United Galaxies Council.
TU-01 Basic
Trailer Unit.
United Galaxies Council.
The TU-0 1 Basic Trailer Unit is simply a cut-down version of the Attack Craft, Light.
As the REF prepared for the Pioneer Mission, it was assumed at some point that waterborne operations may occur; In anticipation of this the REF purchased a few thousand Light Attack Crafts
TU-01 Basic
Trailer Unit.
Speed:60 MPH.
Length:45 feet.
Width:8 feet.
Draft:1 foot.
Clearance:3.5 feet.
Cargo:Up to 5,000 lbs. of cargo CAN be carried.
Power/Drive Systems:None (unpowered).
Cost:3,000 credits new.
amphibious trucks, which had been developed from the same theories as the now long-obsolete DUKW. The operation expected ended up not happening, but the trucks themselves remained; Over time the REF found a use for some of the frames without the drive system by stretching the hull significantly (an additional 50%), removing the engines and control systems, and installing grav pods to improve flexibility (though the wheels are still the primary means of moving the trailers along, with grav pods only used when situations absolutely require it, improving the control, since wheels provide positive traction). The can also be fitted with a generator of some sort, usually a solar panel array (reducing the power load on the towing vehicle). Like the ACL, the TU-01 has continued in service, though in more limited capacities.
Note that the TU-01 can NOT operate independently of another platform; It must be connected to "something" whether that something is an ACL or a tank or other ground vehicle.
There are too many types of variants to think about; Over 250 different variants have been noted to date. Standard variants include Electronics, Artillery, Heavy Construction, Camper, Ammo Carrier, Field Hospital, Repair Facilities, Light Cargo Ship variant, etc.
Name: Trailer, Basic, TU-01.
Model Type: Basic trailer.
Class: Trailer Unit.
Crew: None.
Passengers: Up to 10 troops can be carried.
M.D.C. By Location:
* Main Hull-200** Wheels (3)-50 each
* Depleting the MDC of the Main Hull destroys the unit and any left over MD transfers to passengers, equipment, or anything else inside.
** Depleting the MDC of the wheels makes running on the ground impossible, but does not effect the grav pods. (Any MD left over after destroying a wheel transfers to the hull.)
Speed And Statistical Data:
Safe Working Speed: 60 MPH.
Length: 45 feet.
Width: 8 feet.
Draft: 1 foot.
Clearance: 3.5 feet.
Cargo: Up to 5,000 lbs of cargo CAN be carried.
Power And Drive Systems: None; Unpowered. May have a generator installed, though.
Cost and Availability: 3,000 credits new; Every day batches of 10 of thousands are available.
Black Market: Not available. They're sold openly, no questions asked.

Weapons Systems:
None standard; However, they CAN be equipped with either two Type L-02a Rail Launchers or one Type L-08 Rail Launcher and one Type L-02a Rail Launcher (or similar variants).
  • Trailer Hitch: Allows the trailer to be towed behind any ground vehicle; Can be folded against the hull and locked in place.
  • Water Tight Integrity: Can survived in seas with up to 5 foot swells.
  • Retractable Front Wheel: The rear wheels are fixed, but the front wheel can be retracted into the hull, giving it slightly better hydrodynamic characteristics. The crack to retract the wheel is located inside, and is hand-powered.
  • Sea Anchor: Not a true anchor, it's a canvas sail dropped in the water, helping to slow the vessel at sea.
  • Anchor: A 10-lb pyramidal anchor on a 10-foot chain, which itself is attached to a 300-foot double-braid anchor cable. This, in turn, is spiced directly to an eye bolt in the anchor locker. The anchor is hand-raised.

Standard Variants:
There is, of course, no limit to the total number of variations possible; After a few weeks of use, no two end up being the same.
  • Electronics Variant: Full range electronics suite, with radar, laser-secured, auto-encrypted, satellite relayed radio, ESM, AMC/FD, AJP, and all the other electronics available to CNG forces. Typically in a hardtop covered unit with collapsible antenna.
  • Artillery Variant: A fixed-forWard Launcher, Rail, Type L-08 rail launcher and a swivel-mount Launcher, Rail, Type L-02a rail launcher. Up to 20 MRM's and 100 reloads for the L-08's can be carried.
  • Camper: A hard-toped version used as a recreational vehicle; One optional item that's available is twin-outboard engines, allowing limited maneuverability as a fishing boat/camper.
  • Heavy Construction Variant: Loaded up with various tools, a couple of cranes, winches, etc.
  • Ammo Carrier: Some are used to carry ammo; 2 L.R.M.s, 40 M.R.M.s, 100 S.R.M.'s, 1,000 mini-missiles, 50,000 micro-missiles or e-canisters, or 100,000 e-clips.
  • Field Hospital: A self-inflating tent that can be used as a hospital; Includes all the usual surgery tools, but extra supplies are limited. Usually carried in a canvas topped carrier.
  • Repair Facilities: A self-inflating tent that can be used as a repair facility; Includes all the usual tools, but extra supplies are limited. Usually carried in a canvas topped carrier.
  • Light Cargo Ship: Loaded up with a couple of cranes, twin outboard engines, etc.
    Combat Bonuses from TU-01 Basic Trailer Unit:
  • None: The unit isn't a combat vehicle.
Major Variants.
Side Veiw, Side-Swing Doors, Gate-And-Hatch Doors, And Half And Half.
The only major variant of the TU-1 is the TU-2, the prototype for which was a pair of normal full sized vans that were grafted together to create a single trailer unit, then casters equipped with springs installed in place of the wheels (the springs return the casters to forward alignment, allowing the wheels to turn when under strain, allow the trailer itself to turn with the towing vehicle). The TU-2 is not stable in the water, and thus can not be used as a barge in it's own right, but can be used to haul materials around. Normally the side doors are slide open, the forward and aft doors can be any configuration the owner wants but a common one is the so called "half and half," in which the upper halves of the doors are swing out and the lower half is swing down (like a gate).
TU-2's are normally equipped with grav pods, but they don't have to be used; They can be powered from the towing vehicle's own powerplant by connecting the lights (in fact they automatically connect to the towing vehicle's powerplant this way).