Terra, Homeworld Of The Terrans (Humans).
Terra, Fantoma,
And Tirol.

The Gas Giant Fantoma, Homeworld Of The
T'sentraedi, The Third Moon Of Which Is Tirol.
The Terran/T'sentraedi Alliance was the first truly unbreakable Inter-Planetary Alliance, the fundamental foundation of the UGC. These two species are forever joined at the hip. Add to this that after liberating Tirol, the survivors of that world were absorbed into the alliance (there are no "true" Tiresians outside the malcontent ranks), and you have THE unbreakable core alliance.
The Cizion (Sigil of the T'sentraedi).
Fantoma- Homeworld
Of The T'sentraedi.
The Cizion (Sigil of the T'sentraedi).
How is it that a gas giant could possibly be the home world of ANYTHING, let alone be profitable enough to justify creating a whole people to populate it?
Fantoma- Gas Giant, Home
World Of The T'sentraedi.
The answer is in the planet itself- Keep in mind the Fantoma IS a gas giant. As you go deeper into the atmosphere, eventually the gasses become liquefied simply due to the pressure of gas above it. (Indeed, if you go deep enough, the gasses become SOLIDS, and hard solids at that.) Here, then, was the center of T'sentraedi civilization of Fantoma.
The T'sentraedi, as you should know, were originally created to mine Monopole Ores on Fantoma- Believe it or not, the mining of METALS is not only possible, but in many ways easier on such a planet, as there is not dirt per say to dig through, but more of a soupy atmosphere- Machinery can be lowered into this equipped with only magnets and be HIGHLY effective.
The Regult Pod (what mi'cronnes call the "Tactical Battle Pod") started life as one of these machines; The fluid nature of these gasses necessitated a contained pod equipped with a laser or similar drill component. The unit eventually selected was what would later be the main weapon of the Regult Pod- The particle beam cannon. However, a laser drill, which would later be used as a defensive, anti-aircraft weapon, was used at first. The drills were used to create a small open area, through which Nousjaedul-Ger Personal Body Suits (what mi'cronnes call "Male Power Armors") and Quaedluun-Rau (what mi'cronnes call "Female Power Armor," though with male pilots) would go though, dragging cables and other equipment that could collect up the monopole ores and other valuable materials including various gaseous fuels, like hydrogen and other gasses, like helium. Additionally, other valuable materials, such as diamonds the size of a Tiresians skull, were collected and shipped off-planet (see at end of article).
The T'sentraedi used a platform very much like latter warships, for they were the prototypes to those ships; Indeed, the RIN NADOW LOJM-Class (what mi'cronnes call the "T'sentraedi Monitor") was one of the platforms developed for this (these were used as temporary working platforms, much like construction barges used by mi'cronnes). Remember, you can build a vessel out of any material you wish, provided the weight-to-mass ratio is LESS than the medium it is held in; In other words, you could build a ship, OF STEEL, if you build it light enough overall, that it could float on Terra's atmosphere. (Though this is a realistic impossibility, it IS a theoretical possibility.)
A Typical RIN NADOW LOJM-Class Monitor.
"Why big? Why make a peoples over-sized, when smaller bodies work better in greater in high-gravity environments?"
The answer is the body itself- Our greater bodies CAN pull against the massive gravity of the planet; A mi'cronnian body can't. A smaller body may well be able to pull against such massive gravitational pull, but then is too small to do any effective work.
Though most warships later used by the T'sentraedi were NOT designed for use on Fantoma originally, all but two Mecha were- The Gnerl (what mi'cronnes call "Fighter Pods") and Gluag (what mi'cronnes cal the "Officer Battle Pod") specifically. These two platforms were designed for combat, though the Gnerl was, in fact, based on a topographical survey platform, survey large areas in preparation for further, refined surveying later on using Quel Qualie (what mi'cronnes call the "Cyclops Theater Scout Recon Pod"). They were also used for recreational observation in quasi-illegal races (where, tradition holds, gambling ran rampant).
