas's title of Syhith'aerie and unite their kind. The Syhith species originated on the planet Korriban.
    Circa 28,000 years ago, Adas, marked as a chosen one from a young age by his unusual black skin, united the nations of Korriban in violent warfare. He took the title of Syhith'aerie, meaning "overlord", and was seen by his people as an immortal being who would rule forever.
    Eventually the Rakata, rogue Geh 'Dia (a kind of proto-Syhith philosophy) arrived on Korriban. Pretending to ally themselves with Adas at first and giving him the technology of Holocrons, they soon revealed their intentions and attempted to conquer the Syhith. Adas and the Syhith fought back and drove off the forces of the Infinite Empire, with the king giving his life in the process. Without Adas's strong hand, Korriban soon collapsed into civil war, with many claiming themselves Syhith'aerie. The massive infighting eventually forced the Syhith to relocate their capital to Ziost.
    Around 7,000 years ago, Dark Geh 'Dia exiles fleeing from the Galactic Republic after their defeat in the Hundred Year Darkness, established themselves as "divine" rulers over the native Syhith, uniting the world once again, this time under the rule of a Dark Lord of the Syhith. Over the generations, the Syhith interbred with the Human Dark Geh 'Dia. Eventually, the Syhith species in its original form was almost extinct.
    During the Great Hyperspace War 5,000 years ago, the Dark Lord Naga SADOW fled to the jungle moon of Yavin 4 along with a contingent of Massassi followers to escape the pursuing Geh 'Dia and the Galactic Republic. There, Naga SADOW committed cruel experiments on his own Massassi warriors which resulted in them becoming dark side-wielding savages.
    Due to their history of association with dark side Force-users, the word 'Syhith' went on to be used by many dark side organizations not connected with the original Syhith species. The Syhith were utterly devastated by the old Geh 'Dia Order many years ago; The Syhith Order itself never forgave the Geh 'Dia for this massacre, and used it as a partial justification for the various purges since then.
    The True Syhith were thought to be extinct; However, shortly after the Galactic's revealed their existence, a planet with about 10 billion True Syhith was "discovered" in the lesser satellite galaxy, decedents of rogue Syhith who had broken from the main Syhith forces sometime between the arrival of the Dark Geh 'Dia and the outbreak of the Hyperspace War. These were Boganists to the core, but had elected to live in controlled rage for 10,000 generations to allow their people time to build towards the day they could claim "their" divine right to rule- A day which never will come, as the Galactics, having discovered this society, have interdicted the planet "in perpetuity" and declared the inhabitants "vermin."
    Syhith Lords.
    A Syhith Lord; His Name Is Lost To Antiquity.
    " Syhith Lord is...?"
    "A being who stands against the Geh 'Dia and their control over the Republic."
    ~Unknown Citizen And Syhith Supporter.
    "Syhith Lord" is a title that is conferred on a powerful master of Syhith knowledge. Before Darth Bane established the Rule of Two, The Brotherhood of Darkness gave all Syhith Lords nominally equal status among the Syhith. This strategy was created to prevent the Syhith from killing each other, which had been the natural order of the dark side up until the formation of the Brotherhood. Bane saw this as a violation of the natural order of the Syhith and cleansed the Order by destroying Lord Kaan's Brotherhood and supplanting it with his own Rule of Two (two Syhith, one master to embody the power and one to crave it). The term "Syhith Lord" generally encompassed members of both sexes, although some female Syhith, such as Lumiya and Olaris Rhea, were titled Syhith Lady.
    Originally, "Syhith Lord" referred to a high-ranking member of the Syhith race's society. As the Syhith civilization progressed, many claimed the title and battled against each other to earn the superior title of Syhith'aerie, "the Syhith Overlord"; Adas and Dathka Graush were such Overlords.
    In the original Syhith language, the term "Syhith'aerie" translated literally into "lord" or "overlord." Over time however, the term became closely associated with the idea of a perfect being, who would rise to power and take control of the Syhith Order.
    The prophesied coming of the Syhith'aerie was based around the notion that a perfect being would epitomize the teachings of the Syhith Code and became free of all restrictions. This being would lead the Syhith, but also destroy them- A destruction that would make the Syhith Order stronger than before. The identity of the Syhith'aerie was confirmed as Darth Bane, who destroyed the Brotherhood of Darkness in order to remake the Syhith through the Rule of Two.
    However, several Syhith'aerie have since come and gone; Each has, in fact, destroyed the order to one extent or another, only to make it that much stronger from the ashes.
    Known Syhith Lords Over History (and fate if known):
  • King Adas (Syhith'aerie; Killed 27,700 BBY)
  • Shar Dakhan (Killed 5,000 BBY)
  • Dramath (Assassinated by Tenebrae 5,103 BBY)
  • Dramath the Second (Died of Natural Causes, 5,000 BBY, Rekkiad.)
  • Dreypa (Unknown; Death not recorded)
  • Dor Gal-ram (Assassinated, 5,000 BBY, over Khar Delba)
  • Garu (Killed 5,000 BBY over Ashas Ree)
  • Dathka Graush (Syhith'aerie; Killed 6,950 BBY)
  • Horak-mul (5,000 BBY, Khar Delba)
  • Tulak Hord (Unknown; even when he lived is not clear.)
