The System Lords.
The System Lords.
Tel'tak-Class Shuttle.
The System Lords.
The System Lords.
Tel'tak-Class Shuttle.
Production Information:
Class:Supply and Troop Transport.
Technical Specifications:
Length:49 feet.
Width:33 feet.
Height/depth: 21.5 feet.
Engine Units:
  • Sublight engines;
  • Hyperdrive.
  • Hyperdrive System:Interstellar.
    Powerplant:Control crystals.
  • Self-destruct;
  • Shields (upgraded).
  • Armament:Staff cannons (upgraded).
  • Pilot;
  • Co-pilot.
  • Passengers:25 maximum.
    Cargo Capacity:38.5 tons.
    Other Systems:
  • Self-destruct;
  • Transportation rings;
  • Cloak;
  • Escape pods.
  • Usage:
  • Transport ship;
  • Assault Shuttle;
  • Troopship.
  • Affiliation:
  • Goa'uld;
  • Free Jaffa Nation;
  • Tok'ra;
  • Lucian Alliance;
  • Tau'ri.
  • Overview
    The obsolete CHEOPS-Class warships were designed as basic troop carriers, which had to be retrofitted to fighter carrying duties. Eventually, the vulnerability of these ships lead to the development of the HAT'AK-Class Battleships, but not before a better system to ferry infantry to the ground was developed- The Tel'Tak-Class Shuttle.
    Tel'tak-Class Shuttles are small transport ships used by the Goa'uld, the Jaffa, the Tok'ra, and the Lucian Alliance. The Tau'ri have also briefly made use of stolen Tel'taks until acquiring their own hyperspace-capable vessels.
    A Tel'tak is vaguely pyramid-shaped vessel with an elongated nose. The rear section of the vessel curves into a pair of wings. When landed, the tips of the wings, located near the mid- section, retract to allow boarding, then extend once more when in-flight. The ship is divided into two major sections -- the flight deck, onto which the main entrance opens, and a cargo section in the back. They are separated by a bulkhead, which is removable to allow for more space during flight. The Tel'tak-Class Shuttle's primary role is that of a transport vessel, either for cargo or passengers.
    {C}The basic model of Tel'tak-Class Shuttle is equipped with a hyperdrive, and four escape pods located in the cockpit. They are usually unarmed and possess no shields. They are highly maneuverable thanks to their small size, but no match for Udajeet Fighter. Their speed, both sublight and hyperspace, is inferior to that of a HAT'AK- Class Battleship but they are capable of docking aboard one.
    Tel'taks can move at twice the speed of light. At least one Tok'ra Tel'tak had a modified communicator, which transformed human voice into a symbiote voice when broadcasting.
    Tel'taks are often modified so as to make them more versatile, particularly when in the hands of those not directly aligned with the Goa'uld. Shields are the most common addition, making the vessel somewhat more robust than normal, though not by much. Some have also been equipped with Staff cannons, though this is less common. The bounty hunter ARIS Boch could control his Tel'tak remotely, at least for simple tasks. This ship was also the first shown to have a cloaking device, a feature at the time only found in Sokar's ships but which eventually became practically standard for all Tel'taks.
    Combat (armed) Tal'taks are typically loaded up with their infantry complement, who are then sealed up inside the shuttle. It is then placed inside a HAT'AK-Class, which then sets course for a planet targeted for invasion or is being reinforced against same. Once there, they land, disgorge their troops, then take off again to serve as close air support or, more often, as armored support (Udajeet Fighters are much better used for air support). In space, they serve as ultra-light corvettes.
    Cargo (typically unarmed) versions typically land where they are to take on cargo, take off again, then set course for wherever the cargo is destined for. Enroute they serve as the owners home, if not in general (many in the Lucian Alliance do, in fact, use them as their permanent homes, and most of the Free Jaffa Nation's Councilors use them as mobile homes and offices while on official business away from their constituents).
    Because of the very basic, bare-bones design of the Tel'tak-Class Shuttle, there really are only two major variations; Armed and unarmed. Armed versions have two forward Staff Cannons, with some have one or two abeam staff cannons as well. As already noted, shields can be installed.
    However, the gear loaded aboard can vary by mission needs, ranging from pure infantry shuttle to various high-tech platforms; At least one was outfitted as a mobile satellite repair shop, while another was outfitted as weather satellite.
    Name: Tel'tak-Class Shuttle.
    Model Type: Shuttle.
    Crew: 2 to 6.
    Passengers: 25 (though 40+ have happened under 'strained' conditions).
    MDC by Location:
    Flight Deck-
    Hatches (2)-
    Thrusters (6)-
    100 each
    150 each
    Speed and Statistical Data:
    Speed: Mach 2.1
    Range: 50,000 miles.
    Length: 49 feet.
    Girth: 33 feet.
    Height: 21.5 feet.
    Weight: 552 tons.
    Cargo: 38.5 tons.
    Construction Cost and Availability: .8 millioncredit; Each ships takes about 6 weeks to build.