Essentially Identical To This Was The Capital City Of The T'sentraedi.
Other Mecha that later would be used by the T'sentraedi were:
Regult Pod
Quel Qualie
Nousjaedul-Ger Personal Body Suit
Though not a Mecha in the robotic sense, Shuttle Pods, Hover Pods, and FRAND'LAR TILUVO-Class (what mi'cronnes call "Re-entry Pods") were also used; The Shuttle Pods served very much like a mi'cronne bus, carrying a large number of T'sen between work sites. The FRAND'LAR TILUVO-Class was used to carry valuable materials, most of them refined (in the case of diamonds, even rough-cut), to a ship waiting in orbit. These vessels, according to tradition, were what would eventually become the QUILTRA QUELEUAL-Class (what mi'cronnes call the "Dock Landing Ship")
One of the few exception to the general rule was the capital city; This great construct, a real and true factory and foundry, with smelters and all the other mat'eri'el necessary, would become the DIRECT model from which Lord BOLDOLZA'S FULBTZS-BERRENTZS-Class (what mi'cronnes call the "Base Ship"). The foundry and factories were, of course, removed as a check against the T'sentraedi striking off on our own, but, surprisingly to some, there were EXTENSIVE ship repair facilities, though of only the most basic sort for the most part. This was one of the VERY FEW ships that could actually patch ship's hull if necessary, though only Trati Kemma DOLZA'S Derurigaado would receive such an honor.
Of the entire T'sentraedi battle fleet, only two were conceived and designed as warships- The THUVERL SALAN-Class (what mi'cronnes call the "T'sentraedi Destroyer") and the QUEADOL MAGDOMILLA-Class (what mi'cronnes call the "Command Ship"). The THUVERL SALAN is simply an improved version of the TOU REDIR-Class (what mi'cronnes call the "Salan Scout"), and would have, eventually, completely replaced them (less perhaps the Negrota Zugara). The QUEADOL MAGDOMILLA was conceived WELL after the decision to re-task the T'sentraedi to a military force, and specifically as a Command Ship and Gnerl Carrier. However, the NUPETIET-VERNITZS-Class (what mi'cronnes call the "T'sentraedi Flagship") was CONCEIVED before the re-tasking as a new super-freighter, and even partly developed, but that program was cancelled for a VERY long time due to the need to put weapons platforms together. The program was later re-examined, when it was realized that a new, more substantial weapons platform was desperately needed. The super-freighter was already BIG, and could easily accommodate new weapons (some then in development), and therefore would be an ideal new command ship. Had not the Tiresian Empire fallen after ZOR'S mental breakdown and the latter defection of many T'sentraedi (myself among them), the NUPETIET-VERNITZS would eventually have totally replaced the QUEADOL MAGDOMILLA, and the THUVERL SALAN eventually totally replaced the TOU REDIR-. The QUILTRA QUELEUAL-Class (what mi'cronnes call the "Dock Landing Ship") would likely have stayed in service as is, with a probable upgrade program (similar in idea to what mi'cronnes call "Service Life Extension Program", or SLEP). The RIN NADOW LOJM-Class was already on it's way out, though a few remained in service for minor patrol and picket duties.
A brief list of T'sentraedi weapons platforms mentioned in this article (with their mi'cronne names in parenthesis):
Regult Pod ("tactical battle pod").
Unlisted Variants: Gluuhaug- ("light artillery"), Serauhaug- ("heavy artillery"), and Del- ("recon scout") Regult
Nousjaedul-Ger Personal Body Suit ("male power armor").
Quaedluun-Rau ("female power armor").
Quel Qualie ("theater scout recon pod").
Glaug ("officer battle pod")
Glaug Eldare ("officer battle pod armored vehicle")
Gnerl ("fighter pod").
LIEWNEUATZS-Class ("T'sentraedi shuttle pod").
FRAND'LAR TILUVO-Class ("T'sentraedi re-entry pod").
RIN NADOW LOJM-Class ("T'sentraedi monitor").
TOU REDIR-Class ("Salan scout").
THUVERL SALAN-Class ("T'sentraedi destroyer").
QUILTRA QUELEUAL-Class ("T'sentraedi dock landing ship").
QUEADOL MAGDOMILLA-Class ("T'sentraedi command ship").
NUPETIET-VERNITZS-Class ("T'sentraedi flagship").
FULBTZS-BERRENTZS-Class ("T'sentraedi command base").
THIEV SALAN-Class (Scout Cruiser/obsolete).