  • Ieldis (Unknown; he died, but when is mystery)
  • Kla (Unknown; he died, but when is mystery)
  • Ludo Kressh (Killed 5,000 BBY, over Korriban)
  • Karness Muur ("Incapacitated" 137 ABY)
  • Freedon Nadd (4,350 BBY)
  • Tritos Nal (Unknown/Lost)
  • Ajunta Pall (3,956 BBY)
  • Marka Ragnos (Unknown/Lost)
  • Saes Rrogon (Unknown/Lost)
  • Naga Sadow (killed 4,400 BBY)
  • Rin Shuuir (Unknown/Lost)
  • Simus (Unknown/Lost)
  • Bo Vanda (Unknown/Lost)
  • XoXaan (Unknown/Lost)
  • Exar Kun (Unknown/Lost)
  • Ulic Qel-Droma (Unknown/Lost)
  • Darth Glovoc (Unknown/Lost)
  • Darth Malak (Unknown/Lost)
  • Darth Revan (Unknown/Lost)
  • Darth Bandon (Unknown/Lost)
  • Darth Nihilus (Unknown/Lost)
  • Darth Sion (Unknown/Lost)
  • Darth Traya (Unknown/Lost)
  • Adraas (Unknown/Lost)
  • Darth Angral (Unknown/Lost)
  • Darth Baras (Unknown/Lost)
  • Calypho (Unknown/Lost)
  • Darth Chratis (Unknown/Lost)
  • Ekage (Unknown/Lost)
  • Darth Howl (Unknown/Lost)
  • Darth Igrol (Unknown/Lost)
  • Darth Malgus (Unknown/Lost)
  • Malichose (Unknown/Lost)
  • Darth Marr (Unknown/Lost)
  • Darth Mekhis (Unknown/Lost)
  • Nankrang (Unknown/Lost)
  • Darth Thanaton (Unknown/Lost)
  • Darth Vowrawn (Unknown/Lost)
  • Darth Scabrous (Unknown/Lost)
  • Scourge (Unknown/Lost)
  • Vindican (Unknown/Lost)
  • Darth Xedrix (Unknown/Lost)
  • Darth Desolous (Unknown/Lost)
  • Darth Phobos (Unknown/Lost)
  • Ayanos Bactra (Unknown/Lost)
  • Belia Darzu (Unknown/Lost)
  • Saaj Calician (Unknown/Lost)
  • Arkadia Calimondra (Unknown/Lost)
  • Vilia Calimondra (Unknown/Lost)
  • Chagras (Unknown/Lost)
  • Daiman (Unknown/Lost)
  • Dromika (Unknown/Lost)
  • Quorlac Fornayh (Unknown/Lost)
  • Lioko (Unknown/Lost)
  • Malakite (Unknown/Lost)
  • Mandragall (Unknown/Lost)
  • Na'daz (Unknown/Lost)
  • Najus (Unknown/Lost)
  • Odion (Unknown/Lost)
  • Darth Rivan (Unknown/Lost)
  • Darth Ruin (Unknown/Lost)
  • Quillan (Unknown/Lost)
  • Githany (Nightsister; )
  • Hezzoran (Unknown/Lost)
  • Kaan (Unknown/Lost)
  • Kaox Krul (Unknown/Lost)
  • Kas'im (Unknown/Lost)
  • Kopecz (Unknown/Lost)
  • LaTor (Unknown/Lost)
  • Llokay (Unknown/Lost)
  • Orilltha (Unknown/Lost)
  • Qordis (Unknown/Lost)
  • Seviss Vaa (Unknown/Lost)
  • Shenayag (Unknown/Lost)
  • Sirak (Unknown/Lost)
  • Yevra (Unknown/Lost)
  • Darth Bane (Syhith'aerie of prophecy; )
  • Darth Zannah (Unknown/Lost)
  • Darth Cognus (Unknown/Lost)
  • Darth Millennial (Unknown/Lost)
  • Darth Vectivus (Unknown/Lost)
  • Darth Tenebrous (Unknown/Lost)
  • Darth Plagueis (Unknown/Lost)
  • Darth Sidious (Unknown/Lost)
  • Darth Maul (Unknown/Lost)
  • Darth Tyranus (Unknown/Lost)
  • Darth Vader (Unknown/Lost)
  • Kyp Durron (Unknown/Lost)
  • X1 (Unknown/Lost)
  • Darth Caedus (Unknown/Lost)
  • Flint (Unknown/Lost)
  • Carnor Jax (Unknown/Lost)
  • Lumiya (Unknown/Lost)
  • Tahiri Veila (Unknown/Lost)
  • Dernas (Unknown/Lost)
  • Viun Gaalan (Unknown/Lost)
  • Ysadria Kaladris (Unknown/Lost)
  • Candra Kitai (Unknown/Lost)
  • Jariad Korsin (Unknown/Lost)
  • Nida Korsin (Unknown/Lost)
  • Yaru Korsin (Unknown/Lost)
  • Flen Luzo (Unknown/Lost)
  • Sawj Luzo (Unknown/Lost)
  • Enara Massar (Unknown/Lost)
  • Pallima (Unknown/Lost)
  • Olaris Rhea (Unknown/Lost)
  • Sashal (Unknown/Lost)
  • Sammul Sharsha (Unknown/Lost)
  • Vantsuri Shia (Unknown/Lost)
  • Sarasu Taalon (Unknown/Lost)
  • Jesko Umarn (Unknown/Lost)
  • Ivaar Workan (Unknown/Lost)
  • Lillia Venn (Unknown/Lost)
  • Darish Vol (Unknown/Lost)
  • Takaris Yur (Unknown/Lost)
  • Darth Azard (Unknown/Lost)
  • Darth Havok (Unknown/Lost)
  • Darth Krayt (Unknown/Lost)
  • Darth Kruhl (Unknown/Lost)
  • Darth Maladi (Unknown/Lost)
  • Darth Maleval (Unknown/Lost)
  • Darth Nihl (Unknown/Lost)
  • Darth Rauder (Unknown/Lost)
  • Darth Reave (Unknown/Lost)
  • Darth Ruyn (Unknown/Lost)
  • Darth Stryfe (Unknown/Lost)
  • Darth Talon (Unknown/Lost)
  • Darth Vurik (Unknown/Lost)
  • Darth Wyyrlok I (Unknown/Lost)
  • Darth Wyyrlok II (Unknown/Lost)
  • Darth Wyyrlok III (Unknown/Lost)