    Weapons Systems:
    1. Staff Cannons: Larger, more powerful version of the Ma'Tok Staff weapon. The cannons can not be removed (unlike the Udajeet Fighter). Two are fixed forward, and two more can be mounted on each side on rotating mounts.
    MD: Per barrel: Short Blast: 1D10; Long Blast: 2D10; Maximum Blast: 3D10.
    Range: 10 miles (double in space)
    Rate of Fire: Per pilots attacks per melee.
    Payload: Effectively Unlimited.

    2. Infantry. Up to 25 infantrymen can be carried.

    Optional Missiles/Bombs: Some Goa'uld-factions have started mounting missiles, bombs, fuel tanks, or etc.
    Purpose: Defense/Dogfighting
    Damage and Range: Varies by type used.
    Rate Of Fire: Volleys of 1, 2, 3, 4, or 6 per pilots attacks per melee.
    Payload: 12 S.R.M.'s, 8 M.R.M.'s, or 1 L.R.M. (or equivalent).
    • ESM: Radar Detector. Passively detects other radars being operated.
    • Radar: Combat grade radar. Range 1000 miles, can track up to 500 individual targets. 95% reliability (24% against unfriendly stealthed vehicles).
    • Long Range Encrypted Radios: Allows real time, continuous radio link up with friendly forces in the area via satellite relay over laser radio signals, preventing jamming, and automatically encrypts/decrypts same to prevent eavesdropping.
    • Short Range Wide Band Radios: Effective 100 mile range. Works on standard radio band wavelengths, so it can still be jammed (if the enemy knows the frequencies).
    • Blue Force Tracker: Identifies friend from foe. Overlays the information on both the radar and HUD, ensuring that friendly forces are not accidentally targeted.
    • Anti-Jamming System: Reduces Electronics Countermeasure by ¾ (decrease skill level appropriately).
    • GPS: Standard tracking device. Ties into the Blue Force Tracker.
    • FLIR/SLIR: Forward and Side Looking Infrared. Allows pilot to get visuals on targets at night.
    • HUD: Displays maps, radar, targeting information, and any OTHER information the wearer wants directly in front of the user.
    • A.J.P.: Active Jamming Pod. Causes -25% to detection but when it is active, other vehicles/bases can detect that it is jamming, and some missiles will home in on jamming signals. Jamming also causes a -4 penalty to all radar guided weapons. The jamming pod is only mounted inside the port tailerons.
    • Full Range Sensory Systems: Infrared, Ultra Violet, Color Filters, and Thermal Imager: Range: 100 miles; Magnification: 40 times
    • Virtual Map: Displays a continuously-updating map of local terrain for the pilot. Takes data from other friendly units in the area. Effective land navigation of 85% as updates come. Good to 500 miles. Specific range can be adjusted in 1 mile increments.
    • Survival Pack: A pack of simpler emergency survival supplies. Not found on the Udajeet of some factions.
      Combat Bonuses from Tel'tak-Class Shuttle Elite:
    • 2 additional attack per melee.
    • One additional Attack Per melee at levels 3, 9, and 15 with any additional bonuses for the pilot.
    • +2 strike from air/in orbit, +4 strike on ground (as infantry support armor).
    • +2 Dodge