Though the LIEWNEUATZS- and FRAND'LAR TILUVO-Class are technically ships, the fact that they would spend so much time forward-deployed and have had such relatively limited capabilities made them generally considered "Mecha," much as the Gnerl Fighter Pod isn't "Mecha" but generally is considered so.
T'sentraedi Term:Translation:T'sentraedi Term:Translation:
Del yar:
Deng yar:
Gath yar:
Ibini yar:
Kah yar:
Kara yar:

Sigil of the T'sentraedi.
Show yourself, reveal, ambush!
Don't move, stop.
Ally or friend.
Advisor, educated.
Complete the mission!
Continue, keep going!
Moon (generic).
Death by honor.
Death Dance.
Acknowledge an order; "I will fight (and die) for you." Literally, "battle ready."
Lord (as in Kemma Breetai).
To unite.
Strategic talk.
Par dessu:


Sten yar:

T'sentr Nuvinz Uamtam:

Dishonorable, unworthy.
Casual greeting.
Burrowing; also "The burrowers" (a creature from T'sentraedi mythology).
The Retrieval (the process of breaking down a dead T'sentraedi warrior's body for recycling).
Ship (general term).
Silent leadership.
Silence, shut up.
Nema or destination.
Respectful acknowledgement.
Un- T'sentraedi behavior; A violation of the Imperative (a serious insult).
Sizing Chamber.
Added to other words to imply command.

Tirol, Homeworld Of The Tiresians.
Tirol, Homeworld Of The Tiresians.

Tirol, Homeworld Of The Tiresians.
The "Great Hall" (Tiresian Federal Complex, cprt. 2150, Angus McKIE).Views Of Modern Tiresia (cprt. 2150, Angus McKIE).
Tirol And Her Moons.
Tirol, third moon of Fantoma, is the homeworld of the Tiresian species (formerly known as the "Robotech Masters"). Tiresia is the capital city and in ii is the Great Hall. At one time, this was a pyramid, however this was destroyed when the Invid attacked in 2014 and has since been replaced with an office building and complex. The mining outpost of Rylac remains an important mostly in refining monopole.
However, when the Robotech Masters fled the planet they stripped it of most of the remaining resources. Those left behind were eventually conquered by the Invid, who came in search of their old enemies. They simply demolished everything and killed anyone they found.
The populace rebuilt with the help of the Plenipotentiary Council after liberation by the Robotech Expeditionary Force and was home to one of the largest Expeditionary Force bases outside of the Solar System until the UWA converted to the UGC.
The rebuilt Tiresia bear no resemblance to it's predecessor, and neither does the planet upon which she rests. Tiresia today is a vibrant metropolitan center, teeming with life and very heavily built up, filled with glittering constructs of metal and glass. Likewise, Tirol has been rebuilt along Terran architectural theories, tall metal and glass building replacing the stone columns and pyramids that once covered the landscape in so many ways.
The Moons Of Tirol
Tirol, being a moon, shouldn't have "moons" of he own, but she does. Six, in fact: Everes, Chariclo, Cadmus, Mantro, Tmolus, and Cinyras.
Everes, Cadmus, and Cinyras actually orbit Tirol (Everes on a polar orbit, Cadmus on a equatorial orbit, and Cinyras at a rough 15 degree orbit), whereas Chariclo, Mantro, and Tmolus simply follow along behind their parent. All of the moons are actually captured asteroids, but only Everes occurred naturally; The rest were placed there with great care and precision, and in fact Cinyras was once a space factory (a model of construct that would later evolve into the Robotech Factory). Mantro is the largest, and is currently a militry reservation.
With the REF came many thousands of ships; Amongst these was a ROIL TILUVO-Class Assault Corvette of indeterminate registration that laded far outside any designated landing zone. Due to the frentic pace of war efforts, the ship was ignored at first; There had been no signs of damage to the ship, she didn't issue a mayday, and landed safely enough, and it was assumed this ship was engaged in either some clandestine operation or was otherwise not registered for a reason.
Several weeks later, a ground patrol found the craft and reported it, not realizing it was already logged. This raised a few eyebrows; Why was there a now abandoned shuttle, bearing REF markings, way the Hell out in the middle of nowhere?
The interior of the shuttle had been cleaned pretty well, but some things were left behind, and in plain sight; Whoever left them there meant for them to be seen. Amongst these was a City of New York Public Library card in the name of "COLLIER" (the first name was scratched out) and a New York City Subway System map (with annotations and additional marks that appeared to be exploratory tunnel systems).
This was actually the first clue that revealed the existence of the Knaeck; While hardly an isolated incident (there were a few hundred such illegal immigrant groups, as it would eventually turn out), it is one of the best remembered of such events.