  • Dician (Unknown/Lost)
  • Darth Andeddu (Unknown/Lost)
  • Darth Karnage (Unknown/Lost)
  • Komok-Da (Unknown/Lost)
  • The Nightsisters (NO emblem).
    The Nightsisters.
    Mighella, A Nightsister Who Was In The Employ Of Various Crime Lords As A Bounty Hunter And Assassin Approximately 450 Years Ago.
    General Information:
    Founder:Gethzerion (alleged).
  • Gethzerion;
  • Tamith Kai.
  • Locations:
  • Doothier Imperial Prison;
  • Nightsister Stronghold;
  • Shadow Academy.
  • Historical Information:
    Formed From:Exiled Doothieri Witches.
    Dissolution:Not Applicable.
    Other Information:
    Allied To:No one; Have fought against alignment to anyone.
    Enemies To:Literally anyone who doesn't accept THEIR rulership; They even bombed Optera once.
    Wanted On:There are felony no bail warrants and multi-billioncredit dead or alive bounties for them in more places and by more groups that there are places and groups to HAVE warrants and bounties.
    The Nightsisters were a group of Doothieri Witches (usually exiled from one of the other clans) who use Bogan. Though they used the dark side, their powers and abilities were quite different from the Syhith Lords, which caused confusion among Geh 'Dia scholars as to who or what they really were. Around the time of their original defeat, their leader was Gethzerion, who endlessly terrorized the other Doothieri Witch clans.
    The Witches of Doothier had a long tradition of exiling darksiders and others who broke their ancient code to live outside the warrior clans in solitude and contemplation. However, at some point in the waning days of the Galactic Republic, the exile Gethzerion began to gather these outcasts to form a new clan, which became the Nightsisters. Over time, this group came to resemble the traditional clans and started to expand, raising its own children to heed the power of Bogan, although they did not regard it in those terms. With the other clans reluctant to forcibly oppose them, their numbers rose steadily, counting approximately one hundred in 8 ABY.
    Fall of the Nightsisters
    After the defeat at Yavin 4, the Empire established a prison colony on Doothier. Gethzerion aided them, tracking down escapees and renegades, hoping to obtain passage offworld. When Emperor Palpatine came to learn the true extent of Gethzerion's dark power, however, he came to fear the formidable threat she posed to him. He had all the ships stationed on Doothier destroyed and detached a fleet to enforce a quarantine on the planet in order to keep her grounded. The Nightsisters then took over the Imperial prison, and enslaved all the stranded Imperials stationed there, trying but failing to cobble together an escape craft.
    Despite this, there were several Nightsisters, such as Silri, who apparently managed to escape this fate. They allied themselves with Tyber Zann of the Zann Consortium. The Nightsisters fought on the side of the Zann Consortium riding mighty Rancors. Other escapees included Charal, who ended up on Endor.
    In 8 ABY, when a number of the Rebellion's heroes were stranded on Doothier, Gethzerion made a deal with Warlord Zsinj that in exchange for turning over Han Solo, the Nightsisters would get access to a ship so they could escape the planet. However, Zsinj double-crossed them and had two Imperial Star Destroyers fire upon their escape shuttle, killing them all.
    Around 2,300 years ago, the Nightsisters rallied around the banner of one Tamith Kai in the Great Canyon. This clan accepted males and treated them as equals instead of slaves, as opposite to traditional Doothieri society. The best of the clan were sent to the Shadow Academy for more training, with the rest remaining in the Great Canyon. The clan now accepted traditional Syhith teachings and drew upon Bogan as a concept. The fate of those left behind after the Shadow Academy fell is unknown, although at least one of them, Lomi PLO, later left the planet after the Second Imperium's fall.
