Clingohn Alliance.
VOR'CHA-Class Attack Cruiser.
Clingohn Alliance.
VOR'CHA-Class Attack Cruiser.
Port Quarter View.
Owner:Clingohn Empire.
Operator:Clingohn Defense Force.
Type:Attack cruiser.
Active:24th century - Present.
Speed:Warp 9.5+.
Armament:Disruptor cannons, disruptor emitters; photon torpedo launchers.
Defenses:Deflector shields, cloaking device.
23?? Century Variant.
The VOR'CHA-Class Attack Cruiser is the largest and most powerful of the Klingon Defense Forces; Introduced during the early-21st century, they were meant to be heavy-hitting bruisers, full-fledged battleships capable of taking on anything they might encounter in numbers as high as 5 to 1.
When they were first introduced, high costs and difficulty in construction (each shipyard had to be built around the ship, then deconstructed, with the materials thereof recovered not immediately useable) meant they were essentially limited to the disposal of the Klingon Chancellor and various other very ranking officials. The class would eventually become fully integrated into the Klingon Imperial Fleet over the next 50 years as construction methods developed. Still, they are very large, and therefore very expensive, and serve as flagships of the Imperial Fleet at this time.
In terms of flexibility, the VOR'CHA-Class proves their worth; Despite being a fully militrized empire, the Klingon Fleet were able to deploy the ships in a wide variety of roles, without alteration. One mission might be diplomatic, the next purely militry, the next after scientific, and the next after that survey or even open exploration; At least one entered the Gamma Quadrant through the Bajoran wormhole.
The class served as THE Klingon capital ships during the Dominion War, beginning in 2374, seeing action during Operation Return, the First and Second Battle of Chin'toka and the final showdown of the conflict, the Battle of Cardassia. Not a single ship, nor captain, failed to see battle in the war- And many did not return.
Technical Data
Physical Arrangement
The hull form of the VOR'CHA-Class design incorporated the same basic shape and classic avian design lineage dating back over two hundred years. However, the wings were fixed, and on early ships the head was rounded, much like a globe, with a kind of rounded trapezoidal top giving in the appearance of "eyes" and a superstructure above this that reminded some of a crest. Over time, the "eyes" and "crest" would be moved back, while the neck was elongated and widened in places to accommodate the installation of a forward mounted particle beam array in the latest generation.
The bridge module is separated from the main hull above the trapezoidal section; In eras past it's form was rounded, but now is a rounded dart configuration. The Captain's Cabin is located here.
Weapons Systems
Heavily armed, VOR'CHA'S were mounted with a forward disruptor cannon capable of firing solid and intermittent disruptor beams, in addition to torpedoes. At the very bow is the most powerful particle beam cannon of the Atran Galaxy, with a degree of devastation that impressed even seasoned REF commanders. It was in fact specifically designed to bombard planets, though its usefulness against ships is NOT overrated. Were it not for the limited range, the Spacy would consider installing these into their own frigates and light cruisers (those not equipped with reflex weaponry).
The VOR'CHA'S are well reputed for having enough firepower to threaten a subterranean base, but they do have limitations against heavily fortified targets. Deeply dug in facilities, especially those in granite or tohter hard rock, are nearly inpervious, as the rock dispates the energy relatively harmlessly (the point of impact will show the signs as deep gouges or even craters, but these are superficial wounds only).
Tactical Systems
These vessels also incorporate cloaking technology, shielding, and advanced circuit hardening, making them fairly invulnerable to even a direct hit by an ion cannon.
Main Bridge
The design of the main bridge of a VOR'CHA-Class shared numerous similarities to other Klingon bridge designs.
Located in the front of the bridge, against the forward bulkhead, is the ship's main viewscreen. The command chair is located in the center of the bridge, and has the ability to swivel 360°, allowing the captain to visually monitor all bridge operations. At the aft of the bridge are several work consoles, including the tactical control station.
However, the VOR'CHA-Class bridge is much larger and better lit, with greater maneuvering space; A full grown Klingon can lay down across an isle and others could STILL walk around him, if they chose to.
Ready Room
The ready room aboard a VOR'CHA is also very large, giving the captain the room to display a lot more, including trophies; The post-annexation Wa'DIch 'aj JEREAL proudly displayed his bowling trophy, won while deployed with the REF fighting the Daleks. (Along side it is his war trophies, including a full Dalek, built from pieces of dozens of dead Daleks. The unit is non-functional.)
A VOR'CHA-Class has several armories, being so large that they need to consider long-term operations cafefully. There are two armories on deck 5, one on deck 7, another on deck 9, and another pair on deck 12.
The main engineering section of the ship, which contained the reactor core, was located on Deck 26.
Computer Access Room
The computer access room was a small, unmanned room, had a computer consoles and equipment placed in a semi-circle, located in the center of the room, as well as several located along the perimeter bulkheads. The computer room allowed unobstructed access to the defense system database, as well as the computer core diagnostic and navigational control systems. Access to the computer room required DNA-based hand print verification.
The VOR'CHA-Class is surprisingly vulnerable to the UGC's Remote Computer Information Retrieval System" (RCIRS, aka "the wrecker"); In fact, about ? of the REF's useable data during the brief insurrection came from VOR'CHA computers. The ship's hardening against EMP and related weapons doesn't extend to protecting databases from exfiltration- Only from direct damage. So effective was wrecker against VOR'CHA computers, in fact, that the REF would re-write data, send insurgent ships on mindless, wild goose chases; Fuel depot locations were most often re-written, so as a ship ran low on fuel, they'd end up 6 to 8 systems away from where the fuel was supposed to be. In one noteworthy case, two ships which had cached fuel in specific systems actually SWAPPED systems (by some strange coincidence), and neither could find the others fuel depot. Both ended up adrift- Only a few light minutes from help.
Crew Berthing
The accommodations on a VOR'CHA are "better" than a B'REL, but by no means "comfortable." The mattresses are thicker, the cranial support much better, and the berthing areas reduced from barracks-style (as they were in the first generation of the ship) to 4-man staterooms for common enlisted and 2-man staterooms to junior officers (1-man for more senior officers), and lastly the racks themselves are longer (able to accommodate a full sized adult without cramping), but that's really about it.
The perpetual smoke of the B'REL-Class is non-existent, though the vapor used aboard those ships is still used, usually even in battle.
VIP Berthing
The VIP Berthing aboard the VOR'CHA-Class was a large cabin intended for visiting dignitaries.
Each VIP Berth is a cabin in it's own right, except for messing; VIP's mess in the common compartment. There is also a General's Stateroom, with a theater and battle center, but since the General aboard any given VOR'CHA is usually the ship's commander, the space is usually moot.
This denotes another significant difference between UGC and Klingon command styles; In the Spacy, a fleet admiral is in command of the fleet, not any given ship, and in the Patrol an admiral is rarely even underway, unless for some special purpose. On the other hand, in the Klingon Empire, a General was also system governor, and this tradition remains in effect.
UGC Ownership
After Annexation by the UGC, the VOR'CHA'S then in-service were impounded by the REF Spacy (along with the B'REL-Class Bird Of Prey and GALOR-Class Battlecruisers) and re-painted in UGC Blue and Gold. Within 15 years, most of these were repatriated, but have since been cloned by the REF Spacy, and at least a few can be found in every fleet. They remain in CDF Service, typically in one or two per Clingohnian Alliance system as the personal ship of the system governor.