Terra, Homeworld Of The Terrans.
Luna, her only natural satellite.
Terra, Homeworld Of The Terrans (Humans).

Terra, Homeworld Of The Terrans.
Luna, her only natural satellite.
The homeworld of humanity. Ravaged by a series of alien attacks, Earth finally fell to invaders in the early 2030s. Infested by the alien Flower of Life in the wake of the Second Robotech War, Earth was invaded by the Invid hordes. Battered and in disarray, Earth's defenders fell quickly and the Invid soon took control. In areas where the Flower of Life grows, the surviving human populace is frequently used as slave labor to process the alien plant for the Invid overlords. The Invid Regiss rules from the Reflex Point hive complex near the Great Lakes. This massive fortification is clearly visible from orbit, even through the debris cloud (an artificial ring made up of the wreckage of human and alien space fleets from previous wars). Pockets of resistance exist across the planet, waging a guerilla war against the alien occupiers until the day humanity's children return from the stars to reclaim their home.
Solar Colonies and Bases
Moon Base ALuCE-1
Once home to several outposts, Earth's moon now holds only one, the Advanced Lunar Chemical Engineering base. Formerly a research outpost, ALuCE was militarized during the Second Robotech War. Almost three times her original size, ALuCE is the only permanent Expeditionary Force presence in the Earth system. What little intelligence exists about the situation on Earth is the result of scouting missions dispatched from ALuCE, which sits on the far side of the moon, perpetually facing away from Earth, invisible to the Invid sensors. ALuCE-1 will be a primary staging area for any attempt to liberate Earth.
Mars Base
The Expeditionary Force's Mars assets have been combined into a single military complex, dubbed simply Mars Base. In addition to the large ground complexes (Mars I and Mars II), Mars Base also consists of an orbital staging and ship repair facility (Mars III). Mars Base is home to the Mars Fleet of the Expeditionary Forces, the largest concentration of REF personnel, ships and equipment in the Solar System. The forces of Mars Fleet will form the spearhead of any attempts to liberate Earth.
Jupiter Base Io
The Io Deep Space Relay Station was established during the final planning stages of the Pioneer Mission. The base is a space station occupying an orbital path near the orbit of the volcanic moon Io. Originally a major hyperspace communications link with the REF, Io was relegated to backup when Space Station Liberty came on-line. It resumed its importance as a communications and early warning outpost when Space Station Liberty was moved out of the Solar System prior to the Invid invasion. Recently, however, a hyperspace relay was built at Moon Base ALuCE-1, once again relegating Io Base to a backup roll. Io has since become a deep space surveillance station that, along with the REF's small Jupiter Division, patrols and monitors the outer Solar System.
Sedna Station
The primary entry point to Terra; Macross City was relocated here.
Deep Space Stations
The Expeditionary Force's space stations are giant factory satellites, captured from the T'sentraedi as the Robotech Masters' empire collapsed. There have been five of these stations; beginning with the first factory satellite captured by Earth forces back in 2013. This factory satellite was stationed in Earth orbit and was responsible for the construction of the original Expeditionary Force vessels, culminating in the SDF-3. This satellite vanished in 2023 when it failed to reappear after executing a Space fold to join the Pioneer Mission. Once adapted for human use, these space stations become an outer space mix of a military town and factory town, complete with self-contained cities to house and support the civilian shipyard and mecha factory workers and the military personnel on board the satellite. The remaining factory satellites are listed below.
Space Station Liberty
Deep Space Station Liberty was discovered during the first wave of exploration by the Expeditionary Fleet. It was taken back to Earth space where it became the main spaceport, drydock, and hyperspace communications relay for United Earth Forces in the Solar System. Communication between Earth and Liberty was disrupted for much of the Second Robotech War, limiting the Expeditionary Force's ability to render aid. To protect the Space Station from the impending Invid invasion of Earth, Liberty was relocated by Space Fold to deep space, where it now serves as one of the primary space docks and communications outposts of the Expeditionary Forces. In the two decades since its initial capture, Space Station Liberty has undergone a series of extensive refits, modifications, and upgrades; so much so that it retains no resemblance to its original T'sentraedi form.
Space Station Freedom