    Attributes of a Nightsister
    The Nightsisters have extensive rupturing of blood vessels around their eyes, a corruption due to constant use of Bogan. There was no "uniform" for the Nightsisters, and each wore clothing that suited them personally, although most tended towards black robes and cloaks, adorned with tribal jewelry and accessories. Many of them also had unusually pale skin, partly caused by a slight blood shortage, and partly caused by painting their bodies. Nightsisters are known to empower swords and other simple weapons with the Force, making them unbreakable even to Lightsabers. They also use their force powers to control Rancors.
    Allies and Enemies
    Though nominally allied to the Syhith, in reality the enemies of the Nighsisters are literally anyone who doesn't accept THIER rulership; They even bombed Optera once- Not New Paraxis, but the Invid's side of the planet. This made both the Invid and the UGC very upset and peevish, and in protest they carpet bombed Great Canyon all day every day for 2 weeks. (This campaign was also meant as a demonstration for the other clans, as this many bomber flying overhead this long was a sight that had not BEEN seen ever before; in fact, it wasn't "really" possible to execute such a campaign, and the bombers flew at 1/4 load, with every bomb 18THFleet could aquire from the entire empire.)
    Gethzerion was a Syhith, but betrayal of the Nightsisters at the hands of Palpatine caused them to schism with the order, and they do not accept the larger Syhith Order; They have however made temporary alliances of convenience.
    As for real allies, they have NONE. They have occasionally taken 'contracts' and other temporary alliances of convenience with various groups (including UGC Intelligence), but that is ALL. This is a double-edged sword if ever there was one; For reasons no one remembers, they OVERTHREW one of their contractees, a Tiresian group, leading to one of the better-documented malcont on malcont war, the 2238 Maldorian War (pre-UGC).
    The Nightsisters have fought against alignment to anyone.
    There are felony no bail warrants and multi-billioncredit bounties dead or alive (and all too often "just dead") for them in more places and by more groups that there are places and groups to HAVE warrants and bounties.
    The Nightsisters are a clan, per se, and not a big one by anyone's reckoning. They keep on the move, in 'packs' of roughly 500 to 1,000 led by a senior Sister; The senior Sisters will occasionally meet, but more often will communicate via the Force to avoid easy detection and eavesdropping. There are rarely more than 5,000 living Nightsisters on-planet, but a large number managed to escape off-world; They captured an UGC Soujourner-Class Freighter and escape to parts
    A Nightsister With A Force-Enhanced Bow.
    A Nightsister will tell you she doesn't 'need' weaps, that her powers are enough; That is, until bullets start flying. Then they tend to use imbued improvised weaps, clubs, and blasters taken from their slain enemies.
    The significant exception to the general rule is Force-imbued swords, which are perfectly permitted under Nightsister culture, and Force imbued bows and arrows, which are not only allowed but encouraged; The arrow is the equivalent of a short range missile (in range and damage terms), and can be loosed at about 1 per second (FIFTEEN attacks per melee), regardless of level of experience. However, only one per strike can be loosed.
    Night BROTHERS
    Throughout the normal Doothieri culture, males are subordinate to females; Typically ALL females, though their Mistress in particular.
    Not so with the Nightsisters, or at least not so much; Nightsisters can't be as picky about who joins their ranks, and some Force sensitive males have arisen, putting their lives in danger. A powerful male is seen as a gift, and not to be taken lightly. Nightsisters often do find themselves treating males as lesser, but are usually corrected in the matter in little enough time and disabusement; Much more often, a single harsh word or two is enough to straighten her attitude out.
    The Emblem Of The Palpatinian Syhith.
    The Palpatinians.
    The Emblem Of The Palpatinian Syhith.
    Organizational Information:
    Established:82 BBY (47 BrS:8:11).
    Disbanded:Not Applicable.
    Founder:The Syhith Emperor PALPATINE.
    Chronological And Political Information:
  • The Forgotten Empire/Rebellion Era;
  • New Republic Era;
  • Galactic Era.
  • Affiliation:
  • Galactic Republic (as PALPATINE);
  • Confederacy of Independent Systems (as Sidious);
  • Galactic Empire (as both).
  • Known Masters:Darth Plagueis.
    Known Apprentices:
  • Darth Maul;
  • Vergere (Sith Candidate);
  • Darth Tyranus;
  • Garth Ezzar (Dark Geh 'Dia apprentice);
  • Darth VHTER;
  • Mara J'HAD (Dark Geh 'Dia apprentice);
  • Lumiya (Dark Geh 'Dia apprentice).
    PALPATINE'S Young Face.
    "I feel confident that our situation will create a strong sympathy vote for us. I will be Chancellor."
    "Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen."
    Anakin: "You know the Dark Side?"
    PALPATINE: "Anakin, if one is to understand the great mystery, one must study all its aspects, not just the dogmatic, narrow view of the Geh 'Dia. If you wish to become a complete and wise leader, you must embrace a larger view of the Force."
    The exact origins of the Palpatinian Syhith Order are unclear; An early member, probably "the" founder, rose to power in the Ancient Republic, then assumed the title of Emperor. It is known his name, at least publicly, was Phraanklynne PALPATINE, but that he was also Lord Sidious, and the last known person to legitimately hold the title of Syhith'aerie and to follow the Rule of Two; Instead, he implemented the Rule of Twos, saying that any given Apprentice, Hand, or etc. knew only of themselves and the Master (Palaptine).
