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Type 18 Mod Package For A.S.C. Battloids.UGC FLAG.
United Galaxies Council.
The T-18 mod package was originally meant to upgrade the Global Military Police's Battloid; However, the program was too costly at the time, and was canceled. It was regained favor with colony worlds as it multiples the firepower potentials of Battloids
A Global Militry Police Battloid Upgraded With A T-18 Augmentation Kit.Another Battloid With A T-18 Upgrade Package. The GRA-10 has been swapped out for a rocket launcher and autocannon assembly.
already available; Additionally, the cost/benefit ratio has come down SIGNIFICANTLY as a result of the greater efficiency of the Neo-Tech Factories.
Conventional wisdom holds that any non-transformable, non-flyer Mecha that does not posses an integrated, non-energy based weapons system is referred to as a "Battloid"; Otherwise it is a Destroid.
However, the T-18 blurs this classical distinction; Intended as an upgrade to Battloids, it still delivers an integrated, non-energy based weapons system (the MM-60 Multi-Missile System). Conventional wisdom also holds once a Battloid, always a Battloid. The unit depicted is a Global Military Police (G.M.P.) Battloid in the T-18 Package, but any type of Battloid can be outfitted with the kit. Also, the UGC has on occasion toyed with the idea of a T-18 style kit designed for other Mecha; The RDF-Era Escalator and REF-Ear Valiant have gained special attention in these considerations. However, the technology to make these kits practical still have not been developed in a cost effective option, though an option for the AV-98 Ingram Police Destroid.
The stats listed here are the nominal stats; Exact construction varies, but not significantly. Some systems are known to swap out the GRA-10 laser canon for a missile or rocket launcher (rocket launchers hold 3× the capacity, but are dumb rockets), others to double down on the arm-mounted PBC. The armor plating itself has been the subject of some debate, as stylistic differences express different ideas of the threats anticipated; Depicted on the left is the "classic" T-18 armor package designed for energy-based weapons, and on the right the T-18a designed for projectile and explosive weapons.
Note: The UGC does not provide and funding for T-18 packages at this time; However, the individual systems can make this funding available for their regional forces and guard units.
Name: Type 18 Mod Package (said "tango one eight").
Model Type: Eighteen
Class: Upgrade Modifications Package
Crew: Not Applicable.
Passengers: Not Applicable.
M.D.C. By Location: SPECIAL: The T-18 does not significantly add to Battloid armor, except in the elements of the upgrades it provides; Consequently, only the new features are listed with M.D.C.
GRA-10 Energy Pod-
+50 to each component
+20 to each component
120 each
GRA-10 Barrel-
Particle Beam Cannons (2, forearms)-
20 each

100 each
Speed and Statistical Data:
Speed: No effect (positive or negative).
Height: No change.
Width: +5 feet
Length: No change.
Weight: +5 tons.
Cargo: No change.
Power System/s: No change.
Flight System/s: No change.
Cost and Availability: 12,000 per unit; Always.
Black Market Cost and Availability: 15 to 200 million apiece; Fair availability.
Weapons Systems:
1. MM-60 Multi-Missile System: Exactly the system used on the Alpha Veritech, this SRM launcher system was added more recently; It was the addition of this element which converted the T-18 from Battloid to Destroid; However, convention holds that this is still a Battloid.
Purpose: Anti-Aircraft/Mecha
Missile Type: Any S.R.M.
M.D. and Range: Varies by type used.
Rate of Fire: Volleys of 1, 2, 4, or 8 times pilots attacks per melee.
Payload: 32 short range missiles.
Cost: 50 thousand each.
Availability: Occasional.

2. Upper Arm-Mounted PBC: Exactly the same as used on the Raditzs Regult Tactical Battle Pod, this upper-arm mounted weapon is the quintessential core of the upgrade program. There is one on each arm.
Purpose: Heavy Assault
M.D.: 4D10 per barrel.
Rate of Fire: Equal to pilot's attacks per melee.
Range: 6,000 ft.
Payload: Unlimited.
3. GRA-10 Laser Cannon: One is mounted on the left shoulder. The cannon has a arc of fire of 120 degrees, but can not traverse.
Purpose: Assault/Anti-Mecha
M.D.: 3D6 per blast
Rate of Fire: Per pilots attacks per melee.
Range: 4,000 feet
Payload: Unlimited

4. Optional Force Field: Based on the Robotech Masters' force field. Provide full protection. It is always on.
Purpose: Defense/Anti-Weapons
MDC: 100
Rate of Fire: The field can be moved to any side per pilots attacks per melee.
Range: Can be set to reach up to 50 ft from the Mecha.
Payload: Unlimited; However, once its MDC is gone, the unit is useless and must be replaced. The unit can regenerate MDC lost after the unit is shut down, but not while it is running.
Cost and Availability: 50,000 per emitter; Occasional.

  • None: The T-18 upgrade program doesn't add new features, just weapons and armor.
    Combat Bonuses From T-18 Combat Elite:
  • None; The T-18 Upgrade program doesn't add to combat abilities beyond expanding weapons.