Freedom was the first factory satellite captured using intelligence obtained on Tirol. Freedom was immediately put to use constructing new Expeditionary Force vessels for use against the Invid. It has been heavily modified from its original form, but is not as far along in its redesign as Space Station Liberty. Freedom is a major staging base in the Invid War.
Space Station Independence
The Independence factory satellite was captured after the end of the Sentinels campaign, shortly after contact between the Pioneer Mission and the rest of the Expeditionary Forces was re-established. Like Space Station Freedom, Independence has been heavily customized for human use and is another major staging base for the Expeditionary Forces engaged in the Invid War.
Space Station Sovereign
Sovereign is the most recently acquired factory satellite and is still being converted for human use. It retains its original appearance, reminiscent of the original T'sentraedi factory satellite captured by the Robotech Defense Force.
The Terran/T'sentraedi/Tiresian faction contributed the foundation of the Inter-Planetary Alliance from the Plenipotentiary Council dispatched from Terra to negotiate a peace treaty with the Robotech Masters and Robotech Elders; The Pioneer Mission as it was called was a total bust, but the campaign to liberate the Local Group of the Invid, which was necessitated by the circumstances of simply surviving the mission, laid the foundation AND cornerstones of the IPA, the UWA, and eventually the UGC.
Additionally, the Tiresians specifically contributed Robotechnology, which is what the UGC's Space Fold system works on; Space Fold technology, which allows for near instantaneous movement through space (and is the ONLY method of inter-galactic travel in any realistic timeframe); And Protoculture, without which the space Fold system could never reasonably work.
The Terrans provided the overall system of governance the UGC uses and all of the early Mecha and most of the ship technology the UGC uses, though this was heavily influenced by the Tirseians via the crashed ship Azumption.
The T'sentraedi's technology was entirely Tiresian in nature, less some modifications made by the Terrans, of which they had little prior understanding. With the help of the Terrans they were able to come to understand their ships and machines, but in the interim they mainly provided muscle for the Terrans in the fight to unify the Milky Way Galaxy, and most T'sentraedi technology is being taken off-line as fast as is reasonably possible. The only T'sentraedi machines likely to survive in the long run is the Terran variant of the Regult Tactical Battle Pod Z-1, the Army and Marine's mainstay front-line Destroid, which is in fact a T'sentraedi design but with strong Terran influence. Since that time, the T'sentraedi have contributed strongly in developing and refining the Tiresian Space Fold design; In fact, it was their refinements that finally took the design from theoretically inter-galactic to pragmatically intergalactic.
Those species that were not part of the old Robotech Empire have a great deal of difficulty indentifying a Terran from a tiresian from a mi'cronized T'sentraedi; Even many of those that were part of the empire have difficulty, and often mis-identify them. This isn't terribly surprising; The Tiresians were humans transplanted to Tirol by the Haydonites, the T'sentraedi were clones developed from the Tiresian template, and as such they in fact share a genetic history that is absolute. In fact, a mi'cronized T'sentraedi can breed with the other two species and produce essentially a human, though the child may have hair "of unusual color." (Sometimes this changes over time, sometimes it doesn't.) The three species as a whole get along like any large family (in other words, not always very well), and the contributions of one species is generally considered to be the contributions of the other two as well. Only a few genetic supremacists "truly" consider them separate to any practical degree, unless one is referring to an un- mi'cronized ("Golgran") T'sentraedi.
Their shared and separate and re-shared history also gives the three factions a "unique" insight to the nature of species relations; The REF probably could have wiped out the rest of the species space fleets, then eliminated the peoples one by one, but the Chairman of the Plenipotentiary Council, Lt. General Gunther REINHARDT, pushed for inclusion, a motion that didn't take much pushing. (In point of fact, all he really did was sit down at a council meeting on the matter, ask if anyone had an objection, waited about a minute, then instructed a few members selected more-or-less at random to prepare a report contrary to inclusion, and then adjourned the meeting; the next day the reports were ready, read into the record, and then a vote was taken with all members voting for inclusion.)
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