    The Plapatine Order is made up of clones of a Zabrak Syhith, who have somehow learned to maintain their connection in the Force as one collective while at the same time being independent units; The Order would no more notice a member kill a man than most creatures might notice scratching a minor itch, and would no more notice the death of an individual member than a Beztice would notice the amputation of a finger or ear. It will grow back, with time. Each member of the Order takes on TWO Darths, pitting them against each other, though with strict orders not to kill one another until the Master/Mistress has ordered it.
    He was trained in the ways of the dark side by Darth Plagueis, whom he later murdered for having become too powerful. Sidious took the title of Dark Lord of the Syhith for himself and took the young Darth Maul as his apprentice. He concealed his Bogan powers from the Geh 'Dia and led a double life; By "day" he was the mild-mannered Senator, by night the scheming mastermind of the conflicts that ravaged the galaxy.
    The first PALPATINE established their Empire (referred to as the "Forgotten empire" or "Palpatinian Empire," sometimes the "Galactic Empire") by starting the Clone Wars, a galaxy-wide conflict that cost billions of lives, secretly using both sides, prolonging the conflict in order to gain more executive powers from the Senate. Once his authority held total dictatorial power, the abolishing the Sentate and its Republic and replaced it with the first Galactic Empire with himself as leader and nearly exterminated the Geh 'Dia and any member of the Senate known to be a threat to his rulership.
    "Tell me what you regard as your greatest strength, so I will know how best to undermine you; Tell me of your greatest fear, so I will know which I must force you to face; Tell me what you cherish most, so I will know what to take from you; And tell me what you crave, so that I might deny you..."
    ~Darth Plagueis.
    "My mentor taught me everything about the
    Force, even the nature of the dark side."
    "He became so powerful, the only thing he was afraid of was losing his power, which eventually, of course, he did. Unfortunately, he taught his apprentice everything he knew. Then, his apprentice killed him in his sleep."
    A Young PALPATINE Training Under Darth Plagueis.
    Over the course of his career, PALPATINE developed many contacts that served him well later on; He consolidated various rival Bogan factions under his banner (many of these by killing significant parts of the faction
    PALPATINE With Two Emperor's Royal Guards.The Emperor Reborn.
    to ensure they were all afraid of him), formulated a fictitious militry crisis just to present a solution, turned this into a real political crisis to ensconce himself in the highest seat of power, then used the political and militry power he'd stolen to impose a dictatorship and to massacre his only significant enemy- The Geh 'Dai.
    With total effective control over the people of the entire galaxy, PALPATINE was able to create one of the most powerful militry forces the Rakatan Galaxy had ever seen since the fall of the Rakatan Empire itself. For seventeen years, PALPATINE'S rule would go relatively unopposed, as PALPATINE focused on the Imperialization of the galaxy and sent Apprentices and other subordinates to do his bidding while he attended to the completion of superweapons conceived to destroy whole worlds. When a superior space station was built, the Emperer ensconsed himself there; An alliance of anti-governmental rebels planned an attack on the station and the moon it was over to kill the emperor. People the galaxy wide thought this was the end of Sidious.
    People think silly things like this all the time.
    The order rebuilt very quickly, then build a fleet to try to retake the galaxy by naked force, duplicity having failed completely; This effort failed as well, but for reasons not so easily determined.
    Efforts were made to bind him to the darkness, including a Geh 'Dia who sacrificed himself in a vain attempt to ensure the PALPATINE styed very really DEAD. However, he escaped once again, this time in his permanent body, which was apparently stored on a very powerful
    Palpatine: On election day, we will demonstrate the strength of democracy as thousands of delegates make their voices heard in the Senate. It is this cherished freedom we must protect, at all costs. The days and months ahead call for clear, rational thinking. It is only as a last resort that arms will replace words as the means of settling this dispute.
    Regardless of the outcome of the Militry Creation Act vote, the primary path that this administration will adhere to is one of civility and intelligent discourse. If the constituents decide that a Grand Army of the Republic is indeed essential to the safety of our citizenry, we will erect a formidable force to assist our Geh 'Dia in maintaining the peace, not in starting a war... I assure the families of the Republic that hostilities will only be engaged in retaliation or in the protection of Republic soil, or in response to brazen acts of warfare brought on by the Separatists. It is not this office's desire to incite war.
    Chancellor PALPATINE
    Appears On The Holonet.
    The Chancellor Announces 13:5:16 For
    The Vote On The Militry Creation Act.
    A Palpatinian Clone Holding Bodo Baas's Holocron.
    "At last we will reveal ourselves to the Geh 'Dia. At last we will have revenge."
    ~Darth Maul speaking to his master.
    "Do you feel the hate? ... It is the source of your strength. You still hate me. No matter. Today you have delivered yourself into my hands. I have the power of life and death over you, Maul. Someday, you will hold that power over another. It is the honor of the Sith. You will devote yourself to the idea of domination."
    -Darth Sidious
    SIDIOUS at the time he met Darth MAUL.
    Emperor PALPATINE Shows Off His Navy.A Young Clone Body.
    Sidious At The Time He Met Darth Maul.
    "Once more, the Sith will rule the galaxy... And we shall have peace."
    spacestation. From here, he launched a building campaign, developing a series of clones, each apparently intended to fulfill a specific duty of some sort; For example, the Besh line serves as the managerial line, administering asteroids, etc., for the development of raw resources, whereas the Esk line are the spaymasters, finding their enemies secrets and ensuring their own secrets are not discovered.
    Each line started as strictly males, but at Iteration 2, some were converted to females; It is known some serve in no role other than sexual, an advent even most supporters (of which there are many) refer to is disgusted terms.
    However, at least two lines are entirely unique; Mern-01 came out deformed, and for reasons known only to the Palpatinians they chose to keep Mern on line.
    Another is Vev; Vev-02 was made a Twi'lek to infiltrate other organizations. He was not terribly successful, but Vev-03, who was made female, was horrifically successful; She even infiltrated a Geh 'Dia meeting once, although a very junior meeting, as a dancer for hire (rather than as a slave, which the Geh 'Dai oppose).
    Current Palpatinian Order.
    The Palpatinian Order sow pure chaos throughout the galaxy- Each clone takes two apprentice to teach them the ways of Bogan; Once they become powerful enough that they think they can take the Master, they try. Though the Master defeats them each and every time, if they are powerful enough they are allowed to leave with a small inventory (their lightsaber, a few specialized drones, and an Scimitar-Class Armed Courier ship). If not, they are killed.
    This has caused the Geh 'Dai and the Galactic Senate untold troubles over the centuries, and as their allies the UGC has had to take on this problem- A problem they want about as badly as they do an open rebellion.
    However, the Palpatinians themselves keep a very low profile- In fact, not a single confirmed Palpatinian Royal Ship (always an ECLIPSE-Class painted red with black highlights, and referred to as an "Ark" or "Ark Ship") has been seen in over 500 years, and direct confrontation between the factions has not occurred in almost three times that. (The only exception to this is minor contacts between the Palpatinians and various enemies and allies, mostly the Geh 'Dai. One of the most significant of these was Qek-44's mission to the Geh 'Dai's Academy on Yahvien IV to try to enlist their help to oppose the "coming empire" which turned out to be the arrival of the UGC.)
    It is generally believed that the Palpatinians keep to either their ECLIPSE-Class Battlestations or World-Class Factory Ships, or in some abandoned planet where they rule quietly to avoid the attention either of the Geh 'Dai or other factions; Spreading Bogan is far more important to them that direct dictatorship. However, it is generally believed they plan to try to usurp the reigns of power once again someday- A day the UGC is preparing for.
    It is unclear if this was merely a ruse or the Emperor had foreseen the possibility of defeat, but in any case he had planned accordingly; He had built a cloning facility to resurrect himself with a small battlefleet of the most advanced warships of the era. This facility had a failsafe mechanism that, if a particular code wasn't sent within a specificed timeframe, it would automatically begin producing a clone, which then would be followed up by others.
    His primary supply of clones was kept on Byss, guarded by loyal Dark Geh 'Dia and immense genetically-altered guards and maintained by a trusted private physician. Theses clones were thought to be heavily ravaged by the dark side and not sustained by the Force as each body he took would age and deteriorate more quickly than the last. But the Dark Lord wasn't concerned; Firstly he had an endless supply of clones which he could use to rule the Empire. Secondly- He had a perfect clone, but this clone was not ready to be used. It would need decades to be fully matured and able to hold his essence. These 'lesser' clones were only meant to temporarily store this essence.
    Strategic Update:
    Sometime around 2493, The Palpatinian Order made an alliance with several major malcontent groups, including Tiresians, at least one T'sentraedi clan, A Fehran house, COBRA!Keldorians, Mumrahs, and D'ceptekahns. The Palpatinins seem to be treating this alliance as an interesting side project, but the other factions, espically the Mumrahs, seem to think of it as crically important (not suprisong, since the Mumhrahs are only about 200 total members, whereas the bridge crew of a Palpatinian ship is bigger than that), but it is disconcertiong; This would be the first trans-galactic malcontent alliance. There seems to be no immediate intention to grow the alliance, nor any specific long-term intentions in that direction, only a vague intention to allow other lesser malconts to join under the unified banner. REF Intelligence and the GIB both believe the Palpatinians are probably attempting to use this alliance to absorb the other groups.
    Size and Orientation:
    International Guild (650).
    The Palpatinians have been around for thousands of years, yet have used a relatively small percentage of their of their total power; They do, however have several redundancies, in case there is another "major setback" (another mass defection, etc.).
    A: Sponsorship:
    B: Dress:
    C: Equipment:
    D: Weaponry:
  • None.
  • Good (10).
  • Excellent Equipment (10);
  • Medical Supplies (40);
  • Large Library (20);
  • Alchemist (60);
  • Weapons and Armor Forge (15).
  • Superior (40).
  • E: Communications:
    F: Security:
    G: Stronghold(s):
    H: Intelligence:
  • Unlimited Magic (50).
  • Impregnable (60).
  • Meeting Place (2).
  • Spy Network (50).
  • I: General Alignment:
    J: Criminal Activity:
    K: Reputation:
    L: Salary:
  • Diabolic (0); TRULY, diabolic. The Palpatinians orchestrated a galaxy-wide war in a plot to usurp absolute power, eradicated whole species, massacred billions for BEING (not "being" anything or anywhere in particular, just "being"), and even now plot and scheme to overthrow the Rakatan March.
  • Poisoner (10);
  • Thug Enforcers (10);
  • Weapons Master Enforcer (15);
  • Assassin (15).
  • Outlawed (0); Few if any want anything to do with them, and as little as possible. The Galatiques "tolerate" them, and have on occasion made temporary alliances against other threats, but they are far from friends, and both sides realize these "alliances" are as much about spying on one another as eliminating the threat.
  • Charges Fees (0).
  • Great Competition (+20): Just about EVERYONE; Other Syhith factions are jockeying to totally remove the Palpatinian Order if possible, though they usually find themselves on the loosing side of a battle with the Palpatinians.
  • Enemy Guild (+15): Just about EVERYONE; The biggest ones are the Geh 'Dia Order and Mandalorian Army.
  • Enemy Nation (+35): Just about EVERYONE, but worst of all right now is the Force-blind United Galaxies Council- Since the Syhith and Geh 'Dai can not see the 'galactics' in the Force, they can not intercept their plans, and thus are disadvantaged.
    The Emblem Of The Palpatinian Syhith.
    Clone Series Of The
    Palpatinian Order.
    The Emblem Of The Palpatinian Syhith.
    After 1,000 years of testing, the Palpatinains determined the "mix" of clone bodies that best suited their purposes; To the proginator's annoyance, this was a combination of species of both sexes.
    The first deviation was the Mern; for reasons unclear, the Mern came out deformed, yet the Palpatinians chose to keep the line, rather than correct the flaw(s). Merns, however, proved highly valuable, as a deformed Corsucite "can't" be a threat, and therefore could wander in society largely unmolested. Legend has it that an early Mern even landed on Yahvien posing as a TIE pilot who'd crash landed during the battle fought there decades before the founding of the Paraxium, as a kind of "field test" of the series.
    The next was the Qek, a female version that served in the role of sexual relief. This rather disturbing development was followed up the development of the Qek Fleet, all-female crews that served in the comparable role as their Ladies to the larger fleet (using entirely new genotypes, though all of them former Palpatinians). Though the Qek fleet are sterile (as are all Palpatinian clones), the role they play in the fleet was well received.
    The next attempt was the Vev, the first move beyond the Corsucite genotype, intended at first to infiltrate various potential enemies of the Palpatinians by posing as Twi'lek slaves; To underscore the move, the THIRD Vev was made female (a decision made after the second was in development). Vev-03 proved adept not only at infiltration but at recruitment of Force sensitives as well, and the Palpatinians reluctantly chose to begin development of other non-Corsucite lines. Vev-63 managed to infiltrate the UGC's meeting with the Geh 'Dia High Council, but unfortunately the Galatiques were already aware of the plan and used it to feed disinformation to the Palpatinians by lying to their Geh 'Dia hosts (an act which has since been forgiven, but barely so). The Palpatinians are still unaware of the ruse, and continue to operate largely on the information developed in that mission.
    The female Palpatinians's crews come from female templates, not male ones (all-female crew) with three exceptions; The Mitth'raw'nuruodo are not "altered" in any way, the Vev have all-male crews (despite being a Palpatinian Lady), and the Onith have mixed-sex (and species) crews. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, all Palpatinians are male Zabrak's with full-body red-and-black tattoos (they've actually genetically engineered their bodies to this coloration). Crews vary according to their duties (the Chiss, for example, made the best Admirals, as demonstrated by Thrawn's brilliant campaigns); The Palpatinians are speciest, racist, and sexist, but not stupid.
    Aurek: The first line created, the Aurek line is also one of the more aggressive, tending to take the missions that involve raiding inhabited worlds. It is believed that if the original Palpatine was in fact a clone (as some suspect), he was an Aurek.
    Besh: The managerial line; They administer asteroids, etc, that the Palpatinians are developing.
    Cresh: The Cresh Series seems to be the recruiters of the Palpatinains; They recruit potential Apprentices to the ways of Bogan. Female; Only line allowed to have sex outside of the order. Species for this series varies.
    Dorn: The "seekers" of the Palpatinians; They find Apprentices, raw materials, and etc. and steal, kidnap, or otherwise acquire them.
    Esk: The Intelligence Apparatus of the Palpatinians; They seem to be primary responsible with finding secrets and ensuring their own secrets are not discovered.
    Forn: This appears to be the "scientists" of the Order; They develop new products, chemicals, etc.
    Grek: The Grek line was deliberately crippled in their attachment to the Force to allow them to pass any inspection (no matter how strong or attentive the Geh 'Dia in question may be) to allow them to move through Rakatan society unnoticed; This has allowed them to exit the Rakatan Galaxy by Galactique space fold systems, thus giving them access to the larger universe. They rarely use the ECLIPSE-Class outside of Rakatan space, leaving their bases under the care of a Wesk. Female. Authorized to have sex outside the order only as it is required to the mission.
    Herf: The librarians and archivists of the order. It was a Herf ECLIPSE that the GIB sent the BATTLESTAR-Class ship to to tap with her Wrecker system to learn the order's secrets- And their version of history.
    Isk: The Isk serve the role of "land developer" for lack of a better term, building what very few semi-permanent settlements the order has used in their existence. The Isk typically have around 1,000 ships other than the types listed below they can dispatch to a site to serve as temporary housing and transport for pre-fabricated buildings to be erected on site.
    Jenth: This series was unremarkable until the retirement of the Enth series, at which point the Jenth series took over the role of explorer.
    Krill: The infantry warriors; Curiously, they are female.
    Leth: Like the majority of the Palpatines, this series is basically unremarkable.
    Mern: Unlike the majority of the Palpatines, this series is highly remarkable; They came out deformed. However, for reasons known only unto them, the Palpatines chose to keep this series.
    Nern: Like the majority of the Palpatines, this series is basically unremarkable.
    Osk: An odd series, in that they specialize as Robot pilots; In fact they are rarely seen without a an AT-PT nearby, and are often seen standing up in one. Why this is so is not known, even by the KATARYNS.
    Peth: The Peth series has some note as the "ambassadors" of the Palpatinians, and on the relatively rare occasion they wish to discuss with other factions a Peth is 'usually' dispatched. A significant exception to this rule is the dispatch of a Qek-Series to the Geh 'Dia Academy when the Palpatinian Order sensed the arrival of "another faction" that had the potential to threaten the Order (she was sent to try to trick the Geh 'Dia to oppose the UGC, a maneuver that nearly worked). Female.
    Qek: A disturbing development in the Palpatine Series is the Qek-line; They are all females. The KATARNS have indicated that the Qek line serves strictly for the physical pleasure of the rest of the Palpatines- They are sex objects, and nothing more. Qek-41/Mitth'raw'nuruodo-12 (one of the Thrawns that escaped, and the only one that did not attempt suicide) stated that the base pattern was an Syhith Lady, but this DNA was altered to ensure they were Palpatinian, and no other. A Qek line ship can be identified by the blue highlights on their red ECLIPSE-Class Battlestations.
    Resh: This series is basically unremarkable.
    Senth: The "Industrialists" of the order; They run the pure factory stations.
    Trill: Like the majority of the Palpatines, this series is basically unremarkable.
    Usk: The security patrol of the order, the Usk patrol the various systems the Palpatinians lay claim to ensure none enter (the Galactics, being inert to the Force, have continuously slipped in, and the Palpatinians are barely aware of the danger as yet). Female.
    Vev: The spies of the order, the Vev infiltrate other organizations by posing as slaves. Female and Twi'lek, they were the first non-Corsucite Palpatinians.
    Wesk: The caretakers of the order, the Wesk attend to matters in the absence of a given Palpatinian Lord/Lady; The most common has been of the Grek when operating beyond the Rakatan galaxy (or it's sattelites). Female.
    Xesh: Like the majority of the Palpatines, this series is basically unremarkable. Female.
    Yirt: The Yirt are an odd lot, but appear to be deliberately so; They are the only dedicated homosexual line (only homosexual line at all), exclusively female (this is the only line that does not have a Thrawn clone).
    Zerek: Like the majority of the Palpatines, this series is basically unremarkable.
    Cherek: The Clone Masters of the Palpatinians.
    Enth: This series is "remarkable" in that it was terminated at 93 Enth, for reasons known only to the Palpatinians themselves. They appear to have acted as scouts and explorers, but little else is known of their activities.
    Onith: The Enforcers; If there is a line that focuses on revenge, it's the Onith- Steer clear of them at all costs. Onith are known to rape those they capture by whatever means presents. Unique amongst the Palpatines, the Onith are female but their crews are male and female of roughly the same numbers, and includes Corsucites and other species.
    Krenth: Like the majority of the Palpatines, this series is basically unremarkable.
    Nen: The success of the Twi'lek Vev series led to the Iktotchi Nen-8 onwards; Nen-8 through 12 were male, but 13 onward were all female; A lesson learned at the cost of 3 Nen in less than 12 years was that females often make better assassins, since nobody notices them.
    Orenth: Like the majority of the Palpatines, this series is basically unremarkable.
    Shen: Like the majority of the Palpatines, this series is basically unremarkable.
    Thesh: Like the majority of the Palpatines, this series is basically unremarkable. Female.
    Qek Series Palpatinian Clone; Exact Series Number Unknown.Vev-63.A Nen, At Least Before 58 (when the Order stopped using tattoos for assaisns).
    Hardware Of The Palpatinian Order.
    ECLIPSE-Class Super Star Destroyer
    ACCLAMATOR-Class Assault Ship
    TIE/S Scimitar Assault Bomber
    TIE Interceptor Fighter (Royal Configuration)
    TIE Drone
    ISP-6 Shuttlecraft
    Scimitar-Class Armed Courier ship
    INT-4 Interceptor
    Academy-Class Heavy Frieghter
    YT-2000 Light Freighter
    Subordiante Orders Of The Palpatinian Order.
    The Palaptinian Order, like the other Syhith (and Geh 'Dai) Orders, haver subordinate orders.
    Dark Troopers